F/I From Poppy With Love/5 Crowns Of The Saxson King SSS 20-Jul-96 CD
FABRIC Wooly Mammoth Scrimshaw 15-Sep-97 CD
FABULOUS DISASTER Put Out Or Get Out Fat Wreck Chords 15-Apr-01 CD
FACE DOWN The Twisted Rule The Wicked Nuclear Blast 11-Mar-98 CD
FACE TO FACE How To Ruin Everything Vagrant 13-Apr-02 CD
FACE TO FACE I Won't Lie Down EP A&M 15-Aug-96 CD
FACEPULLER Unauthorized Volume Dealers AlternativeTentacles 29-Jan-96 CD
FACTORY 81 Mankind Mojo/Universal 26-Sep-00 CD ROM
FADE TO BLACK Corridors Of Gender CDPresents 01-Jan-84 12" LP
FAHEY, JOHN City Of Refuge Tim/Kerr 03-Feb-97 CD
FAHEY, JOHN & CUL DE SAC The Epiphany of Glenn Jones Thirsty Ear 23-Sep-97 CD
FAILURE Fantastic Planet Slash/Warner Brothers 05-Aug-96 CD
FAILURE Stuck On You Slash/Warner Brothers 28-Sep-96 CD
FAINT, THE Danse Macabe Remixes Astralwerks 23-Mar-03 CD
FAINT, THE Danse Macabre Saddle Creek 27-Jul-01 CD
FAIR, JAD AND PHONO-COMB In A Haunted House Derivative 06-Nov-95 CD
FAIRGROOVE Good Luck Montesano 17-Apr-02 CD
FAIRLANES, THE Welcome To Nowhere Suburban Home 07-Mar-01 CD
FAITH Time To Fall In Love Again Boom Boom 07-Jul-97 CD
FAITH AND DISEASE Insularia Ivy 21-Mar-98 CD
FAITH NO MORE Album Of The Year Slash/Reprise 01-Jun-97 CD
FAITH NO MORE Digging The Grave Slash/Reprise 07-Mar-95 CD
FAITH NO MORE Evidence Slash/Reprise 29-Jul-95 CD
FAITH NO MORE Last Cup Of Sorrow Slash/Reprise 07-May-97 CD
FAITH NO MORE Introduce Yourself Slash 01-Jan-87 12" LP
FAITHFUL, MARIANNE A Collection Of Her Best Recordings Island 24-Aug-94 CD
FAITHFUL, MARIANNE Dangerous Aquaintances Warner Brothers 01-Jan-81 12" LP
FAITHLESS Insomnia Arista 27-Jan-97 CD
FAITHLESS Reverence Arista 14-Feb-97 CD
FAITHLESS Reverence Arista 05-Apr-97 CD
FALCO 3 A&M 01-Jan-85 12" LP
FALCO Einzelhaft A&M 01-Jan-82 12" LP
FALCO On The Run A&M 01-Jan-83 12" LP
FALKNER, JASON Follow Me Elektra 14-Mar-97 CD
FALKNER, JASON Presents Author Unknown Elektra 15-Jul-96 CD
FALL OUTS, THE Here I Come And Other Hits Estrus 21-Jun-93 CD
FALL, THE C.R.E.E.P BeggarsBanquet 01-Jan-84 12" LP
FALL, THE Cerebral Caustic Permanent UK 15-Apr-95 CD
FALL, THE Doomsday Payoff BigTime 01-Aug-87 12" LP
FALL, THE Kimble, The Peel Sessions StrangeFruit/DutchEast 17-May-93 CD
FALL, THE Promo:Infotainment Scan/Crash Course'84-'92 Matador/Atlantic 15-Jun-93 CD
FALL, THE The Infotainment Scan Matador/Atlantic 15-Jun-93 CD
FALL, THE The Twenty-Seven Points Permanent UK 14-Sep-95 CD
FALL, THE Middle Class Revolt Matador 14-Jun-94 CD
FALL, THE Why Are People Grudgeful? Matador/Atlantic 07-May-93 CD
FALLON, JIMMY The Bathroom Wall Dreamworks 11-Sep-02 CD
FALSE FRONT Criminal Kind Shimmy Disc 13-Dec-93 CD
FALSE VIRGINS Infernal Doll Brake-Out/Eneny 24-Nov-92 CD
FAMILY CAT, THE Magic Happens Dedicated/Arista 12-Sep-94 CD
FAMILY CAT, THE Wonderful Excuse Dedicated/Arista 24-Aug-94 CD
FAMILY CAT, THE Wonderful Excuse/Goldenbook Dedicated/Arista/BMG 08-Sep-94 CD
FAMILY CAT, THE Airplane Gardens Dedicated/Triage 12-Mar-94 CD
FAN MODINE Slow Road To The Empire Slow River 01-Mar-98 CD
FANG A Miga Sfafas Boner 29-Feb-88 CD
FANG, FORREST Folklore Cuneiform 07-Feb-95 CD
FANMAIL 2000 Tooth & Nail 01-Sep-00 CD
FANTASTIC PLASTIC MACHINE, THE (Self Titled) Emperor Norton 17-Sep-98 CD
FANTOMAS Directors Cut Ipecac 10-Aug-01 CD
FA-Q Each Hit ATP 19-Jan-96 CD
FAR Love American Style Epic/Sony 13-Mar-96 CD
FAR Mother Mary Immortal/Epic/Sony 23-Feb-98 CD
FAR Tin Cans With String To You Immortal/Epic/Sony 22-Apr-96 CD
FAR Water And Solutions Immortal/Epic/Sony 03-Mar-98 CD
FAR FROM EVEN (Self Titled) Roll One 27-Feb-02 CD
FARCES WANNA MO/RUNAWAY WEINER DOG There's Got To Be An Aesthetic There My X-Lovers 11-Oct-96 CD
FARINA, GEOFF Reverse Eclipse Southern 25-Jan-01 CD
FARM, THE Comfort Sire/Reprise 22-Jul-94 CD
FARM, THE Hullaballoo Sire/Warner Brothers 06-May-94 CD
FARM, THE Messiah Sire/Reprise 22-Apr-94 CD
FARMERS, THE Black Sea/Devil Pravda 22-Oct-88 CD
FARMERS, THE Flames Of Love Pravda 14-Dec-89 12" LP
FARRAR, JAY Sebastobol Artemis 11-Oct-01 CD
FARRAR, JAY Third Shift Grotto Slack Artemis 21-Jul-02 CD
FARSIDE (Self Titled) Warner Brothers 09-Nov-95 CD
FASHON Move On/Mutant Dance Move Arista UK 01-Jan-81 12" LP
FAST FORWARD Same Same XI 19-Apr-95 CD
FASTBACKS Answer The Phone Dummy Sub Pop 21-Oct-94 CD
