H MEN, THE (Self Titled) Rude 03-Jul-85 12" LP
H TOWN Back Seat (With No Sheets Luke 15-Nov-94 CD
H TOWN Beggin' After Dark Luke 08-Dec-94 CD
H TOWN Emotions Luke 07-Mar-95 CD
H TOWN + U-MYND Christmas at Luke's House Luke 08-Dec-94 CD
H.P. ZINKER Mountains of Madness Energy 31-Jan-95 CD
H.P. ZINKER   Staying Loose, A Compilation Roughneck/Energy 04-Dec-93 CD
H.R. Human Rights SST 29-Nov-87 12" LP
H.R. It's About Love Olive Tree 05-Feb-86 CD
H.R. Charge SST 07-Jul-90 12" LP
H2O (Self Titled) Blackout 08-Jun-96 CD
HAEFFNER, NICK The Great Indoors Fundamental 07-Jul-88 CD
HAGEN, NINA BAND   (Self Titled) CBS 01-Jan-80 12" LP
HAGFISH (Self Titled) Honest Don's 01-Apr-98 CD
HAGFISH Happiness London 28-Dec-95 CD
HAGFISH Rocks Your Lame Ass London/PLG 15-Jul-95 CD
HAGFISH Stamp London/Island 17-May-95 CD
HAGGARD, THE A Bike City Called Greasy Mr. Lady/Heartcore 13-Jun-00 CD
HAIL   Kirk ReR/Cuneiform 03-May-93 CD
HAIR & SKIN TRADING CO., THE (Self Titled) Ffrr/Freek UK 08-Aug-95 CD
HAIR & SKIN TRADING CO., THE Over Valence Beggar'sBanquet 28-Jan-94 CD
HAKASE, TARO Taro Sony Classical 15-Aug-98 CD
HAL LOVEJOY CIRCUS, THE American Made Fish Of Death 19-Mar-98 CD
HALALSHEDAD, THE Textures Of Tomorrow Troubleman Unlimited/Buddy System 03-Jul-98 CD
HALF A CHICKEN  Food For Thought Rabid Cat 24-Sep-88 CD
HALF FILM East Of Monument Buzz 25-Apr-98 CD
HALF HOUR TO GO Items For The Full Outfit Grass 20-Jul-96 CD
HALF JAPANESE Hot SafeHouse 12-Jul-95 CD
HALF JAPANESE Hot SafeHouse 08-Aug-95 CD
HALF JAPANESE The Band That Would Be King 50,000Watts 05-Aug-89 CD
HALF JAPANESE US Teens Are Spoiled Bums/S. Katherine 50,000Watts 10-Jun-88 7" Single
HALF JAPANESE   Charmed Life 50,000Watts 21-Dec-88 12" LP
HALF JAPANESE   Music To Strip By 50,000Watts 02-Nov-87 12" LP
HALF LIFE  Never Give In Skyclad 09-Jul-89 12" LP
HALF STRING Maps For Sleep/Arc-Fold IndependentProjects 08-Oct-93 CD
HALIBUTS, THE  Gnarly Iloki 18-May-87 12" LP
HALKER, BUCKY   A Sense Of Place Revolting 05-Sep-88 12" LP
HALKER, BUCKY   Step N' Blue Revolting 05-Sep-88 12" LP
HALL, ED    Albert Boner 21-Dec-88 12" LP
HALL, JAMES (Self Titled) DGC 22-Apr-96 CD
HALL, JAMES Illingness Geffen 28-Jun-96 CD
HALL, JAMES Pleasure Club Geffen 13-May-96 CD
HALL, JAMES   My Love, Sex & Spirit Daemon 31-Aug-93 CD
HALL, JOHN S. & KRAMER Real Men Shimmy Disc 29-Mar-91 CD
HALL, LISA Connection 17 Reprise 03-Aug-98 CD
HALL, LISA Connection 17 EP Reprise 13-Sep-98 CD
HALL, LISA Is This Real? Reprise 03-Oct-98 CD
HALL, LISA Is This Real? Sampler Reprise 21-Jul-98 CD
HALO BENDERS, THE Don't Tell Me Now K 16-Jan-96 CD
HALO BENDERS, THE God Don't Make No Junk K 01-Sep-94 CD
HALO BENDERS, THE The Rebel's Not In K 27-Jan-98 CD
HALO OF FLIES   Garbage Rock Twin Tone 07-Apr-88 CD
HALO OF FLIES   Headburn Twin Tone 21-Dec-88 CD
HALOBIT, THE Gravity SpinArt 12-Oct-94 CD
HAM STEAK I Think Therefore I Ham Serendipity Do Da 13-Nov-02 CD
HAMBLIN, MASON The Ballroom Is For Dances Out Of Round 05-Sep-02 CD
HAMELL ON TRAIL Big As Life Doolittle 25-Jan-95 CD
HAMELL ON TRAIL Big As Life; A Fuck-less 14:47 Doolittle 25-Jan-95 CD
HAMELL ON TRIAL Big As Life Mercury/Polygram 13-Mar-96 CD
HAMELL ON TRIAL Tough Love Righteous Babe 01-Sep-03 CD
HAMELL ON TRIAL Tough Love; A3 Radio Sampler Righteous Babe 01-Sep-03 CD
HAMILL, PETER  And Close As This Enigma 01-Mar-87 12" LP
HAMILTON, ERIC, BAND (Self Titled) Curb 05-Aug-96 CD
HAMILTON, ERIC, BAND Keep The Change Curb 24-Oct-96 CD
HAMMERHEAD Duh, The Big City AmphetamineReptile 22-Feb-96 CD
HAMMERHEAD Into The Vortex AmphetamineReptile 16-Mar-94 CD
HAMMERHEAD   Evil Twin AmphetamineReptile 31-Oct-93 CD
HAMMOND, JOHN Found True Love Virgin 23-Jan-96 CD
HAMMOND, JOHN Long As I Have You Point Blank 09-Apr-98 CD
HAMMOND, JOHN Wicked Grin Pointblank/Virgin 21-Feb-01 CD
HAMPTON, PARIS (Self Titled) Yipe 14-Feb-97 CD
HANDSOM FAMILY, THE Odessa CarrotTop 03-Jan-95 CD
HANDSOME (Self Titled) Sony 28-Jan-97 CD
HANDSOME Needles Epic/Sony 15-Jan-97 CD
HANDSOME FAMILY, THE Milk & Scissors Carrot Top 15-Apr-96 CD
HANG UPS, THE So We Go Clean/Restless 01-Apr-97 CD
