J. CHURCH Analysis, Yes, Very Nice Allied 20-Feb-96 CD
J.C. Deathbed Recollections Kiss Chase 21-Feb-02 CD
JABBERING TROUT Swell Frank &Jim 20-Feb-96 CD
JACK Pioneer Soundtracks American 29-Apr-96 CD
JACK Pioneer Soundtracks Too Pure/American 28-Jun-96 CD
JACK BLACK (Self Titled) Cacophone 25-Apr-98 CD
JACK DRAG (Self Titled) Devil'sWeed 29-Jan-96 CD
JACK DRAG Dopebox Devil's Weed/A&M 29-Aug-98 CD
JACK DRAG Loop/Debutante/Tall Buildings Devil'sWeed 05-Feb-96 CD
JACK DRAG S.S.T. EP Devil's Weed/A&M 11-Jul-98 CD
JACK DRAG Unisex Head Wave Devils Weed/Hep Cat 01-Jun-97 CD
JACK O' FIRE I'm Younger Than That Now Undone 09-Jun-95 CD
JACK O' FIRE    The Destruction Of Squaresville Estrus 04-Apr-94 CD
JACK O NUTS   (Self Titled) Radial/Matador 22-Mar-93 CD
JACK O NUTS   On You Matador 19-Apr-94 CD
JACK O PIERCE Finest Hour A&M 19-Jun-96 CD
JACK O PIERCE Live A&M 01-Nov-94 CD
JACK O PIERCE   Bringing On The Weather A&M 14-Apr-94 CD
JACK OFF JILL Sexless Demons And Scars Risk/Ichiban 01-Aug-97 CD
JACKASS Reality Bites (In Santa Barbara) Smilex 25-Feb-97 CD
JACKBOOT Life In The Trenches Ratchet 07-Mar-03 CD
JACKIE-O MOTHERFUCKER Wow/The Magic Fire Music ATP 03-Oct-03 CD
JACKLORDS    Mothers Rock Skyclad 19-Mar-89 CD
JACKS, THE    Jacks Are Wild Rounder 27-Jun-88 CD
JACKSON, JANET The Velvet Rope Virgin 23-Sep-97 CD
JACKSON, JENIFER Love Lane Twenty Seven 01-Feb-97 CD
JACKSON, JOE Night And Day II Manticore/Sony Classical 05-Jan-01 CD
JACKSON, JOE Night Music Virgin 27-Sep-94 CD
JACKSON, JOE    Body & Soul A&M 01-Jan-84 12" LP
JACOB'S MOUSE    No Fish Shop Parking Frontier 17-Oct-92 CD
JACQUES Romantic Acuareladiscos 21-Oct-02 CD
JAD FAIR & DANIEL JOHNSON (Self Titled) 50,000Watts 05-Aug-89 CD
JAD FAIR & KRAMER    Roll Out The Band Shimmy Disc 05-Oct-88 CD
JAD FAIR & YO LA TENGO Strange But True Matador 23-Oct-98 CD
JAH WOBBLE Heaven & Earth Island 11-Jun-96 CD
JAH WOBBLE BILL LASWELL: RADIOAXIOM A Dub Transmission, Bass The Final Frontier Palm Pictures/Axiom 15-Sep-01 CD
JAH WOBBLE BILL LASWELL: RADIOAXIOM Radioaxiom Remixed Axiom 27-Feb-02 12" Single
JAHN, SARA Sparkle Warner Brothers 13-Feb-98 CD
JAI UTTAL Beggars and Saints Worldly/Triloka 25-Sep-95 CD
JAK TWEED QUARTET The Outer Shell J-Bird 25-Apr-98 CD
JAKE Hooked Elektra 10-Sep-96 CD
JALE Promise Sub Pop 21-Oct-94 CD
JALE So Wound Sub Pop 01-Jun-96 CD
JALLA JALLA    Crumelur NKVD 03-May-93 CD
JAM NATION  Way Down Below Buffalo Hell Realworld/Caroline 04-Dec-93 CD
