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Last Updated on August 27th, 2001

# Artist Title Label
1 JOHNSTON, FREEDY Right Between The Promises Elektra
2 FLOW, THE Dada Mountain And Pebble
3 NOONDAY UNDERGROUND Self-Assembly Bar None
4 MAN OR ASTROMAN? Beyond The Black Hole Estrus
5 HOVEN DROVEN Hippa North Side
6 PRAGA KHAN Mixed Up Never
7 UBERZONE Faith In The Future Astralwerks
8 THINKING DAY RALLY Into The Blue Room Brave Noise
9 HYPERJINX TRICYCLE The Songs Of… Shortwave
10 RAYA Wrath of Fancan Dark Piglet
11 STEREOLAB Sound-Dust Elektra
12 JD'S & THE EVIL'S DYNAMITE BAND Explode Across The Nation Soul Fire
13 RED PLANET Let's Degenerate Gearhead
14 BITTER SPRINGS Stop The World Acuareladiscos
15 THREE MUSTAPHAS THREE Play Musty For Me Omnium
16 LOST AT LAST (Self Titled) Windham Hill/Rounder
17 BASEMENT JAXX Rooty Astralwerks
18 LOOMING LARGER Dick Bacon single LL
19 OSKAR, JUAN Baile Buffet Gamma Gappa
21 STRINGFELLOW, KEN Touched Manifesto
22 GARMARNA Hildegard Von Bingen North Side
23 PLAID Double Figure Warp UK
24 DOWNIE, GORDON Coke Machine Glow Zoe/Rounder
25 WHIRLYBIRD Black Eye RobSum
26 TRIAKEL Wintersongs North Side
27 DELUGE, THE (Self Titled) Deluge
28 SON AMBULANCE Euphemystic Saddle Creek
29 REMY ZERO The Golden Hum advance Elektra
30 BJORK Vespertine Elektra

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