WTPS Chart Page

Last Updated on December 1st, 2003

# Artist Title Label
1 WESTERBERG, PAUL Come Feel Me Tremble Vagrant
2 SUN KIL MOON Ghosts of the Great Highway Jetset
3 LERCHE, SONDRE Don't Be Shallow EP Astralwerks
4 RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS Greatest Hits Warner Brothers
5 CRASH TEST DUMMIES Puss N Boots Cha Ching
6 PLUS MINUS You Are Here Teen Beat
7 MARAT (Self Titled) Morisen
8 DISMEMBERMENT PLAN, THE A People's History Of Desoto
9 FLAMING LIPS, THE At The Gates Of Hell Warner Brothers
10 FLYING LUTERBACHERS Systems Emerge From Complete Disorder Troubleman Unlimited
11 COPPE Naru Mango Sweet Rice
12 EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Planet Temporary Residence Ltd.
13 DISMEMBERMENT PLAN, THE A People's History Of Desoto
14 DOSH (Self Titled) ABR
15 FIRE THEFT, THE (Self Titled) Rykodisc
16 STILLS, THE Logic Will Break Your Heart Vice
17 PLASTIKMAN Closer Novamute
18 PLANET THE, THE Physical Angel Fifty Four Forty Or Fight
19 LEO, TED & THE PHARMACISTS Tell Balgeary, Balgury Is Dead (Plus Solo!) Lookout
20 R.E.M. The Best of R.E.M.; In Time 1988-2003 Warner Brothers
21 CHE ARTHUR All Of Your Tomorrow Were Decided Today Flame Shovel
22 VARIOUS ARTISTS Stuck on AM 4; Live Performances from Radio K Radio K
23 NDEGEOCELLO, MESHELL Comfort Woman Maverick
24 YOUNG PEOPLE War Prayers Dim Mak
25 AFI Live At The Hard Rock Café Dreamworks
26 INSTRUMENTAL QUARTER No More Secrets Sick Room
27 SNATCHES OF PINK Hyena Morisen
28 STEREOLAB Instant O In The Universe Elektra
29 SIX PARTS SEVEN Lost Notes From Forgotten Songs Suicide Squeeze
30 STARS Heart Arts & Crafts

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