E Broken Toy Shop Polygram 04-Mar-94 CD
E Shine It All On Polydor/PLG 31-Jan-94 CD
E I E I O That Love Thang Frontier 28-Jan-88 CD
E I E I O The Land Of Opportunity Frontier 06-May-86 CD
E TRANCE (Self Titled) Shimmy Disc 13-Nov-95 CD
E U Livin' Large Virgin 23-Mar-89 CD
E X E Stricken By Night Shatter 01-Jun-87 12" LP
E. COLI To Drool Triple X 06-May-96 CD
EAGLESMITH, FRED Lipstick., Lies & Gasoline Razor & Tie 17-Oct-97 CD
EAR FOOD Tasty Treats Omni Groove 25-Oct-98 CD
EARLE, STEVE I Feel Alright Warner Brothers 03-Mar-96 CD
EARLIMART Everyone Down Here Palm Pictures 23-Mar-03 CD
EARLIMART The Avenues EP Palm Pictures 07-Jan-03 CD
EARTH Pentastar: In The Style Of Demons Sub Pop 20-Jul-96 CD
EARTH EIGHTEEN (Self Titled) Medicine/Warner Brothers 16-Mar-95 CD
EARTH EIGHTEEN (Self Titled) Futurist 18-Jun-94 CD
EARTH EIGHTEEN Butterfly TheMedicineLable 20-Jul-95 CD
EARTH EIGHTEEN EP Medicine/Warner Brothers 31-Jan-95 CD
EARTHMEN, THE  “The Fall & Rise Of My Favorite Sixties Girl” Seed 29-Jul-94 CD
EARTHMEN, THE  Teen Sensations Seed 28-Oct-93 CD
EARWIG Under My Skin I Am Laughing LaDiDa/Triage 13-Dec-94 CD
EAST OF EDEN (Self Titled) Squidhead 23-Jul-98 CD
EAST RIVER PIPE Mel Merge 20-Aug-96 CD
EAST RIVER PIPE Shining Hours In A Can Ajax 23-Sep-94 CD
EASTER Manhattan Boy Chameleon 07-Jul-88 CD
EASTER (Self Titled) Chameleon 19-Oct-87 CD
EASTERN BLOC (Self Titled) Passport 09-Oct-87 CD
EASTERN DARK, THE Long Live The New Flesh WhatGoesOn 09-Mar-87 12" LP
EASTERN STANDARD TIME Second Hand Beatville 11-May-98 CD
EASTERN YOUTH What Can You See From Your Place Five One 15-Sep-03 CD
EASY STAR ALL-STARS Dub Side of the Moon Easy Star 01-Feb-03 CD
EAT STATIC Science Of The Gods Planet Dog/Mammoth 13-Oct-97 CD
EATMAN, HEATHER Mascara Falls Oh Boy 14-Sep-95 CD
EAVES, THE (Self Titled) Ace Fu 27-May-03 CD
EBELING HUGHES Transfigured Night Zero Hour 17-Aug-98 CD ROM
EBN Telecommunications Breakdown TVT 08-Aug-95 CD
EBN OZN Feeling Cavalier Elektra 01-Jan-84 12" LP
EC NUDES, THE Vanishing Point ReR/Cuneiform 01-Oct-94 CD
EC8OR All Of Us Can Be Rich Digital Hardcore/Grand Royal 01-Aug-97 CD
EC8OR The One And Only High And Low DHR 01-Nov-00 CD
EC8OR World Beaters Digital Hardcore 17-Aug-98 CD
ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN Live In Liverpool Spin Art 21-Feb-02 CD
ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN Porcupine Sire 01-Jan-83 12" LP
ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN Evergreen London/Polygram 21-Jun-97 CD
ECHO STATIC Empty Places Crustacean 19-Sep-03 CD
ECHOBELLY Everybody's Got One Fauve UK 28-Sep-94 CD