HANK Are You Insane? Blackheart/Buzzsaw 27-Sep-95 CD
HANNAH CRANNA Better Lonely Days BigDeal 11-Jun-95 CD
HANSON & DAVIS Can't Stop SleepingBag 20-Oct-87 CD
HANSON BROTHERS, THE Gross Misconduct AlternativeTentacles 30-Jan-93 CD
HANUMAN CARE KIT Visited Gorgone 01-Aug-97 CD
HANZEL UND GRETYL Ausgeflippt Energy 14-Sep-95 CD
HAPPIEST GUYS IN THE WORLD (Self Titled) Dot Dot Dash 01-Nov-96 CD
HAPPIEST GUYS IN THE WORLD, THE Try Try Try/Ask That Girl To Dance Tarquin/DotDotDash 14-Sep-95 CD
HAPPY BUNNY (Self Titled) Chickenhead 23-Apr-96 CD
HAPPY FAMILY (Self Titled) Cuneiform 11-May-95 CD
HAPPY FLOWERS BB Gun/Charlie Got A Haircut Homestead 11-May-89 CD
HAPPY FLOWERS I Crush Bozo Homestead 13-Jul-88 CD
HAPPY FLOWERS My Skin Covers My Body Homestead 11-Aug-87 12" LP
HAPPY FLOWERS Oof Homestead 22-May-89 CD
HAPPY FLOWERS They Cleaned My Mouth With A Wire Brush Homestead 05-Mar-88 CD
HAPPY FLOWERS  Lasterday I Was Been Bad Homestead 19-Aug-90 12" LP
HAPPY MONDAYS Tart Tart Factory 04-Apr-87 12" LP
HAPPY MONDAYS 24 Hour Party People Factory 16-Nov-87 CD
HAPPY MONDAYS Freaky Dancin'/The Egg Factory 26-Sep-86 CD
HAPPY NEW YEAR (Self Titled) Megaphone 29-Jun-94 CD
HAPPY WORLD Flowing Field Rabid Cat 05-Aug-87 12" LP
HARCOURT, ED From Every Sphere Astralwerks 13-May-03 CD
HARD FACTS (Self Titled) Cheektowaga 08-Nov-85 CD
HARD ONS, THE The Hard Ons BigTime 01-Aug-87 12" LP
HARD ONS, THE Dick Cheese Taang! 28-Sep-88 12" LP
HARD ONS, THE Too Far Gone Skene!/TCI 24-Aug-93 CD
HARDCASTLE, PAUL Rain Forest Profile 01-Jan-84 12" LP
HARDING, JOHN WESLEY Awake Zero Hour 01-Mar-98 CD
HARDSHIP POST, THE Somebody Spoke Sub Pop 17-May-95 CD
HARDVARK Dress Mud 12-Jul-95 CD
HARDVARK Memory Barge Cargo/DGC 06-Apr-95 CD
HARLEY, BILL I'm Gonna Let It Shine RoundRiver 19-Apr-91 CD
HARLEY, RUFUS The Pied Piper Of Jazz Label M 01-Jun-01 CD
HARMONIC VOISES Whistling In The Temple Simone 02-May-95 CD
HARMONY ROCKET I've Got A Golden Ticket No. 6 17-Oct-97 CD
HARPER, BEN Fight For Your Mind Virgin 29-Jul-95 CD
HARPER, BEN Live Virgin 19-Mar-98 CD
HARPER, BEN Live, MSN On Air Paradigm/Triage 27-Apr-97 CD
HARPER, BEN The Will To Live Virgin 05-Jun-97 CD
HARPER, BEN Welcome To The Cruel World Virgin 08-Feb-94 CD
HARRIS,  EMMYLOU Spyboy Eminent 03-Oct-98 CD
HARRIS, BOB  The Great Nostalgia  Mastafina 17-Oct-86 CD
HARRIS, STEVE Pebble EarthMusic/Cargo 23-Jan-96 CD
HARRISON, GREGORY I'm Ruling/Conversations Jr.Achiever 30-Mar-88 CASS
HARRISON, GREGORY Funk Bus GregoryHarrison 30-Mar-88 CASS
HARROD, JASON & BRIAN FUNCK Dreams Of The Colorblind HeatedBrick 26-Sep-94 CD
HART, ALVIN YOUNGBLOOD Big Mama's Door Okeh/550/Sony 22-Apr-96 CD
HART, ALVIN YOUNGBLOOD Big Mama's Door/That Kate Adams Jive Okeh/Sony 23-Mar-96 CD
HART, GRANT  Intolerance SST 28-Dec-89 12" LP
HART, GRANT   All Of My Senses SST 08-May-90 12" LP
HART, GRANT    2541 SST 16-Oct-88 CD
HART, MICKEY MYSTERY BOX (Self Titled) Rykodisc 08-Jun-96 CD
HART, MICKEY MYSTERY BOX Radio Special Rykodisc 20-Jul-96 CD
HART, MICKEY PLANET DRUM Supralingua Rykodisc 11-Aug-98 CD
HARTHOUSE Axis Of Vision WhiteLabels/American 09-Mar-95 CD
HARTHOUSE  The Point Of No Return, Chapter 1 American 04-Dec-93 CD
HARV Must North Side 01-Aug-00 CD
HARV Tost! North Side 15-Oct-02 CD ROM
HARVESTER Me Climb Mountain DGC 22-Apr-96 CD
HARVESTER Me Climb Mountain DGC 04-May-96 CD
HARVEY DANGER Where Have All The Merrymakers Gone? Arena Rock 29-Jul-97 CD
HARVEY, MICK I Do Not Know How To Live My Life HalfBakedRecords 12-Jul-95 CD
HARVEY, MICK Pink Elephants Mute/Reprise 01-Dec-97 CD
HARVEY, PJ Down By The Water Island 08-Feb-95 CD
HARVEY, PJ Down By The Water EP Island 06-Feb-95 CD
HARVEY, PJ   4-Track Demos Island/PLG 15-Nov-93 CD
HARVEY, PJ   Rid Of Me Island/PLG 08-May-93 CD
HASLINGER, PAUL World Without Rules RGB 12-Oct-96 CD
HASSELFIELD, DAVID Freeze Blue Sax 07-Jan-03 CD
HASSELL, JON    Dream Theory In Malaya EG 01-Jan-81 12" LP
HASSELL, JON    Power Spot ECM 01-Jan-86 CD
HASSELL, JON & BLUESCREEN Dressing For Pleasure Warner Brothers 08-Apr-94 CD
