WTPS Chart Page

Last Updated on July 21st, 2003

# Artist Title Label
1 EISLEY Laughing City Record Collection
2 AMERICAN ANALOG SET, THE Promise Of Love Tiger Style
3 CINEMATIC ORCHESTRA, THE Man With A Movie Camera Ninja Tune
4 KENNA New Sacred Cow Columbia
5 CHK CHK CHK !!! Is Pronounced Chk Chk Chk Touch And Go
6 SERVICE GROUP Minimum R&B Squid Vs. Whale
7 WOGGLES, THE Ragged But Right Telstar
8 TWINEMEN Chicago, Il 02.02.03 Kufala
9 BREAKING LACES God In Training Sidewinder
10 DOUGAN, ROB Furious Angels Reprise
11 ENON In This City Touch And Go
12 YEAR OF THE RABBIT 3 Song Sampler EP Elektra
13 TV ON THE RADIO Young Liars Touch And Go
14 AM RADIO Radioactive Elektra
15 BIRD, ANDREW Weather Systems Righteous Babe
16 VARIOUS ARTISTS Yes New York Wolfgang Morden
17 CRITERIA En Garde Initial
18 JET Dirty Sweet EP Elektra
19 DRISCOLL, DENNIS Mysterium Mysterium; An Album of Songs by Dennis Driscoll Yo Yo
20 LESS THAN JAKE Anthem Warner Brothers
21 MONSIEUR MO RIO Bonne Chance S.H.A.D.O.
22 GUSTER Keep It Together Warner Brothers
23 AUDIO BULLYS Ego War Astralwerks
24 STEADMAN Revive (advance) Elektra
25 SICK LIPSTICK, THE Sting Sting Sting Tiger Style
26 BILLY JOE WINGHEAD Precious Moments With… R.A.F.R.
27 CAISSIE, JEFFERY I'm Just Trying Not To Lose My Mind Meter
28 VINER, DAVID Mr. David Viner In The Act
29 DRUGSTORE Songs For The Jet Set & Collection Number One The First Time
30 LIMBECK Hi, Everything's Great Doghouse

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