WTPS Chart Page

Last Updated on August 25th, 2003

# Artist Title Label
1 SWELL Bastards and Rarities Badman
2 STRUNZ & FARAH Rio De Colores Selva
3 YEAR OF THE RABBIT (Self Titled) Elektra
4 PAPERBACKS, THE An Episode Of Sparrows Pshaw!
5 AMERICAN ANALOG SET, THE Promise Of Love Tiger Style
8 VARIOUS ARTISTS Mixed 2 Astralwerks
9 MEDICINE The Mechanical Forces Of Love Astralwerks
10 LEE, BEN Hey You, Yes You F2 Music
11 SABA (Self Titled) Blatant
12 MAGIC BAND, THE Back To The Front ATP
13 SCIFLYER Fair Weather Karma Clairecords
14 MOVIES, THE In One Era Out The Other Gern Blandsten
15 KRAFTWERK Tour De France Soundtracks Astralwerks
16 CAFÉ TACUBA Cuatro Caminos MCA/Universal Music Mexico
17 CARLSONICS, THE (Self Titled) Arena Rock
18 RUSSIAN FUTURISTS Let's Get Ready To Crumble Upper Class
19 MARSH, MILTON We Are Not Separate From Spirit, We Are In It Alankara
20 PEDAL STEEL TRANSMISSON The Angel Of The Squared Circle Cardboard Sangria
21 VARIOUS ARTISTS Krazy Fest 6, Initial Records & Equal Vision Records Sampler Initial/Equal Vision
22 SILVER MT. ZION MEMORIAL ORCHESTRA AND TRA-LA-LA BAND WITH CHOIR This Is Our Pounk Rock, Thee Rusted Satellites Gather & Sing Constellation
23 VASEN Trio North Side
24 RANDOLPH, ROBERT, & THE FAMILY BAND Unclassified Warner Brothers
25 BARDO POND On The Ellipse ATP
26 TEN BENSON Benson Burner Jetset
27 SOUNDTRACK (Self Titled) Ace Fu
28 COPPERPOT, CHESTER Chapter 7, Verses 1 & 2 EV Productions
29 DAKOTA DAKOTA Shoot In The Dark Arms Reach
30 GAHAN, DAVE I Need You EP Warner Brothers

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