JAM, THE    The Gift Polydor 01-Jan-82 12" LP
JAMES    Laid Mercury/PLG 11-Oct-93 CD
JAMES    Sometimes Fontana/Mercury 24-Jan-94 CD
JAMES GANG    Rides Again ABC 01-Jan-70 12" LP
JAMES KOCHALKA SUPERSTAR Don't Trust Whitey Tarquin 11-Nov-01 CD
JAMES KOCHALKA SUPERSTAR Monkey Vs. Robot Tarquin 15-Sep-97 CD
JAMES TAYLOR QUARTET Creation Acid Jazz/Hollywood 31-Jul-97 CD
JAMES, DARRYL   Too Much Of A Bad Thing The Limerence Label 03-May-93 CD
JAMES, ETHAN The Ancient Music Of Christmas Hanibal/Rykodisc 23-Oct-96 CD
JAMIROQUAI Alright Work/Sony 27-Jul-97 CD
JAMIROQUAI Deeper Underground single Work/Sony 23-Sep-98 CD
JAMIROQUAI Space Cowboy Work/Sony 21-Apr-95 CD
JAMIROQUAI The Return OF Space Cowboy Work/Sony 11-May-95 CD
JAMIROQUAI Travelling Without Moving Work/Sony 15-Jan-97 CD
JAMSCAM    (Self Titled) Rockarts Ltd. 24-Jan-87 CD
JANDEK Lost Cause Corwood 18-Jun-92 CD
JANDEK Modern Dances Corwood 27-May-87 12" LP
JANDEK On The Way Corwood 16-Feb-89 CD
JANDEK One Foot In The North Corwood 10-May-91 12" LP
JANDEK Somebody In The Snow Corwood 18-Oct-90 12" LP
JANDEK Telegraph Melts Corwood 28-Apr-86 CD
JANDEK The Living End Corwood 16-Nov-89 12" LP
JANDEK You Walk Alone Corwood 18-Apr-88 CD
JANDEK  Twelfth Apostle Corwood 07-May-93 CD
JANDEK   Follow Your Footsteps Corwood 10-Jan-87 CD
JANE'S ADDICTION Kettle Whistle Warner Brothers 01-Nov-97 CD
JANE'S ADDICTION Pre-Party Promo Warner Brothers 13-Sep-97 CD
JANE'S ADDICTION Promo # Pro-CD-9060 Warner Brothers 05-Nov-97 CD
JANET SPEAKS FRENCH Calvin Seven 28-Oct-94 CD
JANET SPEAKS FRENCH In The Planet Janet Seven/Unity 21-Sep-94 CD
JANITOR JOE Lucky AmphetamineReptile 13-Jul-94 CD
JANITOR JOE    Big Metal Birds AmphetamineReptile 15-Mar-93 12" LP
JANKEL, CHAS    Questionnaire A&M 01-Jan-81 12" LP
JANOVITZ, BILL Lonesome Billy Beggars Banquet 20-Jan-97 CD
JANSCH, BERT When The Circus Comes to Town CookingVinyl 20-Nov-95 CD
JANUARIES, THE Chocolate & Strawberries EP Foodchain 11-Feb-01 CD
JANUARY Keep Me From Sleeping Tickle Bee 19-Mar-97 CD
JAPANIC The Social Disease Plethorazine 11-Feb-01 CD
JAPONIZE ELEPHANTS From Zorlok Land Of The Lost Secretly Canadian 01-Apr-97 CD
JARBOE Swans Related Project; Sacrificial Cake AlternativeTentacles 23-Jun-95 CD
JARBOE  Thirteen Masks Sky 03-Oct-92 CD
JARGON (Self Titled) Lobster 01-Jun-98 CD
JARRE, MAURICE At The Royal Festival Hall Milan/BMG 10-Feb-97 CD
