WTPS Chart Page

Last Updated on January 7th, 2002

# Artist Title Label
1 BONOBO Animal Magic Ninja Tune
2 CHEMICAL BROTHERS, THE Star Guitar EP Astralwerks
3 PHOENECIA Odd Job Discrimination Schematic
4 CINERAMA Health And Efficiency EP Manifesto
5 SORRY ABOUT DRESDEN The Convenience of Indecision Saddle Creek
6 SKYE KLAD (Self Titled) Mutant Music
7 ESPADRILLE Swimmeret Spare Me
8 FAVOTTO, ROB The Nine Planets RF
9 CURE, THE Greatest Hits Elektra
10 VARIOUS ARTISTS Honest Don's Dirty Dishes Honest Don's
11 SUPERDRAG Heroes & Villians EP Vagrant
12 IFFY Super Bad Girl EP Foodchain
13 VARIOUS ARTISTS Dean Quixote soundtrack Spin Art
15 WALKER, LONIE Change Is Good Underground Wonder Music
16 BISBEE, SAM Vehicle Terrible
17 MIKULKA, JUSTIN Move Towards The Exit One Mad Son
18 FLANGER Outer Space Inner Space Ninja Tune
19 CRY BABY CRY Jesus Loves Stacy Skoda
20 GET UP KIDS, THE Eudora Vagrant
21 VARIOUS ARTISTS Aural Fix; V2 Music Sampler V2/BMG
22 OTTO VON SCHIRACH Escalo Frio Schematic
23 CANCER CONSPIRACY, THE (Self Titled) So Good Music
24 STELLA MARIE (Self Titled) Four States Fair
25 SCIFLYER (Self Titled) EP SF
26 MONTY LOVE Twenty Songs of Love Fresh Kid
27 ADULT RODEO Long Range Rapid Fire Four States Fair
28 AS FRIENDS RUST Win Doghouse
29 VITESSE What Can Not Be, But Is Acuareladiscos
30 NECTARINE NUMBER NINE, THE Received Transgressed and Transmitted Beggars Banquet

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