ECHOBELLY Great Things EP Fauve/Epic/Sony 01-Mar-96 CD
ECHOBELLY I Can't Imagine The World Without Me Fauve UK 03-Dec-94 CD
ECHOBELLY Insomniac RythmKing/Sony 02-Feb-95 CD
ECHOBELLY On Fauve/RythymKing 25-Sep-95 CD
ECHOLYN As The World 550/Epic/Sony 09-Mar-95 CD
ECKERT, RINDE Do The Day Over CityOfTribes 22-Apr-95 CD
ECLECTIC NOBODY'S (Self Titled) Sundried 21-Jun-01 CD
ECOTEUR Decorated Life Chameleon 15-Mar-89 CD
ECSTACY OF SAINT THERESA Fluid Trance Centauri Free UK 20-Aug-93 CD
ECSTASY OF SAINT THERESA Astralavista EP Free UK/Triage 04-Nov-94 CD
ED CHANG/BLINDFOLD Picture Show JiffyBoy 28-Apr-95 CD
ED GEIN'S CAR Making Dick Dance EdGein'sCar 13-Dec-85 12" LP
EDEN Healingbow Projekt 18-Oct-93 CD
EDEN'S REBELS (Self Titled) ESYNC 26-Aug-85 12" LP
EDISON Picture Postcard Reprise 30-Mar-97 CD
EDMUNDS, DAVE D E7th CBS 01-Jan-82 12" LP
EDMUNDS, DAVE Repeat When Necessary Atlantic 01-Jan-79 12" LP
EDNASWAP (Self Titled) East West/Atlantic 01-Apr-95 CD
EDNASWAP (Self Titled) East West 22-Apr-95 CD
EDO Wrinkles Skoda 28-May-95 CD
EDRIA Timorus Itstirs Edria 03-Oct-03 CD
EDSEL Detroit Folly Grass/DutchEast 13-Dec-94 CD
EDSEL Extended Play Radiopaque/Dischord 25-Apr-97 CD
EDSEL No. 5 Recitative JadeTree 02-Sep-95 CD
EDSEL Techniques of Speed Hypnosis Relativity 14-Sep-95 CD
EDSEL Techniques of Speed Hypnosis Relativity 06-Nov-95 CD
EDSEL The Everlasting Belt Company Grass/DutchEast 15-Dec-93 CD
EDSEL AUCTIONEER, THE Simmer Shimmy Disc 26-Aug-93 CD
EDSEL AUCTIONEER, THE The Good Time Music Of The Edsel Auctioneer Alias 28-May-95 CD
EDSEL AUCTIONEER, THE The Good Time Music ofThe Edsel Auctioneer Alias 17-Mar-95 CD
EELS Beautiful Freak Dreamworks/Geffen 05-Aug-96 CD
EELS Daisies Of The Galaxy Dreamworks/Universal 09-Mar-00 CD
EELS Novocaine For The Soul Dreamworks 20-Jul-96 CD
EELS Shootenanny! Dreamworks 01-May-03 CD
EGELAND, ANON Anon North Side 25-Aug-99 CD
EGGPLANT Because Some Things Are/Playing God/Don't Shout Pop Narcotic 11-Nov-95 CD
EGGS Exploder TeenBeat 08-Feb-94 CD
EGGSTONE Somersault Critique/BMG 21-Oct-94 CD
EGLIN, TOMMY 2 Hearts/Your Money ClaimingRace 15-Feb-85 7" Single
EGOMANIACS  (Self Titled) Shimmy Disc 13-Dec-93 CD
EIDER, MAX The Best Kisser In The World BigTime 10-Nov-87 CD
EIGHT O EIGHT STATE 88-'98, Ten Years of 808 State Ztt/Universal 30-Jun-98 CD
EIGHT STOREY WINDOW (Self Titled) Ultimate/Atlas 14-Sep-95 CD
EIGHTEEN DYE Crayon Matador 15-Dec-94 CD
EIGHTEEN DYE Done Matador 15-Dec-94 CD
EIGHTEENTH DYE Tribute To A Bus Che UK/Matador 02-May-95 CD
EIGHTH ROUTE ARMY Nihilist Olympics One Dimensional 05-Apr-86 CD
