WTPS Chart Page

Last Updated on November 15th, 2004

# Artist Title Label
2 LUNA Rendezvous Jet Set
3 WESTERBERG, PAUL Folker Vagrant
4 TRISTEZA Spine and Sensory Better Looking
5 AUTOLUX Songs For Radio Red Ink
6 PAPERCUTS Mockingbird Antenna Farm
7 LEO, TED & THE PHARMACISTS Shake The Sheets Lookout
8 TWINEMEN, THE Side Show Hi N Dry
9 CAN KICKERS, THE Mountain Dudes Cosmodemonic  Telegraph
10 IQU Sun Q Sonic Boom
11 BLACK, FRANK Frank Black Francis Spin Art
12 NEW TRUST, THE We Are Fast Moving Motherfuckers Slowdance
13 MONO Walking Cloud and Deep Red Sky, Flag Fluttered and the Sun Shined Temporary Residence Ltd.
14 STRUNZ AND FARAH Zona Torrida Selva
15 EIGHTY-NINE CUBS, THE There Are Giants On This Earth Slowdance
16 BUTLER, BRANDON L. Killer On The Radio Gern Blandsten
17 ALOHA Here Comes Everyone Polyvinyl
18 KLEPPINGER, FAITH No Galore Two Sheds
19 BUTLER, BRANDON L. Killer On The Radio Gern Blandsten
20 Q AND NOT U Power Dischord
21 SHOTDOWN Whiskey Business Crustacean
22 POLLARD, ALAN See It For What It Is Peach Fuzz
23 MASON, WILLY Where The Humans Eat Team Love
24 CHOO CHOO LA ROUGE I'll Be Out All Night Preoccupation
25 ISAACS, DAVE Flying Shadow Brook
26 VARIOUS ARTISTS My Favorite Song Writers Five One Inc.
27 SAMUSSON & TOMASSI Against The Sky, Seven Songs of War and Peace Samusson
28 TURING MACHINE Zwei Frenchkiss
29 FIREBIRD BAND, THE The City At Night Bifocal Media
30 RANDIES, THE At The Friendship Motor Inn Majestic

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