HASSELL, JON/BRIAN ENO 4th World Vol.1 Possible Musics EG 01-Jan-80 12" LP
HASSELL, JON/BRIAN ENO  4th World Vol.1 Possible Musics EG 01-Jan-80 12" LP
HATE DEPT. Mainline EP Neurotic 06-Nov-95 CD
HATE DEPT. Omnipresent Neurotic 19-Jan-96 CD
HATFIELD, JULIANA Bed Zoe/Rounder 11-Aug-98 CD
HATFIELD, JULIANA Only Everything Mammoth/Atlantic 25-Mar-95 CD
HATFIELD, JULIANA Please Do Not Disturb Bar None 01-Nov-97 CD
HATFIELD, JULIANA  I See You Mammoth 23-Nov-92 CD
HATFIELD, JULIANA THREE Become What You Are Mammoth/Atlantic 02-Sep-93 CD
HATFIELD, JULIANA THREE Spin The Bottle Atlantic 17-Nov-94 CD
HATFIELD, JULIANA THREE For The Birds EP Mammoth/Atlantic 23-Oct-93 CD
HATFIELD, JULIANA THREE   Spin The Bottle Mammoth/Atlantic 28-Jan-94 CD
HATTERS, THE You Will Be You Atlantic 08-Aug-95 CD
HATTERS, THE The Madcap Adventures Of The Avocado Overlord Atlantic 23-Mar-94 CD
HATTERS, THE    Live Thunderchicken Atlantic 04-Oct-93 CD
HATZA, GREG ORGANIZATION, THE (Self Titled) Palmetto 08-May-95 CD
HAVALINA Space, Love and Bullfighting Tooth & Nail 13-Jun-02 CD
HAVOHEJ The Black Mist/Elightened One Ax/ction 21-Feb-95 CD
HAWKE Namaquada Disco Sunburn/Lightyear 11-Mar-98 CD
HAWKINS, SCREAMIN' JAY, & THE FUZZTONES  12" Live Midnight 04-Jan-86 CD
HAYDEN Bad As They Seem Outpost/Uni 13-May-96 CD
HAYDEN Everything I Long For Hardwood/SonicUnyon 23-Mar-96 CD
HAYDEN Everything I Long For DGC 22-Apr-96 CD
HAYDEN Moving Careful Sonic Unyun 18-Apr-97 CD
HAYDEN The Closer I Get Outpost/Universal 05-May-98 CD
HAYDEN The Hazards Of Sitting Beneath Palm Trees (Single) Outpost 21-Apr-98 CD
HAYDEN, LILI Lili Atlantic 31-Oct-97 CD
HAYES, ISAAC Black Moses: The Old School Revival PointBlank/Virgin 25-May-95 CD
HAYES, ISSAC Ike's Mood Pointblank/Virgin 30-May-95 CD
HAYNES BOYS (Self Titled) Slab 30-May-96 CD
HAYNES BOYS The New Franklin County Woman Slab 04-May-96 CD
HAYNES, GRAHAM Transition Antilles 15-Feb-96 CD
HAYRIDE Brickstretcher Capricorn 02-May-95 CD
HAYRIDE Elfin Magic Capricorn 02-May-95 CD
HAYWOOD We Are Amatures, You and I Self Starter Foundation 23-Oct-01 CD
HAZA, OFRA    Kirya Shanachie 01-Jan-92 CD
HAZARDOUS WASTE   Half Life/Danger Zone Hazardous 26-Sep-86 CD
HAZE Tom Dooley Mutiny/Futurist 23-Oct-95 CD
HAZE & SHUFFLE    Get Your Haze Arista 26-Oct-93 CD
HAZE & SHUFFLE    Watch 'Ya Doin' With Me Arista 30-Sep-93 CD
HAZEL Are You Going To Eat That? Sub Pop 16-Feb-95 CD
HEAD OF DAVID   Dustbowl Blast First 27-Jun-88 CD
HEAD SWIM Patterson Meat Co./Wallflower Direct Hit 25-Jan-94 CD
HEAD, MURRAY    One Night In Bangkok/Merano RCA 01-Jan-84 12" LP
HEADCRASH Clean Stains EP (Radio Edits) Discovery/Warner Brothers 31-Aug-96 CD
HEADCRASH Clean Stains; Radio Edits Discovery 15-Aug-96 CD
HEADCRASH Overdose On Tradition Discovery 07-Jul-96 CD
HEADNECKS, THE Plutonium Chickenshack Headnecks 29-Jul-97 CD
HEADRILLAZ Coldharbour Rocks Gee Street/BMG 23-Sep-97 CD
HEADS, THE 4 Song Sampler MCA 12-Sep-96 CD
HEADS, THE No Talking Just Head Radioactive/MCA 05-Oct-96 CD
HEADS, THE Relaxing With Headhunter/Cargo 15-Apr-96 CD
HEADSTONES   Picture Of Health MCA 06-May-94 CD
HEADSWIM Despite Yourself 550/Sony 13-Aug-97 CD
HEADSWIM Hype 550/Sony 05-Jul-97 CD
HEALTH & HAPPINESS SHOW, THE   Tonic Bar None 01-Oct-93 CD
HEAP, IMOGENE I Megaphone Almo/DGC 01-Jun-98 CD
HEARTWORMS During Pop Factory 03-Apr-98 CD
HEARTWORMS Space Escapade Darla 13-Mar-95 CD
HEATERS, THE Living In A Sitcom Garage 13-Apr-98 CD
HEATHEN   Breaking The Silence Combat 11-Aug-87 12" LP
HEATHEN   Set Me Free/Goblin's Blade Combat 17-Jun-87 12" LP
HEATHER DUBY/ELEMENTAL (Self Titled) Sub Pop 03-Sep-01 CD
HEATHER NOVA Live From The Milky Way BigCat/Work/Sony 20-Apr-95 CD
HEATHER NOVA Live From The Milky Way Work/BigCat/Sony 28-Apr-95 CD
HEATMISER Mic City Sons Caroline 12-Oct-96 CD
HEATMISER   Yellow #5 Frontier 21-May-94 CD
HEATMISER    Dead Air Frontier 24-Apr-93 CD
HEAVEN 17 Higher & Higher, The Best Of Heaven 17 Virgin 18-Aug-93 CD
HEAVENLY Heavenly Vs. Satan K 11-Nov-01 CD
HEAVENLY BODIES  Celestial C'estLaMort 24-Jun-88 CD
HEAVENLY BODIES  Rains On Me C`estLaMort 21-Dec-88 CD
