A B C†† That Was Then But This Is Now/Vertigo Phonogram UK 01-Jan-83 12" Single
A BAND OF BEES Sunshine Hit Me Astralwerks 11-Feb-03 CD
A C TEMPLE Blowtorch Homestead 05-Oct-88 12" LP
A CERTAIN RATIO Force Factory 15-Nov-86 12" LP
A DAY FOR HONEY (Self Titled) Building/TVT 03-Apr-98 CD
A GRAPE DOPE Missing Dragons EP Galaxia 01-May-03 CD
A GRUMH A Hard Days Knight Wax Trax 20-Jan-90 12" LP
A GRUMH Bloody Side Wax Trax 02-May-88 12" LP
A GRUMH The Price Is Right Wax Trax 16-Nov-89 12" EP
A GRUMH We Are A Grumh, You Are Not Wax Trax 16-Oct-88 12" LP
A G's Cirkus Bezerkus Forefront 26-May-92 12" LP
A HEARD OF US (Self Titled) First Street 16-Feb-89 12" EP
A HOUSE 360 N. Rockingham Radioactive 25-Mar-95 CD
A HOUSE Wide Eyed And Ignorant Radioactive 20-Apr-95 CD
A N P & K. K. NULL Ultrasonic Action Nux/Charnel House 02-Jun-93 CD
A NIGHT OF SERIOUS DRINKING Besides the Well/There Was The Rain ANOSD 07-May-98 CD
A P B†† What Kind Of Girl Albion 01-Jan-84 12" Single
A PERFECT CIRCLE Interview Disc Virgin 05-May-00 CD
A PERFECT CIRCLE Judith single Virgin 21-Apr-00 CD
A PERFECT CIRCLE Judith/Orestes single demo Virgin 13-Jun-00 7" Single
A PERFECT CIRCLE Mer De Noms Virgin 25-May-00 CD
A PERFECT CIRCLE The Hollow single Virgin 25-Jan-01 CD
A POPULAR HISTORY OF SIGNS Ladderjack Wax Trax 02-Apr-85 12" Single
A POSITIVE LIFE Synaesthetic Waveform 07-Oct-95 CD
A PRODUCE Inscape & Landscape Trance Port 26-Aug-96 CD
A PRODUCE White Sands Trance Port 09-Jun-95 CD
A PRODUCE A Smooth Surface Trance Port 17-Feb-94 CD
A PRODUCE Land Of A Thousand Trances Trance Port 21-Jun-94 CD
A PRODUCE Reflect Like A Mirror, Respond Like An Echo Trance Port 01-Feb-92 CD
A S D A Simpleton's Dream/Mexican Suicidal Blues/987 Direct Hit 10-Feb-93 7" EP
A SMALL GOOD THING The Pink And Purple World Of Dishonesty Solielmoon 14-Mar-97 CD
A SPLIT SECOND (Self Titled) Wax Trax 17-Jul-89 12" Single
A SPLIT SECOND (Self Titled) Wax Trax 05-Sep-88 12" EP
A SPLIT SECOND†† From The Inside Wax Trax 21-Dec-88 12" LP
A TEN O'CLOCK SCHOLAR Quietest Grass 23-Mar-96 CD
A TRIBE CALLED QUEST Beats, Rhymes & Life Jive 01-Aug-96 CD
A VERY SPECIAL PILLOW Tomorrow Night Really Fast Racecar 23-Feb-95 7" Single
A WESTERN FRONT (Self Titled) Orange Records West 01-Apr-86 12" LP
A WESTERN FRONT The Census Taker ST Orange Records West 01-Apr-86 7" EP
A WHISPER IN THE NOISE Through The Ides Of March AWITN 21-Sep-02 CD
A WITNESS Sacred Cow Heart Fundamental 30-Apr-88 12" LP
A.G.'S, THE This Ear Sucks Ringing Ear 23-Mar-96 CD
A.M. RADIO Sampler Elektra 11-Apr-03 CD
A.R. KANE Honey Be (For Stella) LuakaBop/Sire 10-Sep-94 CD
A.R. KANE New Clear Child LuakaBop/Warner Brothers 10-Sep-94 CD
A.T.S. Blood Drive Shimmy Disc 11-Jul-94 CD
ABBC Tete A Tete Ore 21-Jan-01 CD
ABBY TRAVIS FOUNDATION, THE (Self Titled) You Seem Like A Nice, Well Adjusted 21-Feb-98 CD
ABLO DIABLOS More Sent Self 15-Aug-95 Cass
ABOVE THE LAW 100 Spokes Tommy Boy 08-Jun-96 CD
ABOVE THE LAW City Of Angels Tommy Boy 27-Jul-96 CD
ABOVE THE LAW Legends Tommy Boy 13-Feb-98 CD
ABSOLUTE ZERO No Escape/The End/S.O.S./On Me Allied 20-Jul-96 7" Single
ABSOLUTE ZEROS, THE Dreams Gone Sour Big Deal 07-Mar-98 CD
ABSTRACT POLYGON/MAD EP Deselect MindBox EP/Mavo's 3rd Day of 2nd Grade Tribal Treble 14-Jul-03 CD
ACCELERATORS, THE†† (Self Titled) Profile 28-Jan-88 12" LP
ACCUSED, THE Grinning Like An Undertaker Nastymix 10-Aug-90 12" LP
ACCUSED, THE More Fun Than An Open Casket Funeral Combat 07-Jul-87 12" LP
ACDEMIA, ELENOR Oracle of the Black Swan Black Swan 11-Jun-98 CD
ACETONE (Self Titled) Vapor/Warner Brothers 09-Oct-97 CD
