WTPS Chart Page

Last Updated on April 19th, 2004

# Artist Title Label
1 TV ON THE RADIO Desparate Youths, Blood Thirsty Babes Touch & Go
2 MUSE Absolution Warner Brothers
3 FEATHERMERCHANTS Street Theatre Innocent 12th St.
4 HAPPY SCHNAPPS COMBO Wisconsin Soul (Live Once) HSC
5 FIREWATER Songs We Should Have Written Jetset
6 SECRET MACHINES, THE Now Here Is Nowhere Warner Brothers
7 BADWAI Clones & False Prophets ROIR
8 REPUTATION, THE To Force A Fate Lookout
9 BLACK HEART PROCESSION, THE, + SOLBAKKEN In The Fishtank 11 Konkurrent
10 SMUGGLERS, THE Mutiny In Stereo Lookout
11 PARKER MONK (Promo) Daly City
12 TRUE NORTH Somewhat Similar No Idea
13 BLING BLING Diary Of A Spy-Fi
14 ON! AIR! LIBRARY! (Self Titled) Arrco
15 FONTAINE TOUPS, THE (Self Titled) Teen Beat
16 DECAHEDRON Disconnection Imminent Lovitt
17 LOVE STORY IN BLOOD RED (Self Titled) Backdraw Masking
18 FRIGG (Self Titled) North Side
19 CHINA AIR F.O.B. Rock Haircut Daly City
20 TALK, THE It's Like Magic In Reverse Morisen
21 M'S, THE (Self Titled) Brilliante
22 TURNER, LAURA Soul Deep Curb
23 BRIGHT EYES & NEVA DINOVA One Jug Of Wine, Two Vessels Crank
24 CERBONE, LISA Ordinary Days Little Scrubby
25 CUTI SADDA Pentagrams All Up In My Bling Bling Daly City
27 WIMME Instinct- Solo Joik North Side
28 LANGHORNE SLIM The Electric Love Letter Narnack
29 VARIOUS ARTISTS Wantage USA's 21st Release Hits Omnibus Wantage
30 OF MONTREAL Satanic Panic In The Attic Polyvinyl

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