JARS OF CLAY (Self Titled) Essential/Silvertone 10-Feb-96 CD
JARS OF CLAY Liquid Silvertone 30-May-96 CD
JASON & THE SCORCHERS Clear Impetuous Morning Mammoth/Atlantic 01-Oct-96 CD
JASON & THE SCORCHERS    Still Standing EMI 01-Jan-86 12" LP
JASS   Theme (W.R.) Wax Trax 05-Sep-88 12" Single
JAVELIN BOOT Fundamentally Sound Pravda 10-Nov-96 CD
JAVELOSA, DAVID   Everyone Is My Age Hyperspace 03-Jan-88 CD
JAWBOX (Self Titled) Atlantic 28-Jun-96 CD
JAWBOX Cooling Card Atlantic 30-Jun-94 CD
JAWBOX Savory + 3 Atlantic 27-Dec-93 CD
JAWBOX  For Your Own Special Sweetheart Atlantic 05-Feb-94 CD
JAWBREAKER Accident Prone DGC 16-Mar-96 CD
JAWBREAKER Dear You DGC 23-Aug-95 CD
JAWBREAKER Dear You Geffen 14-Sep-95 CD
JAWBREAKER Fireman DGC 14-Sep-95 CD
JAWBREAKER  24 Hour Revenge Therapy Communion/Tupelo 14-Feb-94 CD
JAY    Dreamstate Jaydisc 16-Oct-92 CD
JAYHAWKS, THE Blue American/Reprise 14-Jan-95 CD
JAYHAWKS, THE Sound Of Lies American 15-Apr-97 CD
JAYHAWKS, THE Think About It American 23-Mar-97 CD
JAYHAWKS, THE Tomorrow The Green Grass American 09-Feb-95 CD
JAYHAWKS, THE Blue Earth Twin Tone 12-May-90 12" LP
JAYUYA (Self Titled) Cosmic 05-Jun-97 CD
JAZZ BUTCHER CONSPIRACY, THE Excellent, The Violent Years Never/Creation 19-May-97 CD
JAZZ BUTCHER CONSPIRACY, THE Waiting For The Love Bus Creation/TriStar 16-Mar-94 CD
JAZZ BUTCHER, THE    Bloody Nonsense BigTime 12-May-86 CD
JAZZ BUTCHER, THE    Fishcotheque Relativity 18-Feb-88 CD
JAZZ JAMAICA Double Barrel Hannibal/Rykodisc 27-Apr-98 CD
JAZZ JAMAICA Skaravan Hannibal/Rykodisc 03-Jul-96 CD
JAZZ JUNE, THE Better Off Without Air Initial 13-Nov-02 CD
JAZZ JUNE, THE The Medicine Initial 13-Jun-00 CD
JAZZ PASSENGERS, THE Live @ The Knitting Factory KFWorks 24-Jun-91 CD
JAZZ PASSENGERS, THE    Plain Old Joe KnittingFactoryWorks 28-Sep-93 CD
JB3 Close Grind Nova Mute 10-Jan-97 CD
JD'S & THE EVIL'S DYNAMITE BAND Explode Across The Nation Soul Fire 27-Jul-01 CD
JEALOUS SOUND, THE (Self Titled) Better Looking 01-Aug-00 CD
JEAN PAUL SARTE EXPERIENCE, THE  Bleeding Star Matador 24-Jul-93 CD
JEAN PAUL SARTE EXPERIENCE, THE  Love Songs Fundamental 06-Mar-88 CD
JEAN PAUL SARTE EXPERIENCE, THE  The Size Of Food Communion 14-Dec-89 12" LP
JEBEDIAH Of Someday Shambles Big Wheel Recreation 07-Nov-00 CD
JEBEDIAH & JIMMY EAT WORLD (Self Titled) Big Wheel Recreation 15-Sep-00 CD
JEFF & JANET  Jesus Built A Ship To Sing A Song To Kokopop 11-Jul-94 CD
JEFFERIES, GRAEME Messages For The Cakekitchen Ajax 09-Feb-93 CD
