WTPS Chart Page

Last Updated on August 15th, 2005

# Artist Title Label
1 VIOLENT FEMMES Viva Wisconsin Shout
2 NEON BLONDE (Self Titled) Dim Mak
3 DRUMS AND TUBA El Tubador/The Peleton Sick Room
4 SWAP Du Da North Side
5 ANNIE Anniemal Big Beat/Atlantic
6 BACON AND EGG Bacon & Egg Are Fanduvo Wantage
8 VARIOUS ARTISTS Estrus Kamikaze Ass Chomp N' Stomp; Volume 4 Estrus
9 OX Dust Bowl Revival Second Nature
10 KING ELEMENTARY Kudzu Sweet Tea/Terminus
11 PAUL THE GIRL Electro-Magnetic Blues PTG
12 XIU XIU La Foret 5RC
13 PONYS, THE Celebration Castle In The Red
14 YIP YIP Pro-Twelve Thinker Strictly Amature Films
15 CORPUS CALLOSUM Machine Under It's Own Spell CC
16 ALKALINE TRIO Crimson Vagrant
17 DEXTER DANGER Hellafornia Orange Peel
18 FORSAKE YA TO THE SNAKES (Self Titled) Super Medic
19 CUBBY CREATURES, THE After The Deprogramming Rodent
20 GET UP KIDS, THE Live! At the Granada Theatre Vagrant
21 MADAGASCAR Forced March Western Vinyl
22 HORACE X Strategy Omnium
23 AT THE DRIVE IN Anthology, This Station Is Non-Operational Fearless
24 FEDERATION X Rally Day Estrus
25 COPE, CHANNING Sugar In Our Blood Fifty Four Forty Or Fight
26 VIOLENT FEMMES Viva Wisconsin Shout
27 HARV Polka Raggioso North Side
28 VARIOUS ARTISTS Now We Are Three! Li'll Chief
29 ANIMAL COLLECTIVE Prospect Hummer Fat Cat
30 CARLOS, WENDY Rediscovering Lost Scores, Volume 1 East Side Digital

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