P (Self Titled) Capitol 14-Nov-95 CD
P G R    The Chemical Bride Silent 24-Nov-92 CD
P T P Rubber Glove Seduction/My Favorite Things Wax Trax 16-Nov-89 12" LP
P.O.D Sleeping Awake Maverick 26-Apr-03 CD
P.O.L. Parade Of Losers Giant/Warner Brothers 20-Apr-95 CD
P.O.W.E.R.    Dedicated To World Revolution Nettwerk 21-May-94 CD
PABLO'S EYE You Have A Yearning For Perfection Extreme 24-May-96 CD
PABLO'S EYE You Love Chinese Food Extreme 28-Jun-95 CD
PACHINKO Behind The Green Alternative Tentacles 10-Nov-96 CD
PACHINKO El Diablo En Seniorita AlternativeTentacles 07-Mar-96 CD
PACKAGE Chocolate Bar Chinese Gunpowder 01-Nov-96 CD
PAGE, JIMMY & ROBERT PLANT Nobody's Fault But Mine Atlantic 13-Oct-94 CD
PAGODAS, THE Should Have Known/So High Kade 18-Oct-94 CD
PAHL, FRANK The Romantic Side Of Schizophrenia FOT/Ponk 12-Aug-94 CD
PAILHEAD    No Bunny/I Will Refuse Wax Trax 16-Nov-87 12" Single
PAILHEAD    Trait Wax Trax 21-Dec-88 CD
PAIN Midgets With Guns Goggins 27-Jan-97 CD
PAIN Wonderful Beef Birdcage 13-Feb-98 CD
PAINTED WILLIE    Mind Bowling SST 12-Mar-86 CD
PALACE BROTHERS Self Titled) Drag City 01-Sep-94 CD
PALACE MUSIC Lost Blues And Other Songs Drag City 17-Mar-97 CD
PALADINS Million Mile Club 4AD/Warner Brothers 22-Sep-96 CD
PALADINS, THE  Ticket Home SectorTwo 19-Apr-94 CD
PALE SAINTS Fine Friend 4AD/Reprise 23-Dec-94 CD
PALE SAINTS Henry 4AD/Reprise 12-Aug-94 CD
PALE SAINTS Slow Buildings 4AD/Warner Brothers 29-Aug-94 CD
PALEFACE Get Off Elektra 15-Jul-96 CD
PALEY, REID Time For You/The Best Of All Sub Pop 20-Jul-96 CD
PALLBEARERS, THE    Phantom Pain FirstStone/Cargo 30-Nov-93 CD
PALM FABRIC ORCHESTRA  Vague Groping In The Slip Stream CarrotTop 25-Apr-94 CD
PALMER, HOLLY (Self Titled) Reprise 17-Oct-96 CD
PALMER, TOBY & CHOSEN GENERATION When We Get Over There Intersound 07-Aug-97 CD
PALOMAR Palomar II Self Starter Foundation 25-Apr-02 CD
PANASONIC Kulma Blast First/Mute 10-Feb-97 CD
PANCHO KRYZTAL (Self Titled) Scratchie/Mercury 13-Nov-97 CD
PANDA (Self Titled) Kokopop 23-Mar-95 CD
PANDA Kingman Highway/Stove Pipe Echonet 30-Jan-95 CD
PANDORA’S LUNCHBOX  Honeybee/Is That What Crystal Said? Shimmy Disc 11-Jul-94 CD
PANEL DONOR (Self Titled) Lotuspool 28-Oct-94 CD
PANFILE, GREG Resolution, Or Bits Of The Late Great 20th Century IDDQD 17-Oct-97 CD
PANIC EAR SERVICE Grand Rapids Echonet 30-Jan-95 CD
PANIC, JUNE Glory Hole Secretly Canadian 20-Feb-97 CD
PANKOW    Freedom For The Slaves Wax Trax 29-Sep-89 12" LP
PANKOW    Gisela Wax Trax 27-Nov-89 12" LP
PANKOW    Show You Their Dongs Wax Trax 17-Feb-90 12" LP
PANOPLY ACADEMY GLEE CLUB, THE Rah! Secretly Canadian 01-Jun-98 CD
PANSY DIVISION More Lovin' From Our Oven Lookout 11-Aug-97 CD
PANSY DIVISION    Deflowered Lookout 14-Jul-94 CD
PANSY DIVISION, JOAN JETT & THE BLACKHEARTS, ADOLPH'S DOG Selection from We Will Fall; Iggy Pop Tribute Royalty 07-May-98 7" EP
PANTERA    Far Beyond Driven East West 12-Mar-94 CD
PANTHERS Are You Down Troubleman Unlimited 27-Feb-02 CD
PANTHERS Let's Get Serious Dim Mak 11-Apr-03 CD
PANTS, THE/JAMES KOCHALKA SUPERSTAR 2000/Superstar Rastafari Split 04-Feb-95 CD
PAPA BRITTLE Polemic Beat Poetry Nettwerk 29-Apr-96 CD
PAPA BRITTLE    Obey, Consume, Marry, Reproduce Nettwerk 30-Apr-94 CD
PAPA ROACH Infest Dreamworks/Universal 24-Apr-00 CD
PAPAS FRITAS (Self Titled) Minty Fresh 07-Oct-95 CD
PAPAS FRITAS Helioself Minty Fresh 05-Apr-97 CD
PAPERBACKS, THE An Episode Of Sparrows Pshaw! 14-Jul-03 CD
PAPERCLIP PEOPLE Secret Tapes of Dr. Eich Planet E 21-Jan-97 CD
PARADE   Love & War DangerousRythym 23-Apr-88 CD
PARADISE ISLAND (Self Titled) Dim Mak 29-Apr-03 CD
PARADISE ISLAND Lines Are Infinitely Thin Dim Mak 27-May-03 CD
PARADISE LOST Draconian Times Relativity 13-Jan-96 CD
PARASITES Rat Ass Pie Go Kart 03-May-98 CD
PARC BROTHERS Two Weeks To Live Will 09-May-98 CD
PARIS AT 2AM It Wasn't An Accident But It Should Have Been No Karma 25-May-00 CD
PARIS, TEXAS Action Fans Help Us Polyvinyl 14-Jul-03 CD
PARISH, JOHN & P J HARVEY Dance Hall At Louise Point Island 21-Oct-96 CD
PARKER AND LILLY SINGLES CLUB Here Comes Winter Manifesto 15-Oct-02 CD
PARKER AND LILLY SINGLES CLUB Three-Day Life/Hey Sau Jin Neo International 21-Feb-02 7" Single
PARKER GRAHAM 12 Haundted Episodes Razor and Tie 22-Apr-95 CD
PARKER, LEWIS Masquerades & Silhouettes; The Ancients Series One Melankolic/Astralwerks 07-Aug-98 CD
PARKINS, ZEENA No Way Back Atavistic 29-Aug-98 CD
