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Last Updated on October 29th, 2001

# Artist Title Label
1 CARLIN, JOHN Songs From The Black House Firehorse
2 PHOENECIA Brownout Schematic
3 FOUR TET Pause Domino
4 NECTARINE NUMBER NINE, THE Received Transgressed and Transmitted Beggars Banquet
5 JAH WOBBLE BILL LASWELL: RADIOAXIOM A Dub Transmission, Bass The Final Frontier Palm Pictures/Axiom
6 COUNTESS Shooting Star Castle Von Buhler
7 LES SAVY FAV Go Forth French Kiss
8 SHINER The Egg Desoto
10 MY HOTEL YEAR The Composition Of Ending and Phrasing Beyond
11 CARLIN, JOHN Songs From The Black House Firehorse
12 SORRY ABOUT DRESDEN The Convenience of Indecision Saddle Creek
13 VARIOUS ARTISTS Nordic Roots 3 North Side
14 BISBEE, SAM Vehicle Terrible
15 BERN, DAN New American Language Messenger
16 AM/FM Getting Into Sinking Polyvinyl
17 BILLIE MAHONIE What Becomes Before Southern
18 VARIOUS ARTISTS Nordic Roots 3 North Side
19 NOW ITS OVERHEAD (Self Titled) Saddle Creek
20 CON DOLORE This Sad Movie Clairecords
21 DEAD LEAVES RISING, THE Waking Up On The Wrong Side Of No One Plow City
22 TROUT, WALTER A Dedication To All Americans Ruf
23 FARRAR, JAY Sebastobol Artemis
24 DA BASSTURD Bangler Four States Fair
25 LE HAMMOND INFERNO My First Political Dance Album Bungalow
26 DEAD KENNEDYS Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death Manifesto
27 VOICES ON THE VERGE Live In Philadelphia Rykodisc
28 OYSTERHEAD The Grand Pecking Order Elektra
29 FUTURE PILOT AKA Tiny Waves Mighty Sea Domino
30 LE TIGRE Feminist Sweepstakes Mr. Lady

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