ACETONE 99/O.I.E. Vernon Yard 23-Apr-96 7" Single
ACETONE I Guess I Would Vernon Yard 26-Aug-95 CD
ACETONE If You Only Knew Vernon Yard 03-Mar-96 CD
ACETONE Cindy Vernon Yard 15-Sep-93 CD
ACETONE Pinch Vernon Yard 20-Nov-93 CD
ACETONE (Self Titled) Vernon Yard 09-Jul-93 CD
ACEYALONE All Balls Don't Bounce Capitol 13-Oct-95 CD
ACEYALONE All Balls Don't Bounce; Clean CD Capitol 14-Sep-95 CD
ACEYALONE MicCheck Capitol 02-Jun-95 CD
ACEYALONE MicCheck Capitol 23-Jun-95 12" Single
ACEYALONE The Greatest Show On Earth Capitol 04-Dec-95 12" EP
ACID BATH Edits Rotten 20-Apr-95 CD
ACID BATH When The Kite String Pops Rotten 06-Aug-94 CD
ACID HORSE No Name, No Slogan Wax Trax 20-Jan-90 12" Single
ACK ACK Automatic Office 13-Jun-86 12" LP
ACTION SWINGERS Decimation Hill Caroline 28-May-93 CD
ACTION TIME, THE Versus The World Southern 21-Jan-01 CD
ACTIONSLACKS One Word Arena Rock 03-Jul-98 CD
ACTIONSLACKS The Scene's Out Of Sight Self Starter Foundation 21-Jan-01 CD
ACTUAL TIGERS, THE Gravelled And Green Nettwerk 01-Aug-01 CD
A-D Buckshots (Remix) Rage/Enemy 12-Oct-93 12" Single
A-D†† Buckshots Rage/Enemy 24-Mar-94 CD
ADAM & THE ANTS Friend Or Foe CBS 01-Jan-82 12" LP
ADAM & THE ANTS Kings Of The Wild Frontier CBS 01-Jan-80 12" LP
ADAM & THE ANTS Dirk Wears White Sox CBS 01-Jan-83 12" LP
ADAM ANT Wonderful Capitol 06-Mar-95 CD
ADAM F Colours Astralwerks 03-Mar-98 CD
ADAM, CLIFF Banana River's Edge 21-Jun-01 CD
ADAMSKI'S THING (Self Titled) ZH/Universal 25-Oct-98 CD
ADAMSON,BARRY As Above So Below Mute 21-Jun-98 CD
ADAMSON, BARRY Oedipus Schmoedipus Mute 30-Jul-96 CD
ADCOCK, CC (Self Titled) Island/PLG 19-Apr-94 CD
ADD N TO X On The Wires Of Our Nerves Mute 09-May-98 CD
ADEN Hey 19 Teen Beat 01-Aug-00 CD
ADICTS, THE Twenty Seven Cleopatra 21-Nov-92 CD
ADJUSTERS, THE Before The Revolution Moon Ska 31-Jul-98 CD
ADRENALIN OD Theme From...Midget Western Buy Our Records 13-Jul-88 12" LP
ADRENALIN OD Cruising With Elvis In Bigfoot's UFO Buy Our Records 22-Oct-88 12" LP
ADULT Anxiety Always Ersatz Audio 09-Apr-03 CD
ADULT RODEO Long Range Rapid Fire Four States Fair 07-Dec-01 CD
ADVENTURES IN STEREO Alternative Stereo Sounds Bobsled 27-Sep-98 CD
AENONE Saints & Razors/Gaze KoKoPop 13-Dec-93 7" Single
AFFECTED, THE A Fate Worse Than A Fate Worse Than Death Frontier 21-May-94 CD
AFFLICTED, THE Good News About Mental Health Infrasonic 21-May-86 12" LP
AFGHAN WHIGS, THE Honkey's Ladder Sub Pop/Elektra/EEG 20-Feb-96 CD
AFGHAN WHIGS, THE What Jail Is Like Elektra 29-Jul-94 CD
AFGHAN WHIGS, THE What Jail Is Like EP Elektra 14-Jul-94 12" EP
AFGHAN WHIGS, THE What Jail Is Like Elektra 20-May-94 CD
AFGHAN WHIGS, THE/ASS PONYS Mr. Superlove/You My Flower Mono Cat 7 15-Jul-94 7" Single
AFRICAN HEAD CHARGE In Pursuit Of ShaShamane Land On-U/Restless 22-Jul-94 CD
AFRO-PLANE Shine/Shine (A Cappela) Kaper/BMG 12-Jan-94 10" Single
AFX Analougue Bubblebath TVT 10-Mar-94 CD
AGATA, RICH Crazy Idea/I'm Not Ashamed RTurn 25-Jan-88 7" Single
AGE OF CHANCE 1000 Years Of Trouble Virgin 16-Nov-87 12" LP
AGE OF CHANCE Crush Collision Virgin 01-Jan-86 12" EP
AGENT ORANGE This Is The Voice Enigma 09-Jul-86 12" LP
AGENTS OF GOOD ROOTS One By One (Advance) RCA/BMG 11-Feb-98 CD
AGITPOP Open Seasons Twin Tone 30-Mar-88 12" LP
AGITPOP Stick It Twin Tone 17-Feb-90 12" LP
AGITPOP The Po Town Tea Party EP Twin Tone 01-Jun-90 12" EP
AGITPOP Feast Of The Sunfish Community 3 04-Jun-85 12" LP
AGNES GOOCH Blind Revolution/Warner Brothers 07-May-97 CD
AGNES POETRY Unrest Agnes Poetry 02-May-95 CD
AGNOSTIC FRONT Cause For Alarm Combat 18-Dec-86 12" LP