HEAVENS TO BETSY  Calculated Kill Rock Stars 06-May-94 CD
HEAVENS TO MURGATROID And The Planets Keep Spinning Bam 01-Aug-98 CD
HEAVY FLOE Hamcat Uncle Floe 09-Mar-00 CD
HEAVY METAL HORNS  (Self-Titled) Square 09-Dec-92 CD
HEAVY VEGETABLE Album # 2/T.B.A. Headhunter/Cargo 27-Aug-95 CD
HEAVY VEGETABLE Frisbie Headhunter/Cargo 27-Sep-95 CD
HEAVY VEGETABLE Mondo Aqua Kitty Headhunter/Cargo 01-Sep-98 CD
HEAVY VEGETABLE The Amazing Undersea Adventures Of Aquakitty & Friends Cargo 12-May-94 CD
HEAVY WATER FACTORY Author Of Pain Energy/Caroline 11-May-97 CD
HECKLE Not Laughing With You Wingnut 20-Jul-96 CD
HECTOR   (Self Titled) Cryptovision 26-Jan-89 12" LP
HED PE (Self Titled) Zomba/Jive 05-Sep-97 CD
HEDNINGARNA (Self Titled) North Side 03-Apr-01 CD
HEDNINGARNA 1989-2003 North Side 13-May-03 CD
HEDNINGARNA Hippjokk North Side 15-Aug-97 CD
HEDNINGARNA Kaksi North Side 01-Mar-98 CD
HEDNINGARNA Karelia Visa North Side 07-Feb-99 CD
HEDNINGARNA The Heathens Tri Star/Sony 01-Aug-96 CD
HEDNINGARNA Tra North Side 01-Mar-98 CD
HEDONISTS, THE  Know Your Anger's Name/Scar Of David Homestead 05-Jan-93 7" Single
HEEMAN, CHRISTOPH   Invisible Barrier Extreme 12-Apr-93 CD
HEFFERN, GARY Painful Days Y 03-Jul-96 CD
HEGE RIMESTAD White Arrow North Side 03-Jul-98 CD
HEIGHT OF, THE Chalk And Water Runt 27-Jan-98 CD
HELDON Stand By Cuneiform 03-May-93 CD
HELDON Un Reve Sans Consequences Speciale Cuneiform 07-Feb-95 CD
HELDON  It's Always Rock & Roll/Electronique Guerilla Cuneiform 03-May-93 CD
HELDON 6   Interface Cuneiform 19-Oct-92 CD
HELEN KELLER PLAID/TEXAS MIDGETS (Self Titled) MadRover 09-Apr-90 12" LP
HELICOPTER (Self Titled) Headhunter/Cargo 26-Mar-93 CD
HELICOPTER HELICOPTER Wild Dogs with X-Ray Eyes Initial 27-May-03 CD
HELIKOPTER Limbo/Transistor Penultimate 17-Mar-95 CD
HELIOS CREED Planet X AmphetamineReptile 06-Oct-94 CD
HELIUM No Guitars Matador 05-Apr-97 CD
HELIUM Pat's Trick/Ghost Car Matador 15-Dec-94 CD
HELIUM Superball + Matador 26-Oct-95 CD
HELIUM The American Jean/Termite Tree Warped 28-Jan-93 7" Single
HELIUM The Magic City Matador 11-Sep-97 CD
HELIUM   Hole In The Ground/Lucy Pop Narcotic 08-Sep-93 CD
HELIUM   Pirate Prude Matador 30-Mar-94 CD
HELLA Bitches Ain't Shit But Good People Suicide Squeeze 15-Jun-03 CD
HELLA/DILUTE (Self Titled) Sick Room 01-Sep-03 CD
HELLACOPTERS, THE Cream Of The Crap Gearhead 31-Aug-02 CD
HELLACOPTERS, THE High Visibility Gearhead 25-Apr-02 CD
HELLCATS    (Self Titled) Combat 23-Nov-87 12" LP
HELLMER, JEFF TRIO Peak Moments Viewpoint 01-Sep-00 CD
HELLO Defective Element 115 13-Nov-02 CD
HELLO DEFECTIVE Kill Us Now Element 115 01-Feb-03 CD
HELLO KENNA The Freetime Remixes Columbia 13-May-03 12" EP
HELL'S KITCHEN   If You Can't Stand The Heat Boner 11-May-89 CD
HELMET Aftertaste Interscope 27-Jan-97 CD
HELMET Born Annoying/Rumble/Shirley MacLaine/Taken AmphetamineReptile 25-May-93 CD
HELMET   Biscuits For Smut Interscope/Atlantic 23-May-94 CD
HELMET    Betty Interscope/Atlantic 09-Jun-94 CD
HELMS The Swimmer Kimchee 21-Nov-00 CD
HELMS & VICTORY AT SEA (Self Titled) Kimchee 01-Jul-00 CD
HELPER Cold Feet Reverb/C&S 29-Jul-97 CD
HELPER Super Catchy Reverb/C&S 11-Nov-97 CD
HENDRIX, JIMI Voodoo Soup MCA 05-Apr-95 CD
HENRY COW    (Self Titled) Virgin 01-Jan-73 12" LP
HENRY, JOE Trampoline Mammoth/Atlantic 23-Mar-96 CD
HENRY, JOE    Kindness Of The World Mammoth 14-Sep-93 CD
HENRY, PIERRE & MICHAEL COLOMBIER Metamorphose Ffrr/Polygram 03-Aug-97 CD
HENRY'S DRESS/FLAKE All This Time For Nothing/Deluca Omnibus 28-Apr-95 CD
HEPCAT Scientific BYO 06-May-96 CD
HER FAULT Hearfelt Summer Bittersweet 13-Oct-95 CD
HER FAULT Heritage Bittersweet 13-Oct-95 CD
HER MAJESTY THE BABY Mary Nu Millenia 22-Sep-96 CD
HER SPACE HOLIDAY Home Is Where You Hang Yourself Tiger Style 25-May-00 CD
HER SPACE HOLIDAY Manic Expressive Tiger Style 15-Oct-01 CD
HER VANISHED GRACE (Self Titled) HV9 10-Apr-95 CD
HER VANISHED GRACE All Of The Night HGV 04-May-96 CD
HERBALISER, THE Something Wicked This Way Comes Ninja Tune 25-May-02 CD
HERE KITTY KITTY  Kiss Me You Fool Iteration/DutchEast 25-Jul-94 CD