FASTBACKS New Mansions In Sound Sub Pop 19-Jun-96 CD
FASTBACKS Win Lose Or Both Popllama 25-Jan-98 CD
FASTBACKS, THE And His Orchestra Popllama 28-Apr-87 12" LP
FASTBACKS, THE They Don't Care/Out Of The Charts Popllama 21-Nov-92 7" Single
FASTBALL All The Pain Money Can Buy Hollywood 17-Jan-98 CD
FASTBALL Make Your Mama Proud Hollywood 08-Jun-96 CD
FAT (Self Titled) DV8/A&M/Polygram 05-Jul-97 CD
FAT BOY INTERNATIONAL BAND (Self Titled) JumboBeach 23-Aug-85 12" LP
FAT BOY SLIM Better Living Through Chemistry Astralwerks 21-Sep-97 CD
FAT BOY SLIM Halfway Between The Gutter & The Stars Astralwerks 17-Nov-00 CD
FAT BOY SLIM Ya Mama single Astralwerks 15-Nov-00 CD
FAT BOY SLIM You've Come A Lomg Way Baby Astralwerks 15-Oct-98 CD
FAT TUESDAY Everybody's Got One Columbia 12-Apr-94 CD
FATAL FLYING GUILLOTEENS, THE The Now Hustle For New Diaboliks Estrus 25-Jan-01 CD
FATHER DIVINE The Great American Pastime FD 15-Oct-02 CD
FATIMA MANSIONS, THE Belong Nowhere (Radio Edit) Radioactive 28-Jan-95 CD
FATIMA MANSIONS, THE Blowing Nowhere (Radio Edit) Radioactive 16-Nov-94 CD
FATIMA MANSIONS, THE Lost In The Former West MCA 21-Oct-94 CD
FATIMA MANSIONS, THE Popemobile To Paraguay Radioactive 29-Aug-94 CD
FATIMA MANSIONS, THE The Loyaliser Radioactive 07-Oct-94 CD
FATIMA MANSIONS, THE Western Union Steakout Radioactive 06-Mar-95 CD
FATSO JETSON Stinky Little Gobs SST 15-Aug-95 CD
FAULTLINE Your Love Means Everything Elektra 11-Sep-02 CD
FAUNA Everafter Catacombs 26-Feb-93 CD
FAUX, THE (Self Titled) Tarantulas 11-Aug-03 CD
FAVEZ From Lausanne, Switzerland Doghouse America 03-May-02 CD
FAVEZ Gentlemen Start Your Engines Big Wheel Recreation 26-Sep-00 CD
FAVOTTO, ROB The Nine Planets RF 21-Nov-01 CD
FCS NORTH Vocabulary Luckyhorse Industries 27-May-03 CD
FEAR Have Another Beer With Fear Hell 30-Apr-98 CD
FEAR More Beer Enigma 11-Oct-85 12" LP
FEAR FACTORY Fear Is The Mind Killer Roadrunner 22-Apr-93 CD
FEAR FACTORY Remanufacture Cloning Technology Roadrunner 22-Apr-97 CD
FEARS FOR ART Hopesand Midnight Fantasy 09-Mar-96 CD
FEARS FOR ART Songs From Hopesand Midnight Fantasy 29-Apr-96 CD
FEARS FOR ART Songs From Hopesand Midnight Fantasy 29-Apr-96 CD
FEARS FOR ART All Or Nothing/Let It Go ThreeMinuteDog 19-Jan-94 CD
FEAST OF SAINTS Shame/Temperate Ends/Beneath Feast Of Saints 23-Mar-94 CD
FEAST UPON CACTUS THORNS (Self Titled) WestWorld 12-Jul-95 CD
FEAST UPON CACTUS THORNS Beer Soaked/Third Feud WestWorld 28-Oct-94 CD
FEATURES, THE (Self Titled) Spongebath 13-Aug-97 CD
FEDERATION X American Folk Horror Estrus 27-Jul-01 CD
FEDERATION X Nude Disintegrating Parachutist Woman American Republic 19-Sep-03 7" Single
FEDERATION X X Patriot Estrus 01-May-03 CD
FEEDER Polyethelyne Elektra 11-Mar-98 CD
FEEDER Stereo World Echo/Elektra 11-Nov-97 CD
FEEDTIME Billy Amphetamine Reptile 22-Apr-96 CD
FEELIES, THE The Good Earth Twin Tone 16-Jun-86 CD
FEET OF CLAY (Self Titled) Feet Of Clay 14-Nov-94 CD
FELA ANIKULAPO KUTI Shuffering & Shmiling Celluloid 01-Jan-85 12" LP
FELIPE, DINO As Film Toby Schematic 25-May-02 CD
FELIX From The Well CMG 13-Oct-98 CD
FELIX DA HOUSECAT Kittenz And Thee Glitz Emperor Norton 21-Jan-02 CD
FELLS, THE (Self Titled) Estrus 07-Nov-97 CD
FELT Gold Mine Trash PVC/Passport 02-Feb-88 CD
FELUMLEE, MARK/DAN ANDRIANO (Self Titled) Double Zero 13-Nov-02 CD
FERGUSON BAKER Case Closed Crustacean 23-Mar-96 CD
FERRICK, MELISSA Girls With Guitars/Happy Song Atlantic 02-Dec-93 CD
FERRICK, MELISSA Willing To Work Atlantic 12-Apr-95 CD
FERRON Phantom Center Warner Brothers 03-Oct-95 CD
FERRON Still Riot Warner Brothers 11-Aug-96 CD
FERRY, BRYAN Interview Virgin 22-Nov-94 CD
FERRY, BRYAN Mamouna Virgin 12-Sep-94 CD
FERTILE CRESCENT, THE (Self Titled) KnittingFactoryWorks 29-Sep-92 CD
FETCHIN' BONES†† Cabin Flounder dB 01-Jan-85 12" LP
FETISCH PARK Sporen/Binumb Extreme 20-Sep-96 CD
FETISCH PARK Trost Extreme 20-Sep-96 CD
FETISH 69 Anti Body Nuclear Blast/Relapse 08-Feb-94 CD
FEUD, THE Language Is Technology Insidious Plot Audio 21-Oct-02 CD
FIAMMA FUMANA 1 Omnium/North Side 11-Feb-01 CD ROM
FIAMMA FUMANA Home Omnium 11-Aug-03 CD
FIAT LUX House Of Thorns Polydor UK 01-Jan-84 12" LP
FIBULATOR Drank From The Asphalt ElectroMotive 14-Apr-94 CD
FIELDS, LEE & THE SOUL PROVIDERS Take It Or Leave It/He Sally Mae, Get Off My Feet Desco 13-Jul-98 7" Single