JEFFERIES, PETER    Electricity Ajax 28-Jul-94 CD
JEFFERIES, PETER & STEPHEN KILROY Crossover/Wined Up Ajax 06-Jul-93 7" Single
JEGA Geometry Matador 26-Sep-00 CD
JEHOVA WAITRESSES    Perfect Impossible Shimmy Disc 11-Jul-94 CD
JEHRU THE DAMAJA Wrath Of The Math Payday/Ffrr/London 07-Oct-96 CD
JEJUNE Junk Big Wheel Recreation 27-Apr-97 CD
JEJUNE R.I.P. Big Wheel Recreation 01-Nov-00 CD
JELLY BISHOPS, THE Kings Of Barstool Mountain LastTimeRound 07-Apr-88 CD
JELLYFISH KISS Plank Shimmy Disc 26-May-90 12" LP
JELLYFISH KISS   Stormy Weather Shimmy Disc 07-Nov-91 CD
JELLYFISH KISS    Animal Rites Shimmy Disc 12-Oct-90 12" LP
JENAI Cool Me Down Curb 11-May-02 CD
JENKINS, KARL Adiemus 2, Cantata Mundi Sony Classical 17-Aug-97 CD
JENNIFER & RYNIN    Trespassing Pathfinder 02-Nov-88 CD
JENNIFERS, THE Nine Days Wonder YouSayWhen 29-Mar-95 CD
JENNINGS, WAYLON Waymore's Blues, Part 2 RCA/BMG 14-Sep-94 CD
JENNY MAE There's A Bar Around The Corner Anyway 03-Oct-95 CD
JENNYANYKIND Blues Of The Afflicted No. 6 23-Nov-94 CD
JENNYANYKIND Mythic No. 6 03-Oct-95 CD
JENNYANYKIND Revealed EP Elektra 07-Sep-96 CD
JENNYANYKIND Revelator Elektra 21-Oct-96 CD
JENSEN, JANE Comic Book Whore Flia/Ichiban 05-Sep-96 CD
JEPP (Self Titled) Hut/Virgin 07-Aug-98 CD
JERICHO (Self Titled) Sense 29-Mar-97 CD
JERKWATER (Self Titled) Jerkwater 12-Apr-95 CD
JERKWATER (Self Titled) Jerkwater 12-Apr-95 CD
JERKWATER Mel/Wa-Wah/Losiento/Nooks + Cranies V-Hold 28-Jan-95 CD
JERKWATER    Marion/Damaged Goods V-Hold 16-Apr-94 CD
JERKY BOYS, THE 2 Select/Atlantic 15-Aug-94 CD
JERKY BOYS, THE 2; Broadcast Version Select/Atlantic 15-Aug-94 CD
JESUS & MARY CHAIN Automatic WEAUK 01-Jan-89 12" LP
JESUS & MARY CHAIN Come On American 07-Nov-94 CD
JESUS & MARY CHAIN Hate Rock and Roll American 25-Sep-95 CD
JESUS & MARY CHAIN Stoned & Dethroned American 19-Aug-94 CD
JESUS & MARY CHAIN  I Love Rock & Roll (Single) Sub Pop 09-May-98 CD
JESUS & MARY CHAIN  Sometimes Always American 29-Jul-94 CD
JESUS CHRYSLER This Years Saviour ToxicShock 24-Sep-88 CD
JESUS LIZARD, THE (Self Titled) Jet Set 15-Feb-98 CD
JESUS LIZARD, THE Blue Capitol 27-Apr-98 CD
JESUS LIZARD, THE Shot Capitol 06-Apr-96 CD
JESUS LIZARD, THE Shot Capitol 06-Apr-96 CD
JESUS LIZARD, THE  “Show” CollisionArts/Giant/Warner Brothers 09-Jun-94 CD
JET Dirty Sweet EP Elektra 26-Apr-03 CD
JET Get Born Elektra 01-Sep-03 CD
JETENDERPAUL Presents The Model Lines Burnt Toast 05-Jan-01 CD