EIGHTH ROUTE ARMY  Wanda One Dimensional 05-Apr-86 CD
EIGHTY FOUR NASH The Kings Of Yeah Rockathon 07-Jun-97 CD
EIGHTY ONE MULBERRY Driveshaft To Culdesac Pleather 14-Sep-95 CD
EIGHTY ONE MULBERRY Ephedrine Free UK 20-Aug-93 CD
EIGHTY ONE MULBERRY No One Left To Go Pleather 22-Sep-96 CD
EIGHTY ONE MULBERRY South Anna River Free UK 19-Apr-94 CD
EIGHTY SIX Minutes In A Day Twilight 20-Aug-86 CD
EIGHTY SIX Provocation Fundamental 17-Sep-87 CD
EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN/FOETUS A History of the Future Sampler ThirstyEar 08-Aug-95 CD
EINSTUZENDE NEUBAUTEN (Self Titled) Nothing/Interscope 07-Oct-98 CD
EISLEY Laughing City Record Collection 13-May-03 CD ROM
EITZEL, MARK 60 Watt Silver Lining Warner Brothers 16-Mar-96 CD
EITZEL, MARK Caught In A Trap And I Can't Back Out 'Cause I Love You Too Much Baby Matador 01-Dec-97 CD
EITZEL, MARK Proclaim Your Joy Matador 21-Jun-01 CD
EITZEL, MARK Soil Samples, Promo #25 Warner Brothers 30-Nov-97 7" EP
EITZEL, MARK Take Courage Matador 01-Jan-92 7" EP
EITZEL, MARK West Warner Brothers 01-May-97 CD
EL FLACO Thub Sector 2 15-Apr-95 CD
EL GROUPO SEXO Up Periscope Chameleon 30-Apr-88 CD
EL GUAPO Fake French Dischord 09-Apr-03 CD
EL MAGNIFICO Buzzkill RCA/BMG 09-Mar-94 CD
EL MAGNIFICO Buzzkill RCA/BMG 05-Apr-94 CD
EL MAGNIFICO Insanimo Blastico RCA/BMG 04-May-94 CD
EL NINO (Self Titled) FlatEarth 02-Apr-96 CD
EL VEZ G.I. Ay Ay! Blues Big Pop 07-Oct-96 CD
ELASTIC PUREJOY, THE The South Phoenix EP WorldDomination 24-Aug-94 CD
ELASTIC PUREJOY, THE An Element Of Doubt WorldDomination 25-Jun-94 CD
ELASTICA (Self Titled) DGC 06-Mar-95 CD
ELASTICA (Self Titled) DGC 09-Mar-95 CD
ELASTICA Car Song DGC 13-Oct-95 CD
ELASTICA Connetction DGC 17-Feb-95 CD
ELASTICA Stutter EP Geffen 08-Oct-94 CD
ELCKA Nothing To Lose EP Island UK/Polygram 11-Sep-97 CD
ELCKA Rubbernecking Island UK 05-Nov-97 CD
ELECTRAFIXION 4 Song Sampler Sire 15-Aug-95 CD
ELECTRAFIXION Zephyr Spacejunk/Warner Brothers UK 10-Jan-95 CD
ELECTRELANE Rock It To The Moon Mr. Lady 01-Feb-02 CD
ELECTRIC AUTODRIVE Be My Battery Crustacean 27-Feb-02 CD
ELECTRIC CHAIRMEN, THE Toast WeasleDisc 23-Mar-96 CD
ELECTRIC COMPANY A Pert Cyclic Omen American 06-Mar-95 CD
ELECTRIC EELS (Self Titled) Gaffenburg 24-Jun-85 12" LP
ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN I Was A Teenage Shutdown Estrus 05-Oct-98 CD
ELECTRIC LIVING ROOM, THE Please MotherWest 06-Mar-95 CD
ELECTRIC SKYCHURCH Knowoneness Moonshine 20-Jul-95 CD
ELECTRIC SKYCHURCH Together Moonshine 20-Jul-96 CD
