D + Dandelion Seeds K 21-Aug-98 CD
D A F Die Kleinen Und Die Bosen Mute 01-Jan-80 12" LP
D C 3 You're Only As Blind SST 02-Mar-87 12" LP
D GENERATION No Lunch; For College Radio Only Columbia/Sony 28-Jun-96 CD
D M BOB & THE DEFICITS Bush Hoggin' Man Crypt 13-Aug-97 CD
D N A Live At CBGB's DiscUnion/Avant 01-Sep-93 CD
D TRIPP The Plaid Album Naked City 07-May-97 CD
D Y'S (Self Titled) ModernMethod 17-Oct-85 12" LP
D.I. State Of Shock DoctorDream 22-Aug-94 CD
D.O.A. The Black Spot Essential/Noise/VirginCanada 23-Oct-95 CD
D.O.A. The Only Thing Green/Folsom Prison Blues AlternativeTentacles 04-Oct-93 CD
D.O.A. Loggerheads AlternativeTentacles 20-Oct-93 CD
D.O.A. Thirteen Flavours Of Doom AlternativeTentacles 30-Jan-93 CD
D.O.A. True (North) Strong & Free Profile 04-Apr-87 12" LP
D.R.I. Crossover Rotten 20-Apr-95 CD
D.R.I. Definition Rotten 20-Apr-95 CD
D.R.I. Full Speed Ahead Rotten 02-Nov-95 CD
D.R.I. Live Rotten 15-Feb-95 CD
D.R.I. Dirty Rotten EP DirtyRotten 01-Jan-83 7" EP
D+ Deception Pass Knw-Yr-Own 01-May-03 CD
D+ Mistake Knw-Yr-Own 13-Nov-02 CD
DA BASSTURD Bangler Four States Fair 23-Oct-01 CD
DA HURRICANE HOLLA MACWELL Laugh At U Karmis 25-Mar-97 12" EP
DA YOOPERS Were Still Rockin You Guys 10-Nov-96 CD
DAAU We Need New Animals Sony Classical 11-May-98 CD
DADA El Subliminoso IRS 28-Mar-96 CD
DADAWA Voices From The Sky Sire 19-Feb-98 CD
DADDY LONGHEAD Supermasonic Honest Abe's Custom 05-Feb-97 CD
DAFT PUNK Discovery Virgin 21-Feb-01 CD
DAFT PUNK Homework Virgin 21-Mar-97 CD
DAFT PUNK Homework Virgin UK 25-Mar-97 12" LP
DAFT PUNK One More Time single Virgin 17-Nov-00 12" Single
DAFT PUNK One More Time single Virgin 15-Dec-00 CD
DAFT PUNK One More Time single Virgin 03-Apr-01 Video
DAISIES, THE Kowloon House IRS 09-Aug-95 CD
DAISY Butterflies/Come On In My Kitchen Ng 01-Dec-96 CD
DAISY SPOT Bring Down The Night/Silly Willy Echonet 30-Jan-95 CD
DAISYCUTTER Truck Fist Rockville/Dutch East 09-Mar-94 CD
DAKODA MOTOR CO. Railroad Atlantic 04-May-96 CD
DAKOTA DAKOTA Shoot In The Dark Arms Reach 11-Aug-03 CD
DAKOTA WILDFLOWERS The Weekend Session EP Silver Spotlight/EMI 15-Jul-96 CD
DAKTARIS, THE Soul Explosion Desco 19-Oct-98 CD
DALE, DICK Calling Up Spirits Beggar's Banquet 13-May-96 CD
DALE, DICK Live, MSN On Air Paradigm/Triage 05-Jun-97 CD
DALE, DICK Unknown Territory Hightone 08-Jul-94 CD
DALEK From Filthy Tongue Of Gods and Griots Ipecac 11-Aug-02 CD
DALEK Negro Necro Nekros Gern Blandsten 25-Sep-98 CD
DALI'S LLAMA Creative Space Dali'sLlama 22-Sep-94 CD
DALI'S LLAMA Pre Post Now Dali'sLlama 14-Feb-94 CD
DAMBUILDERS, THE Against The Stars East West/Elektra 21-Jun-97 CD
DAMBUILDERS, THE Colorado/Mississippi/Michigan HepCat 09-Mar-96 CD
DAMBUILDERS, THE Encendedor East West 12-Apr-94 CD
DAMBUILDERS, THE Jailbreak '94 East West 30-Sep-94 CD
DAMBUILDERS, THE Ruby Red East West 12-Jul-95 CD
DAMBUILDERS, THE Smell/Colin's Heroes Pop Narcotic/East West 08-Mar-94 CD
DAMN PERSONALS, THE Standing Still In The USA BWR 25-Apr-02 CD
DAMNED, THE Not Of This Earth Cleopatra 17-Sep-96 CD
DAMNED, THE Anything MCA 01-Jan-86 CD
DAMNED, THE Mindless, Directionless Energy Fundamental 10-Jun-88 CD
DAMNWELLS, THE pmr + 1 In Music We Trust 07-Mar-03 CD
DAMON & NAOMI More Sad Hits Shimmy Disc 07-Dec-92 CD
DAMON & NAOMI Playback Singers Sub Pop 31-Mar-98 CD
DAMON & NAOMI With Ghost Sub Pop 01-Aug-00 CD
DAMPADING Mano Poderosa/Teenage Pimps Road To Rapture DecoderRing 04-Nov-95 CD
DANCE HALL CRASHERS Honey, I'm Homely MCA 03-Sep-97 CD
DANCE HALL CRASHERS Queen For A Day 510 26-Mar-96 CD
DANCE MASTI Again Sony India 11-Aug-02 CD
DANCE PLANET Spin It 3rd Stone 30-Jan-87 CD
DANCING MACHINE Erase Errata Remix Record Troubleman Unlimited 13-May-03 CD
DANDELION Dyslexicon RuffHouse/Columbia 29-Jul-95 CD
DANDELION Diggin' A Hole/In My Room Relativity 13-Mar-93 7" Single
DANDELION I Think I'm Gonna Be Sick RuffHouse/Relativity 08-May-93 CD
DANDELION FIRE Revolution Infinity Kokopop 13-Nov-95 CD
DANDELION FIRE True Chasm/Jealousy Hold/How Long/Happy Now KoKoPop 13-Jan-94 CD
DANDY WARHOLS Come Down Capitol 05-Jun-97 CD
DANDY WARHOLS, THE Every Day Should Be A Holiday Tim/Kerr 25-Apr-98 CD
DANDY WARHOLS, THE Little Drummer Boy/Head Tim/Kerr 30-Nov-97 7" Single
DANE ELECTRIX The Beat Goes On Cheektowaga 05-Nov-85 12" Single
DANGER GENS Life Between Cigarettes CrunchMelody 23-Feb-95 CD
DANGER GENS The Fireman Single BlueRose/CrunchMelody 13-Mar-95 CD
DANIELS, WALTER Army Of The Lord Undone 09-Jun-95 CD
DANKERT, BILLY   Bowling Shoes Blues Crackpot 26-Oct-93 CD
DANKO Ridin' On The Blinds Rykodisc 27-Jan-97 CD
DANKO JONES (Self Titled) Sonic Unyon 01-May-98 CD
DANNERY, FRANCIS Tall Blonde Helicopter Atlantic 02-Sep-95 CD
DANZIG 5 Black Acid Devil Hollywood 30-Sep-96 CD
DANZIG Four American 30-Sep-94 CD
DANZIG Until You Call On The Dark American/Reprise 10-Sep-94 CD
DAO DEZI World Mix Album MetroBlue 20-Jul-95 CD
DAOU, VANESSA Near The Black Forest MCA 20-Jul-95 CD
DAOU, VANESSA Zipless Lotus 13-Oct-94 CD