FIENDZ Wact Black Pumpkin 05-Oct-96 CD
FIENDZ, THE Cole Black Pumpkin 07-Sep-98 CD
FIER, ANTON Dreamspeed DiscUnion/Avant 27-Oct-93 CD
FIERCE NIPPLES, THE Hot Pipes/Chewing The Far Fetched Fat Crustacean 23-Mar-96 CD
FIERCE RULING DIVA I Need Drugs EP Astralwerks 03-Dec-94 CD
FIERCE RULING DIVA Revolt Of The Perverse Astralwerks 03-Oct-94 CD
FIFTEEN Ainít Life A Drag... Iteration 18-Jun-94 CD
FIFTH COLUMN 36C K/Autotonic 08-Jul-94 CD
FIFTY FOUR FORTY Show Me Warner Brothers 18-Dec-87 12" LP
FIG DISH Come On (Don't Come On) Polygram 23-Jun-97 CD
FIG DISH That's What Love Songs Often Do Atlas/PLG 22-Jul-95 CD
FIG DISH When Shove Goes Back To Push Polygram/A&M 09-Aug-97 CD
FIG FISH (Self Titled) Atlas 28-Jun-95 CD
FIGBOY Sensitive CD1 Gut 07-Aug-97 CD
FIGBOY Sensitive CD2 Gut 07-Aug-97 CD
FIGGS, THE Banda Macho Capitol 01-Jun-96 CD
FIGGS, THE Girl, Kill Your Boyfriend Capitol 24-May-96 CD
FIGGS, THE Hi Fi Dropouts Imago/BMG 29-Aug-94 CD
FIGURE LIFE OUT (Self Titled) IndependentLabelAlliance 08-Sep-87 CD
FIGUREHEAD (Self Titled) CMG 13-Oct-98 CD
FIGURES In A Chalk Circle Twin Tone 03-Apr-85 12" LP
FIGURES Jeff Waryan/Figures Twin Tone 01-Jan-83 12" LP
FIGURES The Gateway Twin Tone 02-Dec-86 CD
FIGURES††† Especially 4 U, Live Wittier 30-Mar-87 12" LP
FIGURINE Heartfelt March 21-Feb-02 CD
FILM SCHOOL Brilliant Career Me Too 07-May-01 CD
FILM STAR (Self Titled) Super Cottonmouth 14-Feb-97 CD
FILM STAR Tranquil Eyes Super Cottonmouth 01-Apr-98 CD
FILTER Hey Man, Nice Shot Reprise 06-Apr-95 CD
FILTER Jurasitol Miramax/Hollywood 28-Jun-96 CD
FILTER One (Single) Elektra 01-May-98 CD
FILTER & THE CRYSTAL METHOD (Can't You) Trip Like I Do Sony 05-Jul-97 CD
FILTH/ BLATZ The Shit Split Featuring Filth and Blatz Lookout 19-May-97 CD
FIN FANG FOOM With The Gift Come The Curse Lovitt 27-May-03 CD
FINAL CUT Atonement V 2.0 Slipdisc/Mercury 11-Apr-98 CD
FINAL CUT Atonement V2.0 Slipdisc/Mercury/Polygram 21-Aug-98 CD
FINAL CUT Grind advance Slipdisc/Mercury 23-Jul-98 CD
FINGER Daddy Oh!/Doug Fieger's Blues HippyKnight/TCI 27-Aug-93 CD
FINI TRIBE I Want More/Idiot Strength Wax Trax 24-Jun-87 12" Single
FINI TRIBE Make It Internal Wax Trax 19-Feb-88 CD
FINN BROTHERS (Self Titled) Discovery/Warner Brothers 20-Jul-96 CD
FINN, NEIL Try Whistling This Work/Sony 11-Jun-98 CD
FIRE THEFT, THE (Self Titled) Rykodisc 15-Sep-03 CD
FIRE THIS TIME, THE Basslines And Ballistics Extreme 01-Apr-95 CD
FIRE THIS TIME, THE Dancing On John Wayne's Head Extreme 17-May-95 CD
FIREBALLS OF FREEDOM Welcome To The Octagon Estrus 03-Sep-01 CD
FIREBIRD BAND, THE The Drive Headhunter/Cargo 11-Sep-01 CD
FIREHOSE If'n SST 13-Jan-88 CD
FIREHOSE Sometimes/Almost Always SST 30-Mar-88 7" Single
FIREHOSE Big Bottom Pow Wow Sony/Columbia 12-Oct-93 CD
FIREHOSE Brave Captain/Perfect Pairs SST 11-Nov-86 CD
FIREHOSE Ragin' Full On SST 30-Dec-86 12" LP
FIREHOSE Fromohio SST 15-Mar-89 CD
FIREKING Live A Little, Love A Little Blueberry Pie 01-May-01 CD
FIRESIDE Do Not Tailgate American 01-Aug-96 CD
FIRESIDE Kilotin Startrec Sweden 20-Jul-96 CD
FIRESIDE Kilotin American 31-Aug-96 CD
FIREWATER Get Off The Cross, We Need The Wood For The Fire Jet Set 12-Oct-96 CD
FIREWATER The Man On The Burning Tightrope Jetset 21-Jun-03 CD
FIREWORKS Lit Up Last Beat 03-May-97 CD
FIRST NIGHT ON EARTH No One Knows Liquilab 21-Mar-02 CD
FISCHER, KYLE Open Ground Polyvinyl 21-Feb-02 CD
FISCHOFF, DAVE Winston Park Secretly Canadian 03-Jul-98 CD
FISH Sunsets On Empire Viceroy/Lightyear 23-Jun-97 CD
FISH & ROSES We Are Happy To Serve You Homestead 05-Aug-89 CD
FISH, R.A. Rythmic Essence, The Art Of The Dumbek Lyrichord 20-Jul-92 CD
FISHBONE Chim Chim's Badass Revenge Rowdy/Arista 13-May-96 CD
FISHBONE The Psychotic Friends Nuttwerkx Hollywood 25-Mar-00 CD
FISHWIFE Ritalin Headhunter/Cargo 17-Nov-92 CD
FISK, STEVE 999 Levels of Undo Sub Pop 21-Feb-01 CD
FITZ OF DEPRESSION Let's Give It A Twist K 01-Sep-94 CD
FITZ OF DEPRESSION Let's Give It A Twist K 01-Nov-94 CD
FIUCZYNSKI, DAVID & JOHN MEDESKI†† Lunar Crush Grammavision 08-Apr-94 CD
FIVE CHINESE BROTHERS Santa Claustrophobia 1-800-PRIMECD 10-Nov-94 CD
FIVE EIGHT Gasolina Velvel 19-Mar-97 CD
FIVE EIGHT Weirdo Ichiban/Sky 18-Feb-94 CD
FIVE EIGHT The Angriest Man Sky 19-Oct-93 CD
