WTPS Chart Page

Last Updated on June 24th, 2002

# Artist Title Label
1 SKELETON KEY Obtanium Ipecac
2 KEENE, TOMMY The Merry Go Round Broke Down Spin Art
3 ELF POWER Creatures Spin Art
4 HAVALINA Space, Love and Bullfighting Tooth & Nail
5 OXES Oxxxes Monitor
6 ALOHA Sugar Polyvinyl
7 SEAMONSTERS, THE (Self Titled) Pete
8 COPPE WITH R. BREEN Papa My Buddah Mango Sweet Rice
9 BOWDEN, CHRIS Slightly Askew Ninja Tune
10 SWEEP THE LEG JOHNNY Going Down Swingin' Southern
11 COPPE Peppermint Mango Sweet Rice
12 TROTT, JEFF Dig Up The Astroturf Black Apple
13 LUNA Romantica Jetset
14 GOGOGO AIRHEART Exitheuxa Gold Standard Laboratories
15 MILKY WIMPSHAKE Lovers Not Fighters Troubleman Unlimited
16 VARIOUS ARTISTS Operatica: Shine E-Magine
17 SUSAN SAID Polyvinychloride PVC
18 LOT SIX, THE Gwylo Espo
19 CURSIVE & EASTERN YOUTH Eight Teeth To Eat You Better Looking
20 RUNNER The Goods Sick Room
21 CONTRAST, THE Mystery #1 Rainbow Quartz
22 OUTRAGEOUS CHERRY The Book Of Spectral Projections Rainbow Quartz
23 JONES, SHARON & THE DAP KINGS Dap Dappin' With… Daptone
24 BALDWIN BROTHERS, THE Dream Girl single TVT
25 FELIPE, DINO As Film Toby Schematic
26 BEN WEASEL Fidatevi Panic Button
27 TRABANT Moment Of Truth TMT
28 SAGE, RACHAEL Illusion's Carnival Mpress
29 CAPRIKORNS, THE In The Zone Paroxysm
30 VARIOUS ARTISTS Cascio Interstate's Local Music Showcase, Volume 3 CM

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