D'ARBY, TERENCE TRENT Vibrator Work/Sony 11-May-95 CD
DARK ANGEL  Darkness Descends Combat 20-Nov-86 CD
DARK ARTS A Long Way From Brigadoon Ruthless 07-Apr-87 12" LP
DARK FACADE Losing Faith/Fear DarkFacade 19-Sep-85 7" Single
DARK FANTASTIC, THE Goodbye Crooked Scar Up 15-May-01 CD
DARLAK, JERRY & THE TOUCH Let The Good Times Roll Sunshine 01-Jan-02 CD
DARLING The Night In Bloom Guilt Ridden Pop 11-May-98 CD
DARLING LITTLE JACKHAMMER Earth Vs. Us, We Could Be Anyone EP Abby 14-Sep-96 CD
DARLING PICASSOS Onomatopoeia Tons ofFun 03-Oct-95 CD
DARNELL, DIK In The Presence of Angels EhtereanMusic 15-Aug-95 CD
DART 36 Cents an Hour Che UK 04-Nov-95 CD
DART Bugger/Protection Che UK 03-Oct-95 CD
DART Doggie Che UK 15-Apr-95 CD
DARYLL-ANN EP Hut/Vernon Yard 11-Jul-94 CD
DAS DAMEN Reverse Into Tommorrow SST 30-Mar-88 12" LP
DAS DAMEN Triskaidekaphobes SST 02-May-88 CD
DAS DAMEN (Self Titled) SST 17-Sep-86 CD
DAS DAMEN Jupiter Eye SST 25-Mar-87 12" LP
DAS DAMEN Marshmallow Conspiracy SST 13-Nov-88 CD
DAS DAMEN Mousetrap Twin Tone/A&M 25-Oct-89 12" LP
DAS EFX Freakit EP East West 23-Oct-93 CD
DAS EFX Straight Up Sewaside East West 24-Nov-93 CD
DASH 30 DASH Full Of Wonder/Out Of My Life ID 09-Feb-87 CD
DASH RIP ROCK Paydirt PC Music 31-Jul-98 CD
DASH RIP ROCK (Self Titled) 688 15-Sep-87 CD
DASHBOARD SAVIORS, THE Love Sorrow Hatred Madness MediumCool/Twin Tone 13-Mar-95 CD
DAT NIGGA DAZ & SNOOPAFLY Put The Monkey In It Single Tommy Boy 01-Aug-97 CD
DATACIDE Flowerhead Asphodel 11-Aug-96 CD
DATURA SEEDS Who Do You Want It To Be? ToxicShock 01-Jun-90 12" LP
DAVENPORT, N'DEA (Self Titled) V2/BMG 05-Jul-98 CD
DAVER Two Years Of Singles; The Singles Compilation Modern Relic 01-Dec-96 CD
DAVE'S TRUE STORY Sex Without Bodies Chesky 29-Mar-98 CD
DAVIES, RICHARD Telegraph Flydaddy 21-Mar-98 CD
DAVIS, ALANA Blame It On Me Elektra 19-Sep-97 CD
DAVIS, HONEY Background Life +Death 10-Feb-95 CD
DAVIS, HONEY My Heart Attacked Me Life &Death 26-May-88 CD
DAVIS, JOHN Leave Home Communion 17-May-95 CD
DAVIS, KYLE Raising Heros N2K Encoded 03-Mar-98 CD
DAVIS, MILES We Want Miles CBS 01-Jan-82 12" LP
DAVIS, RICHARD There's Never Been A Crowd Like This Flydaddy 23-Mar-96 CD
DAVIS, STEWART Kid Mystic Triad 05-Sep-97 CD
DAVIS, STEWART Nomen Est Numen Triad 20-Jul-96 CD
DAVIS, THORNETTA Sunday Morning Music Sub Pop 20-Feb-97 CD
DAVIS, THORNETTA/RED RED MEAT Funky Drummer Boy/Santa Baby/There's Always Tommorrow Sub Pop 05-Dec-95 CD
DAWSON, RONNIE Just Rockin' & Rollin' Upstart 08-Jun-96 CD
DAWSON, RONNIE Monkey Beat! CrystalClear 20-Oct-94 CD
DAWSON, RONNIE Rockinitis NoHit/CrystalClearSound 03-Mar-96 CD
DAY IN THE LIFE (Self Titled) Building/TVT 13-Sep-97 CD
DAY OF RECKONING I'm Not A Strong Swimmer Blood 26-Nov-94 CD
DAY OF RECKONING I'm Not A Strong Swimmer Blood 30-Jan-95 CD
DAY ONE Ordinary Man Melankolic/Astralwerks 11-Feb-00 CD
DAYGLO ABORTIONS Feed Us A Fetus ToxicShock 17-Oct-86 CD
DAYS OF THE NEW (Self Titled) Outpost 03-Jun-97 CD
DAZZLING KILLMEN Dig Out The Switch RevolverUSA 26-Mar-93 CD
DB SMASHERS I Got Loaded DBSmashers 01-Jan-83 12" LP
DB'S, THE Like This Bearsville 01-Jan-84 12" LP
DB'S, THE The Sound Of Music IRS 06-Jan-88 CD
DC TALK Jesus Freak Forefront 10-Oct-96 CD
DE BABALON, CHRISTOPH If You're Into It, I'm Out of It DHR 21-Oct-98 CD
DE JARNET, ANN Posessions Dr.Dream 22-Oct-88 CD
DE LA GUARDIA (Self Titled) Island Independent 11-Jun-96 CD
DE LA SOUL Stakes Is High Tommy Boy 28-Jun-96 CD
DE LA SOUL Stakes Is High EP Tommy Boy 20-May-96 CD
DE LA SOUL The Bizness Tommy Boy 06-Apr-96 CD
DE LORENZO, VICTOR Pancake Day Geffen 03-Jul-96 CD
DE RITA SISTERS & JUNIOR, THE Rocketships & Bullets Real George 07-Oct-94 CD
DE RITA SISTERS AND JUNIOR, THE Too Lazy To Steal Real George 22-Apr-96 CD
DEAD AND GONE God Loves Everyone But You Alternative Tentacles 25-Dec-96 CD
DEAD AND GONE The Beautician GSL 25-Apr-02 CD
DEAD BOYS Young Loud & Snotty Sire 01-Jan-77 12" LP
DEAD CAN DANCE American Dreaming 4AD/Warner Brothers 13-Oct-94 CD
DEAD CAN DANCE Into The Labyrinth 4AD 15-Nov-93 CD
DEAD CAN DANCE The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove EP 4AD/Elektra 18-Oct-93 CD
DEAD CAN DANCE Toward The Within 4AD/Warner Brothers 21-Oct-94 CD
DEAD FLY BOY (Self Titled) Sector 2/Futurist 04-Apr-94 CD
DEAD HOT WORKSHOP 1001 Tag/Atlantic 28-May-95 CD
DEAD HOT WORKSHOP River Otis Seed 05-Nov-94 CD
DEAD KENNEDYS Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death Manifesto 15-Sep-01 CD
DEAD KENNEDYS Mutiny On The Bay; Live! From the SF Bay Area Manifesto 21-Aug-01 CD
DEAD KENNEDYS In God We Trust, Inc. AlternativeTentacles 01-Jan-81 12" LP
DEAD LEAVES RISING, THE Waking Up On The Wrong Side Of No One Plow City 23-Oct-01 CD
DEAD LOW TIDE (Self Titled) Tiger Style 15-Oct-03 CD
DEAD MILKMEN, THE Beezelbubba Enigma 27-Mar-89 CD
DEAD MILKMEN, THE Stoney's Extra Stout (Pig) Restless 06-Nov-95 CD
DEAD MILKMEN, THE Bucky Fellini Enigma 02-Sep-87 CD
DEAD OR ALIVE Come Home W/Me Baby Epic 01-Jan-89 12" LP