ELECTRIC SWING Big Band Crazy, The Swinging Party Album Starbound 03-Sep-97 CD
ELECTRONIC Raise The Pressure Warner Brothers 07-Jul-96 CD
ELEMENT 101 Future Plans Undecided Tooth & Nail 09-Mar-00 CD
ELEPHANT RIDE Forget Work/Sony 24-May-96 CD
ELEPHANT RIDE Forget Work/Sony 19-Jun-96 CD
ELEVATE Interior Hep Cat 17-Jun-97 CD
ELEVATOR DROPS, THE Lennon's Dead/Strange Timebomb 13-Jan-96 CD
ELEVATOR DROPS, THE People Mover Time Bomb/BMG 11-Feb-98 CD
ELEVATOR DROPS, THE Pop Bus TimeBomb 01-Mar-96 CD
ELEVATOR DROPS, THE Elevator To Heaven/Control 01 TimeBomb 01-Mar-96 CD
ELEVATOR TO HELL Parts 1-3 Sub Pop 30-Jul-96 CD
ELEVEN Avant Garde Dog A&M/Interscope 01-May-00 CD
ELEVEN Thunk Hollywood 29-Jul-95 CD
ELEVENTEEN (Self Titled) Duece 14-Mar-97 CD
ELEVENTEEN Indian Giver/Fooling Yourself Deuce 14-Sep-96 CD
ELF POWER Creatures Spin Art 03-May-02 CD
ELF POWER When The Red King Comes Arena Rock 31-Oct-97 CD
ELFMAN, DANNY Music For A Darkened Theatre; Film & Television Music, Volume 2 MCA 05-Jan-97 CD
ELIAS, HANIN In Flames Digital Hardcore/Fatal 21-Jun-00 CD
ELIZABETH Damn Your Art Pile Deep Reverb 29-Aug-98 CD
ELLER, JOHN & THE DT Escape Trick Crackpot 13-Nov-93 CD
ELLINGTON, DUKE Live At The Whitney Impulse 02-Nov-95 CD
ELLINGTON, DUKE AND JOHN COLTRANE (Self Titled) Impulse 02-Nov-95 CD
ELLIOT False Cathedrals Revelation 15-Aug-00 CD
ELLIOT U.S. Songs Revelation 11-Jun-98 CD
ELLIOT, MISSY Miss E….So Addictive Elektra 15-May-01 CD
ELMAN, PETER Durango Saloon Acorn 12-Aug-91 CD
ELMAN, TONY  Winter Creek Acorn 21-Nov-91 CD
ELVIS BROTHERS, THE  Valentine/The Great American Acid Test Recession 03-Feb-94 CD
ELY, JOE Letter To Laredo MCA 27-Aug-95 CD
ELYSIAN FIELDS Bleed Your Cedar Radioactive 28-Sep-96 CD
ELYSIAN FIELDS Jack In The Box/Rolling EP Radioactive/Universal 19-Sep-97 CD
ELYSIAN FIELDS Sativa Chacra 15-Aug-92 CD
EMBARASSMENT, THE LP TimeToDevelop 06-Mar-88 CD
EMBRACE All You Good People EP DGC 11-Jun-98 CD
EMBRACE All You Good People pro single DGC 11-Jul-98 CD
EMBRACE The Good Will Out DGC 05-Jul-98 CD
EMBRACE The Good Will Out DGC 21-Jul-98 CD
EMILY'S SASSY LIME Desperate, Scared, But Social Lookout/Kill Rock Stars 01-Mar-96 CD
EMMA PEEL Play Emma For Me Sympathy For The Record Industry 27-Jul-96 CD
EMMANUEL TOP Asteroid Mute 12-Oct-96 CD
EMMET SWIMMING Arlington Epic/Sony 01-Aug-96 CD
EMMET SWIMMING Arlington To Boston Epic/Sony 11-Jul-96 CD
EMMET SWIMMING Big Night Without You Epic/Sony 11-Jun-98 CD
EMMET SWIMMING Sunblock (Single) Epic/Sony 30-Apr-98 CD
EMMET SWIMMING Wake Epic/Sony 13-Oct-95 CD
EMORY SWANK Center City/Drill Watermark 17-Oct-96 CD