AGNOSTIC FRONT Victim In Pain Combat 18-Dec-86 12" LP
AINA (Self Titled) The First Time 10-Aug-01 CD
AIN'T If It's Illegal To Rock & Roll Gluttony 13-Sep-97 CD
AIR 10,000 Hz Legend Astralwerks 15-May-01 CD
AIR Moon Safari Source/Caroline 17-Jan-98 CD
AIR BARROCIO City Reading EP Astralwerks 11-Mar-03 CD
AIR MAIMI I Hate Milk TeenBeat/4AD/Warner Brothers 18-Sep-95 CD
AIR MIAMI Fuck You, Tiger 4AD UK 15-Nov-95 CD
AIR MIAMI Me Me Me TeenBeat/4AD/Warner Brothers 14-Sep-95 CD
AIRLINES (Self Titled) Quixotic 14-May-94 CD
AISHA KANDISHA'S JARRING EFFECTS Shabeesation Rykodisc 29-Jan-96 CD
AISLERS SET, THE How I Learned To Write Backwards Suicide Squeeze 11-Feb-03 CD
AITKEN, LAUREL The Blue Beat Years Moon SKA 02-Apr-96 CD
AJAX Mind The Gap Wax Trax 29-Sep-89 12" EP
AKS MAMMA Jolly Holidays Kicksave 01-Oct-98 CD
ALABAMA 3 Ain't Goin' To Goa (Single) Geffen 25-Sep-97 CD
ALABAMA 3 Ain't Goin' To Goa Remixes DGC 23-Oct-97 CD
ALABAMA 3 Exile On Coldharbor Lane Geffen 31-Oct-97 CD
ALABAMA 3 Woke Up This Morning Geffen 13-Jun-97 12" EP
ALABAMA 3 Woke Up This Morning Geffen 07-Jul-97 CD
ALARM, THE Declaration IRS 01-Jan-84 12" LP
ALARM, THE Eye Of The Hurricane IRS 06-Jan-88 12" LP
ALARM, THE Strength IRS 01-Jan-85 12" LP
ALARMING TRENDS You Make Me Live In A Trailer ScorchedEarth 19-Nov-87 12" LP
ALBUM LEAF, THE One Day I'll Be On Time Tiger Style 15-May-01 CD
ALBUM LEAF, THE/ON AIR LIBRARY A Lifetime Or More Arena Rock 09-Apr-03 CD
ALC I Still Believe Ablife 21-Jan-01 CD
ALCOHOL Grain Earth Blood 07-Nov-00 CD
ALEMANY, JESUS Cubanismo Hannibal/Rykodisc 20-Feb-96 CD
ALEXANDER & THE BIG EAST Reach/Thunder Shot Killer TripleZone 30-Jan-86 7" Single
ALEXANDER, SUSAN Sequencia Science and theArts 10-Jun-95 CD
ALGEBRA SUICIDE Tongue Wrestling WidelyDistributed 08-Apr-94 CD
ALI AKBAR KHAN Present Legacy Ammp/Triloka 10-Feb-96 CD
ALI CAMPBELL Big Love Virgin 12-Jul-95 CD
ALI FARKA TOURE & RY COODER Talking Timbuktu Hannibal/Rykodisc 07-Jan-94 CD
ALIAS Muted Anticon 15-Oct-03 CD
ALICE D The CD GonnaRock 25-Feb-91 CD
ALICE DONUT Nadine AlternativeTentacles 22-Nov-94 CD
ALICE DONUT Pure Acid Park AlternativeTentacles 20-Jul-95 CD
ALICE DONUT The Untidy Suicides.... AlternativeTentacles 30-Jan-93 CD
ALICE IN CHAINS (Self Titled) Columbia/Sony 08-Nov-95 CD
ALICE IN CHAINS Grind Columbia/Sony 20-Oct-95 CD
ALICE IN CHAINS Jar Of Flies Columbia/Sony 29-Jan-94 CD
ALIEN BOYS Law Machine Rave 12-Jun-90 12" LP
ALIEN CRIME SYNDICATE XL From Coast To Coast V2/BMG 03-May-02 CD
ALIEN FACTOR Desolate Decibel 08-Jan-96 CD
ALIEN FAKTOR Abduction Decibel 17-Jul-94 CD
ALIEN FARM Desperation Asks AlienFarm 01-Jan-87 12" LP
ALIEN FASHON SHOW (Self Titled) Surfdog/Hollywood 11-Aug-98 CD
ALIEN SEX FIENDS The Altered States Of America Futurist 20-Nov-93 CD
ALIEN SEX FIENDS Bun Ho, Etc XenaMedia 21-Dec-88 12" LP
ALIEN SEX FIENDS Here Cum Germs PVC 23-Nov-87 12" LP
ALKALINE TRIO Good Mourning Vagrant 27-May-03 CD
ALL Allroy For Prez Cruz 13-Nov-88 12" LP
ALL Allroy Sez Cruz 07-Apr-88 12" LP
ALL Guilty Cruz 05-Feb-94 CD
ALL Just Perfect/Sugar & Spice Cruz 25-Jan-88 7" Single
ALL Just Perfect/Wishing Well Cruz 05-Sep-88 12" Single
ALL Percolator Cruz 06-May-92 CD
ALL Shreen EP Cruz 14-Sep-93 CD
ALL Trailblazer Cruz 26-May-90 12" LP
ALL Allroy Saves Cruz 29-Aug-90 12" LP
ALL Breaking Things Cruz 07-Oct-93 CD
ALL ABOUT CHAD I Know A Girl/Your'e Too Popular/You Are The Woman BigPop 20-Oct-95 CD
ALL GIRL SUMER FUN BAND (Self Titled) K 27-Feb-02 CD
ALL NIGHT TV Iron Gates Cryptovision 10-Jun-88 12" LP
ALL STATE CHAMPION (Self Titled) Five One Inc. 03-Oct-03 CD