DEAD OR ALIVE Mad, Bad & Dangerous To Know Epic 01-Jan-86 12" LP
DEAD WORLD The Machine Nuclear Blast/Relapse 15-Oct-93 CD
DEADBOLT Shrunken Head Headhunter/Cargo 27-Jul-93 CD
DEADBOLT Tijiuana Hit Squad Headhunter/Cargo 05-Aug-96 CD
DEADBOLT Tiki Man Headhunter/Cargo 07-Sep-94 CD
DEADBOLT Zulu Death Mask Headhunter/Cargo 23-Jul-98 CD
DEADEYE DICK Whirl Ichiban 02-Sep-95 CD
DEADGUY Work Ethic Engine 06-Mar-95 CD
DEADLINES, THE The Death & Life Of… Tooth & Nail 09-Mar-00 CD
DEADLYNE 2001 FBN 03-Sep-01 CD
DEADSY (Self Titled) Sire/Elektra 03-Mar-97 CD
DEADSY The Elements Sire/Elektra 17-Jan-97 CD
DEAL, KELLY 6000, THE Boom Boom Boom Nice/New West 31-Aug-97 CD
DEAL, KIM & BOB POLLARD Love Hurts Immortal/Sony 07-Nov-94 CD
DEAN, LARRY O. Throw The Lions To The Christians Zenith Beast 11-Jun-97 CD
DEAN, MICHAEL Living Vicariously Through MichaEL Dean Direct Hit 15-Mar-00 CD ROM
DEAR JANES, THE No Skin DGC 05-Feb-97 CD
DEARS, THE Nor The Dahlias Grenadine 21-Feb-02 CD
DEATH Scream Bloody Gore Combat 18-May-87 12" LP
DEATH ANGEL Frolic Through The Park Enigma 27-Mar-89 CD
DEATH BY CHOCOLATE Zap The World Jetset 28-Jun-02 CD
DEATH COMET CREW DCC America Troubleman Unlimited 01-Sep-03 CD
DEATH CUBE K Dreamatorium Strata 21-May-94 CD
DEATH OF SAMANTHA Rosenberg Summer/Heroes Homestead 23-Dec-89 12" LP
DEATH OF SAMANTHA Come All Ye Faithless Homestead 23-Dec-89 12" LP
DEATH OF SAMANTHA Laughing... Face Of A Dead Man Homestead 18-Nov-86 CD
DEATH OF SAMANTHA Where The Women Wear the Glory.. Homestead 21-Dec-88 CD
DEATH STAR (Self Titled) Silver Girl 25-Mar-97 10" EP
DEATHRAY (Self Titled) Capricorn 11-Apr-00 CD
DECHE DANS FACE Merry Dickmass/Jim Cole/I Just Wanna Make Love To You Sub Pop 25-Sep-96 CD
DECIBLES, THE Create Action G.I. USA 21-Apr-98 CD
DECKARD Stereo Dream Scene Reprise 25-May-00 CD
DECKARD The Deckard EP Kinetic/Reprise 01-May-00 CD
DECONSTRUCTION (Self Titled) American 08-Jul-94 CD
DECRY Falling ToxicShock 03-Jul-85 12" LP
DEE DEE KING/RAMONE  Standing In The Spotlight Sire 01-Jan-89 12" LP
DEE JAY PUNK ROC Chicken Eye Epic/Sony 23-Sep-98 CD
DEE JAY PUNK ROC Far Out single Epic/Sony 29-Aug-98 CD
DEEE-LITE Picnic In The Summertime Elektra 17-Jul-94 CD
DEEE-LITE Picnic In The Summertime Elektra 25-Jul-94 CD
DEEE-LITE Dewdrops In The Garden Elektra 06-Aug-94 CD
DEEE-LITE  Bring Me Your Love Elektra 23-May-94 CD
DEEP 6 (Self Titled) Coyote 25-Mar-87 12" LP
DEEP BLUE SOMETHING Home Interscope/Atlantic 28-Jun-95 CD
DEEP FOREST Marta's Song 550/Sony 28-Apr-95 CD
DEEP FOREST 3 Comparsa 550/Epic/Sony 11-Feb-98 CD
DEEP FOREST 3 Madazulu 550/Epic/Sony 01-Dec-97 CD
DEEP LISTENING BAND The Ready Made Boomerang New Albion 16-Jul-92 CD
DEEP ROOT Freeflow/Muffled DecoderRing 03-Apr-95 CD
DEEPER THAN SPACE Earthrise Flask/Silent 13-Nov-93 CD
DEERE JOHNS, THE (Self Titled) Hick 21-Aug-01 CD
DEFACTO Megaton Shotblast GSL 01-Aug-01 CD
DEFINITION FX Something Inside (No Time For Nowhere) EP RCA 14-Jun-93 CD
DEFINITION OF SOUND Experience Fontana/Mercury 15-Apr-96 CD
DEFOREST, CARMAIG  I Shall Be Released GoodFoot 23-Apr-87 12" LP
DEFORMO (Self Titled) Gourmandizer 15-Feb-98 CD
DEFORMO The Queen Bazzar Gourmandizer 23-Sep-97 CD
DEFTONES (Self Titled) Maverick 27-May-03 CD ROM
DEFTONES 7 Words Maverick/Warner Brothers 14-Sep-95 CD
DEFTONES 7 Words Maverick/Warner Brothers 20-Oct-95 CD
DEFTONES 7 Words/Teething Maverick/Warner Brothers 27-Aug-95 CD
DEFTONES Adrenaline Maverick/Warner Brothers 27-Sep-95 CD
DEFTONES Adrenaline Maverick/Warner Brothers 26-Oct-95 CD
DEFTONES Adrenaline Maverick/Warner Brothers 18-Sep-95 CD
DEFTONES Around The Fur Maverick/Warner Brothers 25-Sep-97 CD
DEFTONES Around The Fur Maverick/Warner Brothers 01-Nov-97 CD
DEFTONES Back To School (Mini Magit) single Warner Brothers 26-Sep-00 CD
DEFTONES Be Quiet and Live Far Away (Single) Maverick/Warner Brothers 21-Apr-98 CD
DEFTONES Change In The House Of Flies single Maverick/Warner Brothers 11-May-00 CD
DEFTONES Minerva single Maverick 26-Apr-03 CD
DEFTY, JEFF Vanish Into Blue Willow 28-Jun-93 CD
DEFUNKT Live @ The Knitting Factory,NYC KFWorks 24-Jun-91 CD
DEFUNKT Crisis Enemy 26-May-92 CD
DEKONINCK, JACK Keys Chacra 15-Aug-92 CD
DEL AMITRI Here And Now A&M 06-Feb-95 CD
DEL AMITRI Twisted A&M 23-Feb-95 CD
DEL LORDS, THE Based On A True Story Enigma 17-Mar-88 12" LP
DEL RUBIO TRIPLETS, THE 3 Gals, 3 Guitars BlueYonder 13-Jul-88 CD
DELERIOUS PINK (Self Titled) Glitch 14-Mar-86 CD
DELGADO, GABI  Mistress Virgin 01-Jan-83 12" LP
DELGADOS, THE Domestiques March 20-Feb-97 CD
DELINQUENT HABITS When The Stakes Are High Loud/RCA/BMG 20-Jul-96 CD
DELIRIUM Semantic Spaces Nettwerk 29-Aug-94 CD
DELMONAS, THE  Do The Uncle Willy GetHip 30-Jan-90 12" LP
DELORENZO, VICTOR Pancake Day Almo/DGC 15-Jul-96 CD
DELTA CLUTCH Hard Luck Machine Blackberry 11-Feb-98 CD
DELTA CLUTCH Rye Blackberry 20-May-96 CD
DELTA CLUTCH Rye Blackberry 17-Mar-98 CD
DELTA HAYMAN (Self Titled) Tooth & Nail 21-Mar-97 CD
DELTA HAYMAX (Self Titled) Tooth & Nail 09-Aug-97 CD