PARKINSONS, THE A Lone Way To Nowhere Elevator Music 23-Mar-03 CD
PARLOUR JAMES Dreadful Sorry Discovery/Warner Brothers 24-Aug-96 CD
PARLOUR JAMES Old Dreams Sire/Warner Brothers 11-May-98 CD
PAROV, NIKOLA Kilim Rykodisc 19-Mar-97 CD
PARTY BOYS    In Daddyland Fundamental 10-Nov-87 CD
PARTY OF HELICOPTERS, THE Please Believe It Velocette 23-Mar-03 CD
PARTY OF HELICOPTERS, THE Space and How Sweet It Was Troubleman Unlimited 01-Jun-02 CD
PASSAGE, THE    Degenerates CherryRed 01-Jan-82 12" LP
PASTELS, THE Illumination Up/Sub Pop 09-Jan-98 CD
PASTELS, THE Yoga Matador 15-Dec-94 CD
PASTELS, THE   Sittin' Pretty Homestead 10-Oct-89 12" LP
PASTELS, THE   Truckload Of Trouble Fire/Seed 26-Sep-93 CD
PASTORIUS, JACO    Invitation Warner Brothers 01-Jan-83 12" LP
PAT ON THE BACK   Afraid PatOnTheBack 20-Aug-86 CD
PATI, CHRIS & BLUEFIRE Black Chair TCG/Modern Voices 21-Aug-98 CD
PATITUCCI, JOHN 3 Track Promo CD From Mistura Fina GRP 28-Apr-95 CD
PATROL, THE    Tearing The Social Fabric Document 01-Jun-94 CD
PATTERN, THE Real Fearless Lookout 31-Aug-02 CD
PATTERSON, RAHSAAN (Self Titled) MCA 01-Feb-97 CD
PATTI, BRIAN, ORCHESTRA Live In Concert BPO 27-Jul-01 CD
PAUL K & THE WEATHERMEN Achilles Heel ThristyEar 18-Sep-95 CD
PAUL K & THE WEATHERMEN   The Blue Sun Homestead 15-Aug-92 CD
PAUL K & THE WEATHERMEN    Garden Of Forking Paths Silenz 04-Apr-94 CD
PAUL, PRINCE Psychoanalysis, What Is It? Tommy Boy 15-Oct-97 CD
PAVE THE ROCKET Taken In Deep Elm 13-Jan-98 CD
PAVEMENT Brighten The Corners Matador 28-Jan-97 CD
PAVEMENT Father To A Sister of A Thought Matador 29-Jul-95 CD
PAVEMENT Range Life Matador 26-Sep-94 CD
PAVEMENT Shady Lane Matador 17-Mar-97 CD
PAVEMENT Shady Lane Matador 03-Jun-97 CD
PAVEMENT Stereo Matador 21-Jan-97 CD
PAVEMENT Wowee Zowee Matador 21-Apr-95 CD
PAVEMENT Gold Soundz Matador 11-Jul-94 CD
PAVEMENT   Crooked Rain Crooked Rain Matador 15-Feb-94 CD
PAVEMENT   Cut Your Hair Matador 08-Feb-94 CD
PAVEMENT    Watery, Domestic Matador 15-Dec-92 CD
PAW Death To Traitors A&M 08-Aug-95 CD
PAW Death to Traitors A&M 23-Aug-95 CD
PAW Hope I Die Tonite A&M 27-Jul-95 CD
PEACE CORPSE   Terror Of History ToxicShock 17-Oct-86 CD
PEACE GROUP, THE    Unkind/In My Life SurfOrDie 30-Apr-88 CD
PEACE LOVE & PITBULLS Kemikal MGV/MNW Sweden 31-Oct-97 CD
PEACEFUL MEADOWS Maximum Party Allied 16-Apr-96 CD
PEACH Dead Soldiers Coat Caroline 03-Dec-94 CD
PEACH II Caroline 14-Sep-95 CD
PEACH  Siesta Caroline 05-May-94 CD
PEACH COBBLER Georgia Peach Ajax 25-Nov-95 CD
PEACH UNION On My Own Epic/Sony 27-Jul-97 CD
PEACOCK, CHRISTOPHER  Suite Dreams Pure & Simple 21-Oct-91 CD
PEARCY, REBECCA Constellation Yoyo 17-Jan-03 CD
PEARL JAM Given To Fly Epic/Sony 01-Dec-97 CD
PEARL JAM Spin The Black Circle/Tremorchrist Epic 17-Nov-94 CD
PEARL JAM Vitalogy Epic 22-Nov-94 CD
PEARL JAM Who You Are Epic/Sony 27-Jul-96 CD
PEARL JAM Wishlist Epic/Sony 01-Apr-98 CD
PEARL JAM    Vs Epic/Sony 17-Nov-93 CD
PEARLENE Murder Blues And Prayer Dim Mak 01-May-03 CD
PEARLS AND BRASS (Self Titled) Doppleganger 15-Oct-03 CD
PEASANTS, THE Out On The Street Blat 25-Sep-97 CD
PECK SLIP (Self Titled) SonicElixer 23-Mar-96 CD
PECK, DANNY Love Politico Overture 01-Jul-97 CD
PEDAL STEEL TRANSMISSON The Angel Of The Squared Circle Cardboard Sangria 11-Aug-03 CD
PEDALJETS, THE    (Self Titled) Communion 08-May-90 12" LP
PEDALJETS, THE    Todag Today Fundamental 07-Jul-88 CD
PEE SHY Don't Get Too Comfortable Blue Gorillia/Mercury 01-Dec-97 CD
PEE SHY Who Let All The Monkeys Out? Mercury 22-Apr-96 CD
PEECHEES, THE Cup Of Glory EP Kill Rock Stars 13-Oct-94 CD
PEECHEES, THE Do The Math Lookout/Kill Rock Stars 01-Mar-96 CD
PEECHEES, THE Games People Play Kill Rock Stras 25-Aug-97 CD
PELE Elephant Polyvinyl 15-Jun-03 CD
PELE Enemies Polyvinyl 15-Oct-02 CD
PELE The Nudes Polyvinyl 15-Aug-00 CD
PELL MELL Interstate DGC 20-Apr-95 CD
PELL MELL Star City Matador 05-Nov-97 CD
PENCIL    Skantron Grass/DutchEast 23-May-94 CD
PENFOLD Our First Taste Of Escape Milligram 11-Nov-01 CD
PENN, DAN    Do Right Man Sire/Warner Brothers 09-Jun-94 CD
PENN, DAWN  You Don't Love Me (No No No) BigBeat/Atlantic 14-Feb-94 CD
PENN, MICHAEL Resigned 57/Epic/Sony 03-Jun-97 CD
PENN, MICHAEL Try Epic/Sony 01-May-97 CD
PENNY'S PET DRAGONFLY In A Frail Daydream Orange Peal 11-May-00 CD
PENNYWISE Full Circle Epitaph 29-Mar-97 CD
PENNYWISE Land Of The Free Epitaph 21-May-01 CD
