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Last Updated on September 17th, 2001

# Artist Title Label
1 BJORK Vespertine Elektra
2 RED SANDS DREAMING Global Collective New World
3 BOWS Cassidy Too Pure
4 RUDERMAN, PAUL Wish advance Q/Atlantic
5 JD'S & THE EVIL'S DYNAMITE BAND Explode Across The Nation Soul Fire
6 DEERE JOHNS, THE (Self Titled) Hick
7 FIREBALLS OF FREEDOM Welcome To The Octagon Estrus
8 BITCH AND ANIMAL Eternally Hard Righteous Babe
9 HOVEN DROVEN Hippa North Side
11 STEREOLAB Sound-Dust Elektra
12 CUTAWAY Rewind EP Cutaway
13 SPARECHANGE '00 Fifty Thousand Moments Grilled Cheese/Cargo
14 GOLIGHTLY, HOLLY Single's Round-Up Damaged Goods
15 ERASE ERRATA Other Animals TMU
16 OLIVE CARPET Do You Know Who I Am Apollo
17 JOHNSTON, FREEDY Right Between The Promises Elektra
18 OWEN (Self Titled) Polyvinyl
19 TRIAKEL Wintersongs North Side
20 LE HAMMOND INFERNO My First Political Dance Album Bungalow
21 LOST AT LAST (Self Titled) Windham Hill/Rounder
22 DEAD KENNEDYS Mutiny On The Bay; Live! From the SF Bay Area Manifesto
24 FIREBIRD BAND, THE The Drive Headhunter/Cargo
25 LOOMING LARGER Dick Bacon single LL
26 ROOTS MANUVA Run Come Save Me Big Dada
27 OYSTERHEAD The Grand Pecking Order sampler EP Elektra
28 LOVE AS LAUGHTER Sea To Shining Sea Sub Pop
29 RAYA Wrath of Fancan Dark Piglet
30 CLINIC, THE Internal Wrangler Domino

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