DELUGE, THE (Self Titled) Deluge 21-Aug-01 CD
DEM BROOKLYN BUMS BIG BAND There Goes The Neighborhood You Gotta Problem Wit Dis 21-Aug-98 CD
DEMENT, IRIS The Way I Should Warner Brothers 05-Oct-96 CD
DEMONS Riot Salvation Gearhead 21-Jan-01 CD
DEMONS Stockholhm Slump Gearhead 13-Nov-02 CD
DEN FULE Quake North Side 15-Aug-97 CD
DENGON Ferris Wheel/Flatland/She's Been Rocked ESYNC 16-Feb-85 7" Single
DENGON Haughty Faction/Cover Girl ESYNC 10-Jul-85 7" Single
DENIO, AMY Birthing Chair Blues KnittingFactoryWorks 18-Jun-92 CD
DENIS, DANIEL Les Eaux Troubles Cuneiform 17-Sep-93 CD
DENNERLIEN, BARBARA Straight Ahead Mesa/BlueMoon 17-Feb-90 12" LP
DENNY, MARTIN Afro-Desia Liberty/Scamp/Caroline 01-Mar-96 CD
DENNY, MARTIN Exotica, Exotica 2 Scamp/Caroline 15-Jul-96 CD
DENTISTS, THE Box Of Sun/I Can See Your House.. Homestead 28-Dec-92 7" Single
DENTISTS, THE Charms&The Girl/Leave Me Alive IndependentProjects 28-Dec-92 7" Single
DENTISTS, THE Deep 6 East West 22-Apr-95 CD
DENTISTS, THE Powdered Lobster Fiasco Homestead 01-Jul-93 CD
DENTISTS, THE Radio Novocaine East West 30-Mar-94 CD
DENTISTS, THE Behind The Door I Keep The Universe East West 22-Jan-93 CD
DENTISTS, THE Big Bang/Red Shift/Black Holes East West 31-Oct-93 CD
DENTISTS, THE Gas East West 22-Jan-94 CD
DENTISTS, THE Outside Your Inside/All Coming Down BusStop 28-Dec-92 7" Single
DENZENE, JON & THE TORRENT  2 Surface Tension Nimzhead Rush Audio 24-Feb-94 CD
DENZIL Pub Giant/Warner Brothers 22-Apr-94 CD
DENZIL Useless Giant/Reprise 04-Apr-94 CD
DEPARTMENT OF CROOKS Plan 9 From Las Vegas Risk 15-Jun-97 CD
DEPECHE MODE Barrel Of A Gun Reprise 05-Jan-97 CD
DEPECHE MODE Barrel Of A Gun Reprise 01-Feb-97 CD
DEPECHE MODE Home/Useless Mute/Reprise 11-Nov-97 CD
DEPECHE MODE It's No Good Mute/Reprise 15-Mar-97 CD
DEPECHE MODE It's No Good Mute/Reprise 15-Apr-97 CD
DEPECHE MODE Strangelove/FPMIP Sire 01-Jan-87 12" Single
DEPECHE MODE The Singles, 86-98 Bonus CD Mute/Reprise 07-Oct-98 CD
DEPECHE MODE Ultra Reprise 07-Apr-97 CD
DEPECHE MODE Violator Reprise 01-Jan-90
DEPECHE MODE Everything Counts/Nothing Sacred Warner Brothers 30-Mar-89 CD
DEPECHE MODE Music For The Masses Sire 01-Jan-87 12" LP
DEPECHE MODE  Master & Servant Mute 01-Jan-84 12" EP
DEPROGRAMMERS Fear Of Success Cryptovision 29-Apr-85 CD
DERAILERS, THE Reverb Deluxe Watermelon/Sire 09-Jan-98 CD
DERELICTS, THE Going Out Of Style Empty 15-Dec-94 CD
DERITA SISTERS, THE & JUNIOR We Did Not Ask To Be Born Real George 25-Mar-94 CD
DESAPARECIDOS Read Music Speak Spanish Saddle Creek 21-Jan-02 CD
DESCENDENTS All SST 25-Mar-87 12" LP
DESCENDENTS Clean Sheets/Coolidge SST 17-Feb-87 7" Single
DESCENDENTS Enjoy New Alliance 21-Oct-86 CD
DESCENDENTS Liveage SST 18-Dec-87 12" LP
DESOLATION ANGELS Poison Streets/Shangrila Cryptovision 29-Mar-86 CD
DESPAIR Kill Initial 03-Jul-98 CD
DESSAU (Self Titled) Mausoleum/BMG 20-Nov-95 CD
DESSAU Isolation/Crowfest Carlyle 26-Jan-89 12" LP
DESSAU Mad Hog Carlyle 14-Mar-88 12" LP
DESSAU  Happy Mood Faction 11-Nov-86 CD
DESTINATION VENUS So Cold/Oh Lucille TSMB 23-Apr-87 7" Single
DESTROYER Streethawk: A Seduction Misra 21-Apr-01 CD
DETACHMENT KIT, THE They Raging Quiet Army Self Starter Foundation 17-Jan-02 CD
DETONATORS, THE Just Another Reason NationalTrust 12-Feb-88 CD
DETRIMENTAL Xenophobia Cooking Vinyl 22-Apr-96 CD
DEUS In A Bar Under The Sea Island 25-Mar-97 CD
DEUS Suds & Soda Island 22-Sep-94 CD
DEUS Worst Case Scenario Island 19-Oct-94 CD
DEVILHEAD Pest Control Loosegroove/Sony 08-May-96 CD
DEVINE, RICHARD Alemapper Schematic 01-Feb-02 CD
DEVLINS, THE Waiting Universal 05-Sep-97 CD
DEVO Disco Dancer Enigma 26-May-88 CD
DEVO Live Warner Brothers 01-Jan-80 12" LP
DEVO New Traditionalists Warner Brothers 01-Jan-81 12" LP
DEVO Total Devo Enigma 26-May-88 CD
DEVO Workin' In A Coal Mine Warner Brothers 01-Jan-81 12" LP
DEVOTEES, THE Gimmie Gimmie Random 23-Jun-97 CD
DEVOTO, HOWARD Jerky Versions Of The Dream Virgin 01-Jan-83 12" LP
DEXEY'S MIDNIGHT RUNNERS Show Me/Soon Mercury 01-Jan-81 12" LP
DHARMA BUMS Welcome Frontier 18-Jun-92 CD
DHOMONT, FRANCIS Frankenstein Symphony Asphode/Sombient 27-Oct-97 CD
DI FRANCO, ANI Back Back Back single Righteous Babe 25-Feb-00 CD
DI FRANCO, ANI Catalog Sampler Righteous Babe 01-Nov-96 CD
DI FRANCO, ANI Evolve Righteous Babe 07-Mar-03 CD
DI FRANCO, ANI Heartbreak Even single Righteous Babe 15-Mar-01 CD
DI FRANCO, ANI Joyful Girl Righteous Babe 01-Dec-96 CD
DI FRANCO, ANI Little Plastic Castle Righteous Babe 01-Feb-98 CD
DI FRANCO, ANI Living In Clip Righteous Babe 01-Apr-97 CD
DI FRANCO, ANI More Joy, Less Shame EP Righteous Babe 01-Nov-96 CD
DI FRANCO, ANI Out Of range Righteous Babe 06-Oct-94 CD
DI FRANCO, ANI Revelling Reckoning Righteous Babe 15-Mar-01 CD
DI FRANCO, ANI Revelling Reckoning Ten Song Sampler promo Righteous Babe 15-Mar-01 CD
DI FRANCO, ANI So Much Shouting, So Much Laughter Righteous Babe 11-Aug-02 CD
DI FRANCO, ANI Swing Set EP Righteous Babe 01-Jun-00 CD
