WTPS Chart Page

Last Updated on August 16th, 2004

# Artist Title Label
1 MODEST MOUSE Float On Epic/Sony
2 VARIOUS ARTISTS Por Vida, A Tribute to the Songs of Alejandro Escovedo OnMusic
3 KING CHUBBY Is Caliente/Pimienta
4 WHITE MUD FREE WAY Last Year's Junk Bar None
5 FRANTI, MICHAEL Songs From The Front Porch; An Acoustic Collection Boo Boo Wax/BMG
6 ATOMIC SEVEN En Hillbilly Caliente Mint
7 GOOD LIFE, THE Album Of The Year Saddle Creek
8 SWELL Whenever You're Ready Beggar's Banquet
9 ANODYNE Lifetime Of Gray Skies Level Plane
10 FALL, THE The Real New Fall Narnack
11 F-SPACE Preliminary Impact Report Mobilazation
12 ASTRAL Orchids Melting
14 WEIGHT, THE Ten Mile Grace Sabot Productions
15 LOVE DRUG Pretend You're Alive Militia Group
16 LEAVING ROUGE White Houses Down Peninsula
17 SPENCER, W.C. Blues Explorer Catscan
18 CUT COPY Bright Like Neon Love Modular
19 VELVET TEEN, THE Elysium Slowdance
20 COMMUNIQUE Poison Arrows Lookout
21 INSOMIACS, THE Switched On! Estrus
22 HULA (Self Titled) Mananda
23 BELLE AND SEBASTIAN Present Books Rough Trade
24 MYSTIC CHORDS OF MEMORY (Self Titled) Rough Trade
25 ROOTS OF ORCHIS Crooked Ceilings Slowdance
26 HOTT BEAT A Hott Mess Paroxysm
27 JET BLACK CRAYON Innaccuracies Of The Mind Machine Function 8
28 VARIOUS ARTISTS Another Year On The Streets, Volume 3 Vagrant
29 KVLR (Self Titled) It's A Trap
30 JANCA, TANYA From Blunt and Obvious to Soft and Sweet, I Am Tanya Janca TJ

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