HERETICS, THE Search & Destroy/Lesbian Grudge Match GetHip 13-Apr-88 CD
HERETICS, THE Shrivel Up & Die/Mississippi Queen GetHip 16-Nov-89 12" LP
HERETICS, THE   (Self Titled) GetHip 31-Jan-89 CD
HERETIX  Always Darkest/Ready For The Now Monolyth 06-Mar-88 CD
HERETIX   Heretix AD Monolyth 10-Jun-88 CD
HERIONE High Phidelity/Pronoun - U FuzzyBox 13-Feb-95 CD
HERITAGE, MORGAN    Unjust World MCA 25-Jun-94 CD
HEROINE For The Love Of Chains Masquerade 02-Nov-95 CD
HEROINE Virtual Mortality Masquerade 25-Nov-95 CD
HERRERA, EDDY Los Hombres Calientes Milan Latino/BMG 10-Feb-97 CD
HERS TABULA RASA Straysong + Njala Exodus 22-Nov-94 CD
HERS TABULA RASA    Perverse Exodus 05-Nov-93 CD
HERSH, KRISTIN A Clearer Light EP 4AD 05-May-00 CD
HERSH, KRISTIN Strange Angels Rykodisc 03-Feb-98 CD
HERSH, KRISTIN Strings Sire/Reprise 09-Jun-94 CD
HERSH, KRISTIN The Holy Single EP Rykodisc 25-Nov-95 CD
HERSHEL SAVAGE & THE AMERICAN FLAG (Self Titled) Rock a Thon 11-Aug-98 CD
HESTON RIFLE 20 Strings In Flight 21-Mar-02 CD
HETCH HETCHY  Make Djibouti TexasHotel 21-Mar-88 12" LP
HEY MERCEDES Everynight Fire Works Vagrant 23-Oct-01 CD
HEY MERCEDES Loses Control Vagrant 03-Oct-03 CD
HEYDAY Created To Be Truc 10-Nov-96 CD
HEYDAY Created To Be TRUE 14-Feb-97 CD
HEYDAY From The Hill Oar Fin 11-May-97 CD
HEYMAN, RICHARD X   Living Room! N.R.World 24-Sep-88 CD
HEYWARD, NICK From Monday To Sunday Epic/Sony 29-Jan-94 CD
HEYWARD, NICK The Apple Bed Big Deal 11-Jul-98 CD
HHEAD Jerk IRS 27-Jan-95 CD
HI  FI KILLERS Possesion Loosegroove 15-Jun-98 CD
HI FI Disconnected Generic 23-Mar-94 CD
HI FI & THE ROADBURNERS Live In Fear City Victory 31-Jul-97 CD
HI FI & THE ROADBURNERS Wine Women & Sin Victory 22-Oct-96 CD
HICKEY, CHRIS Frames Of Mind Boundaries Of Time CNC 23-Jan-86 CD
HICKEY, CHRIS    Looking For Anything CNC 01-Jun-87 12" LP
HICKOIDS We're In It For The Corn ToxicShock 19-Feb-88 CD
HICKS, BILL Clean Edits For Radio Sampler Rykodisc 28-Jan-97 CD
HICKS, DYLAN Poughkeepsie No Alternative 29-Mar-98 CD
HIGH LLAMAS, THE Cold And Bouncy V2/Alpaca/BMG 25-Jan-98 CD
HIGH LLAMAS, THE Hawaii V2 29-Jul-97 CD
HIGH LLAMAS, THE Lollo Rosso Alpaca/V2/BMG 11-Oct-98 CD
HIGH PERFORMANCE All Things Considered Nastymix 01-Jun-90 12" LP
HIGH PERFORMANCE The Hill Nastymix 08-May-90 12" LP
HIGH PERFORMANCE    It's Just Funky Nastymix 01-Oct-90 12" LP
HIGH STANDARD Angry Fist Fat Wreck Chords 03-Aug-97 CD
HIGHER BURNING FIRE, THE In Plain Song Sno27 15-Nov-00 CD
HIGHER INTELLIGENCE AGENCY, THE Colourform Waveform 07-Oct-94 CD
HIGHER INTELLIGENCE AGENCY, THE Freefloater Waveform 19-Jun-96 CD
HILLBILLY HELLCATS Our Brand Rockin' Cat 30-Apr-98 CD
HILLBILLY HELLCATS Rev It Up With Taz Rockin' Cat 20-Sep-96 CD
HILLE, VEDA Spine Bottom Line 09-Apr-98 CD
HILT Call The Ambulance Before I Hurt Myself Nettwerk 11-Sep-90 12" LP
HIM Many In High Places Are Not Well Bubble Core 14-Jul-03 CD
HIMMELMAN, PETER Skin 550/Epic 13-Apr-94 CD
HIMMELMAN, PETER Stage Diving Plump 05-Aug-96 CD
HINDS, JUSTIN & THE DOMINOES Travel With Love Nighthawk 10-Jun-85 12" LP
HINT HINT Sex Is Everything Cold Crush 07-Feb-03 CD
HIS AND HER VANITIES (Self Titled) Science Of Sound 23-Mar-03 CD
HIS MASTERS VOICE Missionary PVC 01-Jan-84 12" LP
HIS NAME IS ALIVE Country Girl 4AD/Warner Brothers 03-Mar-97 CD
HIS NAME IS ALIVE Stars On E.S.P. 4AD/Warner Brothers 07-Jul-96 CD
HIS NAME IS ALIVE Universal Frequencies 4AD UK 10-Nov-96 CD
HISSANOL 4th And Back AlternativeTenetacles 21-Apr-95 CD
HISSANOL The Making Of Him Alternative Tentacles 09-Jan-98 CD
HISSYFIT Shut Up And Play Double Play 21-Sep-97 CD
HISSYFITS, THE Letter From Frank Top Quality Rock & Roll 07-Jul-01 CD
HIT ME Greatest Hits, Vol. 17 Neko 23-Jan-96 CD
HITCHCOCK, ROBYN Beautiful Queen Warner Brothers 07-Apr-97 CD
HITCHCOCK, ROBYN  Eye Twin Tone 09-Apr-90 12" LP
HITCHCOCK, ROBYN & THE EGYPTIANS Element Of Light Relativity 01-Mar-87 12" LP
HI-TEK Hi-Teknology clean version Rawkus 21-Apr-01 CD
HITTING BIRTH Feel the Freest Will 23-Aug-95 CD
HIVE Ultrasonic Sound Phase 4 31-Jul-98 CD