EMPIRE, ALEC 22:24/The Peak Digital Hardcore/Grand Royal 28-Oct-96 CD
EMPRESS (Self Titled) Pehr 15-Jun-01 CD
EMPTY RITUALS Ukiaio MentalAssault 10-Jun-85 CASS
EN ESCH Cheesy TVT 31-Oct-93 CD
EN ESCH Confidence TVT 31-Oct-93 CD
ENABLERS, THE Sweet Fuck All Newest Industry 01-Sep-03 CD
ENCHANTED (Self Titled) RCA/BMG 22-Sep-94 CD
END RESULT Ward Ruthless 07-Apr-87 12" LP
ENEMIES IN THE GRASS Day After Day/Out Of Luck Galt 05-Oct-88 CD
ENEMY IN  ME (Self Titled) Relativity 16-Aug-93 CD
ENEMYMINE The Ice In Me Up 07-Nov-00 CD
ENGINE DOWN Demure Lovitt 27-Feb-02 CD
ENGINE EIGHTY EIGHT Clean Your Room Caroline 28-May-95 CD
ENGINE EIGHTY EIGHT Mangos Caroline 23-Aug-95 CD
ENGINE EIGHTY EIGHT Snowman Caroline 15-Jan-97 CD
ENGLISH BEAT, THE Wha'ppen? Sire 01-Jan-81 12" LP
ENGLISH DOGS  Where Legend Began Combat 10-Jan-87 CD
ENIGK, JEREMY Return Of The Frog Queen Sub Pop 20-Jul-96 CD
ENIGK, JEREMY The End Sessions Sub Pop 25-Feb-97 CD
ENIGMA Le Roi Est Mort, Viva Le Roi! Virgin 10-Nov-96 CD
ENKINDELS Buzzclip 2000 Initial 03-Jul-98 CD
ENKINDELS Can't Stop The Einkindels Initial 25-May-00 CD
ENO, BRIAN The Drop All Saints/Thirsty Ear 07-Jul-97 CD
ENO, BRIAN Brian Eno 1 And 2 Sampler Virgin 23-Mar-94 CD
ENO, BRIAN Here Come The Warm Jets Island 01-Jan-74 12" LP
ENO, BRIAN  Discreet Music EG/Jem 01-Jan-75 12" LP
ENON In This City Touch And Go 27-May-03 CD ROM
ENORMOUS Busman's Holiday A&M 19-Jun-96 CD
ENORMOUS Greetings E.PluribusUnum 05-May-95 CD
ENORMOUS Pieces A&M 21-Jan-97 CD
ENRIQUEZ, JOCELYN A Bit Of Ecstasy Tommy Boy 14-Mar-97 CD
ENRIQUEZ, JOCELYN A Little Bit Of Ecstasy Tommy Boy 15-Mar-97 12" LP
ENRIQUEZ, JOCELYN A Little Bit Of Ecstasy Tommy Boy 27-Apr-97 CD
ENRIQUEZ, JOCELYN Jocelyn Classified/Tommy Boy 09-May-97 CD
ENSIGN For What It's Worth Nitro 15-Nov-00 CD
ENTRANCE The Kingdom of Heaven Must Be Taken By Storm Tiger Style 07-Mar-03 CD
ENTROPICS, THE Spagga! Popllama 13-Mar-87 12" LP
ENVY A Dead Sinking Story Level Plane 14-Jul-03 CD
ENYA A Day Without Rain Reprise 21-Nov-00 CD
EPIC SOUNDTRACKS  Rise Above BarNone 16-Aug-93 CD
EPIDEMIC CAUSE (Self Titled) JapanOverseas 21-Jul-95 CD
EPSTEIN 36: A Mild Retrograde Silverleaf 27-Jan-98 CD
ERASE ERRATA At Crystal Palace Troubleman Unlimited 03-Oct-03 CD
ERASE ERRATA Other Animals TMU 03-Sep-01 CD
ERASURE Cowboy Maverick/Warner Brothers 15-Apr-97 CD
ERASURE Always Mute/Elektra 12-Apr-94 CD
ERASURE Always Mute/Elektra 10-May-94 CD
ERASURE God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/She Won't Be Home Sire 15-Feb-88 CD
ERASURE I Say I Say I Say Mute/Elektra 20-May-94 CD