PENNYWISE    Unknown Road Epitaph 30-Jul-93 CD
PENPAL LETTERBOMB Flow Powerlounge 11-Jun-96 CD
PEOPLE WHO MUST The Road You Travel CreativeMan/Cargo 18-Sep-95 CD
PEP SQUAD No Doy Bec 19-Mar-98 CD
PERE UBU Kathleen; David Thomas/Frank Black Interview Imago 22-Jun-93 CD
PERE UBU Pennsyvania Tim/Kerr 13-Apr-98 CD
PERE UBU St Arkansas Spin Art 28-Jun-02 CD
PERE UBU Warning Bells Are Ringing (Box Set Sampler) DGC 01-Aug-96 CD
PERE UBU    Story Of My Life Imago 05-Apr-93 CD
PERE UBU    Terminal Tower Twin Tone 19-Feb-86 CD
PERE UBU    The Tenement Year Enigma 08-Jul-88 CD
PERE UBU    We Have The Technology Enigma 27-Mar-89 CD
PEREGRINE WAY, THE 1-800 DARLING DeanDouglas 18-Feb-95 CD
PEREGRINE WAY, THE Key To My Heart DDP 25-Jan-95 CD
PERFECT When Squirrels Play Chicken Restless 18-Jun-96 CD
PERFECT STRANGER Prisoner Of Your Smile/Say You Will Rammar 06-Aug-85 7" Single
PERFUME TREE A Lifetime Away World Domination 13-May-96 CD
PERFUME TREE Tide's Out EP World Domination 03-Sep-97 CD
PERKINS, CARL Go Cat Go! Dinosaur 22-Oct-96 CD
PERMA FROST In Harm's Way Emperor Norton 23-Jun-97 CD
PERMANENT GREEN LIGHT You & I Are The Summertime/Street Love Rockville 02-Oct-93 CD
PERMISSION TO BREATHE Limited Edition Solid Discs 28-Jun-96 CD
PERMISSION TO BREATHE Money Solid Discs 28-Jun-96 CD
PERNICE BROTHERS Jimmy Coma/Monkey Suit Sub Pop 17-Jan-97 7" Single
PERNICE BROTHERS Overcome By Happiness Sub Pop 09-May-98 CD
PERPLEXA This Glorious Forward Smallstone 05-Jul-98 CD
PERRY, BILL Love Scars Pointblank/Virgin 31-Jan-96 CD
PERRY, LEE Black Ark Experryments Ras 21-Feb-96 CD
PERRY, LEE & MAD PROFESSOR Experryments At The Grassroots Of Dub Ras 21-Feb-96 CD
PERRY, LEE & MAD PROFESSOR Super Ape Inna Jungle Ras 21-Feb-96 CD
PERVERTED BY DESIRE Kuvun Hutto Shimmy Disc 27-Sep-95 CD
PERVERTED BY DESIRE Kuvun Hutto Shimmy Disc 13-Nov-95 CD
PESCO, PAUL  Make It Reality Warner Brothers 30-Mar-89 CD
PET (Self Titled) TAG/Atlantic 31-Aug-96 CD
PET ENGINE Music Album Don't 26-Sep-96 CD
PETAK, MICHAEL Pretty Little Lonely Slash/Warner Brothers 29-Aug-94 CD
PETER & THE TEST TUBE BABIES    (Self Titled) Profile 18-May-87 12" LP
PETER'S CATHEDRAL One Half Peter's Cathedral 03-Oct-95 CD
PETERS, MIKE Shine On Select 28-Sep-96 CD
PETERSON, LUCKY Double Dealin' Blue Thumb 21-Feb-01 CD
PETITO, SCOTT Sbass Music Hudson Valley 03-Aug-02 CD
PETROSKY, WIERD PAUL Lo Fidelity, Hi Anxiety Homestead 12-Aug-91 CD
PETTY, TOM Wildflowers Warner Brothers 28-Oct-94 CD
PETTY, TOM You Don't Know How It Feels Warner Brothers 21-Feb-94 CD
PETTY, TOM & THE HEARTBREAKERS She's The One Soundtrack Warner Brothers 01-Aug-96 CD
PETTY, TOM & THE HEARTBREAKERS Walls(Circus)/Walls(#3) Warner Brothers 27-Jul-96 CD
PEYROUX, MADELINE Dreamland Atlantic 24-Sep-96 CD
PEYTON, CRAIG   Songs From Home EarthFlight 16-Sep-92 CD
PFEUTI Pigeon Post Oh Tonito 28-Jun-02 CD
PFILBRITE Imperfection Ignition 23-Sep-97 CD
PFILBRITE Merry Go Round Single Ig 31-Aug-97 CD
PH 101 Hostage Heart Saturday'sChild 08-Feb-96 CD
PHAIR, LIZ Supernova/Combo Platter Matador/Atlantic 24-Aug-94 CD
PHAIR, LIZ Supernova/Combo Platter Matador/Atlantic 24-Aug-94 CD
PHAIR, LIZ Whip Smart Matador/Atlantic 15-Sep-94 CD
PHAIR, LIZ White Chocolate Space Egg Matador 13-Jul-98 CD
PHAIR, LIZ    Exile In Guyville Matador 11-Jun-93 CD
PHAIR, LIZ & MATERIAL ISSUE The Tra La La Song (One Banana, Two Banana) MCA 13-Jan-96 CD
PHANTOM PLANET Is Missing Geffen 25-Jul-98 CD
PHANTOM PLANET So I Fell Again single Geffen 25-Jul-98 CD
PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH   (Self Titled) Homestead 17-Oct-86 CD
PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH    One Way Conversation Homestead 13-May-87 12" LP
PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH    Power Toy Homestead 07-Apr-88 CD
PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH    Valley Of The Gwangi Homestead 25-Jun-86 CD
PHANTOMSMASHER (Self Titled) Ipecac 05-Sep-02 CD
PHARCYDE Running/Emerald Butterfly Delicious/Capitol 02-Nov-95 CD
PHARCYDE, THE Labcabincalifornia Delicious/Capitol 06-Nov-95 CD
PHARCYDE, THE Runnin' Delicious/Captiol 14-Sep-95 CD
PHARCYDE, THE Runnin' Delicious/Capitol 18-Sep-95 CD
PHELAN, KEIRON / SHEPPARD, DAVID O, Little Stars Rocket Girl 07-Feb-03 CD
PHELPS, JOEL R.L. Warm Springs Night ElRecordo 02-Dec-95 CD
PHILHARMONIE North Cuneiform 01-Oct-94 CD
PHILHARMONIE    Les Elephants Carillonneurs Cuneiform 17-Sep-93 CD