HIVES, THE Main Offender Big Wheel Recreation 17-Jan-02 CD
HOARSE (Self Titled) RCA/BMG 03-May-97 CD
HOARSE (Self Titled) RCA/BMG 11-Feb-98 CD
HOARSE Happens Twice RCA/BMG 11-Feb-98 CD
HOBEX Back In The 90's Phrex 01-Jan-98 CD
HOBEX Payback EP Phrex 07-Oct-96 CD
HOBEX U Ready, Man? Tone Cool/Artemis 22-Oct-02 CD
HOBEX Wisteria Phrex 01-Jan-99 CD
HODGKINSON, TIM Each In Our Own Thoughts Woof UK/Megaphone 29-Jun-94 CD
HOFFMAN, LAUREN Meggiddo Virgin 03-May-97 CD
HOG Nothing Sacred DGC 07-Mar-96 CD
HOG Nothing Sacred DGC 09-Mar-96 CD
HOGAN, KELLY Thye Whistle Only Dogs Can Hear Long Play 24-May-96 CD
HOGARTH, THADDEUS Trying To Believe Spinning 15-Mar-01 CD
HO-HUM (Self Titled) Universal 07-Mar-96 CD
HO-HUM Local Universal 29-Apr-96 CD
HOI POLLOI Happy Ever After Via 17-May-95 CD
HOLDER, MYRA    Four Mile Road Twin Tone 30-Mar-89 CD
HOLE Celebrity Skin DGC 11-Aug-98 CD
HOLE Softer, Softest DGC 12-Jul-95 CD
HOLE Violet DGC 19-Jan-95 CD
HOLE    Live Through This Geffen 28-Jun-94 CD
HOLIDAY Ready Steady Go! March 20-Jul-96 CD
HOLIDAY FLYER Try Not To Worry SilverGirl 13-Nov-95 CD
HOLIDAY RAIN Holiday Rain's Nightmare Serendipity Do Da 21-Nov-00 CD
HOLIDAY RAIN No Sound Like The Present Serendipity Do Da 29-Apr-03 CD
HOLLAND Beep, Kiss/Coughing Up Stars Audio Information Phenomenon 29-Sep-98 CD
HOLLAND SKIN TUNNEL (Self Titled) ConBrio 27-Aug-95 CD
HOLLOW STEPS, THE    Mistreated HollowSteps 19-Feb-88 CD
HOLLOWBODIES, THE Lame Polygram/ILS 06-Apr-96 CD
HOLLOWBODIES, THE Little King (Single) A&M/Polygram 25-May-98 CD
HOLLOWBODIES, THE Viva La Dregs Polydor/A&M/Polygram 23-Jul-98 CD
HOLLOWBODY Front/Swan Song Pressing 02-Nov-95 CD
HOLLYFAITH    Purrrr Creation/Columbia 12-Oct-93 CD
HOLMAN, BOB In With The Out Crowd Mouth Almighty/Mercury 31-Mar-98 CD
HOLMES, DAVID Let's Get Killed 1500/Polygram 21-Oct-97 CD
HOLY BARBARIANS Brother Fights Reprise 15-Apr-96 CD
HOLY BARBARIANS Cream Reprise 24-May-96 CD
HOLY COWS, THE   We Never Heard Of You Either HerbJackson 21-Dec-88 CD
HOLY GANG Free Tyson Free Roadrunner 04-Feb-95 CD
HOLY GHOST, THE Broken Record Clearly 13-Apr-02 CD
HOLY GHOST, THE Color Sympathy Clearly 21-Oct-02 CD
HOLY HAND GRENADE Smoked Countdown/Unity 14-Feb-97 CD
HOLY TERRORS Lolitaville Pound 15-Sep-94 CD
HOLY TERRORS Spirit/Stranger ESYNC 20-Mar-91 CD
HOLY TERRORS    Cigaretello/Bad Thing ESYNC 24-Apr-92 CD
HOLY TERRORS & JANET FROM ANOTHER PLANET Four Questions Terrible 07-Jul-97 7" Single
HOLY TOLEDOS, THE    Blood Tri-Star/Sony 11-Feb-94 CD
HOME 13: Netherregions Jet Set 17-Jan-98 CD
HOME ELF: Gulf Bore Waltz Jet Set 05-Sep-96 CD
HOME IX Relativity 25-Mar-95 CD
HOME XIV Arena Rock 25-Feb-00 CD
HOME & GARDEN Killjoy/Lighthouse/Birdbath HerbJackson 21-Dec-88 CD
HOME & GARDEN Melville/Sir Flea After Hours 09-Mar-87 12" LP
HOME & GARDEN   Hideout After Hours 17-Mar-86 CD
HOME & GARDEN    History & Geography After Hours 17-Mar-86 CD
HOME GROWN Act Your Age Outpost/Universal 25-May-98 CD
HOME GROWN Act Your Age advance Outpost/Universal 09-May-98 CD
HOMINY (Self Titled) Ivy 21-Apr-98 CD
HONEY IS COOL Nacht Heart MGV/MNW 27-Jan-98 CD
HONEY WAGON A Thousand Tiny Rainbows Oar Fin 30-Mar-97 CD
HONEYDOGS Here's Luck Palm 05-Jan-01 CD
HONEYMOON KILLERS    Take It Off Buy Our Records 19-Mar-89 CD
HONEYMOON KILLERS    Turn Me On Buy Our Records 13-Jul-88 CD
HONEYWELL, PEGGY Honey For Dinner Galaxia 27-Feb-02 CD
HONKY TOAST Shakin' & a Bakin' EP 550/Epic/Sony 17-Oct-98 CD
HONOR AMONG THIEVES   When The World Runs Fast FlamingPie 19-Oct-87 CD
HONOR ROLE Purgatory/Jank No Core 30-Dec-86 12" LP
HONOR ROLE Twist/Craig Olive Homestead 24-Jun-88 CD
HONOR ROLE   Rictus Homestead 22-May-89 CD
HONOR ROLE    The Pretty Song No Core 30-Dec-86 12" LP
HOOCH Maximum Shindig Futurist 23-Aug-95 CD
HOOCH Maximum Shindig Pally/Futurist 14-Sep-95 CD
HOOCH Maximum Shindig Futurist 13-Nov-95 CD
HOOD, THE Tough Guys Don't Dance Factory/Crepscule 07-Mar-87 12" LP
HOODOO GURUS Big Deal Mushroom 19-Jun-96 CD
HOODOO GURUS Big Deal EP Mushroom Aus. 21-Sep-96 CD
HOODOO GURUS Blue Cave Zoo/BMG 15-Aug-96 CD
