WTPS Chart Page

Last Updated on March 4th, 2002

# Artist Title Label
1 ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN Live In Liverpool Spin Art
2 VARIOUS ARTISTS Grazing In The Trash, The Soul Funk 45 Collection, Volume 2 Soul Fire
3 BRAGG, BILLY & THE BLOKES England, Half-English Elektra
4 VIVA LAS VEGAS (Self-Titled) Acuareladiscos
5 MOULD, BOB Modulate Granary
6 RYE COALITION On Top Tiger Style
7 OLO The Steve Christy EP Anechoic
8 RISE Uncertain Wonders Rise
9 FOG (Self Titled) Ninja Tune
10 SYSTEM AND STATION Compliing The 7" Crustacean
11 ENGINE DOWN Demure Lovitt
12 GOOD LIFE, THE Black Out Saddle Creek
13 KARATE Cancel/Sing Southern
14 CONCRETE BLONDE Group Therapy Manifesto
15 PLUS MINUS (Self Titled) Teen Beat
16 CHEMICAL BROTHERS, THE Come With Us Astralwerks
17 RAMONE, JOEY Don't Worry About Me Sanctuary
18 SLOAN Pretty Together Murder
19 WEISS, CHUCK E. Old Souls & Wolf Tickets Rykodisc
20 ELECTRELANE Rock It To The Moon Mr. Lady
21 TECHNICIAN Opposition Tranquility Base
22 MIRAH Cold Cold Water K
24 SNEAKER PIMPS Bloodsport Tommy Boy
25 SKYE KLAD (Self Titled) Mutant Music
26 ON AIR LIBRARY (Self Titled) OAL
27 GAS HUFFER The Rest Of Us Estrus
28 FIGURINE Heatfelt March
29 BEAT CRUSADERS All You Can Eat Popkid
30 POLING, CHAN Calling All Stars Manifesto

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