FIVE EIGHT†† Karaoke/Weirdo (demo) Ichiban/Sky 07-Mar-94 CD
FIVE EIGHT††† I Learned Shut Up Sky 03-Oct-92 CD
FIVE FOR FIGHTING Message For Albert EMI 14-Mar-97 CD
FIVE FOR FIGHTING DAYROOM 9811 Sampler EP Deep South 05-Feb-97 CD
FIVE IRON FRENZY Handbook For The Sellout/Marty Sara Bellum 05-May-98 7" Single
FIVE IRON FRENZY Our Newest Album Ever Sarabellum 23-Feb-98 CD
FIVE IRON FRENZY Upbeats And Beatdowns Sara Bellum 10-Apr-97 CD
FIVE POINTS BAND, THE Roots And The Spirit High Times 13-May-03 CD
FIVE SIX SEVEN EIGHTS, THE Can't Help It Rockville 06-Jul-93 CD
FIVE STYLE Kiki's Cookout/Hot Box! Sub Pop 06-Mar-95 CD
FIVE STYLE She's Humanoid/Burning Airlines Give You So Much More Sub Pop 18-Apr-97 7" Single
FIVE UU'S Hunger's Teeth ReR/Cuneiform 14-May-94 CD
FIXTURES, THE Devil's Playground Alternative Tentacles 17-Sep-96 CD
FIZZLE LIKE A FLOOD Don't Go Side One 27-Feb-02 CD
FLAG OF CONVIENENCE War On The Wireless Set MCM America 18-Apr-88 CD
FLAKE The New Guy/Harmony Y 20-Jan-97 7" Single
FLAKE Wild Cool Anger Y 22-Apr-97 CD
FLAKE MUSIC When You Land Here, It's Time To Return Omnibus 30-Apr-98 CD
FLAKEMUSIC Sue Defender/Kreflo/Dawn Patrol Headhunter/Cargo 03-Feb-97 7" Single
FLAMETRICK SUBS, THE Amaze Your Friends With X-Ray Glasses Teen Rebel 03-Aug-97 CD
FLAMIN' GROOVIES, THE Jumpin' In The Night Sire 01-Jan-79 12" LP
FLAMING LIPS, THE Bad Days Warner Brothers 14-Sep-95 CD
FLAMING LIPS, THE Christmas at the Zoo Warner Brothers 20-Nov-95 CD
FLAMING LIPS, THE Fight Test EP Warner Brothers 11-Apr-03 CD
FLAMING LIPS, THE Providing Needles For Your Balloons Warner Brothers 08-Jul-94 CD
FLAMING LIPS, THE The Big Ol' Bug Is The New Baby Now single Warner Brothers 07-Sep-98 CD
FLAMING LIPS, THE Transmissions From The Satellite Heart Warner Brothers 17-Jul-93 CD
FLAMING LIPS, THE What's The New Mary Jane?/Under Pressure Warner Brothers 20-Nov-95 CD
FLAMING SIDEBURNS, THE Save Rock & Roll Jetset 21-Sep-02 CD
FLAMING SIDEBURNS, THE Sky Pilots Jetset 13-May-03 CD
FLAMING STARS, THE Sunset & Void Alternative Tentacles 21-Sep-02 CD
FLAMINGOES Plastic Jewels Big Pop 07-Oct-96 CD
FLANGER Outer Space Inner Space Ninja Tune 07-Dec-01 CD
FLAP Pal HalfBaked 20-Nov-93 CD
FLAP The Brotherload/The Bruised Molecule HalfBaked 12-Apr-93 CD
FLAT DUO JETS Lucky Eye Outpost/Universal 07-Oct-98 CD
FLAT DUO JETS White Trees Sky 19-Jul-93 CD
FLAT DUO JETS Go Go Harlem Baby Sky 03-Oct-92 CD
FLAT DUO JETS In Stereo Sky 03-Oct-92 CD
FLAT STANLEY Hot Cauliflower 10 West 22-Jan-88 CD
FLEDGLING (Self Titled) Fuel 12-Jul-95 CD
FLEDGLING (Self Titled) TVT 25-Sep-95 CD
FLEDGLING Red Messiah/Fledgling Fuel 28-Apr-95 CD
FLEECE, JOHN & THE SUNDOWNS Nothing Pretty Fundamental 07-Jul-88 CD
FLEMING AND JOHN Delusions of Grandeur R.E.X.Music 13-Mar-95 CD
FLESHEATERS, THE Greatest Hits Destroyed By Fire SST 01-Jan-87 12" LP
FLESHEATERS, THE Sex Diary Of Mr. Vampire SST 13-Nov-92 CD
FLESHTONES, THE Beautiful Light NakedLanguage/Ichiban 11-Feb-94 CD
FLESHTONES, THE Laboratory of Sound Ichiban 01-Aug-95 CD
FLESHTONES, THE Big Bang Theory Skyclad 13-Apr-88 CD
FLESHTONES, THE Fleshtones vs Reality Emergo 18-Aug-87 12" LP
FLETCHER, TODD Byzantinium Dervish 20-Jul-94 CD
FLEXI Galaxie Park Surreal 20-Jan-97 CD
FLIES, THE Get Burned Homestead 28-Apr-86 CD
FLIGHT 16 (Self Titled) 550/Epic/Sony 01-Aug-98 CD
FLIPP (Self Titled) Hollywood 23-Mar-97 CD
FLIPP (Self Titled) Hollywood 15-Apr-97 CD
FLIPPER†† Sex Bomb Baby Subterranean 21-Dec-89 12" LP
FLIPSIDE This That And The Other Thing Mutiny 01-Jul-97 CD
FLOGGING MOLLY Alive Behind The Green Door 26F 11-Nov-97 CD
FLOORED This Color Is Bittersweet Communion 16-Mar-95 CD
FLOP World Of Today Frontier 15-Apr-95 CD
FLOP The Fall Of The Mopsqueezer Frontier 18-Jun-92 CD
FLOP When Ever You're Ready Frontier/550/Sony 12-Oct-93 CD
FLOP†† The Great Valediction (+3) 550/Sony 29-Jan-94 CD
FLOUR (Self Titled) Touch &Go 21-Dec-88 CD
FLOW, THE Dada Mountain And Pebble 01-Aug-01 CD
FLOWCHART Multi Personality Tabletop Vacation CarrotTop 02-Nov-95 CD
FLOWER Concrete Sorority 16-Oct-88 CD
FLOWERHEAD The Peoples Fuzz Zoo/BMG 16-Feb-95 CD
FLOWERPOT MEN, THE Watching The Pharoahs/Joe's So Mean Link 03-Nov-87 CD
FLU THIRTEEN In The Foul Key of V Medicine 21-Apr-98 CD
FLU THIRTEEN Spin Cycle ITU 24-Oct-96 CD
FLUF 24-7 Years/Entire/The Troll Song SilverGirl 15-Dec-94 CD