DI FRANCO, ANI Welcome To EP Righteous Babe 11-Aug-02 CD
DI MICELE, ALICE Demons And Angels Alice Otter 07-Mar-98 CD
DI MICELE, ALICE Naked AliceOtter 06-Oct-94 CD
DIABATE, TOUMANI Djelika Hannibal/Rykodisc 18-Sep-95 CD
DIABOLOGUM Number 3 Lithium 30-Nov-97 CD
DIAL 7 Never Enough Time Warner Brothers 17-Oct-98 CD
DIAMOND (Self Titled) Mijems 15-Oct-87 CD
DIANOGAH Batle Champions Southern 13-Jun-00 CD
DIANOGAH Millions Of Brazilians Southern 21-Mar-02 CD
DIATRIBE (Self Titled) Reconstriction/Cargo 05-Feb-97 CD
DIATRIBE Nothing ReConstriction/Cargo 15-Jan-93 CD
DIATRIBE Ultracide/Junkyard Reconstriction/Cargo 05-Feb-97 CD
DIBANGO, MANU Makossa Man Atlantic 01-Jan-74 12" LP
DIBANGO, MANU  Wakafrika Giant/Warner Brothers 09-Jun-94 CD
DIBELLO, RICK & THE DIBELLTONES James Bond EndangeredSpecies 01-Jan-87 12" LP
DICK House Of Fiction Gray Cuff 11-Oct-98 CD
DICKIES, THE Idjit Savant TripleX 07-Feb-95 CD
DICKIES, THE Killer Clowns Enigma 07-Apr-88 CD
DICKINSON, JIM Free Beer Tomorrow Artemis 15-Oct-02 CD
DICKS 1980-1986 Alternative Tentacles 07-Apr-97 CD
DIDDLEY, BO A Man Amongst Men Atlantic 20-May-96 CD
DIDJITS Hey Judester Touch &Go 30-Mar-88 12" LP
DIE CHEERLEADER Son Of Filth London/Polygram 27-Mar-95 CD
DIE CHEERLEADER Son Of Filth London/PLG 31-Mar-95 CD
DIE KNODEL Die Noodle! Koch 30-Jul-96 CD
DIE KREUZEN Century Days Touch &Go 13-Jul-88 CD
DIE KREUZEN The October File Touch &Go 12-Jun-86 CD
DIE KRUPPS Odyssey Of The Mind Cleopatra 22-Feb-96 CD
DIE MONITR BATSS Youth Controllers Dim Mak 13-May-03 CD
DIE MONSTER DIE Slumber/Pennies Roadrunner 04-Nov-93 CD
DIE MONSTER DIE Withdrawal Method Roadrunner 02-Feb-94 CD
DIE STERNE Stell Die Verbindung Her L'age D'or 19-Oct-98 CD
DIE TOTEN HOSEN Learning English, Lesson One Atlantic 12-Nov-94 CD
DIE TOTEN HOSEN Peace and Money Atlantic 09-Jun-95 CD
DIE WARZAU All Good Girls TVT 23-Jun-95 CD
DIE WARZAU Liberated Wax Trax/TVT 21-Jan-95 CD
DIED PRETTY Free Dirt WhatGoesOn 17-Oct-86 CD
DIED PRETTY Harness Up (Soul's On Fire) Columbia/Sony 29-Jan-94 CD
DIED PRETTY Every Brilliant Eye RCA 01-Jan-91 CD
DIED PRETTY Trace Columbia/Sony 03-Mar-94 CD
DIENG, AIYB Rhythmagick Subharmonic 06-Mar-97 CD
DIESEL BOY Venus Envy Honest Don's 07-Mar-98 CD
DIESEL QUEENS & THE INSAINTS Diesel Queens vs The Insaints MRR 13-Nov-93 CD
DIESELHUM (Self Titled) Magada,Intl. 07-Mar-96 CD
DIFFERENCE ENGINE Breadmaker LaDiDa/Triage 06-Sep-94 CD
DIFFERENCE ENGINE Calidad Bedazzled 11-Oct-97 CD
DIFFERENTS, THE Go Between/Cowboy Killer Shimmy Disc 11-Jul-94 CD
DIFRANCO, ANI/UTAH PHILLIPS The Past Didn't Go Anywhere Righteous Babe 09-Oct-96 CD
DIG Defenders Of The Universe Radioactive 19-Jun-96 CD
DIG Soft Pretzel Radioactive 19-Apr-94 CD
DIG, THE Problem With Mary/Trains Susstones 16-Jan-85 7" Single
DIGGERS, THE Mount Everest Big Deal 13-Feb-98 CD
DIGITAL SEX Essence PostAmbient 30-Mar-86 CD
DILATED PEOPLES The Platform Capitol 01-May-00 CD
DILLINGER FOUR Situationalist Comedy Fat Wreck Chords 13-Jun-02 CD
DILLON FENCE Live At The Cat's Cradle Phrex 22-Dec-00 CD
DILLON FENCE Living Room Scene Mammoth/Atlantic 15-Sep-94 CD
DILLON FENCE Outside In Mammoth 26-Apr-93 CD
DILLON FENCE Rosemary Mammoth 01-Jan-92 CD
DILLON FENCE Any Other Way Mammoth 10-Dec-93 CD
DIME STORE PROPHETS Fantastic Distraction Sara Bellum 01-Aug-97 CD
DIMICELE, ALICE Searching AliceOtter 10-May-93 CD
DIMITRI FROM PARIS Sacrebleu Atlantic 11-Feb-98 CD
DIMMER Crystalator/Dawns Comin' In Sub Pop 25-Nov-95 CD
DIN PEDALS, THE (Self Titled) Epic/Sony 03-Feb-98 CD
DIN PEDALS, THE Ashtray Epic/Sony 09-Jan-98 CD
DINGEES, THE Armageddon Massive Bec 17-Mar-98 CD
DINK (Self Titled) Capitol 05-Nov-94 CD
DINK Blame It On Tito EP Capitol 10-Oct-96 CD
DINK Get On It Capitol 27-Mar-95 CD
DINK Get On It EP Capitol 05-Apr-95 CD
DINK Green Mind Capitol 12-Oct-94 CD
DINK Green Mind/Hole/Dink Song FYNIS/Capitol 19-Sep-94 CD
DINNER IS RUINED, THE (Elevator Music) For Non-Claustrophobic People Sonic Unyon 19-Sep-97 CD
DINO & THE DYNOSAURS Dynosaur Dance Blast 05-May-87 12" LP
DINOSAUR Repulsion/Bulbs Of Passion Homestead 14-Mar-86 CD
DINOSAUR You're Living All Over Me SST 24-Jun-87 12" LP
DINOSAUR JR Without A Sound Warner Brothers 29-Aug-94 CD
DINOSAUR JR. Feel The Pain Sire/Reprise 06-Aug-94 CD
DINOSAUR JR. Grab It Sire/Reprise 20-Apr-95 CD
DINOSAUR JR. Hand It Over Reprise 15-Mar-97 CD
DINOSAUR JR. (Self Titled) SST 29-Nov-87 12" LP
DINOSAUR JR. Freak Scene/Keep The Glove SST 05-Oct-88 7" Single
DINOSAUR JR. Nothin's Goin' On Reprise/Warner Brothers 03-Mar-97 CD
DIPLOMATS OF SOLID SOUND, THE Let's Cool One Estrus 14-Jul-03 CD
DIRT Rugburn/Heavy Petting Worrybird 14-Sep-91 CD
DIRT BIKE ANNIE Show Us Your Demons Dirtnap 14-Jul-03 CD
DIRT HEROES (Self Titled) Propulsion 04-Jun-85 CD
DIRT MERCHANTS (Self Titled) Epic/Sony 01-Mar-96 CD
DIRT MERCHANTS Bullfight/Trip Trip ZeroHour 06-Mar-95 CD
DIRT MERCHANTS Scarified ZeroHour 20-Mar-95 CD
DIRT MERCHANTS Swiss Bank EP V Hold 19-May-97 CD
DIRTY DOZEN, THE Ears To The Wall Mammoth 03-Jul-96 CD
