WTPS Chart Page

Last Updated on September 27th, 2004

# Artist Title Label
1 LOVE DRUG Pretend You're Alive Militia Group
2 KILEY, RILO More Adventures Brute Beaute
3 ILL EASE The Exorcist Too Pure
4 ASTRAL Orchids Melting
5 TREATS, THE Paint Your Blood Treats Music
6 RIOT A GO GO A Piece Of It Deviant
7 MONDAY'S HERO Love Carries An Axe Lucid
8 JOAN OF ARC Joan of Arc, Dick Cheney, Mark Twain Polyvinyl
9 SLIM CESSNA'S AUTOCLUB The Bloody Tenent Truth Peace Alternative Tentacles
10 MUFFS, THE Really Really Happy Five Foot Two
11 WALKING CONCERT Run To Be Born Some
12 CLINIC Winchester Cathedral Domino
13 DOLL HOUSE The Rock and Soul Circus Dim Mak
14 FLOSSIN Lead Singer Ache
15 INOUK No Danger Say Hey
16 FELL BOYZ Concrete Dog Bicycle Fellboyz
17 VASEN Keyed Up North Side
18 WHITE MUD FREE WAY Last Year's Junk Bar None
20 ENGINE DOWN (Self Titled) Lookout
21 TIMONIUM Until He Finds Us Pehr
22 KING CHUBBY Is Caliente/Pimienta
23 HULA (Self Titled) Mananda
24 MONTY LOVE Girls Are The New Boys Imigrant Sun
25 GRAM RABBIT Music To Start A Cult To Stinky
26 OATH, THE (Self Titled) Dim Mak
27 ROGERS SISTERS, THE Three Fingers Troubleman Unlimited
28 KISSING TIGERS Pleasure Of Resistance Slowdance
29 COPELAND Victory Side Militia Group
30 GOOD LIFE, THE Album Of The Year Saddle Creek

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