JETT RINK (Self Titled) Pox World Empire 19-Sep-03 CD
JETT, JOAN & THE BLACKHEARTS Pure & Simple Warner Brothers 04-Jun-94 CD
JETT, JOAN & THE BLACKHEARTS Pure & Simple Warner Brothers 04-Jun-94 CD
JETT, JOAN & THE BLACKHEARTS Spinster/Go Home/Hostility Blackheart 25-Apr-94 CD
JETT, JOAN & THE BLACKHEARTS   Go Home Blackheart/Warner Brothers 26-May-94 CD
JETTISON Search For The Gun Girl Popkid 15-Mar-00 CD
JEWEL Save The Linoleum Atlantic 25-Jan-95 CD
JEWEL You Were Meant For Me Atlantic 02-Nov-95 CD
JEYDS, THE Plumage Toby Dumpster 04-May-96 CD
JIGSAWS, THE Wicked Alternative YellowDog 13-Mar-96 CD
JIGSAWS, THE  Cereal Toy Suburban/Triage 12-Mar-94 CD
JILFLIRTER God Bless America SRG 09-May-97 CD
JILFLIRTER Live Again SRGA 27-Apr-97 CD
JIM CROW Empty My Mind Midnight Fantasy 23-Aug-95 CD
JIM CROW Empty My Mind LP Midnight Fantasy 23-Aug-95 CD
JIMENEZ, FLACO (Self Titled) Arista/BMG 23-Sep-94 CD
JIMENEZ, FLACO Buena Suerte, Seniorita Arista/BMG 20-May-96 CD
JIMENEZ, FLACO & PAUL MALO Seguro Que Hell Yes Arista 26-Sep-94 CD
JIMI B BAND, THE Royal Heart, A Tribute To The Princess Of Wales Behr Track 25-Oct-97 CD
JIMIBEETLES ROCK THEATRE The Story Of Jimibeetles No 27-Jan-97 CD
JIMMIES, THE /THE WEAKLINGS (Self Titled) Bitter Sweet 16-Apr-96 CD
JIMMY & THE HIBBARDS  Gray Matter BC 18-Dec-96 CD
JIMMY EAT WORLD (Self Titled) Big Wheel Recreation 01-Jul-00 CD
JIMMY EAT WORLD Bleed American Dreamworks 21-Jun-01 CD
JIMMY EAT WORLD College Radio EP Dreamworks 15-May-01 CD
JIMMY EAT WORLD Static Prevails Capitol 15-Jul-96 CD
JIMMYS CHICKENSHACK High/Bongjam Live Polygram/A&M 27-Apr-97 7" Single
JIMMYS CHICKENSHACK Pushing The Salmonella Envelope Rocket/A&M 11-May-97 CD
JIMMY'S SPEEDWRENCH Gunshy Black Cat 27-Feb-02 CD
JIM'S BIG EGO Don't Get Smart Eastern Front 29-Aug-98 CD ROM
JIM'S BIG EGO More Songs About Me Tangible 15-Apr-96 CD
JIM'S BIG EGO Noplace Like Nowhere Bigego.com 15-Sep-00 CD
JIVE BIBLE    Fish Farmer EP KoKoPoP 26-Aug-93 CD
JIVE BIBLE    Fish Farmer/Skyping KoKoPop 15-May-93 7" Single
J-MAJESTY Enjoy The Ride Some 25-May-00 CD
JOAN OF ARC A Portable Model Of Jade Tree 17-Jun-97 CD
JODY FOSTER'S ARMY   Mad Garden EP Placebo 05-Apr-85 7" EP
JODY FOSTER'S ARMY   My Movie Placebo 26-Apr-86 CD
JODY FOSTER'S ARMY    Nowhere Blossoms Placebo 18-May-88 CD
JOE CHRISTMAS North To The Future Tooth & Nail 20-Oct-96 CD
JOE CHRISTMAS Upstairs Overlooking Tooth andNail 26-Oct-95 CD
