WTPS Chart Page

Last Updated on June 2nd, 2003

# Artist Title Label
1 WIRE Send Pink Flag UK
2 JET Dirty Sweet EP Elektra
3 RED HOT VALENTINES, THE Summer Fling Polyvinyl
4 HEDNINGARNA 1989-2003 North Side
5 WATCHERS To The Rooftops Gern Blandsten
6 VARIOUS ARTISTS A Mighty Wind; The Album Sony
7 TRANSISTOR TRANSISTOR Light The Fusa and Run Level Plane
8 FRIFOT Sluring North Side
9 ANTIMATTER Antimatter vs. Antimatter Asphodel
10 PEARLENE Murder Blues And Prayer Dim Mak
11 DIE MONITR BATSS Youth Controllers Dim Mak
12 HARCOURT, ED From Every Sphere Astralwerks
13 NEW PORNOGRAPHERS, THE Electric Version Matador
14 VARIOUS ARTISTS Meter Records; For You From The Underground Meter
15 LESS THAN JAKE Anthem Warner Brothers
17 BLUE EPIC Love & Hate EP TVT
18 SWIRLIES, THE Cats Of The World Bubble Core
19 L'SPAEROW (Self Titled) Lucid
20 LIVING THINGS Turn In Your Frineds and Neighbors EP LVNG
21 MILWAUKEES, THE This Is A Stick Up Does Everyone Stare
22 MIRACLE CHOKESUKE The 7/8 Wonder Of The World Dim Mak
23 JUNIOR PANTHERS, THE (Self Titled) The First Time
24 MARI BONE Remixed Odda Hamis North Side
25 YOSHIMI AND YUKA Flowers With No Color Ipecac
26 GAHAN, DAVE Dirty Sticky Floors Mute/Reprise
27 ALUMINUM BABE (Self Titled) Mother West
28 FCS NORTH Vocabulary Luckyhorse Industries
29 PARADISE ISLAND Lines Are Infinitely Thin Dim Mak
30 LILLYS Precollection Manifesto

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