WTPS Chart Page

Last Updated on April 1st, 2002

# Artist Title Label
1 CLEM SNIDE Moment In The Sun Spin Art
2 MOULD, BOB Modulate Granary
3 FOG (Self Titled) Ninja Tune
4 ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN Live In Liverpool Spin Art
5 SEVEN SIX FOUR HERO Nobody Knows This Is Everywhere Tiger Style
6 PORTABLE Only If You Look Up TVT
7 TIP JAR Give 'Til It Hurts Trocar
8 PLAYGROUP (Self Titled) Astralwerks
9 RESIDENTS, THE Petting Zoo East Side Digital
10 VARIOUS ARTISTS Rarewerks 2 Astralwerks
11 VARIOUS ARTISTS A Tribute to Nashville Mint
12 ANTIBALAS Talkatif Ninja Tune
13 RETISONIC EP 0.1 Leisure Class
14 ANASTASIO, TREY Selections From His Forthcoming Album Elektra
15 DIANOGAH Millions Of Brazilians Southern
16 TENNESSEE TWIN, THE Free To Do What? Mint
17 POP UNKNOWN The August Division Sessions
18 RADIO 4 Gotham Gern Blandsten
19 VELVET TEEN, THE Out Of The Fierce Parade Slowdance
20 VARIOUS ARTISTS Pop For Charity Sound Progression Double Plus Good
21 FISCHER, KYLE Open Ground Polyvinyl
22 DEARS, THE Nor The Dahlias Grenadine
23 CONCRETE BLONDE Group Therapy Manifesto
24 VARIOUS ARTISTS Grazing In The Trash, The Soul Funk 45 Collection, Volume 2 Soul Fire
25 ELECTRIC AUTODRIVE Be My Battery Crustacean
27 RISE Uncertain Wonders Rise
28 GAS HUFFER The Rest Of Us Estrus
29 SYSTEM AND STATION Compliing The 7" Crustacean
30 REPUTATION, THE (Self Titled) Initial

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