JOHAN (Self Titled) Spinart 21-Mar-97 CD
JOHAN (Self Titled) Spinart/Sire 29-Mar-98 CD
JOHANSEN, EVEN Quiet & Still Five One 15-May-01 CD
JOHANSSON, OLOV Strosvarten North Side 19-May-98 CD
JOHN MONOPOLY Head Shaking Time in The Office of Strategy Gotham 02-Sep-95 CD
JOHN, ELTON Something About The Way You Look Tonite/Candle In The Wind '97 Rocket/A&M 13-Sep-97 CD
JOHN’S BLACK DIRT  Perpetual Optimisim Is A Force Multiplier Grass 05-Jul-94 CD
JOHNNY BRAVO Then Again, Maybe I Won't Arista 30-May-96 CD
JOHNNY CLUELESS Kissed In Kansas Oar Fin 12-Jul-95 CD
JOHNNY CLUELESS Secrets Of The Universe Oar Fin 12-Jul-95 CD
JOHNNY CLUELESS Too Late Too Loud Oar Fin 20-Sep-96 CD
JOHNNY L Brain Pop JL 01-Sep-00 CD
JOHNNY PHILKO Songs To Swear By Isis 01-Dec-02 CD
JOHNNY SOCIETY It Don't Matter Messenger 17-Oct-97 CD
JOHNNY SOCKO Full Trucker Effect Asian Man 15-Jun-98 CD
JOHNNY YOUNG Shed Your Skin Menagerie 15-Oct-98 CD
JOHNS, EVAN & THE H BOMBS Rollin'Through The Night AlternativeTentacles 01-Jan-93 CD
JOHNS, EVAN & THE H BOMBS    (Self Titled) Jungle 10-Jun-86 CD
JOHNSON BIG BAND, THE Love Taps/Soft Punches Rickety 01-Sep-03 CD
JOHNSON, ANDREAS Sampler EP promo Reprise 11-May-00 CD
JOHNSON, CALVIN What Was Me K 28-Jun-02 CD
JOHNSON, CHRISTIAN King Baby Trip 15-Apr-96 CD
JOHNSON, JEFF LEE Blue CoconutGrove 14-Sep-95 CD
JOHNSON, MIKE What Would You Do Up 05-Sep-02 CD
JOHNSON, MIKE Years Of Mondays TAG/Atlantic 10-Feb-96 CD
JOHNSTON, DANIEL Fun Atlantic 02-Sep-94 CD
JOHNSTON, DANIEL Happy Time Seed/Atlantic 29-Aug-94 CD
JOHNSTON, DANIEL   Artistic Vice Shimmy Disc 13-Jan-92 CD
JOHNSTON, DANIEL   Hi, How Are You Homestead 05-Oct-88 CD
JOHNSTON, DANIEL    1990 Shimmy Disc 30-Jan-90 12" LP
JOHNSTON, DANIEL    Continued Story Homestead 24-Jun-91 CD
JOHNSTON, DANIEL    Yip Jump Music Homestead 05-Aug-89 CD
JOHNSTON, FREEDY Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Elektra 09-Dec-94 CD
JOHNSTON, FREEDY Never Home Elektra 07-Feb-97 CD
JOHNSTON, FREEDY On The Way Out Elektra 27-Jan-97 CD
JOHNSTON, FREEDY Right Between The Promises Elektra 01-Aug-01 CD
JOHNSTON, FREEDY    “This Perfect World” Elektra 27-Jun-94 CD
JOHNSTON, FREEDY    Bad Reputation Elektra 20-Jun-94 CD
JOHNSTON, FREEDY    Unlucky BarNone 21-Jun-93 CD
JOHNY SOCIETY Clairvoyance Messenger 26-Sep-00 CD
JOHNY VEGAS Super Cool American Leprechaun 01-Apr-97 CD
JOI Amoeba Cleansing Syndrome Sampler Freeworld/BMG 30-Nov-97 CD