ALL THAT JAZZ (Self Titled) Virgin 16-Nov-87 12" LP
ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS, THE (Self Titled) Doghouse America 21-Sep-02 CD
ALLEN, DAEVID & KRAMER Hit Men Shimmy Disc 16-Apr-96 CD
ALLEN, DAEVID & KRAMER Whose Afraid? Shimmy Disc 15-May-93 12" LP
ALLEN, DAVE & ELASTIC PUREJOY The Clutter Of Pop WorldDomination 07-Mar-96 CD
ALLEN, G.G. You Give Love A Bad Name Homestead 19-Oct-87 12" LP
ALLEN, G.G. Freaks, Faggots, Drunks & Junkies Homestead 05-Sep-88 12" LP
ALLIGATOR GUN One Hundred Percent Freak Relativity 12-Jul-95 Cass
ALLIGATOR GUN One Hundred Percent Freak Relativity 02-Sep-95 CD
ALLISON, AMY The Maudlin Years Koch 20-Jul-96 CD
ALLISONS, THE (Self Titled) Spindletop 28-May-89 12" LP
ALLOY Paper Thin Front Engine 28-Dec-94 CD
ALMIGHTY ULTRASOUND, THE Sonic Boom Countdown/Unity 15-Apr-96 CD
ALOHA Sugar Polyvinyl 25-May-02 CD
ALOHA That's Your Fire Polvinyl 05-May-00 CD
ALPH Come From Heaven Melankolic 25-Oct-97 CD
ALPHABET SOUP Layin' Low In The Cut PrawnSong/Mammoth 18-Feb-95 CD
ALPINE STARS White Noise Astralwerks 11-Feb-03 CD
ALSTON BECKET CYRUS Nanny Revival Cocoa 20-Nov-93 12" Single
ALSTON BECKET CYRUS Yuh Would Find So Cocoa 26-Mar-93 12" Single
ALSTONIANS, THE The Alston Beat Moon Ska 03-Aug-97 CD
ALT Altitude CookingVinyl 20-Nov-95 CD
ALTA MAY Dark Days Glazed 11-Aug-03 CD
ALTAN Blackwater Virgin 08-Jun-96 CD
ALTAN Runaway Sunday Chrysalis/Virgin 25-Oct-97 CD
ALTER BOYS Buk's Song/Gimme What I Want One Eye 09-May-86 7" Single
ALTER BOYS Soul Desire BigTime 10-Nov-87 12" LP
ALTER NATIVES Hold Your Tongue SST 07-Feb-86 12" LP
ALTERED IMAGES Pinky Blue CBS 01-Jan-82 12" LP
ALTERED, THE Low Curb 01-Nov-97 CD
ALTRUDA, JOEY Presents Kingston Cocktail Will 07-Nov-97 CD
ALUMINUM BABE (Self Titled) Mother West 29-Apr-03 CD
ALWAYS AUGUST Largeness With (W)holes SST 19-Oct-87 12" LP
ALWAYS AUGUST Geography SST 30-Apr-88 12" LP
ALWAYS AUGUST†† Black Pyramid SST 30-Dec-86 12" LP
AM RADIO Radioactive Elektra 21-Jun-03 CD ROM
AM/FM Getting Into Sinking Polyvinyl 15-Oct-01 CD
AM/FM Mutilate Us Polyvinyl 07-Mar-01 CD
AMALGAMATED SONS OF REST (Self Titled) Galaxia 21-Sep-02 CD
AMATEUR LOVERS Virgin White Lies Loosegroove 01-Jun-97 CD
AMAZING ROYAL CROWNS (Self Titled) Monolyth/Kingdom 29-Oct-97 CD
AMAZING ROYAL CROWNS, THE (Self Titled) Velvel 25-Apr-98 CD
AMAZING THRILL SHOW Ovaltyne EP Fakir 30-Dec-93 7" Single
AMAZING THRILL SHOW Genuine/Don't Be Bitter Fakir 13-Nov-92 7" Single
AMAZONICA With Camerata Cautione Antiqua & Angaatanamu Sony Classical 15-Aug-97 CD
AMAZULU Cairo/Greenham Time Towerbell 01-Jan-83 7" Single
AMBER Colour Of Love Tommy Boy 10-Nov-96 CD
AMBER Colour Of Love EP Tommy Boy 01-Dec-96 12" EP
AMBER One More Night Tommy Boy 01-May-97 CD
AMBER This Is Your Night Tommy Boy 13-May-96 CD
AMBER This Is Your Night Tommy Boy 03-Mar-97 CD
AMBER This Is Your Nite EP Tommy Boy 29-Apr-96 12" EP
AMBITIOUS LOVERS Greed Virgin 24-Jun-88 12" LP
AMBITIOUS LOVERS Lust Virgin 01-Mar-91 Cass
AMBLE, ERIC Roscoe's Gang Enigma 27-Mar-89 12" LP
AMEN The Price Of Reality Virgin 15-Sep-00 CD
AMEN We Have Come For Your Parents Virgin 07-Nov-00 CD
AMERICAN ANALOG SET, THE Know By Heart Tiger Style 27-Jul-01 CD
AMERICAN ANALOG SET, THE Promise Of Love Tiger Style 27-May-03 CD
AMERICAN GIRLS, THE Welcome To Our Love Sick Porch Manifesto 23-Mar-96 CD
AMERICAN MEASLES, THE Shover The Cupcake Aquabug 25-Sep-97 CD
AMERICAN MUSIC CLUB, THE California Frontier 02-Nov-88 12" LP
AMERICAN MUSIC CLUB, THE Everclear Alias 01-Jan-91 CD
AMERICAN MUSIC CLUB, THE Hello Amsterdam Reprise 04-Feb-95 CD
AMERICAN MUSIC CLUB, THE San Francisco Reprise 03-Oct-94 CD