FLUF Six Songs From Previous Albums MCA 18-Dec-96 CD
FLUF The Classic Years Headhunter/Cargo 27-Aug-95 CD
FLUF The Classic Years Headhunter/Cargo 13-Oct-95 CD
FLUF Waikiki MCA 07-Feb-97 CD
FLUF Home Improvements Headhunter/Cargo 15-Feb-94 CD
FLUF Wasting Seed Headhunter/Cargo 26-Mar-93 CD
FLUF Mangravy Headhunter/Cargo 21-Jun-93 CD
FLUFFER What You're Good For/Big Girl Pasta 14-Sep-95 CD
FLUFFER Wreck + 2 Fear Of Nebraska 27-Jul-97 CD
FLUFFY Black Eye/Deny Everything The Enclave 17-Feb-97 7" Single
FLUID OUNCES Big Notebook For Easy Piano Spongebath 13-Jun-97 CD
FLUKE Risotto Astralwerks 25-Sep-97 CD
FLUORESCEIN High Contrast Comedown DGC 13-Jan-98 CD
FLY Bomb Threat: Before She Blows Kneeling Elephant/BMG 19-Feb-98 CD
FLY ASHTRAY Flummoxed Dark Beloved Cloud 15-Jun-97 CD
FLY ASHTRAY Clumps Take A Ride SeeEye/Shimmy Disc 21-Oct-92 CD
FLY ASHTRAY Tone Sensations Of The Wondermen Shimmy Disc 11-Jul-94 CD
FLY AWAY HAIR For Something More/Linda Raffscallion 02-Nov-87 CD
FLYING BEYOND Improv On Bamboo Flute Eternal 19-Apr-91 CD
FLYING COLOR (Self Titled) Frontier 22-Sep-87 CD
FLYING COLOR Dear Friend Cryptovision 31-Oct-85 12" LP
FLYING LIZARDS††† (Self Titled) Virgin 01-Jan-79 12" LP
FLYING NUNS, THE (Self Titled) Spinning 03-Feb-98 CD
FLYING NUNS, THE Pilot Matador 13-Oct-95 CD
FLYING NUNS, THE Shirt/Yard Warped 29-Jan-94 CD
FLYING SAUCER ATTACK Further DragCity 16-Mar-95 CD
FLYING SAUCER ATTACK New Lands Drag City 29-Oct-97 CD
FLYNN, FRANK EMILO & SUS AMIGOS Barbarisimo Milan/BMG 10-Feb-97 CD
FLYS, THE 0.25 Raid America/Caroline 23-Aug-95 CD
FM KNIVES Useless & Modern Broken Rekids 07-Mar-03 CD
FOAM Big Windshield Little Mirror Epic/Sony 23-Feb-98 CD
FOAM Rollercoaster Epic/Sony 11-Mar-98 CD
FOETUS Gash Columbia 20-Apr-95 CD
FOETUS Knull Columbia/Sony 06-Mar-95 CD
FOETUS Null Columbia 06-Mar-95 CD
FOG (Self Titled) Ninja Tune 21-Feb-02 CD
FOG Ether Teeth Ninja Tune 27-May-03 CD
FOGHAT Goin'Home For Xmas/Santa Claus Is Back In Town O'Hildenen 22-Dec-86 7" Single
FOIL No Money, No Luck Mute 19-Feb-98 CD
FOLD ZANDURA (Self Titled) Xhan 06-Apr-96 CD
FOLD ZANDURA Ultraforever BEC 13-Jan-98 CD
FOLK IMPLOSION, THE Dare To Be Surprised Communion 25-Apr-97 CD
FOLK IMPLOSION, THE Insinuation Communion 29-Mar-97 CD
FOLK IMPLOSION, THE Pole Position Communion 03-Mar-97 CD
FOLK IMPLOSION, THE Take A Look Inside Communion 06-Aug-94 CD
FONDLY (Self Titled) Bent 30-May-96 CD
FONESCO, CELSO & RONALDO BASTOS Junevtude: Slow Motion Bossa Nova Planet Rhythm/Universal 15-Oct-02 CD
FONTANA, JINNI The Game Of Love Banana 23-Apr-87 12" LP
FONVILLE, JOHN Temporal Details Einstein 16-Mar-96 CD
FOO FIGHTERS Monkey Wrench Capitol 10-Apr-97 CD
FOO FIGHTERS The Colour And The Shape Capitol 11-May-97 CD
FOO FIGHTERS This Is A Call Rosewell/Capitol 23-Jun-95 CD
FOOL KILLERS Out Of State Plates MadRover 09-Apr-90 12" LP
FOOL KILLERS Highway Man/Lovers Walk MadRover 06-Mar-88 CD
FOOLS GARDEN Lemon Tree Universal 11-May-97 CD
FOOLS, THE Wake Up Its Alive PVC/Passport 02-Feb-88 CD
FOR Lady K Ajent 29-Jul-94 CD
FOR AGAINST Don't Do Me Any Favors/Breathless/Spent IndependentProjects 08-Oct-93 CD
FOR AGAINST Masons California Lunch Room Rainbow Quartz 15-Apr-95 CD
FOR AGAINST Aperture IndependentProjects/DutchEast 20-Aug-93 CD
FOR AGAINST Autocrat/It's A Lie RepublicIssue 02-Aug-85 7" Single
FOR AGAINST December Chameleon 15-Mar-89 CD
FOR AGAINST Echelons Chameleon 02-Mar-87 12" LP
FOR CARNATION, THE Fight Songs Matador 08-Jun-95 CD
FOR CARNATION, THE Marshmallows Matador 13-Mar-96 CD
FOR LOVE NOT LISA Good Intentions Hallowed Be Theologian 12-Jul-95 CD
FOR LOVE NOT LISA Information Superdriveway East West 28-Aug-95 CD
FOR LOVE NOT LISA Softhand EP East West 07-Sep-93 CD
FOR LOVE NOT LISA Softhand/Travis Hoffman Theologian 16-Jul-93 7" Single
FOR LOVE NOT LISA Slip Slide Melting East West 21-May-94 CD
FOR STARS (Self Titled) Future Farmer 21-Oct-98 CD
FORBIDDEN DIMENSION, THE Sin Gallery Cargo 12-Oct-93 CD
FORD, LITA Lita RCA 28-Jan-88 CD
FORD, ROBBEN Interview with Robben Ford BlueThumb/GRP 13-Nov-95 CD
FORD, ROBBEN The Authorized Bootleg Blue Thumb/Universal 21-Mar-98 CD
FORD, ROBBEN Tiger Walk Blue Thumb 31-Jul-97 CD
FORD, ROBBEN AND THE BLUELINE Handful of Blues Stretch/BlueThumb 18-Sep-95 CD