HOODOO GURUS Crank Praxis/Zoo/BMG 06-Sep-94 CD
HOOKER, JOHN LEE Chill Out Pointblank/Virgin 13-Feb-95 CD
HOOKER, WILLIAM Shamballa KnittingFactory 13-Nov-93 CD
HOOKERS, THE (Self Titled) Cold Crush 07-Mar-03 CD
HOOTIE & THE BLOWFISH Let Her Cry Atlantic 13-Feb-95 CD
HOOTIE & THE BLOWFISH    Cracked Rear View Atlantic 06-Jul-94 CD
HOOVERPHONIC 2 Wicky Epic/Sony 17-Mar-97 CD
HOOVERPHONIC 2 Wicky EP Epic/Sony 11-Sep-97 CD
HOOVERPHONIC A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular Epic/Sony 30-Mar-97 CD
HOOVERPHONIC Blue Wonder Powder Milk Epic/Sony 01-Aug-98 CD
HOOVERPHONIC Sampler Pro EP Epic/Sony 11-Jul-98 CD
HOPE FACTORY Imaginary/Drinking Song Kudos 25-Oct-95 CD
HOPE FACTORY   So Why Petrified ? Kudos 01-Jun-94 CD
HOPE, PETER & RICHARD H. KIRK   Hoodoo Talk Wax Trax 01-Apr-88 CD
HOPKINS, J C Athens By Night Shell/Stickshift 21-May-97 CD
HOPKINS, RICH & LUMINAROS Dirt Town Brake-Out/Eneny 01-Sep-94 CD
HOPPER, HIGH AND KRAMER A Remark Hugh Made Shimmy Disc 11-May-95 CD
HOPPER, HUGH Hooligan Romantics FOT/Ponk 12-Aug-94 CD
HOPPER, HUGH, BAND Carousel Cuneiform 07-Feb-95 CD
HORACE PINKER Burn Tempe To The Ground One Foot 11-Oct-96 CD
HORACE PINKER Power Tools Earwax 15-Sep-94 CD
HORACE X Sackbutt Omnium 13-May-03 CD
HORIZONTAL LADIES CLUB (Self Titled) Domo 08-Mar-95 CD
HORMONES, THE Cartographer Of Love Rise/Undone 09-Jun-95 CD
HORMONES, THE Sellout Young/You Can't Win Unclean 09-Feb-95 CD
HORNY TOAD Thirteen Domo 12-Oct-96 CD
HOROWITZ, RICHARD & SUSAN DEYHIM Majoun Sony Classical 31-Jul-97 CD
HORSIES, THE Trouble Down South AustinThrowdown/SectorTwo 16-Jun-94 CD
HORT, TIM (Self Titled) Tim Hort 30-May-96 CD
HORTON, JIM Simulated Winds & Cries Artifact 08-Jun-96 CD
HORVITZ, WAYNE & ZONY MASH Upper Egypt Knitting Factory 21-Apr-00 CD
HOSONO, HARUOMI Medicine Compilation From The Quiet Lodge Sony/TriStar 13-Dec-93 CD
HOSTILE HEYDAY   Wallow/Freescape/Shuttle Tantrum 15-Mar-89 CD
HOSTYN, MINDY Five Miles From Hope 1-800-PRIMECD 07-Oct-95 CD
HOT BOX    Girl Like You/Eternal Life Vagrant 28-Sep-93 CD
HOT CROSS Cryonics Level Plane 13-May-03 CD
HOT MONKEY, THE More Than Lazy Shangri La 30-Sep-96 CD
HOT ROD    Speed Danger Death Caroline 13-Sep-93 CD
HOT ROD CIRCUIT If It's Cool With You, It's Cool With Me Triple Crown 01-Sep-00 CD
HOT SNAKES Suicide Invoice Swami 21-Jul-02 CD
HOT WATER Hot Water Music Elektra 15-Jul-96 CD
HOT WATER MUSIC A Flight And A Crash Epitaph 01-May-01 CD
HOT WATER MUSIC Never Ender No Idea 11-Feb-01 CD
HOTEL X    A Random History Of The Avant Garde SST 08-Nov-93 CD
HOTHOUSE FLOWERS    Songs From The Rain London/PLG 08-Jul-93 CD
HOUSE OF FREAKS Invisible Jewel Brake-Out/Eneny 01-Sep-94 CD
HOUSE OF LARGE SIZES My Ass-Kicking Life Red Decibel/Columbia 08-Feb-94 CD
HOUSE OF LARGE SIZES North Cedar/The Blow By Red Decibel/CBS/Sony 17-Nov-93 CD
HOUSE OF LARGE SIZES   Heat Miser ToxicShock 01-Jun-90 12" LP
HOUSE OF LARGE SIZES   One Big Cake ToxicShock 27-Nov-89 12" LP
HOUSE OF LARGE SIZES, FILM STAR Translucent Hair/I Hate This Town Super Cottonmouth 07-May-98 7" Single
HOUSE OF PAIN Fed Up (Clean Version)/Heart Full Of Sorrow Tommy Boy 20-Jul-96 CD
HOUSE OF PAIN Pass The Jinn/Heart Full Of Sorrow Tommy Boy 13-May-96 CD
HOUSECOAT PROJECT   Wide Eye Do Dat? Subterranean 06-Mar-88 CD
HOUSEMARTINS, THE    Caravan Of Love/...Met Jesus Go! UK 01-Jan-86 CD
HOUSTON Bottom of the Curve Fifty Four Forty Or Fight 19-Sep-03 CD
HOUSTON, PENELOPE Cut You Reprise 03-Mar-96 CD
HOUSTON, PENELOPE Sweetheart Reprise 05-Feb-96 CD
HOUSTON, PENELOPE Words & Music Reprise 29-Jan-96 CD
HOUSTON, PENELOPE Glad I'm A Girl/Sweetheart Iloki 09-Nov-92 7" Single
HOUSTON, PENELOPE    Bird Boys Subterranean 21-Dec-88 CD
HOUSTON, PENELOPE & HER BAND    The Whole World Heyday 12-Mar-93 CD
HOVEN DROVEN Groove North Side 15-Aug-97 CD
HOVEN DROVEN Hippa North Side 21-Aug-01 CD ROM
HOVEN DROVEN More Happy Moments North Side 11-Feb-00 CD
HOVERCRAFT Akathisia Blast First/Mute 10-Feb-97 CD
HOVERCRAFT Experiment Below Mute/Blast First 21-Sep-98 CD
HOWARD HELLO Don't Drink His Blood Temporary Residence Ltd. 15-Oct-03 CD