PHILISTINES JR., THE Kas Tos Dumus Kupinaj/Farmer Brown In Vermont Tarquin 04-Feb-95 CD
PHILISTINES JR., THE The Continuing Struggle Of.. Tarquin/Triage 06-Nov-93 CD
PHILISTINES JR., THE The Sinking of the S.S. Danehower Tarquin 03-Oct-95 CD
PHILLIPPS, MARTIN & THE CHILLS Sunburnt Flying Nun 10-Oct-96 CD
PHILLIPS, BRITTA & DEAN WAREHAM L'Avventura Jetset 27-May-03 CD
PHILLIPS, SAM Omnipop (It's Only A Flesh Wound Lambchop) Virgin 26-Aug-96 CD
PHILLIPS, SAM These Boots Are Made For Walkin' Columbia 23-Dec-94 CD
PHILLIPS, SAM    Martinis & Bikinis Virgin 02-Mar-94 CD
PHILLIPS, SAM & THE INDESCRIBABLE WOW   (Self Titled) Virgin 08-Aug-88 CD
PHILOSOPHER KINGS, THE (Self Titled) Coulmbia/Sony 31-Jan-96 CD
PHILOSOPHY 101    PH 101 RecLuse 27-Dec-93 CD
PHISH Birds Of a Feather single Elektra 29-Sep-98 CD
PHISH Bouncing Around The Room Elektra 03-Jun-95 CD
PHISH Farmhouse Elektra 11-May-00 CD
PHISH Heavy Things single Elektra 24-Apr-00 CD
PHISH Round Room Elektra 01-Dec-02 CD
PHISH Selections From Round Room Elektra 01-Dec-02 CD
PHISH Slip Stitch & Pass Elektra 25-Oct-97 CD
PHISH    Hoist Elektra 30-Mar-94 CD
PHLEG CAMP    Ya'red Fair Scratch Cargo 21-Jun-93 CD
PHOENECIA Brownout Schematic 11-Sep-01 CD
PHOENECIA Odd Job Discrimination Schematic 07-Dec-01 CD
PHOENIX United Astralwerks 01-Sep-00 CD
PHOIDS, THE (Self Titled) Ng/BMG 21-May-98 CD
PHOIDS, THE Girl I Love/Cars, Chicks and Beers Ng 21-Nov-95 CD
PHOIDS, THE Girl I Love/Gals, Chicks and Beers Ng 27-Sep-95 CD
PHOIDS, THE Marianne Doesn't Know Yet Ng 15-Jul-96 CD
PHONOROID Too Many Frames Clandestine 21-Sep-98 CD
PHOTEK Modus Opeandi Astralwerks 17-Aug-97 CD
PHRANC Bulldaggers Swagger/Hillary's Eyebrows Kill Rock Stars 13-Oct-94 CD
PHUNK JUNKEEZ Fear Of A Whack Planet (promo) Trauma 19-May-98 CD
PHUNK JUNKEEZ Hazee (Single) Trauma 19-May-98 CD
PHUNK JUNKEEZ Injected Trauma/Interscope/Atlantic 05-Apr-95 CD
PHUNK JUNKEEZ Injected Trauma/Interscope/Atlantic 21-Apr-95 CD
PIANO MAGIC Writers Without Homes Beggars Banquet 01-Dec-02 CD
PIANOSAURUS   Groovy Neighborhood Rounder 05-Nov-87 CD
PIAZOLLA By Piazzolla Milan/BMG 21-Nov-96 CD
PIAZZOLA, ASTOR El Nuevo Tango de Buenos Aires Milan/BMG 07-Feb-97 CD
PICASSO TRIGGER Bipolar Cowboy Alias 27-Aug-95 CD
PICASSO TRIGGER T'ain't Alias 16-Nov-94 CD
PICKETT, CHARLIE   Highway 33 Twin Tone 01-Apr-86 CD
PICKETT, CHARLIE & THE MC3    The Wilderness Twin Tone 23-Jul-88 CD
PICKETT, PHILLIP AND RICHARD THOMSON The Bones of All Men Rykodisc 29-Mar-98 CD
PICKETTS, THE    Paper Doll Popllama 21-Nov-92 CD
PICKETTS, THE    Pick It! Cruddy/Popllama 06-May-94 CD
PIE Gone EP Big Top/Kimchee 01-Jun-97 CD
PIE Strictly Seance BigTop 07-Mar-96 CD
PIEBALD Just A Simple Plan EP Big Wheel Recreation 21-Jan-02 CD
PIEBALD We Are The Only Friends We Have Big Wheel Recreation 21-Feb-02 CD
PIEDMONT Charisma Slave 03-Aug-02 CD
PIETASTERS, THE Turbo Slug Tone 31-Aug-02 CD
PIETKIVITCH, JIM Spiral Journey Electrofine Music 11-Jun-98 CD
PIG Sinsation Nothing/Interscope 31-Aug-96 CD
PIG Wrecked Wax Trax/TVT 13-Sep-97 CD
PIG    A Poke In The Eye Wax Trax 16-Oct-88 CD
PIG    Never For Fun Wax Trax 10-Jun-88 CD
PIG    Sick City/Shit For Brains Wax Trax 29-Sep-89 12" LP
PIGBAG Sunny Day/Getting Up Y 01-Jan-82 12" Single
PIGBAG    The Big Bean Y 01-Jan-82 12" LP
PIGEONHEAD The Full Sentence Sub Pop 17-Jan-97 CD
PIGEONHED'S FLASH BULB Emergency; Overflow Cavalcade of Remixes Sub Pop 03-Oct-97 CD
PIGFACE A New High In Low Invisible 01-Oct-97 CD
PIGS ON CORN Dickwad Soundtrack POC 04-Oct-94 CD
PILE UP Norwalk Headhunter/Cargo 18-Jan-95 CD
PILGRIMAGE Land Of Ecstacy Remixes Squeaky Clean/Polygram 29-Nov-97 CD
PILGRIMAGE Nine Songs Of Ecstacy Point Music 31-Oct-97 CD
PILOT Stranger's Waltz Thirsty Ear 30-Jun-98 CD
PILOT Swing (Single) Thirsty Ear 29-May-98 CD
PILOT TO GUNNER Games At High Speeds Arena Rock 07-Mar-03 CD
PINBACK Blue Screen Life Ace Fu 03-Oct-01 CD
PINCHING JUDY More Like Morphine Wolfgang 29-Apr-96 CD
PINEAL VENTANA Living Soil HalfBaked 27-Sep-95 CD
PINEAL VENTANA Philosphers Stone EP HalfBaked 01-Apr-95 CD
PINEAPPLES   All For What/Slave Kokopop 19-Jan-93 7" Single
PINEAPPLES    All For What EP KoKoPop 26-Aug-93 CD
PINETOP SEVEN No Breath In The Bellows Truck Stop/Atavistic 31-Mar-98 CD
PINETTE, JOHN Show Me The Buffet Uproar 26-Sep-00 CD
PINHAS, RICHARD    Iceland Cunieform 19-Oct-92 CD