AMERICAN MUSIC CLUB, THE Wish The World Away Reprise 10-Sep-94 CD
AMERICAN MUSIC CLUB, THE Engine Frontier 22-Sep-87 12" LP
AMERICAN MUSIC CLUB, THE The Restless Stranger Grifter 19-Sep-85 12" LP††
AMERICAN PSYCHO BAND, THE Falls Church/My War Sub Pop 06-Mar-95 7" Single
AMERICAN STANDARD Piss and Vinegar Another Planet 17-May-95 CD
AMERICAN STANDARD The New American Standard Classics Maggadee 21-Jun-01 CD
AMERICAN STEEL Jagged Thoughts Lookout 15-Jun-01 CD
AMINATURE Bored Spy Restless 29-Jun-95 CD
AMJAM Live Off The Board At CBGB's Celluloid 19-Nov-87 12" LP
AMMONIA Drugs Murmur 29-Jan-96 CD
AMMONIA Mint 400 Epic/Sony 13-Mar-96 CD
AMNESIA Cherry Flavor Night Time Supreme/Island 29-Mar-97 CD
AMOEBIC ENSEMBLE Limbic Rage Over The Counter 03-Oct-95 CD
AMOR FATI/VANDAL X Against Nature Flesh 17-Sep-87 12" LP
AMORPHOUS Elegy Relapse 04-May-96 CD
AMORPHUS Black Winter Dog Nuclear Blast/Relapse 14-Feb-95 CD
AMORPHUS My Kantele Relapse 19-May-97 CD
AMOS, TORI Boys For Pele Atlantic 12-Dec-95 Cass
AMOS, TORI Boys For Pele Atlantic 23-Jan-96 CD
AMOS, TORI Hey Jupiter Atlantic 12-Sep-96 CD
AMOS, TORI Little Drummer Boy Atlantic 07-Dec-93 CD
AMOS, TORI Past The Mission Atlantic 01-Sep-94 CD
AMOS, TORI Professional Widow Atlantic 30-May-96 12" EP
AMOS, TORI Tea With The Waitress; Interview Atlantic 12-Mar-94 CD
AMOS, TORI Cornflake Girl Atlantic 04-Jun-94 CD
AMOS, TORI Under the Pink Atlantic 28-Jan-94 CD
AMOS, TORI God Atlantic 03-Jan-94 CD
AMOURY SHOW, THE Waiting For The Flood Capitol/EMI 01-Jan-85 12" LP
AMP Sirenes Petrol 30-Jul-96 CD
AMPS, THE Pacer 4AD/Elektra 07-Nov-95 CD
AN APRIL MARCH Adiago Bedazzled 01-Dec-96 CD
AN APRIL MARCH Instruments Of Lust And Fury Bedazzled 17-May-95 CD
AN APRIL MARCH It Goes Without Saying Bedazzled 27-Oct-97 CD
AN APRIL MARCH Lava/Gates Within Us Bedazzled 07-Nov-94 7" Single
AN APRIL MARCH Lesson In Vengence Bedazzled 08-Nov-95 CD
AN EMOTIONAL FISH Sloper Pure 02-Apr-96 CD
AN EMOTIONAL FISH Sloper Pure 04-May-96 CD
ANAGUN Snow On The Sahara Epic/Sony 11-May-98 CD
ANAL CUNT Morbid Florist Nuclear Blast/Relapse 04-Sep-93 CD
ANAL CUNT Picnic Of Love Off The 21-Aug-98 CD
ANARCTICA (Self Titled) File 13 05-Oct-98 CD
ANASTASIO, TREY (Self Titled) Elektra 21-Apr-02 CD
ANASTASIO, TREY Selections From His Forthcoming Album Elektra 21-Mar-02 CD
ANCESTORS, THE Brigadoon TribalArts 15-Jan-95 CD
AND/ORS, THE Will Self Destruct Better Looking 25-Jan-01 CD
ANDERS, ROBIN ADNAN Omaiyo Rykodisc 31-Jul-98 CD
ANDERS, TIFFANY Funny Cry Happy Gift Up 15-Mar-01 CD
ANDERS, TIFFANY Runnin' From Noplace To Nowhere Up 21-Oct-98 CD
ANDERSON, LAURIE Big Science Warner Brothers 01-Jan-82 12" LP
ANDERSON, LAURIE Bright Red Warner Brothers 21-Oct-94 CD
ANDERSON, LAURIE Bright Red Sampler Reprise/Warner Brothers 22-Nov-94 CD
ANDERSON, LAURIE In Our Sleep Warner Brothers 23-Feb-95 CD
ANDERSON, LAURIE In Our Sleep Warner Brothers 06-Apr-95 CD
ANDERSON, LAURIE The Ugly One With The Jewels Warner Brothers 09-Mar-95 CD
ANDERSON, LAURIE Mister Heartbreak Warner Brothers 01-Jan-84 12" LP
ANDY, HORACE Living In The Flood Melankolic/Astralwerks 11-Feb-00 CD
ANDY, HORACE Skylarking Melankolic/Caroline 17-Mar-97 CD
ANDYVOTEL Styles Of The Unexpected TNXL 07-Mar-01 CD
ANEL, LILI Laughed Last Palmetto 23-Mar-94 CD
ANGEL CORPUS CHRISTI Candy/Me + My Beretta Almo/MCA 09-Mar-95 7" Single
ANGEL CORPUS CHRISTI White Courtesy Phone Almo/DGC 06-Apr-95 CD
ANGELIQUE Present Red Ant/BMG 11-Jun-98 CD
ANGELOU, MAYA Miss Calypso Liberty/Scamp/Caroline 01-Mar-96 CD
ANGRY JOHNNY & THE KILLBILLIES What's So Funny? Tar Hut 07-Aug-98 CD