ERASURE Run To The Sun Mute/Elektra 05-Jul-94 CD
ERASURE Run To The Sun Mute/Elektra 22-Jul-94 CD
ERASURE The Circus Sire 01-Jan-87 12" LP
ERICKSON, ROKY Gremlins Have Pictures Enigma 30-Dec-86 12" LP
ERICS TRIP Long Days Ride 'Til Tomorrow Sappy/Sub Pop 21-May-97 CD
ERIC'S TRIP Forever Again Sub Pop 03-Oct-94 CD
ERIC'S TRIP Purple Blue Sub Pop 13-Jan-96 CD
ERRATICS, THE (Self Titled) Touchwood 05-Mar-98 CD
ERYKAH BADU On & On EP Universal 14-Sep-96 CD
ESCOVEDO, ALEJANDRO With These Hands Rykodisc 09-Mar-96 CD
ESKIMO The Further Adventures of Der Shrimpkin PrawnSong/Mammoth 06-Apr-95 CD
ESP ALL STARS Tiny Lights Element 115 21-Jun-98 CD
ESPADRILLE Swimmeret Spare Me 07-Dec-01 CD
ESQUIVEL, JUAN GARCIA Esquivel! BarNone 29-Jul-94 CD
ESQUIVEL, JUAN GARCIA Music From A Sparkling Planet BarNone/BMG 18-Aug-95 CD
ESTEP, MAGGIE Hey Baby NuYo/Imago 12-Apr-94 CD
ESTEP, MAGGIE No More Mr. Nice Girl NuYo/Imago 12-Apr-94 CD
ETERNALS, THE (Self Titled) Desoto 07-Nov-00 CD
ETHERIDGE, MELISSA Happy Xmas (War Is Over)/Give Peace A Chance Island 26-Nov-94 CD
ETHERIDGE, MELISSA If I Wanted To Island 11-Jan-95 CD
ETHYLINE Dry Me Out! Fluid/Wild West 28-Jun-96 CD
ETHYLINE Jitters Fluid/Wild West 21-Nov-96 CD
EUGENIUS Mary Queen Of Scots Atlantic 22-Feb-94 CD
EULCID The Wind Blew All The Fires Out Second Nature 01-Aug-00 CD
EUPHONE (Self Titled) Hefty 09-May-97 CD
EURO, JOE The High Road Purnima 16-Jun-94 CD
EUROPEANS Recognition A&M 01-Jan-85 12" LP
EUROPEANS Recognition A&M 01-Jan-83 12" LP
EURYTHMICS Savage RCA 02-Feb-88 CD
EURYTHMICS Touch Dance RCA 01-Jan-84 12" LP
EURYTHMICS  1984 RCA 01-Jan-84 12" LP
EVA HAZE State Of Freak Drill 23-Jan-96 CD
EVANS, BOB  Jersey Barrier Skene!/TCI 05-Nov-93 CD
EVANS, TERRY Mississippi Magic Audio Quest 21-Feb-01 CD
EVAPORATORS, THE Honk The Horn EP Mint 25-Jun-01 7" EP
EVAPORATORS, THE I Gotta Rock Nardwar The Human Serviette 31-Jul-98 CD
EVAPORATORS, THE United Empire Loyalists Nardwaur The Human Serviette 01-Dec-96 CD
EVAPORATORS, THE United Empire Loyalists Nardwaur The Human Serviette 01-Dec-96 CD
EVAPORATORS, THE Welcome To My Castle EP Nardwuar 26-Feb-93 7" EP
EVEN IN BLACKOUTS Myths and Imaginary Magicians Panic Button 11-Mar-03 CD
EVENING IN TORPOR (Self Titled) Community 3 12-Mar-88 CD
EVENRUDE Super Absorbent Pinch Hit 21-Feb-98 CD
EVERCLEAR Fire Maple Song TimKerr/Capitol 07-Nov-94 CD
EVERCLEAR For College Radio Only, Limited Edition Capitol 03-Sep-97 CD
EVERCLEAR So Much For The Afterglow Capitol 23-Sep-97 CD
EVERCLEAR Sparkle And Fade Capitol 27-Mar-95 CD
EVERCLEAR World Of Noise TimKerr/Capitol 09-Nov-94 CD
