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Last Updated on May 7th, 2001

# Artist Title Label
1 HEDNINGARNA (Self Titled) North Side
2 TURIN BRAKES The Optimist LP Astralwerks
3 ATLAS, NATACHA Ayeshteni Mantra
5 BICYCLE THIEF, THE You Come And Go Like A Pop Song Artemis
6 MOHEAD Rural Electric Okra-Tone
7 GASOLINE Fake To Fame Estrus
8 STEREOPHONIC Just Enough Education To Perform V2/BMG
9 JUNO A Future Lived In Past Tense Desoto
10 CINERAMA John Peel Sessions Manifesto
11 VARIOUS ARTISTS Heavy Flute- Funky Flute Grooves From The 60's & 70's Label M
12 BURNING AIRLINES Identikit Desoto
13 SPACEHOG The Hogyssey Artemis
14 ORANGE, THE Big Space Mission Wednesday
15 MENSEN Delusions Of Grandeur Gearhead
16 FIREKING Live A Little, Love A Little Blueberry Pie
17 BRYANT, SHELBY Cloud Wow Music Smells Like
18 NYMB So, This Is How It Is Suburban Sprawl
19 COWBOY JUNKIES Open Zoe/Rounder
20 KLIPSTEIN, IVAN Lifestyle! Crustacean
21 BAUER Can't Stop Singing Wabana
22 CHERRY VALENCE, THE (Self Titled) Estrus
23 FUCK Cupid's Cactus Smells Like
24 VODKA 9 (Self Titled) Anthem
25 VARIOUS ARTISTS Sounds Eclectic, KCRW Live Performances Palm
26 KOWALSKI, MICHAEL & THE POSTINDUSTRIAL PLAYERS Fraternity of Deceit, A Chamber Music Drama Equilibrium
27 BEAU HUNKS, THE & THE METROPOLE ORCHESTRA LeRoy Shield's Our Relations- The Lost Laurel & Hardy Music Basta
28 SYSTEM AND STATION Pictures Found In Paragraphs Crustacean
29 NORDINE, KEN A Transparent Mask Asphodel
30 CASH BROTHERS, THE How Was Tomorrow Zoe/Rounder

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