PINHEADS, THE    Proud To Be A Pinhead Alert 28-Sep-93 CD
PINHEADS, THE    The Good, The Bad, & The Pinheads Alert 28-Sep-93 CD
PINK ANVIL Halloween Party Ipecac 01-May-03 CD
PINK FLOYD    Relics Harvest 01-Jan-69 12" LP
PINK HOLES    (Self Titled) After Hours 17-Mar-86 CD
PINK NOISE TEST Electric Train EP Boy's Life/TRG 04-May-96 CD
PINK NOISE TEST I Can't Stand It/Velvet Boys Life/Interscope 13-Jun-97 10" Single
PINK NOISE TEST Plasticized Interscope 07-Jul-97 CD
PIPITONE, ALISON Life In The First Person HotWings 04-Jan-96 CD
PISS FACTORY Autostrada(version)/Bad Day BigDog/Relativity 10-Apr-93 CD
PISS FACTORY    (Self Titled) Relativity 16-Aug-93 CD
PISS FACTORY    (Self Titled) Relativity 07-Sep-93 CD
PISS FACTORY    I Melt Relativity 10-Mar-94 CD
PISTON Number One Lava/Atlantic 17-Jun-97 CD
PITCHBLENDE Gygax! Headhunter/Cargo 13-Jan-96 CD
PITCHBLENDE    Au Jus Fistpuppet/Cargo 28-Jun-94 CD
PITCHBLENDE    Kill Atom Smasher Fistpuppet/Cargo 13-May-93 CD
PITCHBLENDE QUARTET Gygax! Headhunter/Cargo 15-Apr-96 CD
PITCHSHIFTER Genius Geffen 13-Nov-97 CD
PITCHSHIFTER Genius single DGC 01-Aug-98 CD
PITCHSHIFTER WWW.Pitchshifter.Com Geffen 21-Mar-98 CD
PIXIES Death To The Pixies Elektra 03-Oct-97 CD
PIZZICATO FIVE Happy End Of The World Matador 03-Sep-97 CD
PIZZICATO FIVE Happy Sad Matador 02-Sep-95 CD
PIZZICATO FIVE In Dub Combination Special Matador 10-Mar-97 CD
PIZZICATO FIVE Made In The USA Matador 29-Oct-94 CD
PIZZICATO FIVE Remix Album; Happy End Of Joy Matador 19-May-98 CD
PIZZICATO FIVE Sister Freedom Tapes Matador 27-Apr-97 CD
PIZZICATO FIVE The Sound of Music by Pizzicato Five Matador 28-Oct-95 CD
PIZZICATO FIVE Five By Five Matador 06-Aug-94 CD
PLACEBO (Self Titled) Caroline 07-Jul-96 CD
PLACEBO Pure Morning EP Hut/Virgin 21-Sep-98 CD
PLACEBO Sleeping With Ghosts Astralwerks 11-Mar-03 CD
PLACEBO ROYALE Creme DeMentia Pinch Hit 30-Sep-96 CD
PLAGUE, THE   Naraka Immortum 10-Nov-87 CD
PLAID Double Figure Warp UK 21-Jun-01 CD
PLAID P-Brane EP Warp UK 25-Apr-02 12" EP
PLAID Squance/Zala Warp UK 21-Jun-01 12" Single
PLAN 9 Pleasure Farm J-Bird 03-Oct-98 CD
PLAN 9    Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere Enigma 30-Dec-86 12" LP
PLAN B Like A Ship Sailing Luckyhorse Industries 03-Aug-02 CD
PLAN B   Cyber Chords & Sushi Stories Imago 29-Jul-93 CD
PLAN B   Life's A Beat, The Single Mixes Imago 14-Jul-93 CD
PLANET DREAD Safe Innermusic/Caroline 22-Oct-96 CD
PLASTIC Spritual Kung-Fu Crustacean 25-Mar-00 CD
PLASTIC BERTRAND    L`Album Attic 01-Jan-80 12" LP
PLASTICLAND Confetti Midnight 08-Aug-95 CD
PLASTICLAND    Salon Restless/Pink Dust 29-Jul-87 12" LP
PLASTIKMAN Consumed Nova Mute 19-May-98 CD
PLASTIKMAN Musik Novamute 05-Nov-94 CD
PLASTILINA MOSH Aquamosh Capitol 29-Jun-98 CD
PLASTILINA MOSH Hecho En Mexico EP Capitol 31-Mar-98 CD
PLASTILINA MOSH Juan Manuel Astralwerks 07-Nov-00 CD ROM
PLASTIQUE Front Towards Enemy Rawkus 14-Sep-95 CD
PLASTISCENE (Self Titled) Mojo 07-Apr-97 CD
PLASTISCENE Seeing Stars Mojo 11-Aug-98 CD ROM
PLAY Do You Merger 29-Jun-95 CD
PLAY DEAD    Shine/Promise/Gaze Situation 2UK 01-Jan-83 12" LP
PLAY THE SIREN    Learning From Las Vegas Target 27-Jan-87 CD
PLAYGROUND X All The Worlds A Playground Great Plains 22-Oct-96 CD
PLAYGROUP (Self Titled) Astralwerks 11-Mar-02 CD
PLAYMATES   Long Sweet Dreams WhatGoesOn 25-Jun-86 CD
PLEASURE CREW   So Good Factory 16-Nov-87 CD
PLEASURE FOREVER (Self Titled) Sub Pop 21-May-01 CD
PLEASURE HEADS Song For God/Clove Cigarettes GetHip 31-Jan-89 CD
PLEASURES PALE, THE    (Self Titled) Heresy 03-Jan-88 CD
PLENA LIBRE Mas Libre Ryko Latino 07-Nov-00 CD
PLEXI Cheer Up Sub Pop 09-Oct-96 CD
PLEXI Cheer Up Sup Pop/Atlantic 27-Jul-97 CD
PLEXI I.F.A. I.F.A. 13-Oct-95 CD
PLEXI Part of Me/Caught Up Sub Pop 25-Nov-95 CD
PLIMSOULS, THE Everywhere At Once Geffen 01-Jan-83 12" LP
PLIMSOULS, THE     (Self Titled) Warner Brothers 01-Jan-81 12" LP
PLOTKIN, JAMES & MICK HARRIS Collapse Sombient/Asphodel 20-Jul-96 CD
PLOUGHMAN'S LUNCH Peace, Love & Blarney J-Bird 07-Aug-98 CD
PLOW UNITED Goodnight Sellout Creep 01-Mar-97 CD
PLUG Drums & Bass For Papa Nothing/Interscope 03-Sep-97 CD
PLUM Short Way To Live EP Spirit 30-Jan-95 CD
PLUM Short Way To Live/Persimmons Echonet/Spirit 30-Jan-95 CD
PLUM The Luxury Of Wings Carpe Diem 29-Nov-97 CD
PLUMS, THE Friendly Murder Tips Reverb/C&S 31-Oct-97 CD
PLUS MINUS (Self Titled) Teen Beat 01-Feb-02 CD