FORDHAM, JULIA East West Virgin 11-Aug-97 CD
FORDHAM, JULIA†† (Self Titled) Virgin 24-Sep-88 CD
FOREIGN BODIES (Self Titled) Hyena 04-Jan-86 CD
FOREMEN, THE Firing The Surgeon General Reprise 14-Sep-95 CD
FOREMEN, THE Folk Heroes Reprise 18-Sep-95 CD
FORESKIN 500 Starbent But Superfreaked Priority 24-Aug-96 CD
FORESKIN 500†† Mustache Ride Boner 26-Mar-93 CD
FOREST FOR THE TREES (Self Titled) Dreamworks/Universal 13-Aug-97 CD
FORGET NOTHING Lazer Boy Freek UK 15-Jul-96 CD
FORGET THE NAME Stones For Steven Unforgettable 01-Mar-93 CD
FORM OF ROCKET Lumber Some 15-Oct-03 CD
FORM, THE All The Young Dudes Twin Tone 18-Jun-85 7" Single
FORMALDEHYDE BLUES TRAIN Voo Doo../Swamp Song DieselOnly 03-Sep-91 CD
FORMAT, THE EP Western Tread 09-Apr-03 CD
FORMAT, THE Interventions & Lullabies advance Elektra 15-Sep-03 CD
FORMAT, THE The First Single (You Know Me) single Elektra 03-Oct-03 CD
FORMS, THE Icarus Three Spheres 15-Feb-03 CD
FORSTER, ROBERT Warm Nights Beggars Banquet UK 26-Aug-96 CD
FORTE, NICK Pasted Lakes Schematic 14-Jul-03 CD
FORTY Lightswitch EP BigTop 12-Jul-95 CD
FORTY FIVE SPIDERS Standard Forms Of Communication Deep Reverb 25-Jul-98 CD
FOSSIL (Self-Titled) Sire/Warner Brothers 21-Jan-95 CD
FOSSIL Crumb Sire/Warner Brothers 21-Oct-94 CD
FOSSIL Josespine Baker and Live Tracks Sive/Warner Brothers 01-Apr-95 CD
FOUNTAIN, CLARENCE & THE BLIND BOYS OF ALABAMA My Lord What A Morning Worldwide 21-Jan-01 CD
FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE (Self Titled) TAG/Atlantic 01-Oct-96 CD
FOUR Unusual Warmth Hedhunter/Cargo 03-Oct-97 CD
FOUR COLOR MANUAL, THE Guardian For A Year Sudden Shame 11-Apr-98 CD
FOUR LETTER WORD A Nasty Piece Of Work BYO 15-Jun-98 CD
FOUR ONES, THE (Self Titled) InnerLandscape 03-Jul-85 12" LP
FOUR SAINTS Of All Things FS 07-Mar-01 CD
FOUR TET Pause Domino 11-Oct-01 CD
FOUR TWENTY Desensitized Not Cool 17-Nov-00 CD
FOURTH FLOOR, THE Were All Good People Paradigm 22-Oct-96 CD
FOURWAYCROSS Original Dream/Pendulum IndependentProjects 08-Oct-93 CD
FOURWAYCROSS Shimmer Motiv 11-Feb-88 CD
FOURWAYCROSS (Self Titled) Fundamental 10-Jun-88 CD
FOURWAYCROSS Pendulum IndependentProjects 08-Oct-93 CD
FOWLER, RANDY Back On The Road Oar Fin 19-May-97 CD
FOWLEY, KIM Michigan Babylon Detroit Electric 29-May-98 CD
FOX, BILL Shelter From The Smoke Cherry Pop/Spin Art 03-Oct-98 CD
FOX, BILL Transit Byzantium Spin Art 13-Apr-98 CD
FOX, KIM Moon Hut Dreamworks/Universal 31-Aug-97 CD
FRACTURE Proper Burial DecadentView 13-Oct-95 CD
FRAGMENTS, THE Orange Oar Fin 29-Nov-97 CD
FRAMPTON BROTHERS,THE Do The Chair/I Wanna.. Furniture Popllama 13-Aug-92 7" Single
FRAMPTON BROTHERS,THE Like An Oliver Stone/Evil Twin Bogus 15-Mar-93 7" Single
FRANCINE Forty On A Fall Day Qdivision 15-Sep-00 CD
FRANK & WALTERS, THE Grand Parade Setana 03-Mar-98 CD
FRANKE, CHRISTOPHER Klemania SonicImages 27-Aug-95 CD
FRANKE, CHRISTOPHER Klemania, The Singles SonicImages 27-Aug-95 CD
FRANKE, CHRISTOPHER The London Concert SonicImages 02-Jun-93 CD
FRANKE, CHRISTOPHER The London Concert, CD Single SonicImages 02-Jun-93 CD
FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD Welcome To The Pleasuredome Island 01-Jan-84 12" LP
FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD†† Two Tribes Island 01-Jan-84 12" LP
FRANKIE MACHINE One Mammoth 21-Apr-00 CD
FRANKO, TED Santa Baby, If You Kiss My Wife You Lose Your Life/Santa Beer Reindeer Nawpost 25-Sep-96 CD
FRANKO, TED Shoot My Boss/Tortured Nawpost 20-Feb-96 CD
FRANKOVIC, JOHN Frank-O-Fest Father YOD 13-May-96 CD
FRANKRAVEN/BABETT'S FEAST Wrong Way Out/Waterslide Wabansia 07-Oct-95 CD
FRANTI, MICHAEL & SPEARHEAD Everyone Deserves Music Boo Boo Wax/BMG 11-Aug-03 CD
FRANTIC FLATTOPS, THE Cheap Women Cheap Booze Cheaper Thrills Pravda 05-Apr-97 CD
FRATERNAL ORDER OF THE ALL Greetings From Planet Love J-Bird 25-Apr-98 CD
FRAZIER CHORUS Wide Awake Pure 20-Sep-96 CD
FREAK SHOW Distorted Red Eye 28-Apr-95 CD
FREAKY CHAKRA Blacklight Fantasy Astralwerks/Caroline 11-Apr-98 CD
FREAKY CHAKRA Budded on Earth to Bloom in Heaven Astrwerks 04-Nov-95 CD
FREAKY CHAKRA Lowdown Motivator Astralwerks/Caroline 06-Apr-95 CD
FREAKY CHAKRA March of The Tangetn Prone Astralwerks 09-Mar-95 CD
FREAKY CHAKRA Peace Fixation Astralwerks/Caroline 21-Oct-94 CD
FREE KITTEN Sentimental Education Kill Rock Stars 01-Nov-97 CD
