WTPS Chart Page

Last Updated on February 18th, 2002

# Artist Title Label
1 CONCRETE BLONDE Group Therapy Manifesto
2 OLO The Steve Christy EP Anechoic
3 PLUS MINUS (Self Titled) Teen Beat
4 CHEMICAL BROTHERS, THE Come With Us Astralwerks
5 ELECTRELANE Rock It To The Moon Mr. Lady
6 HIVES, THE Main Offender Big Wheel Recreation
7 BONOBO Animal Magic Ninja Tune
8 POSEN, MARTIN Listening Hands Bare Bones
9 CANCER CONSPIRACY, THE The Audio Medium Big Wheel Recreation
11 CHECK ENGINE (Self Titled) Southern
12 AZURE RAY November Saddle Creek
13 DETACHMENT KIT, THE They Raging Quiet Army Self Starter Foundation
14 SNEAKER PIMPS Bloodsport Tommy Boy
15 WEISS, CHUCK E. Old Souls & Wolf Tickets Rykodisc
16 VARIOUS ARTISTS MTV's VJ's Most Wanted Polygram/Music India
17 BAIN, ALY & ALE MOLLER Fully Rigged North Side
18 SKYE KLAD (Self Titled) Mutant Music
19 VITT, EAMONN Old Wave New Ride Self Starter Foundation
20 DESAPARECIDOS Read Music Speak Spanish Saddle Creek
21 LONELY KINGS Crowning Glory Fearless
22 FELIX DA HOUSECAT Kittenz And Thee Glitz Emperor Norton
23 MATES OF STATES Our Constant Concern Polyvinyl
24 SEAN NA NA My Majesty French Kiss
25 ESPADRILLE Swimmeret Spare Me
26 TOTAL SOUND GROUP DIRECT ACTION COMMITTEE The Party Platform; The Schedule Is Change Estrus
27 VARIOUS ARTISTS Indian Mantra Sony India
28 VARIOUS ARTISTS Dean Quixote soundtrack Spin Art
29 VARIOUS ARTISTS Aural Fix; V2 Music Sampler V2/BMG
30 BALLBOY Club Anthems Manifesto

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