HOWARD HUGE   Just One Look/How Big 86 Humboldt 24-Jan-87 CD
HOWLIN' MAGGIE Honeysuckle Strange QED/Columbia/Sony 19-Feb-96 CD
HUANG CHUNG     (Self Titled) Arista 01-Jan-82 12" LP
HUB (Self Titled) Slash 09-Apr-98 CD
HUB, THE Wreckin' Ball Artifact 15-Sep-94 CD
HUBBARD, NELSON The Slide Project E Pluribus Unum 23-Jun-97 CD
HUBCAPS, THE In The Heat Of The Night/Let's Go TSMB 15-Sep-87 CD
HUBCAPS, THE    Bleached Blonde TSMB 11-Mar-85 7" Single
HUBCAPS, THE    He's A User TSMB 25-Jan-86 7" Single
HUEVOS RANCHEROS Dig In! Mint 29-Jun-95 CD
HUEVOS RANCHEROS Get Outta Dodge Mint 21-Nov-96 CD
HUEVOS RANCHEROS Muerte del Toro Mint 21-May-00 CD
HUFFY Anything Goes/Handlebars Ringing Ear 23-Mar-96 CD
HUGH Brave Little Soldier Mafia Money 09-Apr-98 CD
HULA  VC 1 Wax Trax 10-Jun-88 CD
HULA    Threshold Fundamental 19-Dec-87 12" LP
HULA HOOP The Lovliest Ring Of Saturn Silver Girl 24-Oct-96 CD
HULABALOO    Beat Until Stiff ToxicShock 27-Nov-89 12" LP
HULABALOO    Its Not Enough To Be Loud... Gawdawful 08-Mar-88 CD
HULAHOOP Butterfingered/Dreamsicle SilverGirl 15-Dec-94 CD
HUM 3 New Mixes RCA 04-Feb-95 CD
HUM Comin' Home/Puppets RCA/BMG 07-May-98 7" Single
HUM Downward Is Heavenward RCA/BMG 03-Feb-98 CD
HUM You'd Prefer An Astronaut RCA/BMG 12-Apr-95 CD
HUM    Electra 2000 12Inch/Cargo 30-Nov-93 CD
HUM MACHINE The Trance Voltage Solution Cancer 21-Oct-98 CD
HUMAN HANDS  Here After Fundamental 24-Sep-88 CD
HUMAN LEAGUE, THE Dare A&M 01-Jan-81 12" LP
HUMAN LEAGUE, THE Octopus East West 20-Apr-95 CD
HUMAN LEAGUE, THE Tell Me When East West/Elektra 07-Mar-95 CD
HUMAN LEAGUE, THE Tell Me When East West/Elektra 17-Mar-95 CD
HUMAN SEXUAL RESPONSE    Fig. 14 Passport 01-Jan-80 12" LP
HUMAN SEXUAL RESPONSE    In A Roman Mood Passport 01-Jan-81 12" LP
HUMAN SEXUAL RESPONSE    Pound Passport 01-Jan-81 12" LP
HUMAN WASTE PROJECT E-Lux Hollywood 03-Sep-97 CD
HUMBLE GODS (Self Titled) Futurist 03-Oct-95 CD
HUMBLE GODS No Heros Hollywood 28-Sep-96 CD
HUMBUCKER AND THE HI-LOTRONS If You Can't Beat 'Em, Eat Them Dental 12-Apr-95 CD
HUMPERS, THE Live Forever Or Die Trying Epitaph 13-Jan-96 CD
HUNGER, THE Devil Thumbs A Ride Universal 23-Mar-96 CD
HUNGRY FOR WHAT    The Shattered Dream BYO 02-Jul-86 CD
HUNTINGTONS Plastic Surgery Tooth & Nail 01-May-00 CD
HURL A Place Called Today Third Gear 28-Jun-96 CD
HURRICANE NUMBER ONE (Self Titled) Sire 01-Nov-97 CD
HUSBANDS, THE Introducing The Sounds Of The Husbands Swami 11-Aug-03 CD
HUSBIANS, THE Unpopular Flips Mutiny 18-Apr-97 CD
HUSH HARBOR (Self Titled) Up 08-Aug-95 CD
HUSIK, LIDA Dissolve single Alias 25-Oct-98 CD
HUSIK, LIDA Faith In Space Alias 17-Sep-98 CD
HUSIK, LIDA Fly Stereophonic Alias 17-Jun-97 CD
HUSIK, LIDA Joyride Caroline 13-Mar-95 CD
HUSIK, LIDA   Bozo Shimmy Disc 07-Nov-91 CD
HUSIK, LIDA    Return Of Red Emma Shimmy Disc 26-Feb-93 CD
HUSIK, LIDA/HUSIKESQUE Green Blue Fire Astralwerks/Caroline 23-Mar-96 CD
HUSIKESQUE Bad Head Day Astralwerks 13-May-96 CD
HUSKER DU    Do You Remember? Warner Brothers 04-Apr-94 CD
HUSKER DU    Flip Your Wig SST 30-Oct-85 12" LP
HUSKER DU    The Living End Warner Brothers 08-Apr-94 CD
HUSKING BEE 4 Color Problem Doghouse 15-Jun-01 CD
HUSKING BEE The Sun And The Moon Doghouse 03-Apr-01 CD
HUTCHINSONS, THE (Self Titled) RTG 21-Oct-96 CD
HUXTON CREEPERS   12 Days To Paris BigTime 12-Feb-87 12" LP
HYBRID Symphony EP Distinctive/Avex UK 07-Sep-97 12" EP
HYBRIDS The Rythym Of The Ritual CharnelHouse 07-Sep-94 CD
HYLA, LEE    In Double Light Avant/DiscUnion 13-Jul-93 CD
HYNES, NINA Creation Reverb 25-Nov-00 CD
HYPERJINX TRICYCLE The Songs Of… Shortwave 27-Jul-01 CD
HYPNOLOVEWHEEL   Turn! Turn! Burn! FabianAural 21-Dec-88 CD
HYPO The Dark Leader Speaks/Doctor..Nurse..Meat DisastroMix 20-Apr-93 7" Single
HYPOCRISY Abducted Nuclear Blast/Relapse 10-Feb-96 CD
HYPOCRISY   Osculum Obscenum Nuclear Blast/Relapse 15-Oct-93 CD
HYSTERIC NARCOTICS  Never Do Know/Ain't Gonna Raffscallion 02-Nov-87 CD
HYSTERIC NARCOTICS    Batteries Not Included Tremor 18-Nov-86 CD
HYSTERIC NARCOTICS    Electric Children Tremor 16-May-86 CD