FREE VERSE Access Denied Brain Floss 25-Apr-98 CD
FREED UNIT Field Reports From Out There Bedazzled 19-Mar-98 CD
FREEHEAT Don't Worry, Be Happy Hall Of Records 25-Jan-01 CD
FREEMASONRY Kitty Come Home/Acacia Ichibau/Sky 17-Feb-95 CD
FREEMASONRY Sparrin' With The Varmint Sky/Ichiban 10-Mar-95 CD
FREESTYLE She Said single FS 01-Nov-00 CD
FREESTYLE Uncovered FS 01-Nov-00 CD
FREEWHEELERS, THE Waitin' For George American 22-Feb-96 CD
FREEWORLD Freedom VinylSiding 24-Nov-86 CD
FRENCH LENERDS, THE (Self Titled) BlackPearl 22-Jul-86 CD
FRENCH LETTERS (Self Titled) SoulEyedBear 28-Mar-87 12" LP
FRENCH LETTERS The Second Sex SoulEyedBear 05-Oct-88 CD
FRENCH, FRANK & KEVIN KINNEY Everything Looks Better Fundamental 29-Nov-87 12" LP
FRENCHKICKS Young Lawyer Star Time 17-Nov-00 CD
FRENCHY Bumps And Grinds Dionysus 01-Nov-96 CD
FRENTE! Shape Mammoth/Atlantic 15-Jul-96 CD
FRENTE! Labour Of Love Mammoth 16-Feb-94 CD
FRENTE! Lonely White/Mammoth 27-Jul-94 CD
FRENTE! Marvin The Album Mammoth/Atlantic 25-Apr-94 CD
FRETBLANKET Home Truths From Abroad A&M/Polygram 21-Feb-98 CD
FRETBLANKET Into The Ocean (So Long I'm Gone) Polydor 01-Dec-97 CD
FRETBLANKET Song In B A&M 01-Oct-94 CD
FRETBLANKET Twisted Atlas/PLG 19-Apr-94 CD
FRETBLANKET Junkfuel Atlas/PLG 23-May-93 CD
FRETBLANKET Junkfuel Atlas/PLG 28-May-94 CD
FREUND, TOM North American Long Weekend Red Ant/BMG 21-Aug-98 CD
FRICTION Hours Of Operation; Discography 1991-1994 Polyvinyl 25-Apr-02 CD
FRIEND/ENEMY (Self Titled) Perishable 05-Jul-02 CD
FRIENDS OF DEAN MARTINEZ Monte Carlo/Cordova Sub Pop 19-Jan-96 CD
FRIENDS OF DEAN MARTINEZ The Shadow of Your Smile Sub Pop 23-Aug-95 CD
FRIENDS OF GHOSTS Realm Of The Senses C'estLaMort 17-Mar-88 12" LP
FRIFOT Sluring North Side 13-May-03 CD
FRIFOT Summer Song North Side 07-Feb-99 CD
FRIGATE Blow Me Down Spinning 01-May-01 CD
FRIPP, ROBERT Soundscapes, Live In Argentina Discipline/Possible 28-Dec-94 CD
FRIPP, ROBERT†† Exposure EG 01-Jan-79 12" LP
FRIPP, ROBERT†† Let The Power Fall EG 01-Jan-81 12" LP
FRIPP, ROBERT & ANDY SUMMERS††† Bewitched A&M 01-Jan-84 12" LP
FRITH, FRED/CHRIS CUTLER Live, Volume 2 ReR/Cuneiform 07-Feb-95 CD
FRODUS Conglomerate International Tooth & Nail 09-Apr-98 CD
FROG POND Count To Ten Tri Star/Sony 22-Sep-96 CD
FROGS, THE Here Comes Santa's Pussy/Have A Merry X-Mass/Snowkisses Matador 13-Nov-95 CD
FROGS, THE Now You Know You're Black/Adam & Steve Matador 17-Aug-94 CD
FROGS, THE It's Only Right & Natural Homestead 22-Apr-89 CD
FROHMADER, PETER Cycle Of Eternity Cuneiform 14-May-94 CD
FROLEY, DIANA Pet My Kitty, Mr. New York City Skoda 21-Sep-98 CD
FROM MONUMENT TO MASSES The Impossible Leap In One Hundred Simple Steps Dim Mak 27-May-03 CD
FRONT 242 Live Code Play It Again Sam 29-May-98 CD
FRONT 242 Mutage Mixage Play It Again Sam/Never 07-Nov-97 CD
FRONT 242 Endless Riddance Wax Trax 15-Apr-85 CD
FRONT 242 Headhunter/Welcome 2 Paradise Wax Trax 16-Oct-88 CD
FRONT 242 Interception Wax Trax 02-Aug-85 12" Single
FRONT 242 Masterhit Wax Trax 16-Nov-87 CD
FRONT 242 Never Stop Wax Trax 07-Apr-89 CD
FRONT 242 No Comment Wax Trax 11-Dec-86 CD
FRONT 242 Official Version Wax Trax 28-Mar-87 12" LP
FRONT 242 Quite Unusual/Agressiva Wax Trax 22-Dec-86 12" Single
FRONT 242 Take One/U Men Wax Trax 07-Jan-85 7" Single
FRONT 242 05:22:09:12 Off Epic/Sony 17-Nov-93 CD
FRONT 242 Front By Front Wax Trax 21-Dec-88 CD
FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY Gashed Senses & Crossfire Wax Trax 17-Jul-89 CD
FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY hard Wired Metropolis 25-Dec-95 CD
FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY Milleneium Roadrunner 21-Jan-95 CD
FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY No Limit/Lethal Compound Wax Trax 29-Sep-89 12" LP
FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY Digital Tension/Vexation Wax Trax 24-Feb-89 CD
FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY The Blade EP ThirdMind/Roadrunner 03-Aug-92 CD
FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY Corrosion Wax Trax 01-Apr-88 CD
FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY Disorder Wax Trax 10-Jun-88 CD
FRONT, THE Sideways Foam 23-Jun-86 CD
FROST, EDITH (Self Titled) Drag City 08-Jun-96 CD
FROST, LILLY Lunamarium Nettwerk 01-Aug-01 CD