ANGRY RED PLANET Little Pigs Little Pigs AngryRed 20-Feb-87 12" LP
ANGRY SALAD Bizzare Gardening Accident Breaking World 10-Mar-97 CD
ANGRY SAMOANS Back From Samoa PVC 23-Nov-87 12" LP
ANGRY SAMOANS STP Not LSD Passport 21-Dec-88 12" LP
ANGST It's Mine/Mind Average SST 19-Aug-87 7" Single
ANGST Mending Wall SST 17-Sep-86 12" LP
ANGST Mystery Spot SST 15-Jan-87 12" LP
ANGST Cry For Happy SST 21-Dec-89 12" LP
ANGST Lite Life SST 30-Oct-85 12" LP
ANIMAL LOGIC Motion/Happy Girl Primal Beat 01-Aug-87 7" Single
ANIMALS THAT SWIM Work Shy Big Pop 13-May-96 CD
ANNE SUMMERS The Dandy PC Music 23-Sep-97 CD
ANNE SUMMERS The Dandy PC Music 07-Nov-97 CD
ANOTHER DAY Uh Oh VinylSiding 24-Nov-86 12" EP
ANOTHER GIRL In The Galaxy RCA/BMG 01-Jun-97 CD
ANT LIONS, THE Far From The Maddening Crowd Naked Mango 06-Nov-86 7" Single
ANTELOPE (Self Titled) Dischord/Bug 07-Mar-03 CD
ANTENNA For Now EP Mammoth 28-Jun-93 CD
ANTENNA Hideout Mammoth 01-Mar-93 CD
ANTHRAX Volume 8, The Threat Is Real; Sampler EP Ignition 25-May-98 CD
ANTI Dead In Motion/Bubblz Warp UK 01-Apr-02 12" Single
ANTI FLAG Underground Network Fat Wreck Chords 15-Apr-01 CD
ANTI M Positively Negative Topographic 15-Oct-96 CD
ANTIBALAS Liberation Afrobeat Ninja Tune 21-Apr-01 CD
ANTIBALAS Talkatif Ninja Tune 21-Mar-02 CD
ANTICHRIST SUPERSTAR Studio A New Orleans Interscope 26-Aug-96 CD
ANTIDILUVIAN ROCKING HORSE Music For The Odd Occaision Seeland 05-Apr-97 CD
ANTIETAM Until Now/Rain Homestead 13-Aug-86 7" Single
ANTIETAM Music From Elba Homestead 17-Oct-86 12" LP
ANTIMATTER Antimatter vs. Antimatter Asphodel 13-May-03 CD
ANTS, THE Sparkling Disaster Strategies Sick Room 21-Jul-02 CD
ANUP Embrace Sitar 15-Sep-03 CD
APACHE INDIAN Boom-Shack-A-Lak Mango/Island/PLG 27-Sep-93 CD
APARO, ANGIE The American Arista/BMG 09-Mar-00 CD
APARTMENT 26 Hallucinating Hollywood 20-Mar-00 CD
APE HANGERS Red Hot Rocket A&M 08-Aug-95 CD
APE HANGERS Ultrasounds A&M 14-Sep-95 CD
APE HANGERS You Don't Know What It Takes EP A&M 20-May-96 CD
APES, THE Oddeyesee Frenchkiss 13-May-03 CD
APES, THE The Fuge In The Fog French Kiss 11-Sep-01 CD
APFELBAUM, PETER Luminous Charm Gramavision 24-May-96 CD
APHEX TWIN Come To Daddy Sire/Warner Brothers 03-Oct-97 CD
APHEX TWIN Selected Ambient Works, Volume Two Sire/Reprise 08-Apr-94 CD
APHEX TWIN Words & Music Sire/Warner Brothers 06-May-94 CD
APHRODITE Summer Breeze single V2/BMG 07-Nov-00 12" EP
APOCALYPTICA Inquisition Symphony Mercury 23-Sep-98 CD
APOLLO FOUR FORTY Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Dub 550/Epic/Sony 27-Jul-97 CD
APOLLO FOUR FORTY Electro Glide In Blue 550/Sony 25-Sep-97 CD
APOLLONIA HECK God Only Knows/Today Is A Fine Day To Die Echonet 30-Jan-95 7" Single
APOLLYON SUN Sub Sanctuary 21-Apr-00 CD
APOLLYON SUN Sub sampler Sanctuary 11-Apr-00 CD
APPARATUS (Self Titled) ReConstriction/Cargo 15-Jul-95 CD
APPLE, FIONA Tidal Work/Sony 11-Jul-96 CD
APPLES IN STEREO Tone Soul Evolution Spin Art 21-Sep-97 CD
APPLES IN STEREO, THE Fun Trick Noisemaker SpinArt 28-Apr-95 CD
APPLESEED CAST, THE Two Conversations Tiger Style 14-Jul-03 CD
APPLETON, PETER Songs From The Shed Extreme 08-Sep-93 CD
APPLIANCES SFB Them Ruthless 02-Sep-87 12" LP
APPLIANCES SFB SFB AppliancesSFB 10-Jun-85 12" LP
APRIL MARCH Voo Doo Doll EP KoKoPop 26-Aug-93 CD
APRIL MARCH Voo Doo Doll/Kooky Kokopop 14-Jun-93 7" Single
APRILíS MOTEL ROOM Black 14 Immortal/Epic 06-Aug-94 CD
AQUA VELVETS, THE (Self Titled) Riptide/Heyday 05-Apr-93 CD
AQUA VELVETS, THE Nomad Milan/BMG 07-Sep-96 CD
AQUA VELVETS, THE Surfmania Mesa/BlueMoon 18-Sep-95 CD