PLUS MINUS Holding Patterns Teen Beat 13-May-03 CD
PLUS MINUS You Are Here Teen Beat 03-Oct-03 CD
PLUTO (Self Titled) Virgin 26-Aug-96 CD
PLUTO Cool Way To Feel Mint 25-Mar-95 CD
PLUTO Cut And Paste Mint/Virgin 11-Jun-96 CD
PLUTO Paste/#17 Charon/Virgin Canada 04-May-96 CD
PLUXUS European Onion Rocket Girl 11-Aug-02 CD
PNEUMERSHONIC Frequencies Of The Beast Tray Full Of Lab Mice 30-Mar-97 CD
PO'BOY SWING Lite & Sweet Royalty 21-Oct-94 CD
PO'BOY SWING Not fade Away Royalty 21-Oct-94 CD
POCKET FISHERMAN Future Gods of Rock AustinThrowdown/Sector 2 28-Dec-94 CD
POCKET FISHERMAN   The Leader Is Burning/YR Song Noiseville 01-Jul-89 CD
POCKET FISHERMEN Dead Dog/Sodom & Gomorrah 50,000Watts 01-Oct-90 7" Single
PODSTAR Lovely 32 Noisome 01-Feb-03 CD
PODUNK Dashboard Mary single Matchbox 25-Oct-98 CD
PODUNK Murlin's Dock Core 20-Feb-96 CD
PODUNK Swan Dive Core 29-Jan-96 CD
PODUNK Throwin' Bones Matchbox 25-Oct-98 CD
POE Trigger Happy Jack Atlantic 13-Oct-95 CD
POE, DAVID (Self Titled) 550/Sony 23-Oct-97 CD
POEM ROCKET Felix Culpa PCP 02-Dec-95 CD
POEM ROCKET Infinite Retry on Parallel Time-out PCP 11-Apr-98 CD
POEM ROCKET Small White Animal/Milky White Entropy PCP 05-May-95 CD
POETS & SLAVES My March Xemu 01-Mar-98 CD
POETS CORNER    Life, Love & Laughter Placebo 13-Nov-88 CD
POGUES, THE Pogue Mahone Mesa/BlueMoon 20-Feb-96 CD
POHGOH Look Out/Up There New Grenada 06-Mar-95 CD
POINDEXTER STEWART    College Rock EP SST 21-May-93 CD
POINDEXTER STEWART    College Rock EP SST 06-Jul-93 CD
POINTLESS ORCHESTRA Approaching Totality Without Fear 19-May-98 CD
POISON IDEA Pig's Last Stand Sub Pop 04-May-96 CD
POLANSKY, LARRY Simple Harmonic Motion Palmetto 15-Dec-94 CD
POLAR BEAR (Self Titled) Dry Hump 19-May-97 CD
POLAR GOLDIE CATS Polar Night Stress Up 21-Feb-01 CD
POLARA C'est La Vie Interscope 12-Mar-97 CD
POLARA Clean/Twin Tone/Restless Clean/Twin Tone/Restless 31-Jan-95 CD
POLARA Formless/Functional Interscope 01-Mar-98 CD
POLARA Pantomime Interscope 24-Oct-96 CD
POLE 3 Matador 13-Jun-00 CD
POLENZANI, ROSE Anybody Daemon 01-Apr-00 CD
POLICE, THE Live! A&M 11-Jun-95 CD
POLICE, THE   Regatta De Blanc A&M 01-Jan-79 12" LP
POLICE, THE    Ghost In The Machine A&M 01-Jan-81 12" LP
POLING, CHAN Calling All Stars Manifesto 21-Feb-02 CD
POLITICAL ASYLUM    Visionary Child Antithesis 03-Feb-94 CD
POLLARD, ROBERT Not In My Air Force Matador 21-Sep-96 CD
POLLARD, ROBERT Waved Out Matador 01-Jul-98 CD
POLLEN Peach Tree Wind Up 19-Mar-97 CD
POLLEN    Bluette Grass 05-Jul-94 CD
POLLENATE Snorkel Type OverTheCounter 20-Jul-95 CD
POLONSKY, JONNY Gone Away Onion/American 09-Mar-96 CD
POLONSKY, JONNY Hi My Name Is Jonny American 13-Jan-96 CD
POLONSKY, JONNY Truly Ugly And Dead Too/In Bloom Rapid/American 03-Oct-95 CD
POLTZ, STEVE One Left Shoe Mercury 05-Mar-98 CD
POLVO   Today's Active Lifestyles Merge 23-Apr-93 CD
POLYGON WINDOW    Surfing On Sine Waves Wax Trax/TVT 16-Aug-93 CD
POLYPHEMUS Stonehouse Beggar'sBanquet 04-Oct-95 CD
POLYPHEMUS  Scrapbook Of Madness BeggarsBanquet 23-Oct-93 CD
POLYPLUSH CATS It's A Rock & Roll Party Dcide 25-Aug-97 CD
POLYVALENT IMMEDIA Iron Eye Cyberwerks 06-Mar-97 CD
POMEGRANITE Don Ron Treat & Release 04-May-96 CD
POND Rock Collection Work/Sony 21-Mar-97 CD
POND The Practice of Joy Before Death Sub Pop 04-Feb-95 CD
PONTIAC BROTHERS, THE Be Married Song/Doll Hut Frontier 05-May-87 12" LP
PONTIAC BROTHERS, THE Fiesta En La Biblioteca Frontier 09-Oct-86 CD
PONTIAC BROTHERS, THE Fuzzy Little Piece Of The World Frontier 17-Oct-92 CD
PONTIAC BROTHERS, THE   Johnson Frontier 17-Feb-88 CD
PONTIAC BROTHERS, THE    Doll Hut Frontier 01-Nov-85 12" LP
PONY    Cosmovalidator Homestead 16-May-94 CD
POOH STICKS, THE Optimistic Fool Seed 21-Apr-95 CD
POOHSTICKS, THE Cool In A Crisis Seed 29-Mar-95 CD
POOLE Alaska Days SpinArt 23-Mar-95 CD
POOLE The Late Engagement Spinart 21-Mar-97 CD
POOLEY, IAN 900 Degrees V2/BMG 01-Aug-00 12" EP
POOPSHOVEL    Opus Lengthemus Community 3 29-Sep-89 12" LP
POOR RICH ONES Happy Happy Happy Five One Inc. 15-Feb-01 CD
POOR RIGHTEOUS TEACHERS  Black Business Profile 13-Nov-93 CD
POP More Disposable Pop Songs Electrokitty 01-Jun-01 CD
POP STAR KIDS The Rise And Fall Of Pop Star Kids Playground 21-Feb-01 CD
POP UNKNOWN The August Division Sessions 21-Mar-02 CD
POP WILL EAT ITSELF RSVP (Remixes) Nothing/Interscope/Atlantic 06-Jul-94 CD
POP WILL EAT ITSELF   Box Frenzy RoughTrade 18-Feb-88 CD
