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Last Updated on November 19th, 2001

# Artist Title Label
1 CURE, THE Greatest Hits Elektra
2 LES SAVY FAV Go Forth French Kiss
3 VARIOUS ARTISTS Dean Quixote soundtrack Spin Art
4 CINERAMA Health And Efficiency EP Manifesto
5 NECTARINE NUMBER NINE, THE Received Transgressed and Transmitted Beggars Banquet
6 FOUR TET Pause Domino
7 VOICES ON THE VERGE Live In Philadelphia Rykodisc
8 JAMES KOCHALKA SUPERSTAR Don't Trust Whitey Tarquin
9 VOTOLATO, ROCKY Burning My Travels Clean Second Nature
10 TOMAHAWK (Self Titled) Ipecac
11 MIKULKA, JUSTIN Move Towards The Exit One Mad Son
12 VARIOUS ARTISTS Team Mint, Volume 2; A Special Lo-Price Sampler Mint
13 CARLIN, JOHN Songs From The Black House Firehorse
15 LEN BROWN SOCIETY, THE It Wasn't The Smoothest Time Galaxia
16 JULIANA THEORY, THE Music From Another Room Tooth & Nail
17 DA BASSTURD Bangler Four States Fair
18 VARIOUS ARTISTS DJ Food & DK; Now Listen Ninja Tune
19 JAH WOBBLE BILL LASWELL: RADIOAXIOM A Dub Transmission, Bass The Final Frontier Palm Pictures/Axiom
20 MELLONOVA (Self Titled) Aporia
21 BISBEE, SAM Vehicle Terrible
22 COUNTESS Shooting Star Castle Von Buhler
23 DEAD LEAVES RISING, THE Waking Up On The Wrong Side Of No One Plow City
24 LE HAMMOND INFERNO My First Political Dance Album Bungalow
25 HEAVENLY Heavenly Vs. Satan K
26 PENFOLD Our First Taste Of Escape Milligram
27 SORRY ABOUT DRESDEN The Convenience of Indecision Saddle Creek
28 HAYWOOD We Are Amatures, You and I Self Starter Foundation
29 FUTURE PILOT AKA Tiny Waves Mighty Sea Domino
30 MINUS THE BEAR This Is What I Know About Gigantic K

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