WTPS Chart Page

Last Updated on October 18th, 2004

# Artist Title Label
1 FLOSSIN Lead Singer Ache
2 MONO Walking Cloud and Deep Red Sky, Flag Fluttered and the Sun Shined Temporary Residence Ltd.
3 TRISTEZA Spine and Sensory Better Looking
4 ASTRAL Orchids Melting
5 WESTERBERG, PAUL Folker Vagrant
6 KING CHUBBY Is Caliente/Pimienta
7 CLIFF, JIMMY Black Magic Artemis
8 FELL BOYZS Concrete Dog Bicycle Fellboyz
9 ROGERS SISTERS, THE Three Fingers Troubleman Unlimited
10 THAT 1 GUY Songs In The Key of Scotch Righteous Babe
11 THIS SONG IS A MESS BUT SO AM I Church Point, LA Mattress
12 STRUNZ AND FARAH Zona Torrida Selva
13 VARIOUS ARTISTS In Honor: A Compilation To Beat Cancer Vagrant
14 OLD NO. EIGHT Communist Country ONE
15 VARIOUS ARTISTS Peace Not War, Volume 2; The Best of Anti-War Music 2003-2004 PNW
16 HOT SNAKES Audit In Progress Swami
17 CULLEN, DOUG Nothing Happens Human Potential
19 VARIOUS ARTISTS Mental Monkey and Sonic Boom Records CMJ Sampler 2004 Mental Monkey/Sonic Boom
20 CLIFF, JIMMY Black Magic Artemis
21 VARIOUS ARTISTS Pressed For Sound; Pehr Records Sampler Pehr
22 LOVE DRUG Pretend You're Alive Militia Group
23 LE TIGRE This Landing Universal
24 MATT POND PA Lily Two/Golden Brown Altitude
25 BLOODTHIRSTY LOVERS The Delicate Seam Frenchkiss
26 JULIET DAGGER, THE Turn Up The Death Good Charamel
27 MODEST MOUSE Float On Epic/Sony
28 CALE, JOHN Hobo Sapiens Or
29 MINUS THE BEAR They Make Beer Commercials Like This Arena Rock
30 ASS END OFFEND Character Assassins Wantage

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