POP, IGGY Heart Is Saved Virgin 20-Feb-96 CD
POP, IGGY Naughty Little Doggie Virgin 01-Mar-96 CD
POP, IGGY Nude & Rude; The Best Of Iggy Pop Virgin 17-Oct-96 CD
POP, IGGY    American Caesar Virgin 02-Sep-93 CD
POP, IGGY    Isolation A&M 01-Jan-86 CD
POP, IGGY    TV Eye, Live 1977 Virgin 05-Jul-94 CD
POP, IGGY & JAMES WILLIAMSON     Kill City Bomp 01-Jan-77 12" LP
POP, IGGY & THE STOOGES   Raw Power CBSAustralia 01-Jan-73 12" LP
POPA CHUBBY Booty And The Beast 550/Sony 16-Mar-95 CD
POPA CHUBBY Live; Hit The High Hard One 1-800-Prime CD 24-Oct-96 CD
POPA CHUBBY Palace Of The King/Sweet Goodness Of Love And Beer Okeh/Sony 06-Mar-95 CD
POPEALOPES   An Adders Tale GetHip 31-Jan-89 CD
POPGUNS, THE Love Junky ZYX/3rdStoneGmb 03-Oct-95 CD
POPOL VUH City Raga Milan/BMG 20-Apr-95 CD
POPOL VUH For You And Me Milan/BMG 11-Jun-95 CD
POPOL VUH Sing, For Song Drives Away The Wolves Milan/BMG 11-Jun-95 CD
POPOVIC, ANA Hush! Ruf 21-Mar-02 CD
PORCH (Self Titled) PrawnSong/Mammoth 01-Sep-94 CD
PORCH (Self Titled) Mammoth 18-Oct-94 CD
PORCH   Expectorant/Iceberg AlternativeTentacles 16-Aug-93 7" Single
PORCUPINE TREE Signify Delirium/Ark 21 21-Jan-98 CD
PORCUPINE TREE The Sky Moves Sideways Delerium/MicMac 13-Nov-95 CD
PORK Strip No. 6 22-Dec-94 CD
PORNO FOR PYROS Good God's Urge Warner Brothers 24-May-96 CD
PORNO FOR PYROS Pete's Dad (Remix, Now L-P Track) Warner Brothers 24-Nov-95 CD
PORNO FOR PYROS Tahitian Moon Warner Brothers 04-May-96 CD
PORTABLE Only If You Look Up TVT 21-Mar-02 CD
PORTASHRINE (Self Titled) Not Happy 15-Oct-96 CD
PORTASTATIC Slow Note From A Sinking Ship Merge 06-Jun-95 CD
PORTASTATIC The Nature Of Sap Merge 29-Mar-97 CD
PORTASTATIC    Naked Pilsners Matador 08-Feb-94 CD
PORTISHEAD (Self Titled) Go Beat//London/Polygram 01-Oct-97 CD
PORTISHEAD Dummy Go!Discs/London 22-Sep-94 CD
PORTISHEAD Dummy Go!Discs/London 26-Nov-94 CD
POSEN, MARTIN Listening Hands Bare Bones 17-Jan-02 CD
POSIES, THE Amazing Disgrace DGC 22-Apr-96 CD
POSIES, THE Please Return It DGC 29-Apr-96 CD
POSIES, THE Success Popllama 17-Jan-98 CD
POSS, ROBERT   Sometimes TraceElements 08-Jul-86 CD
POSS, ROBERT & NICOLAS COLLINS Inverse Guitar TraceElements 13-Nov-88 CASS
POSSESED    Beyond The Gates Combat 20-Nov-86 CD
POSSESSION African Dub- Off World One SubMeta/Caroline 06-Apr-96 CD
POSSUM DIXON A Tropic Of Celso Interscope 05-Aug-96 CD
POSSUM DIXON New Sheets Interscope 21-Jul-98 CD
POSSUM DIXON Star maps Interscope 05-Feb-96 CD
POSSUM DIXON   (Self Titled) Interscope/Atlantic 26-Sep-93 CD
POST PRANDIALS Flight Artichoke/Tristero 06-Sep-94 CD
POSTER CHILDREN He's My Star Sire/Reprose 25-May-95 CD
POSTER CHILDREN Junior Citizen Sire/Reprise 04-Feb-95 CD
POSTER CHILDREN Junior Citizen LP Sire/Reprise 09-Feb-95 CD
POSTER CHILDREN Just Like You EP Sire/Reprise 06-Oct-94 CD
POSTER CHILDREN/WILCO He's My Star (Remix)/Childlike + Evergreen Sire/Warner Brothers 10-Mar-95 CD
POT VALIANT   Transaudio Iteration/DutchEast 18-Jun-94 CD
POTSHOT Pots And Shots Asian Man 03-Oct-97 CD
POTTIFFER'S PENNY Crippled March PP 17-Jan-02 CD
POULAIN With Fingers Crossed Poulain 28-Jun-02 CD
POUNDCAKE Aloha Via Satellite Q Division 20-Jul-96 CD
POWELL, MORGAN Music For Brass VBRES 22-Dec-94 CD
POWELL, ROGER    Air Pocket Bearsville 01-Jan-80 12" LP
POWERMAN 5000 Mega! Kung Fu Radio Dreamworks 23-Feb-97 CD
POWERMAN 5000 Tokyo Vigilante Dreamworks/Universal 14-Feb-97 CD
POWERMAN 5000 Tokyo Vigilante Dreamworks/Universal 17-Feb-97 7" Single
POWERS, JOHNNY    New Spark (For An Old Flame) Schoolkids 11-Jul-94 CD
POWERS, WILL    Dancing For Mental Health Island 01-Jan-83 12" LP
PRAGA KHAN Mixed Up Never 27-Jul-01 CD
PRAGUE SPRING October River Braidwood 06-Nov-95 CD
PRAM Helium TooPure/American 28-Jun-95 CD
PRAM Sargasso Sea TooPure/American 14-Sep-95 CD
PRAXIS Metatron Subharmonic 14-Oct-94 CD
PRAXIS   Transmutation (Mutadis Mutandis) Axiom/Island/PLG 28-Oct-93 CD
PRAXIS    Sacrifist Subharmonic 30-Mar-94 CD
PRAYER TOWER    Halo ThirdMind/Roadrunner 01-Mar-93 CD
PRE METAL SYNDROME    P.M.S. Buy Our Records 22-Jan-88 CD
PREACHER BOY The Devil's Butterminlk Manifesto 15-Nov-00 CD
PRECIOUS METAL    That Kind Of Girl Chameleon 01-May-89 CD
PREFUSE 73 The '92 vs. '02 Collection Warp UK 28-Jun-02 12" EP
PRESCOTT CURLYWOLF Dang Doolittle 17-Jan-95 CD
PRESIDENTS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Peaches Popllama/Columbia/Sony 01-Mar-96 CD
