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Last Updated on February 12th, 2001

# Artist Title Label
1 MALKMUS, STEPHEN (Self Titled) Matador
2 TADPOLE Slip Into A Coma Flying Bug
3 BARE JR. Brainwasher Virgin
4 TRICKY Mission Accomplished Anti/Epitaph
5 SANDOVAL, HOPE & THE WARM INVENTIONS At The Doorway Again EP Rough Trade
6 OLD 97'S Turn The Power On college radio sampler EP Elektra
7 VARIOUS ARTISTS Rarewerks Astralwerks
8 HONEYDOGS Here's Luck Palm
9 RED TELEPHONE, THE Cellar Songs Raise Giant Frogs
10 ACTIONSLACKS The Scene's Out Of Sight Self Starter Foundation
11 TIPSY Hard Petting Asphodel
12 RAINER MARIA A Better Version Of Me Polyvinyl
13 IMMORTAL LEE COUNTY KILLERS, THE The Essential Fucked Up Blues Estrus
14 DRUMS & TUBA Vinyl Killer Righteous Babe
15 KALANIEMI, MARIA Ahma North Side
16 WILLARD GRANT CONSPIRACY Everything's Fine Rykodisc
17 JANUARIES, THE Chocolate & Strawberries EP Foodchain
18 FARINA, GEOFF Reverse Eclipse Southern
19 JAPANIC The Social Disease Plethorazine
20 ORBIT XLR8R Lunch
21 MAGIC MAGICIANS, THE Girls Suicide Squeeze
22 VARIOUS ARTISTS The Meld Series, Sulphur Records; David Abir & Ashley Wales Sulphur
23 BS2000 Simply Mortified Grand Royal
24 MACLAURIN, ANGUS Glass Music Bubblecore
25 SMITH, JIMMY Dot Com Blues Blue Thumb
27 CALEB Fear Of Success Universal
28 AND/ORS, THE Will Self Destruct Better Looking
29 GENTLE WAVES, THE Swansong For You Jeepster
30 HYNES, NINA Creation Reverb

This week's Featured Records:

JAH WOBBLE "Heaven & Earth" Island
SCHERER, PETER "Very Neon Pet" Metro Blue
NEW ORDER "The Best Of" Qwest/Warner Brothers
SELF "Subliminal Plastic Motives" Spongebath/Zoo/BMG
DEADBOLT "Zulu Death Mask" Headhunter/Cargo
VARIOUS ARTISTS "Pop Fiction" Quango/Island
WHITLEY, CHRIS "Liberation Or Death" Chaos
COLFAX ABBEY "Drop" Prospective/TRG
CARDIGANS "Life" Minty Fresh
LAIKA "Silver Apples Of The Moon" Too Pure/American
LUCAS, GARY "Gods & Monsters" Enemy

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