JOLENE Hell's Half Acre Ardent 20-Feb-96 CD
JOLENE In The Gloaming Sire 21-Feb-98 CD
JONATHAN FIRE EATER (Self Titled) PCP 14-Sep-95 CD
JONATHAN FIRE EATER Tremble Under Boom Lights Medicine/Triage 29-Apr-96 CD
JONATHAN FIRE EATER Wolf Songs For Lambs DGC 25-Sep-97 CD
JONES, FREDDY BAND    In A Day Dream Capricorn 30-Jul-94 CD
JONES, GRACE    Sex Drive IslandRed/Island/PLG 26-Sep-93 CD
JONES, GRACE    Sex Drive IslandRed/Island/PLG 27-Sep-93 CD
JONES, JACK New Jack Swing Honest 07-Feb-97 CD
JONES, JOAN Starlight Criminal 3rd Rail/Hollywood 31-Jul-98 CD
JONES, KEZIAH    Blufunk Is A Fact Herald/Caroline 28-Oct-93 CD
JONES, QUINCY Q'S Juke Joint Qwest/Warner Brothers 09-Nov-95 CD
JONES, RICKIE LEE Ghostyhead Reprise 03-Jun-97 CD
JONES, RICKIE LEE Naked Songs Reprise 18-Sep-95 CD
JONES, SHARON You Better Think Twice/I Got The Feeling Desco 13-Jul-98 7" Single
JONES, SHARON & THE DAP KINGS Dap Dappin' With… Daptone 25-May-02 CD
JONES, STEWART Life Force New World Music 03-Aug-98 CD
JONES, TOM The Lead & How To Swing It Interscope/Atlantic 12-Oct-94 CD
JONO MANSON One Horse Town JonoManson 03-Dec-94 CD
JOOST VISSER Partners In Hair Ajax 28-Jan-95 CD
JORDAN, RONNY   The Quiet Revolution 4th&B'Way/Island/PLG 23-Oct-93 CD
JOSEPHINE WIGGS EXPERIENCE, THE Bon Bon Lifestyle Grand Royal 11-Oct-96 CD
JOSS Billy Hwang's Roadside Con Paper Scissor 20-Mar-00 CD
JOY DIVISION Permanent: 1995 Qwest/Warner Brothers 14-Sep-95 CD
JOY DIVISION    Unknown Pleasures Factory UK 01-Jan-84 12" LP
JOY ELECTRIC Old Wives Tales Tooth & Nail 21-Mar-97 CD
JOY ELECTRIC Robot Rock BEC 13-Jan-98 CD
JOY POPPER Plastic Horse Joy Popper 15-Oct-98 CD
JOYDROP Metasexual Tommy Boy 29-Jun-98 CD
JOYFINGER Pimps Of Babylon EP Priority/FlashPointInternational 14-Sep-93 CD
JOYFINGER  Pimps Of Babylon FlashpointInternational 26-Oct-93 CD
JOYPOPPERS, THE Zoomar! WidelyDistributed 13-Oct-95 CD
JOYRIDE Another Month Of Mondays DoctorDream 22-Aug-94 CD
JPP String Tease North Side 27-Oct-98 CD
JR EWING Ride Paranoia GSL 15-Feb-03 CD
JR. GONE WILD    Less Art More Pop BYO 23-Apr-87 12" LP
JUDAH JOHNSON Kisses and Interrogation Flameshovel 01-Feb-03 CD
JUDE 430 N. Harper Ave. Fish Of Death 21-Jan-97 CD
JUDE No One Is Really Beautiful Maverick/warner Brothers 29-Aug-98 CD
JUDE No One Is Really Beautiful Maverick/Warner Brothers 25-Sep-98 CD
JUDGE & JURY   Teacher Teacher/Friends Of Fairy Tale Gapper 28-Sep-93 CD
JUDGE NOTHING I'm A Big Girl Now Thick 03-Apr-95 CD