AQUABATS, THE The Fury Of.. Time Bomb 17-Oct-97 CD
ARAB STRAP Philophobia Matador 21-May-98 CD
ARAB STRAP The Week Never Starts Around Here Matador 17-Jul-98 CD
ARCANE DEVICE Trout Silent 27-Sep-93 CD
AREA The Perfect Dream C'estLaMort 24-Jun-88 12" LP
ARENA, AMY (Self Titled) Domo 14-Sep-95 CD
ARGYLE PARK Misguided R.E.X.Music 13-Mar-95 CD
ARION The Hidden Realm Delta M 06-Dec-94 CD
ARKARNA Fresh Meat Reprise 15-Aug-97 CD
ARKARNA House On Fire Reprise 17-Jun-97 CD
ARKAY 4 Every Morning/Feelin' Good Tonight AmericanArtists 10-Apr-85 7" Single
ARLING & CAMERON Sound Shopping Basta 21-Apr-01 CD
ARLO Up High In The Night Sub Pop 11-Feb-01 CD
ARMAGENDOON DILDOS Lost Sire/Warner Brothers 09-Feb-95 CD
ARMCHAIR MARTIAN (Self Titled) Headhunter/Cargo 03-Feb-97 CD
ARMCHAIR MARTIAN Barely Passing/I'm Not Ready Headhunter/Cargo 08-Jun-96 7" Single
ARMCHAIR MARTIAN Monsters Always Scream My 21-Sep-98 CD
ARMS AKIMBO This Is Not The Late Show 688 11-Feb-88 12" LP
ARMS OF SOMEONE NEW, THE Every 7th Wave C'estLaMort 15-Mar-89 12" EP
ARMS OF SOMEONE NEW, THE Promise C'estLaMort 21-Dec-88 12" LP
ARMSTRONG, CRAIG The Space Between Us Melankolic 15-Feb-98 CD
ARNIE'S LOVE Date W/The Rain Profile 01-Jan-85 7" Single
ARNOLD, BEN Almost Speechless Ruffhose/Columbia/Sony 13-Oct-95 CD
AROAH Cuando Termines Con Todo, Habra Terminado Contigo Acuareladiscos 01-Jun-01 CD
AROMA Aromatic For The People Fuse 26-Sep-96 CD
ARRAY, THE (Self Titled) Planet One 30-Jul-96 CD
ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT Ease My Mind Chrysalis/ERG 30-Apr-94 CD
ARSENAL Manipiulator Touch &Go 21-Dec-88 12" LP
ART BEARS Winter Songs/The World As It Is Today ReR/Cuneiform 03-May-93 CD
ART GHETTO, THE Broadcast Trocar 21-Mar-02 CD
ART INTERFACE Great Big World Of Noise & Shit Interface 26-Sep-86 12" LP
ART INTERFACE Secrateries From Heaven IF 01-Jan-84 7" Single
ART INTERFACE Wardance/Raygun Assassins IF 12-Dec-84 7" Single
ART IS AN ENEMY (Self Titled) Vicarious/Embargo 22-Aug-94 CD
ART OF NOISE The Ambient Collection Discovery/Warner Brothers 10-Mar-97 CD
ART OF NOISE The Drum & Bass Collection Discovery 05-Feb-97 CD
ART OF NOISE The Fon Remixes Discovery/Warner Brothers 10-Mar-97 CD
ART OF NOISE The Best Of Polygram 01-Jan-88 12" LP
ARTHUR, JOSEPH Big City Secrets Real World/Caroline 06-Mar-97 CD
ARTHUR, JOSEPH Come To Where I'm From Real World/Virgin 09-Mar-00 CD
ARTHUR, JOSEPH Live At The Gypsy Tea Room, 6/19/00 Realworld/Virgin 15-Nov-00 CD
ARTIFICIAL INTELLEGENCE (Self Titled) Dreamworks 21-Sep-02 CD
ARTLESS (Self Titled) Placebo 10-Feb-86 12" EP
AS FRIENDS RUST Win Doghouse 21-Nov-01 CD
ASD (Self Titled) Direct Hit 22-Dec-94 7" EP
A-SET Songs From The Red Room Tree 01-Apr-00 CD
ASH 1977 Reprise 11-Jun-96 CD
ASH Girl From Mars Reprise 10-Oct-96 CD
ASH Goldfinger Reprise 01-Jun-96 CD
ASH Jack Names The Planets Reprise 15-Aug-95 CD
ASH Kung Fu Reprise 09-Nov-95 CD
ASHCROFT, RICHARD Alone With Everybody Virgin 21-Jun-00 CD
ASHKARU Mother Tongue Worldly/Triloka 25-Sep-95 CD
ASHTRAY BOY Candypants Beach Ajax 19-Apr-95 CD
ASHTRAY BOY Macho Champions Ajax 07-May-94 CD
ASKING ALICE (Self Titled) Axis 21-Sep-97 CD
ASS PONYS Earth To Grandma A&M 05-Apr-95 CD
ASS PONYS ElectricRock Music A&M 17-Nov-94 CD
ASS PONYS Little Bastard A&M 25-Oct-94 CD
ASS PONYS The Known Universe A&M 16-Apr-96 CD
ASS PONYS Under Cedars And Stars A&M 02-Apr-96 CD
ASSOCIATES Club Country BeggarsBanquet 01-Jan-82 12" Single
ASSOCIATES Sulk BeggarsBanquet 01-Jan-82 12" LP
ASTEROID NUMBER FOUR (Self Titled) Lounge 25-Sep-96 7" EP
ASTEROID NUMBER FOUR Introducing Lounge 21-Aug-98 CD