DIRTY FEATHER BOAS You've Got No Reason to Be/Screaming Pope Study Achin' Bone 04-Feb-93 CD
DIRTY KNEES, THE Aural Sensations Umbrella 15-Oct-03 CD
DIRTY OLD MAN RIVER (Self Titled) Radical 05-Apr-97 CD
DIRTY THREE She Has No Strings Apollo Touch And Go 01-Feb-03 CD
DIRTY'S THE You Should Be Sinnin' Crypt 05-Nov-97 CD
DIS Small Fry Sessions 1 & 2 12Inch/Kalliste!/Cargo 05-Nov-93 CD
DISAPPEAR FEAR Seed In The Sahara Philo/Rounder 03-Jul-96 CD
DISBAND/KUDZU WISH At The Scene Of The Accident Ernest Jenning 11-Aug-02 CD
DISCIPLES OF AGRICULTURE In My Town/See Through You Paint Chip 06-Aug-94 CD
DISCO INFERNO In Debt CarrotTop 06-Mar-95 CD
DISCONTENT, THE Society Did It Sha-La 01-Aug-96 CD
DISEMBOWELMENT Transcendence Into The Peripheral Relapse 24-Aug-93 CD
DISH Boneyard Beach Interscope/Atlantic 08-Jun-95 CD
DISHARMONIC ORCHESRTA Expositionsprophylaxe Nuclear Blast/Relapse 14-Sep-93 CD
DISHWALLA It's Going To Take Some Time A&M 19-Oct-94 CD
DISMEMBER Indecent & Obscene Nuclear Blast/Relapse 24-Aug-93 CD
DISMEMBERMENT PLAN, THE A People's History Of Desoto 03-Oct-03 CD
DISMEMBERMENT PLAN, THE Change Desoto 15-Sep-01 CD
DISMEMBERMENT PLAN, THE The Ice Of Boston EP Interscope 03-Oct-98 CD
DISQUE NINE Des Incurables Slow River/Rykodisc 09-May-97 CD
DISSAPEAR FEAR Echo My Call Refined 02-Nov-88 CD
DISSECTION Storm Of the Lights Bane Nuclear Blast/Relapse 23-Jan-96 CD
DISTANT THUNDER Shelter Last 19-Mar-86 CD
DISTILLERS, THE Coral Fang Warner Brothers 15-Oct-03 CD
DISTILLERS, THE Drain The Blood single Reprise 03-Oct-03 CD
DISTORTED PONY Instant Winner Trance/Touch &Go 21-May-94 CD
DISTRACTION BOYS Live On Avenue B Cryptovision 29-Mar-86 CD
DISTURBED Summer Of The Sickness Giant/Warner Brothers 01-Jun-00 CD
DISTURBED The Sickness Giant/Reprise 09-Mar-00 CD
DISWALLA Haze A&M 22-Jul-95 CD
DITCH CROAKER Secrets Of The Mule Reprise 22-Sep-96 CD
DITCH CROAKER Shortwaves Fine Corinthian 30-Jul-96 CD
DITCH WITCH Starvation Box Grass 24-Sep-96 CD
DITCH WITCH Everywhere Nowhere Grass/DutchEast 12-Apr-94 CD
DITCHWEED Energy/Tennessee Rider Mono Cat 7 07-Sep-93 CD
DITCHWEED Tennessee Rider/Energy Mono Cat 7 15-Jul-94 CD
DITTO In Human Terms Ditto 11-Feb-88 CD
DITTO Texas Electric Ditto 30-Jan-90 12" LP
DIVERSE Certified/Build Chocolate Industries 11-Sep-02 CD
DIVINATION Distill Sub Meta/Caroline 08-Jun-96 CD
DIVINE Born To Be Cheap/The Name Game Wax Trax 11-Dec-85 7" Single
DIVINE CHAOS (Self Titled) HBT 25-Mar-00 CD
DIVINE COMEDY, THE Casonova Setana/Red Ink 17-Oct-97 CD
DIVINE HORSEMEN Middle Of The Night SST 13-May-87 12" LP
DIVINE HORSEMEN Devil's River SST 01-Dec-86 CD
DIVINE HORSEMEN Handful Of Sand SST 30-Apr-88 CD
DIVINE HORSEMEN Snakehandler SST 15-Oct-87 CD
DIVISION OF LAURA LEE 97-99 Lovitt 15-Jun-03 CD
DIXIE WASTE/CLOVER Skedattle/Sulking Days Justice 25-Mar-95 CD
DIXON, DON Most Of The Girls Like To Dance... Enigma 15-Oct-86 CD
DJ ACUCRACK Mutants Of Sound Slip Disc/Mercury 17-Mar-98 CD
DJ ASSAULT Jefferson Ave. Intuit-Solar 10-Aug-01 CD
DJ CAM The Beat Assainated Inflamable/Sony 09-May-98 CD
DJ CRUSH Milight Mowax/Ffrr/Polygram 11-Nov-97 CD
DJ DB Presents The Higher Education Drums & Bass Session Warner Brothers 01-Jun-00 CD
DJ FOOD Kaleidoscope Ninja Tune 24-Apr-00 CD
DJ ICEY The Funky Breaks Ffrr/Polygram 03-Aug-97 CD
DJ SHADOW Endtroducing Mo Wax/Ffrr/London 21-Nov-96 CD
DJ SHADOW High Noon Mowax/Ffrr/Polygram 01-Nov-97 CD
DJ SHADOW Preemptive Strike Mowax/Ffrr/Polygram 09-Jan-98 CD
DJ SPOOKY Riddim Warfare Outpost/Universal 23-Sep-98 CD
DJ SPOOKY Songs Of A Dead Dreamer Asphodel/Triage 29-Apr-96 CD
DJ SPOOKY Synthetic Fury EP Asphodel 25-Jan-98 CD
DJ SUPREME Tha Wildstyle Distinctive/Avex UK 09-May-97 CD
DOC HOPPER Aloha Ringing Ear 22-Jan-94 CD
DOC LEW CHILDRE Heart Zones Laurie 01-Jul-92 CD
DOC TAHRI Einstein Was A Bullfighter Cash Only 13-May-96 CD
DOC VENTURA Toyland AuroraPacific 07-Dec-93 CD
DOCTOR NERVE Skin Cuneiform 11-May-95 CD
DOCTOR OCTAGON Instrumentalyst Dreamworks 11-May-97 CD
DOCTOR OCTOGON Blue Flowers Dreamworks/DGC 01-Apr-97 CD
DOE, JOHN, THING, THE For The Rest Of Us Kill Rock Stars 27-Jan-98 CD
DOE, JOHN, THING, THE Kissing So Hard Forward/Rhino 27-Sep-95 CD
DOG AND PONY SHOW Ashtrays and After Life Money Epiphany 20-Jul-95 CD
DOG AND PONY SHOW Ashtrays and After Life Money Epiphany 08-Aug-95 CD
DOG EAT DOG Play Games Roadrunner 19-Jun-96 CD
DOG EAT DOG Remixes and B-Sides Roadrunner 27-Aug-95 CD
DOG EAT DOG Warrant Roadrunner 23-Jul-93 CD
DOG EAT DOG All Boro Kings Roadrunner 17-Jul-94 CD
DOG FACED HERMANS Bump And Swing AlternativeTentacles 06-Mar-95 CD
DOG FACED HERMANS Those Deep Buds AlternativeTentacles 18-Oct-94 CD
DOG SOCIETY Test Your Own Eyes East West 16-Jul-93 CD
DOGBOWL Live From WFMU Lithium 30-Nov-97 CD
DOGBOWL Project Success! Shimmy Disc 14-Jun-93 CD
DOGBOWL Cyclops Nuclear Sub Captain Shimmy Disc 29-Mar-91 CD
DOGBOWL Tit...An Opera Shimmy Disc 01-Sep-89 CD
DOGBOWL AND KRAMMER Hot Day In Waco Shimmy Disc 14-Feb-95 CD