JUDGE NOTHING Riveter Thick 30-May-96 CD
JUDGE ROUGHNECK Rude One's Money Making Scheme Sleeping Brotherhood 01-Oct-97 CD
JUDGE, MIKE & OLD SMOKE   Sights Revalation 30-Nov-93 CD
JUDGEMENT OF PARIS   Signal TwinCitiesImports 04-Apr-94 CD
JUDYBATS  Full Empty Sire/Warner Brothers 29-Jul-94 CD
JUDY'S TINY HEAD    My Car TinyHead 26-Jul-85 12" Single
JUGGERNAUT   (Self Titled) Juggernaut 13-Nov-93 CD
JUGGERNAUT   Black Pagoda Pandemonium 26-Jan-94 CD
JUHA Polari Agitprop 13-Nov-02 CD
JULE BROWN Occurrence At Jule Brown Bridge No. 5 23-Sep-97 CD
JULES, GARY Greetings From The Side A&M/Polygram 31-Jul-98 CD
JULIAN, RICHARD (Self Titled) Blackbird/Elektra 20-Jan-97 CD
JULIANA THEORY, THE Emotion Is Dead Tooth & Nail 15-Aug-00 CD
JULIANA THEORY, THE Live, 10/13/01 Tooth & Nail 15-Sep-03 CD
JULIANA THEORY, THE Music From Another Room Tooth & Nail 11-Nov-01 CD
JULIE PLUG Starmaker Classified 21-Jan-98 CD
JUMBO Over The Waves/Wedding Of The Winds/Entry Of The Gladiator/Baby Elephant Walk Jumbo 07-May-98 7" EP
JUMP WITH JOEY Come Rykodisc 19-Jun-97 CD
JUMPIN LAND MINES Creative Features/Penny The Ted/T.O.S./H. 4 Blackhole 03-Jun-97 7" EP
JUMPROPE Bookshelf Adventures Reverse Curve 11-Oct-98 CD
JUMPROPE No Happy Songs EP Twee Kitten 31-Aug-96 CD
JUNE I Am Beautiful Beggar'sBanquet UK 23-Mar-96 CD
JUNIOR COTTONMOUTH Bespoke Atlantic 22-Apr-97 CD
JUNIOR PANTHERS, THE (Self Titled) The First Time 11-Apr-03 CD
JUNKIE XL Saturday Teenage Picnic Roadrunner 03-Mar-98 CD
JUNKSTER (Self Titled) RCA/BMG 03-May-97 CD
JUNKSTER Slide RCA 18-Apr-97 12" EP
JUNKYARD ANGELS Out Of The Junkyard Onto The Curb Midnight Fantasy 28-Oct-94 CD
JUNO A Future Lived In Past Tense Desoto 21-Apr-01 CD
JUNO Magnified And Reduced By Inches/Pablo Y Zelda Jade Tree 06-Mar-97 7" Single
JUNO Venus On 9th/Flies For Travis Sub Pop 04-May-96 CD
JUNO REACTOR Bible Of Dreams Wax Trax/TVT 17-Aug-97 CD
JURADO, DAMIEN Ghost Of David Sub Pop 15-Aug-00 CD
JURADO, DAMIEN Motorbike/Broken Chain/Farewell Janitor/Bicycle Sub Pop 25-Nov-95 CD
JURADO, DAMIEN Trampoline/Rollerskating Queen/Pigtails Sub Pop 20-Jul-96 CD
JURADO, DAMIEN Waters Avenue South Sub Pop 17-Jan-97 CD
JUST FRED Bulldozer Reprise 15-Apr-96 CD
JUST ICE   Cold Gettin' Dumb Fresh 04-Apr-87 12" LP
JUST, THE   Creature Comforts KultureKrash 06-Mar-88 CD
JUSTER   I Remember That Night TVT 09-Jun-94 CD
JUZT NUTZ Maximum Penetration Anythin' Goes 27-Sep-98 CD