WTPS Chart Page

Last Updated on July 18th, 2005

# Artist Title Label
1 QUIET LIFE (Self Titled) Cosmodemonic  Telegraph
2 ANIMAL COLLECTIVE Prospect Hummer Fat Cat
3 ALKALINE TRIO Crimson Vagrant
4 COPE, CHANNING Sugar In Our Blood Fifty Four Forty Or Fight
5 ANNIE Anniemal Big Beat/Atlantic
6 VIOLENT FEMMES Viva Wisconsin Shout
7 BACON AND EGG Bacon & Egg Are Fanduvo Wantage
8 RED SPAROWES At The Soundless Dawn Neurot
9 HUME, DARREN Lightning Woman Cityfire
10 VARIOUS ARTISTS Semper Satago: A Domino Compliation Domino
11 LUNGFISH  Feral Hymns By Lungfish Dischord
12 TAYLOR, MARIA 11:11 Saddle Creek
13 FOREIGN BORN In The Remote Woods Startime International
14 PAUL THE GIRL Electro-Magnetic Blues PTG
15 DUPLEX! Album By Mint
16 PLANET THE, THE You Absorb My Vision 5RC
17 LORMA Static Patterns And Souvenirs Words On Music
18 VARIOUS ARTISTS Mile, A Hush Compliation Hush
19 VARIOUS ARTISTS Now We Are Three! Li'll Chief
20 MEDICATIONS Your Favorite People All In One Place Dischord
21 OX Dust Bowl Revival Second Nature
22 GOON MOON I Got A New Egg Laying Machine Suicide Squeeze
23 DEATH OF A PARTY, THE The Shame Of The Sweet Double Negative
24 POLYETHYLENE Paper Or Plastic Optimistic
25 KAVA 4.2 Zapalasz Mnie Kava
26 KEARNEY, MATT Bullet Inpop
27 WORM IS GREEN Automagic Arena Rock
28 PICASTRO (Self Titled) Polyvinyl
29 BRUNETTES, THE Mars Loves Venus Li'll Chief
30 GET UP KIDS, THE Live! At the Granada Theatre Vagrant

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