EVERCLEAR World Of Noise TimKerr 02-May-94 CD
EVERLAST Whitey Ford Sings The Blues Tommy Boy 13-Sep-98 CD
EVERYTHING Laborador Capricorn 20-Mar-95 CD
EVERYTHING Spent Capricorn 23-Jun-95 CD
EVERYTHING Super Natural Blackbird/Sire 03-Apr-98 CD
EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL Amplified Heart Atlantic 17-Jul-94 CD
EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL Missing; The Full Remix EP Atlantic 13-Dec-94 CD
EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL (Self Titled) Sire 01-Jan-84 12" LP
EVE'S PLUM Cherry Alive 550/Sony 25-Sep-95 CD
EVE'S PLUM I Want It All Alive 550/Sony 29-Jan-94 CD
EVE'S PLUM Blue Sony 17-Nov-93 CD
EVE'S PLUM Envy 550/Sony 12-Oct-93 CD
EVILDEAD Rise Above Roadracer 07-Jun-89 CD
EVINRUDES, THE (Self Titled) DAS/Mercury/Polygram 15-Aug-98 CD
EWING, JOHN, BAND Delta Flares TRG 23-Mar-96 CD
EX IDOLS, THE Go Away Relativity 07-Nov-94 CD
EX MODELS Zoo Psychology Frenchkiss 11-Jun-03 CD
EX, THE Aural Guerillas Homestead 22-Apr-89 CD
EX, THE & TOM CORA And The Weathermen Shrug Their Shoulders Cargo 04-Nov-93 CD
EXCEL Seeking Refuge Malicious/Capitol 23-Aug-95 CD
EXCESSIVE FORCE Gentle Death Wax Trax/TVT 15-Oct-93 CD
EXCUSE SEVENTEEN Such Friends Are Dangerous Kill Rock Stars 11-May-95 CD
EX-IDOLS, THE Pill Popper Relativity 11-Jan-94 CD
EX-IDOLS, THE Pill Popper Relativity 01-Mar-94 CD
EXIT HUMAN Arvada Direct Hit 07-Mar-01 CD
EXIT THIRTEEN  Don't Spare The Green Love Relapse 06-Nov-93 CD
EXIT, THE Sing Four Songs Downright 15-May-01 CD
EXODUS Pleasure Of The Flesh Combat 16-Nov-87 CD
EXOTICS, THE Goofy Foot/Guitar Twist/The Switch TikiTone 29-Jan-96 CD
EXPANDING MAN Head To The Ground 550/Sony 11-Aug-96 CD
EXPANDO BRAIN Mother Of God It's Expando Brain VacantLot 08-Sep-87 CD
EXPERIMENTAL AUDIO RESEARCH Millenium Music; A Meta-Musiacl Portrait Atavistic 21-Jan-98 CD
EXPLODER, THE West End Kids Crusades Dim Mak 11-Feb-00 CD
EXPLODING HEARTS, THE Guitar Romantic Dirtnap 11-Apr-03 CD
EXPLODING KIND, THE Sugar Pill Shimmy Disc 13-Nov-95 CD
EXPLODING WHITE MICE Collateral Damage NKVD 03-May-93 CD
EXPLOITED, THE Death Before Dishonor Combat 11-Aug-87 12" LP
EXPLOSION, THE Sick of Modern Art Tarantulas 01-May-03 CD
EXTINCT, THE Ouch Endangered 25-Sep-95 CD
EXTRA FANCY Sinnerman DiabloMusica 18-Sep-95 CD
EXTRA FANCY Sinnerman (Remastered) Atlantic 04-May-96 CD
EYE HATE GOD Nothingness/Whore Ax/ction 21-Feb-95 CD
EYELINERS, THE Sealed With A Kiss Panic Button 11-Sep-01 CD
EYES ADRIFT (Self Titled) Spin Art 11-Aug-02 CD
EYES OF AUTUMN Hello Fifty Four Forty Or Fight 15-Feb-03 CD