ASTRO PUPPEES You Win The Bride Hightone 22-Oct-96 CD
ASTRO ZOMBIES Viva La Vulva Verb/Community 15-Mar-93 CD
ASTROBOY Holidays @ the Beach/Gong Li/Rebel Now Honeyking 25-Sep-95 7" Single
ASTRUD (Self Titled) Sealed Fate 03-Apr-98 CD
AT THE DRIVE IN One Armed Scissor Grand Royal 21-Jun-00 CD
AT THE DRIVE IN Relationship Of Command Grand Royal 15-Jul-00 CD
AT THE DRIVE IN/SUNSHINE (Self Titled) Big Wheel/Recreation 11-Apr-00 CD
ATARI TEENAGE RIOT Atari Teenage Riot Digital Hardcore/Grand Royal 01-Mar-97 CD
ATARI TEENAGE RIOT Burn Berlin Burn Digital Hardcore/Grand Royal 12-Mar-97 CD
ATARI TEENAGE RIOT Not Your Business Grand Royal 17-Jan-97 12" EP
ATHENAEUM Radiance Atlantic 09-Apr-98 CD
ATLAS, NATACHA Ayeshteni Mantra 03-Apr-01 CD
ATLAS, NATACHA Hailm Koch/Beggar's Banquet 25-Apr-98 CD
ATLAS, NATASHA Diaspora Beggars Banquet/MCA 25-Feb-97 CD
ATOM AND HIS PACKAGE Hamburgers File 13 05-Jul-02 CD
ATOM BOMB POCKET KNIFE Alpha Sounds Southern 11-Apr-00 CD
ATOM HEART/TETSU INOUE/BILL LASWELL Second Nature AlternativeTentacles 06-Apr-96 CD
ATOMIC 7 Gowns By Edith Head Mint 07-Jan-03 CD
ATOMIC BOY Sonic Cocktail Victory/A&M 03-Oct-95 CD
ATOMIKS, THE Motordeath Slovenly 01-Jul-03 CD
ATTACHE (Self Titled) ESYNC 10-Jun-88 12" EP
ATTACHE Figures Whispering ESYNC 05-Jun-91 12" EP
ATTITUDE, THE Time Stands Still HerbJackson 22-Jul-86 12" EP
ATTRACTIONS, THE Mad About The Wrong Boy FBeat 01-Jan-80 12" LP
ATVIN German Water Secretly Canadian 03-Jul-98 CD
AUDIENCE, THE I Got The Wherewithal EP Elleffe/Mercury 19-Oct-98 CD
AUDIO ACTIVE & LARAAJI The Way Out Is The Way In EP Gyroscope/Caroline 02-Dec-95 12" EP
AUDIO BULLYS Ego War Astralwerks 27-May-03 CD
AUDIO MAGAZINE Way Out Flat Human 21-Sep-98 CD
AUGUST SONS, THE Plants, Planets and Insects ElRecordo 25-Mar-95 CD
AULT, DAVID The Healing Bidge TheConsciousCo. 08-Dec-94 CD
AUNT BETTYS (Self Titled) East West 19-Jun-96 CD
AUNT BETTYS Skinny Bones Jones East West/EEG 20-Feb-96 CD
AUNTIE CHRIST Life Could Be Your Dream Lookout 21-May-97 CD
AURA ANTHROPICA American Blindfold The Music Cartel 21-Oct-98 CD
AUTECHRE (Self Titled) Warp/Nothing/Interscope 23-Oct-98 CD
AUTEURS, THE After Murder Park Vernon Yard 16-Apr-96 CD
AUTEURS, THE New Wave Caroline 28-May-93 CD
AUTEURS, THE Now I'm A Cowboy Vernon Yard 25-May-94 CD
AUTOMATIC Transmitter Murmur/Epic/Sony 01-May-97 CD
AUTOMATIC What If Murmur/Sony 21-Mar-97 CD
AUTOMATIC What If... Murmur/Sony 15-Jan-97 CD
AUTOMATION Jihad; Points Of Order Subharmonic 21-Feb-95 CD
AUTOMATON Dub Terror Exhaust Strata/Subharmonic 14-Oct-94 CD
AUTOUR DE LUCIE (Self Titled) Nettwerk 10-Oct-96 CD
AUTOUR DE LUCIE Chanson Sans Issue Remixes Nettwerk UK 01-Dec-97 CD
AUTOUR DE LUCIE Immobile Nettwerk UK 17-Jan-98 CD
AUTUMN DEFENSE, THE Circles Arena Rock 15-Oct-03 CD
AUTUMNS, THE The Angel Pool Risk 11-Sep-97 CD
AVATAR Illusory Energy New Edge 03-Jan-88 Cass
AVERY TARE AND PANDA BEAR Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished Animal 15-Feb-01 CD
AXIOM AMBIENT Lost In The Translation Axiom 09-Nov-94 CD
AZAILA SNAIL Staying Inside/The Supposing Song Sub Pop 25-Sep-96 7" Single
AZITA Music For Scatterbrains Atavistic 17-Feb-97 CD
AZONIC Halo Strata 21-Jun-94 CD
AZTEC CAMERA Frestonia Reprise 09-Nov-95 CD
AZTEC CAMERA High Land, High Rain Sire 01-Jan-83 12" LP
AZTER CAMERA Sun Revelation 09-Nov-95 CD
AZUL OmShiva AmericanBhajan 21-Oct-91 Cass
AZUL Rainbowvox AmericanBhajan 21-Oct-91 Cass
AZURE RAY Hold On Love Saddle Creek 03-Oct-03 CD
AZURE RAY November Saddle Creek 17-Jan-02 CD
AZZARA, SARAH Love and Hate Among The Stars Latest 21-Sep-02 CD