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Last Updated on July 15th, 2002

# Artist Title Label
1 BOWDEN, CHRIS Slightly Askew Ninja Tune
2 KEENE, TOMMY The Merry Go Round Broke Down Spin Art
4 TWINEMEN (Self Titled) Hi And Dry
5 PERE UBU St Arkansas Spin Art
6 COPPE WITH R. BREEN Papa My Buddah Mango Sweet Rice
7 DEATH BY CHOCOLATE Zap The World Jetset
8 BIS Plastique Nouveau Spin Art
9 RECOVER Ceci N'est Pas Recover Fiddler
10 FRIEND/ENEMY (Self Titled) Perishable
11 SOTE Electric Deaf EP Warp UK
12 SPARTA Wiretap Scars advance Dreamworks
13 SEAMONSTERS, THE (Self Titled) Pete
14 SAGE, RACHAEL Illusion's Carnival Mpress
15 SUSAN SAID Polyvinychloride PVC
16 LONE PIGEON Concubine Rice Domino
17 SKELETON KEY Obtanium Ipecac
18 VERONA DOWNS Fuzz Demo 2 VD
19 GET UP KIDS, THE On A Wire Vagrant
20 BANKERDAVE Deposits of Love and Withdrawal BD
21 VIDA BLUE Most Events Aren't Planned EP Elektra
22 COPPE Peppermint Mango Sweet Rice
23 BALDWIN BROTHERS, THE Cooking With Lasers TVT
24 CONTRAST, THE Mystery #1 Rainbow Quartz
25 PFEUTI Pigeon Post Oh Tonito
26 LEAL, JULIAN Industry Demo JLI
27 SUGAR SHACK Spinning Wheels Estrus
28 LUNA Romantica Jetset
29 RECOVER Ceci N'est Pas Recover Fiddler
30 VARIOUS ARTISTS Turn Up Your Radio Big Backyard

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