DOGMATICS Everybody Does It Homestead 27-May-86 CD
DOG'S EYE VIEW Happy Nowhere Columbia 13-Oct-95 CD
DOG'S EYE VIEW Happy Nowhere Sampler Columbia/Sony 25-Sep-95 CD
DOGSTAR Quattro Formaggi Zoo/BMG 15-Jul-96 CD
DOGWOOD Building A Better Me Tooth & Nail 17-Nov-00 CD
DOKTOR KOSMOS Cocktail Minty Fresh/DGC 31-Aug-97 CD
DOLE The Speed Of Hope Nettwerk 16-Jul-87 CD
DOLLFACE Corvette Summer Crackpot 28-Feb-94 CD
DOLLS HEAD Frozen  Charlotte Refuge/MCA 29-Mar-98 CD
DOLLS HEAD No Karma No Candy Refuge/MCA 07-Mar-98 CD
DOMESTIC PROBLEMS Patiently Triple Rock 01-Jun-01 CD
DOMINO, ANNA This Time Giant/DutchEast 01-Jan-88 12" LP
DOMINO, ANNA  (Self Titled) Factory 26-Sep-86 CD
DOMONIQUE A La Memorie Nueve Lithium 11-Apr-98 CD
DON KING One Two Punch (Knockout) Atavistic 15-Oct-97 CD
DON TIKI The Forbidden Taboo 19-Oct-98 CD
DONNA THE BUFFALO Rockin' The Weary Land Sugar Hill 29-May-98 CD
DONNELLY, TANYA Lovesongs For Underdogs Reprise 31-Aug-97 CD
DONNELLY, TANYA Pretty Deep EP 4AD UK 01-Aug-97 CD
DONNELLY, TANYA Pretty Deep Single Reprise 03-Aug-97 CD
DONNELLY, TANYA Sliding And Diving EP 4AD UK 10-Nov-96 CD
DONNER PARTY (Self Titled) Cryptovision 27-May-87 12" LP
DONOVAN Sutras American 11-Oct-96 CD
DONOVAN The Best Of Hickory 01-Jan-68 12" LP
DON'T NO Incite The Riot NationalTrust 12-Feb-87 12" LP
DOORS, THE (Self Titled) Elektra 01-Jan-67 12" LP
DOPE Everything Sucks single Epic/Sony 25-Feb-00 CD
DOPEY LOPES Welcome To The Mental Stadium Potter's Field 30-Jun-98 CD
DORFF, ANDREW Hint Of Mess Work/Sony 05-Aug-97 CD
DORIS Carpet Bomb Solutions Crank 31-Aug-97 CD
DORMAN, GABRIEL Give That Dog Some Peace Palmetto 14-Jan-95 CD
DORMAN, GABRIEL Kissing Sisters Palmetto 05-Sep-97 CD
DOROTHY The Garden...The Smile Rave 15-Feb-95 CD
DOSE The Planet Purgatory Field Companion Earthling/Triage 11-Jul-94 CD
DOSH (Self Titled) ABR 15-Sep-03 CD
DOUBLE D NOSE Midtown/Doggin' It Mogold 18-Feb-94 CD
DOUCET, MICHAEL & CAJUN BREW (Self Titled) Rounder 13-Apr-88 CD
DOUG E FRESH I-Ight (Alright) GeeStreet/4th &B'Way 20-Nov-93 CD
DOUGAN, ROB Furious Angels Reprise 27-May-03 CD ROM
DOUGLAS LEADER God Bless Virgins International Cork 07-Feb-03 CD
DOVES Lost Souls Astralwerks 07-Nov-00 CD
DOVETAIL JOINT Level EP Aware/Sony 27-Sep-98 CD
DOWN Lifer East West 15-Aug-95 CD
DOWN & AWAY Change-Order Spartadisk 17-Nov-92 CD
DOWN BY LAW All Scratched Up Epitaph 23-Mar-96 CD
DOWN RIVER Rememory Out Of Round 05-Sep-02 CD
DOWNIE, GORDON Coke Machine Glow Zoe/Rounder 10-Aug-01 CD
DOWNSET Do We Speak A Dead Language? Mercury 17-Sep-96 CD
DOWNWAY Defeat Songs Sessions 23-Oct-01 CD
DOWNY MILDEW Mincing Steps TexasHotel 13-Apr-88 CD
DOXIE (Self Titled) Grass/DutchEast 13-Oct-94 CD
DQE Jump On In TheMakingOfAmericans 03-Oct-95 CD
DR. DIDG Devon EP Hannibal/Rykodisc 25-Mar-95 CD
DR. DIDG Serotonality Hannibal/Rykodisc 19-Feb-98 CD
DR. ISRAEL Inna City Pressure Mutant 23-Oct-98 CD
DR. JOHN Anutha Zone Virgin 07-Aug-98 CD
DR. MICHAEL PEMULUS The Expert Says Placebo 01-Jun-87 12" LP
DR. MICHAEL PEMULUS Priorities Placebo 13-Nov-88 CD
DR. RING DING & THE SENIOR ALL-STARS Ram Di Dance Moon Ska 29-Mar-98 CD
DRAGMULES 2A Atlantic 23-Aug-95 CD
DRAGMULES When I Come Atlantic 29-Jul-95 CD
DRAGS, THE Dragsploitation, Now! Estrus 13-Oct-95 CD
DRAKE, NICK Pink Moon Hannibal/Rykodisc 15-Sep-00 CD
DRAKE, NICK Pink Moon single Volkswagon/Hannibal/Rykodisc 05-May-00 CD
DRAPES, THE The Silent War One Foot 21-Jun-97 CD
DRASNIN, ROBERT Voodoo! Dionysus 01-Mar-96 CD
DRAZY HOOPS Straight To Black Shimmy Disc 23-Jul-98 CD
DREAD ZONE 360 Degrees Creation/TriStar 03-Oct-94 CD
DREAM DIESEL Henri Matisse/Tangerine Ambient 06-May-88 CD
DREAM SYNDICATE 50 In A 25 Zone BigTime 12-Feb-87 12" Single
DREAM SYNDICATE Slide Away BigTime 27-May-86 CD
DREAM SYNDICATE Out Of The Grey BigTime 11-Jun-86 CD
DREAM WARRIORS Subliminal Simulation Pendulum/ERG 03-Jun-95 CD
DREAMS DIE HARD Don't Run My Life Ode To Ollie North D.DieHard 31-Jan-89 CD
DREAMS SO REAL Everywhere Girl/Whirl Twin Tone 31-Jul-85 7" Single
DREAMS SO REAL Father's House Twin Tone 02-Dec-86 CD
DREDD FOOL & THE DIN Eat My Dust Cleanse My Soul Homestead 01-Jan-85 12" LP
DRESCHER, PAUL Casa Vecchia Starkland 10-Feb-96 CD
DRIFT, THE She Lets Go/Drive/A View From Here SilverGirl 30-May-95 CD
DRIFTWOOD (Self Titled) Driftwood 31-Jul-98 CD
DRILL (Self Titled) DV8/A&M 13-Mar-96 CD
DRILL Go To Hell DV8/A&M 05-Feb-96 CD
DRILL Innuendo dv8/A&M 01-Aug-96 CD
DRILL What You Are DV8/A&M 20-Oct-95 CD
DRILL TEAM (Self Titled) Reprise 05-Oct-96 CD
DRILL TEAM Hold You Down Reprise/Warner Brothers 13-Feb-98 CD
DRILL TEAM Hope And Dream Explosion Reprise 17-Mar-98 CD
DRINK ME Cherry Pie/I Feel Good BarNone/TCI 27-Aug-93 CD
DRINK ME (Self Titled) BarNone 30-Sep-92 CD
DRIP TANK Sprawl Headhunter/Cargo 27-Sep-94 CD
DRISCOLL, DENNIS Mysterium Mysterium; An Album of Songs by Dennis Driscoll Yo Yo 15-Jun-03 CD ROM
DRIVE CHOIR Close Your Eyes/La La La Maggot 02-Jun-93 7" Single
DRIVE CHOIR Eleven Or Seven ESYNC 16-Nov-94 CD
