WTPS Chart Page

Last Updated on December 9th, 2002

# Artist Title Label
1 VARIOUS ARTISTS The Best Of Brazilian Jazz Planet Rhythm/Universal
2 RAINER MARIA Ears Ring EP Polyvinyl
3 BOSTON Corporate America Artemis
4 RIDE OX4_The Best of Ride The First Time
5 RUINS Tzomborgha Ipecac
6 HELLO Defective Element 115
7 KIMONE Meres Of Twilight Silverthree Sound
8 FELUMLEE, MARK/DAN ANDRIANO (Self Titled) Double Zero
9 TIBBETTS, STEVE A Man About A Horse ECM/Universal
10 JUHA Polari Agitprop
11 BJORK Greatest Hits Elektra
12 LIFE IN A BLENDER Tell Me I'm Pretty Fang
13 OWEN No Good For No One Now Polyvinyl
14 ONEIDA/LIARS Atheists Reconsider Arena Rock
15 CHERNEY, DARRYL & THE CHERNOBLES Bush It!/ Send George Bush a Pretzel Alternative Tentacles
16 TIBBETTS, STEVE A Man About A Horse ECM/Universal
17 SYBARITE Nonument 4AD
18 SAHARA HOTNIGHTS Jennie Bomb Jetset
19 BYRNE Slowly and Gloriously Rocket Girl
20 BUKKENE BRUSE The Loveliest Rose North Side
21 CAPITAL CITY Am I Invisible Nearby
22 SMALL BROWN BIKE/CASKET LOTTERY Self-Titled Split Second Nature
23 BRASCO Sings Tunes The Young People Will Enjoy APG
24 VARIOUS ARTISTS Twentieth Anniversary Album; 20 Years of Music to Relax, Uplift & Inspire New World
25 JACQUES Romantic Acuareladiscos
26 BEMUS (Self Titled) Elektra
27 DEMONS Stockholhm Slump Gearhead
28 SIMIAN We Are Your Friends Astralwerks
29 ARTIFICIAL INTELLEGENCE (Self Titled) Dreamworks
30 WE ROGAZZI The Ache Self Starter Foundation

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