WTPS Chart Page

Last Updated on October 25th, 2004

# Artist Title Label
1 WESTERBERG, PAUL Folker Vagrant
2 OLD NO. EIGHT Communist Country ONE
3 TWINEMEN, THE Side Show Hi N Dry
4 LEO, TED & THE PHARMACISTS Shake The Sheets Lookout
5 STRUNZ AND FARAH Zona Torrida Selva
6 PANTHERS Things Are Strange Vice
7 RANDIES, THE At The Friendship Motor Inn Majestic
8 DEARS, THE No Cities Left Spin Art
9 CALE, JOHN Hobo Sapiens Or
10 BLACK, FRANK Frank Black Francis Spin Art
11 LUNA Rendezvous Jet Set
12 VARIOUS ARTISTS Peace Not War, Volume 2; The Best of Anti-War Music 2003-2004 PNW
13 LE FORCE Le Fortress Wantage
14 NARROWS, THE Alligator Wantage
15 CLIFF, JIMMY Black Magic Artemis
17 CAN KICKERS, THE Mountain Dudes Cosmodemonic  Telegraph
18 NEW TRUST, THE We Are Fast Moving Motherfuckers Slowdance
19 BIG BUSINESS Tour EP Wantage
20 FLOSSIN Lead Singer Ache
21 VARIOUS ARTISTS In Honor: A Compilation To Beat Cancer Vagrant
22 CHANNELS Open Desoto
23 LOVE DRUG Pretend You're Alive Militia Group
24 IQU Sun Q Sonic Boom
25 MONO Walking Cloud and Deep Red Sky, Flag Fluttered and the Sun Shined Temporary Residence Ltd.
26 TRISTEZA Spine and Sensory Better Looking
27 LOW SKIES I Have Been To Beautiful Places Flame Shovel
28 BLOC PARTY E.P. Dim Mak
29 HOT ROD CIRCUIT Reality's Coming Through Vagrant
30 VARIOUS ARTISTS Pressed For Sound; Pehr Records Sampler Pehr

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