DRIVE CHOIR King Of The World/The Box Maggot/ESYNC 07-Dec-93 CD
DRIVE LIKE JEHU Yank Crime Swami 07-Jan-03 CD
DRIVER EIGHT Watermelon Tooth & Nail 04-May-96 CD
DRIVEWAY Prize Package Legion 21-Oct-98 CD
DRIVIN' AND CRYIN' Wrapped In Sky DGC 24-Aug-95 CD
DRIVING & CRYING Scarred But Smarter 688 20-Feb-87 12" LP
DRIZZLE Salem/White Rabbit KoKoPop 13-Dec-93 CD
DROGE, PETE Spacy & Shakin Epic/Sony 01-Apr-98 CD
DROGE, PETE Spacy & Shakin' Epic/Sony 07-Mar-98 CD
DROGE, PETE & THE SINNERS Find A Door American 28-Jun-96 CD
DROGE, PETER Necktie Second American 21-May-94 CD
DRONGOS, THE Small Miracles Proteus 11-Mar-85 12" LP
DROOGS, THE Want Something Skyclad 10-Aug-90 12" LP
DROOGS, THE Kingdom Day Passport 22-Sep-87 12" LP
DROOGS, THE Stone Cold World Passport 21-Dec-88 12" LP
DROOGS, THE Webster Beach/Collectors Item Plug &Socket 05-May-86 7" Single
DROP FRAME The Rule Of The Capture Monotremata 21-Jun-01 CD ROM
DROP NINETEENS National Coma Caroline 16-Nov-93 CD
DROP NINETEENS Limp Hut/Caroline 02-Oct-93 CD
DROPOUTS, THE The Primitive R + B Sound of The Dropouts Unclean 08-Aug-95 CD
DROVERS, THE Little High Sky Show ThermometerSoundSurface/tantrum 29-Jan-96 CD
DROWN Pieces Of Man East West 22-Sep-94 CD
DROWN Transparent Elektra 27-Sep-94 CD
DROWN Hold On To The Hollow Elektra 23-May-94 CD
DROWN What It Is To Burn Elektra 25-Apr-94 CD
DROWN  What It Is To Burn/Transparent/Everything Elektra 23-Mar-94 CD
DROWNING POOL Satori Fundamental 17-Feb-88 CD
DRUGSTORE (Self Titled) Honey/Go!Discs/London 02-May-95 CD
DRUGSTORE Songs For The Jet Set & Collection Number One The First Time 11-Jun-03 CD
DRUGSTORE Starcrossed Go!Discs/Triage 04-Nov-94 CD
DRUMS & TUBA Vinyl Killer Righteous Babe 21-Jan-01 CD
DRUNK To Corner Wounds Jag Jauguar 21-Mar-98 CD
DRUNKEN BOAT (Self Titled) FirstWarning 01-Jan-92 CD
DRUNKEN BOAT See Ruby Falls FirstWarning 22-Jan-93 CD
DRYER Letterbox EP Paint Chip 06-Aug-94 CD
DRYVE Thrifty Mr. Kickstar Sarabellum 13-Oct-97 CD
DRYWALL Work The Dumb Oracle IRS 15-Apr-95 CD
DUARTE, CHRIS GROUP Texas Sugar/Strat Magik 03-Oct-94 CD
DUB SYNDICATE Echomania On-U/Restless 22-Jul-94 CD
DUBCHEK Down Memory Gap Lane Unitone World/Rounder 15-Apr-01 CD
DUBSTAR Goodbye Polydor 19-Sep-97 CD
DUBSTAR Stars EP Polydor 07-Jul-97 7" EP
DUBSTAR Stars Single Polygram/A&M 01-Aug-97 CD
DUCKY BOYS, THE Dark ays GMM 15-Sep-98 CD
DUH The Unholy Handjob AlternativeTentacles 20-Jul-95 CD
DUKES OF HILLSBOROUGH, THE Undefeated At Russian Roulette Attention Deficit Disorder 03-May-02 CD
DULL, THE She's A Nuclear Bomb/Reach Out & Grab ToxicShock 17-Oct-86 CD
DUM DUMS It Goes Without Saying MCA 17-Nov-00 CD
DUMAZZ Mother Rythym Narada 05-Oct-98 CD
DUMP International Airport SmellsLike 05-Jun-95 CD
DUMPTRUCK Days Of Fear Unclean 07-Mar-95 CD
DUMPTRUCK For The Country BigTime 31-Aug-87 12" LP
DUMPTRUCK Parasite/Money Warped 28-Jan-93 7" Single
DUMPTRUCK D Is For Dumptruck BigTime 01-Jan-85 12" LP
DUMPTRUCK Positively Dumptruck BigTime 27-Mar-86 CD
DUNLAP, SLIM Times Like This Restless 07-Oct-96 CD
DUNN, DAVID Music Language And Environment, Soundworks '73- 85 Innova 13-Jun-97 CD
DUNNERY, FRANCIS Let's Go Do What Happens Razor & Tie/BMG 13-Apr-98 CD
DUO TANG The Cons & The Pros Mint 31-Jul-98 CD
DUOTANG Smash The Ships & Raise The Beams Mint 17-Sep-96 CD
DUOTANG The Bright Side Mint 25-Jun-01 CD
DUOTANG The Message/Review/Farewell Mint 05-Aug-96 CD
DURAN DURAN Medazzaland Capitol 03-Oct-97 CD
DURAN DURAN Thank You Capitol 25-Mar-95 CD
DURAN DURAN White Lines Capitol 27-Jan-95 CD
DURAN DURAN Rio Harvest 01-Jan-82 12" LP
DURUTTI COLUMN The City Of Our Lady Factory 18-Aug-87 12" LP
DURY, IAN Do It Yourself Stiff 01-Jan-79 12" LP
DURY, IAN Jukebox Dury Stiff 01-Jan-81 12" LP
DUSTDEVILS Extant Matador 27-Jul-96 CD
DUSTDEVILS Gutterlight Fundamental 16-May-88 CD
DUSTDEVILS Rhenyard's Grin Fundamental 10-Nov-87 CD
DUSTDEVILS Struggling Electric & Chemical Matador 01-Dec-90 CD
DUSTER Stratosphere Up 23-Feb-98 CD
DUVALL Standing At The Door Double Zero 13-Jul-02 CD
DWELLERS, THE Rocket Ride ERG 12-Apr-95 CD
DWELLERS, THE Whatever Makes You Happy ERG/Capitol 05-Jun-95 CD
DWINDLE Present General Conditions GuiltRiddenPop 07-Mar-96 CD
DWINDLE Recently OK Guilt Ridden Pop 15-Mar-97 CD
DWORSKY, SALLY Habit Trail Merm 24-Aug-96 CD
DYLAN GROUP, THE Him Bubblecore 25-Apr-97 CD
DYLAN GROUP, THE Re-Interpreted Bubblecore 03-May-98 CD
DYLAN GROUP, THE Ur-klang Search Bubblecore 20-Mar-00 CD
DYLAN, BOB Another Side Of.. CBS 01-Jan-63 12" LP
DYLAN, BOB Bring It All Back Home CBS 01-Jan-65 12" LP
DYLAN, BOB Highway 61 Revisited CBS 01-Jan-65 12" LP
DYLAN, BOB The Freewheelin'.. CBS 01-Jan-63 12" LP
DYLANS, THE Spirit Finger Atlantic 17-Apr-94 CD
DYNAMITE BOY Finders Keepers Fearless 25-Feb-00 CD
DYNAMITE BOY Somewhere In America Fearless 15-Apr-01 CD
DYNAMITE HACK Boyz In The Hood single Woppitizer/Universal 01-Apr-00 CD
DYNAMITE HACK Superfast Universal 11-May-00 CD
DYNAMO HUM Long Story Short Oniram 22-Oct-96 CD