FROSTED Call The Crazy Geffen 23-Oct-96 CD
FROSTED Cold DGC 11-Aug-96 CD
FROSTY (Self Titled) Waveform 05-Aug-96 CD
FRUSCIANTE, JOHN To Clara American 22-Nov-94 CD
FRUSCIANTE, JOHN To Record Water Only For Ten Days Warner Brothers 11-Feb-01 CD
FU MANCHU Dare Devil Bong Load 04-Feb-95 CD
FU MANCHU In Search Of... Mammoth 22-Feb-96 CD
FU MANCHU The Action Is Go Mammoth 01-Oct-97 CD
FU MANCHU No One Rides For Free Bong Load 21-May-94 CD
FUCK Conduct Matador 15-Sep-98 CD
FUCK Cupid's Cactus Smells Like 21-Apr-01 CD
FUCK Monkey Does His thing/Beauty Remains/Shotgun (h)ours Rhesus 25-Sep-95 CD
FUCK Pardon My French Matador 17-Jun-97 CD
FUDGE Southside Speedway Caroline 05-May-94 CD
FUDGE The Ferocious Rythym Of Precise Laziness Caroline 28-May-93 CD
FUDGE TUNNEL†† Creep Diets Earache/Columbia 07-Sep-93 CD
FUEL Hazelton EP 550/Sony 23-Oct-97 CD
FUEL Shimmer 550/Sony 11-Mar-98 CD
FUEL Shimmer/Sunday Girl 550/Sony 05-May-98 7" Single
FUEL Sunburn 550/Sony 13-Mar-98 CD
FUGEES The Score Ruffhouse/Columbia/Sony 10-Feb-96 CD
FUGEES The Score Ruffhouse/Columbia/Sony 02-Apr-96 CD
FUGEES Blunted On Reality RuffHouse/Columbia 08-Feb-94 CD
FUGITIVE POPE Dumb and Uncomfortable Nervous 18-Feb-95 CD
FULKS, ROBBIE Let's Kill Saturday Night Geffen 07-Sep-98 CD
FULL BONEY La Sullen Teen/Stars: Pinholes In The Curtain Of Our Night Allied 20-Jul-96 CD
FULL FATHOM FIVE 4 Song EP SouthEast 08-Dec-86 12" EP
FULL FATHOM FIVE The Cry Of A Falling Nation Link 02-Nov-87 CD
FULL ON THE MOUTH Collide Pioneer Music Group/Atlantic 01-Dec-97 CD
FULL TIME MEN (Self Titled) Coyote 16-Dec-85 12" LP
FULL TIME MEN Your Face, My Fist Twin Tone 13-Nov-88 CD
FULL WHITE DRAG The Independence Inner Flight 21-Oct-02 CD
FUMES, THE Knocked Out Of The Axis Empty 25-Aug-93 CD
FUN BOY 3 The Telephone Always Rings/The Alibi Chrysalis UK 01-Jan-82 7" Single
FUN DA MENTAL Dog Tribe EP BeggarsBanquet/Mammoth/Atlantic 30-Jan-95 CD
FUN DA MENTAL Dog Tribe EP BeggarsBanquet/Mammoth/Atlantic 30-Jan-95 CD
FUN DA MENTAL Seize The Time BeggersBanquet/Mammoth/Atlantic 10-Feb-95 CD
FUN IN THE ENDTIMES (Self Titled) Y.Z. 22-Oct-96 CD
FUN LOVIN' CRIMINALS Come Find Yourself EMI 15-Feb-96 CD
FUN LOVIN' CRIMINALS Come Find Yourself; Clean Versions EMI 01-Mar-96 CD
FUN LOVIN' CRIMINALS Original/Soundtrack for Hi-Fi Living SilverSpotlight/Caroline 23-Oct-95 CD
FUN LOVIN' CRIMINALS Sing The Fun Lovin' Criminal EMI 17-Jan-97 CD
FUNERALS, THE Pathetic Me TMT 11-May-02 CD
FUNKDOOBIEST The Troubleshooters Buzztone/RCA/BMG 31-Oct-97 CD
FUNKIN' DO ME Anonymous Unsigned 04-Mar-96 CD
FUNKIN' DO ME Live At The Barbary-St. Patricks Day Funkin Do Me 12-Apr-95 CD
FUNKIN' DO ME Low Life Funkin Do Me 12-Apr-95 CD
FUNSEEKERS, THE The Special Sound Of... Susstones 01-Mar-87 12" LP
FUNSEEKERS, THE We Is The Funseekers Susstones 11-Aug-86 CD
FUR (Self Titled) Blackout 10-Feb-96 CD
FUR Mira Mira/V.D. Blackout 06-Mar-97 7" Single
FURIES, THE Fun Around The World Infrasonic 16-Jul-87 CD
FURRY THINGS Hide/You're Two One Rise 02-Nov-95 CD
FURSLIDE Adventure Meanwhile/Virgin 03-Oct-98 CD
FURSLIDE Skinny Girl single Virgin 29-Sep-98 CD
FURTIPS Stand Back, Speak Normally Ajax 19-Apr-95 CD
FURTIPS Pitched Up Twinkle Ajax 01-Feb-94 CD
FURY 66 For Lack Of A Better Word Sessions 03-Jul-98 CD
FUTURE BIBLE HEROES (Self Titled) Slow River 09-May-97 CD
FUTURE BIBLE HEROES Loney Days Slow River/Rykodisc 21-Sep-97 CD
FUTURE LOOP FOUNDATION Time & Bass Planet Dog/Mammoth 15-Aug-96 CD
FUTURE NEIGHBORS Flesh Of Love C'estLaMort 15-Mar-89 CD
FUTURE PILOT AKA Tiny Waves Mighty Sea Domino 23-Oct-01 CD
FUTURE SOUNDS OF LONDON, THE Dead Cities Astralwerks/Caroline 12-Oct-96 CD
FUTURE SOUNDS OF LONDON, THE Electronic Brain Violence; Live ISDN Show Virgin UK 31-Jul-97 CD
FUTURE SOUNDS OF LONDON, THE ISDN Astralwerks/Caroline 23-Jun-95 CD
FUTURE SOUNDS OF LONDON, THE Lifeforms Astralwerks/Virgin 17-Jul-94 CD
FUTURE SOUNDS OF LONDON, THE We Have Explosives Astralwerks 17-Mar-97 CD
FUTURE, THE Out Alive Sepid 17-Jan-95 CD
FUXA 3 Field Rotation Che/Darla 26-Mar-96 CD
FUZZDOLLY Inflatable Live Hardknocks/Crustacean 11-May-97 CD
FUZZY Electric Juices TAG/Atlantic 04-Mar-96 CD
FUZZY Lemon Rind Seed 29-Mar-95 CD
FUZZY (Self Titled) Seed 01-Jun-94 CD
FUZZY†† Flashlight/Thurber/Country Song Seed 30-Apr-94 CD