PRESSURE BOYS, THE Krandlebanvum Monvmentvs ARootADootDoo 01-Oct-87 CD
PRESSURE BOYS, THE   Rangledoon ARootADootDoo 15-May-85 CD
PRESSURE DROP Elusive Work/Sony 05-May-98 CD
PRETENDERS  Live Warner Brothers 01-Jan-81 12" LP
PRETENDERS   (Self Titled) Sire 01-Jan-80 12" LP
PRETENDERS    Last Of The Independents Warner Brothers 06-May-94 CD
PRETENDERS    Learning To Crawl Sire 01-Jan-83 12" LP
PRETENDERS    Night In My Veins Sire 17-Apr-94 CD
PRETENDERS    Pretenders 2 Sire 01-Jan-81 12" LP
PRETENDERS    Show Me/Thin Line.. Sire 01-Jan-84 12" LP
PRETENDERS    Thin Line../Thumbelina Sire 01-Jan-84 12" Single
PRETTY AND TWISTED Ride! Warner Brothers 29-Jul-95 CD
PRETTY GIRLS MAKE GRAVES Good Health Lookout 01-Apr-02 CD
PRETTY MARY SUNSHINE Jessica/Can I Stay SpontaneousUnderground 12-Aug-94 CD
PRETTY MIGHTY MIGHTY Normal EP Deraileur 15-Feb-03 CD
PREVITE, BOBBY & EMPTY SUITS Slay The Suitors Avant 23-Sep-94 CD
PRICE, DARREN Under The Flightpath Nova Mute 05-Jun-97 CD
PRICK (Self-Titled) Nothing/Interscope 25-Jan-95 CD
PRICK Communique/Crack Interscope 07-Nov-94 CD
PRIGGEN, SPIKE The Very Thing That You Treasure Volare 27-Jul-01 CD
PRIMAL SCREAM Buring Wheel  (Single) Reprise 13-Sep-97 CD
PRIMAL SCREAM Kowalski Reprise 07-Jun-97 CD
PRIMAL SCREAM Vanishing Point Reprise 05-Jul-97 CD
PRIMAL SCREAM Xterminator Astralwerks 01-May-00 CD
PRIMAL SCREAM   Give Out But Don't Give Up Sire/Reprise 08-Apr-94 CD
PRIMARY COLOURS    Paint Love Blue After Hours 16-Jul-86 CD
PRIMETIME HEROES, THE (Self Titled) Noisome 01-Feb-03 CD
PRIMEVAL UNKNOWN, THE   (Self Titled) Skyclad 09-Jul-89 CD
PRIMITIVE PAINTER (Self Titled) Dead Digital 01-Dec-02 CD
PRIMITONS    (Self Titled) ThrobbingLobster 27-Sep-85 12" EP
PRIMITONS    Don't Go Away WhatGoesOn 11-Dec-86 CD
PRIMITONS    Happy All The Time WhatGoesOn 27-May-87 12" LP
PRIMORDIAL UNDERMIND Ache/Walk Me Home (Medley) Penultimate 17-Mar-95 CD
PRIMUS Back In Brown; The Making Of The Brown Album Interscope 13-Jun-97 Video
PRIMUS Brown Album Prawn Song/Interscope 07-May-97 CD
PRIMUS Rhinoplasty Prawn Song/Interscope 31-Jul-98 CD ROM
PRIMUS    Pork Soda Interscope/Atlantic 14-Mar-94 CD
PRINCE Black Album EroticCity 01-Jan-88 12" LP
PRINCE Come Warner Brothers 18-Aug-94 CD
PRINCE Controversy Warner Brothers 01-Jan-81 12" LP
PRINCE Around The World In A Day Warner Brothers 01-Jan-85 12" LP
PRINCE     1999 Warner Brothers 01-Jan-82 12" LP
PRINCESS SUPERSTAR C.E.O. A Big Rich Major Label 27-Oct-97 CD
PRINCESS SUPERSTAR Strickly Natinum 5th Beetle 01-Mar-96 CD
PRISONSHAKE   Deanna/Shook Like Roses Scat 16-Feb-89 CD
PRISONSHAKE    (Self Titled) HerbJackson 17-Aug-87 12" LP
PRISSTEENS, THE (Self Titled) Almo/Universal 21-Apr-98 CD
PRISSTEENS, THE Scandal, Controversy, and Romance Almo/Geffen 01-May-98 CD
PRITCHARD, BILL  3 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days Nettwerk 01-Jul-89 CD
PRITCHARD, DAVID   Air Patterns Molecular 24-Jun-91 CD
PRIVATE DOMAIN  (Self Titled) Chameleon 27-May-87 12" LP
PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS   React Like Ya Knew Virgin 19-Aug-93 CD
PRIVATE SECTOR The Darkness Burning Bright Rose Hill 19-Nov-87 CD
PRIVATE SECTOR  House Of Birds Rose Hill 22-Oct-88 CD
PROCLAIMERS, THE Persevere Nettwerk 01-Jun-01 CD
PRODIGY Breathe Maverick/Warner Brothers 07-Jun-97 CD
PRODIGY Fire Starter/Their Law Maverick/Warner Brothers 21-Jan-97 CD
PRODIGY Music For The Jilted Generation XL/Mute 21-Feb-95 CD
PRODIGY No Good (Start The Dance) Elektra 30-Apr-94 CD
PRODIGY Smack My Bitch Up EP Maverick/Warner Brothers 13-Nov-97 CD
PRODIGY The Fat Of The Land Maverick/Warner Brothers 21-Jun-97 CD
PRODUCERS, THE   Run For Your Life Marathon 19-Sep-85 12" LP
PROFESSOR LONGHAIR Mardis Gras In New Orleans Nighthawk 05-Sep-85 12" LP
PROFESSOR TRANCE + THE ENERGISERS Shaman's Breath Island 21-Jan-95 CD
PROJECT KATE The Way Birds Fly Equal Vision 01-Apr-97 CD
PROJECT POLLEN (Self Titled) Mutiny 05-Sep-97 CD
PROJECT POLLEN (Self Titled) Mutiny 09-Oct-97 CD
PROLAPSE Black Saturday BigCat 02-Apr-96 CD
PROLAPSE The Italian Flag Jet Set 15-Sep-98 CD
PROLES, THE Index The Americans Are Coming 11-Aug-03 CD
PROLETARIAT, THE   Marketplace/Death Of A Headon Homestead 28-Apr-86 CD
PROLETARIAT, THE    Indifference Homestead 13-Aug-86 CD
PROMINENT DISTURBANCE (Self Titled) Down &Out 24-Jun-85 12" LP
PROMISE RING, THE The Horse Latitudes Jade Tree 01-Mar-97 CD
PRONG Rude Awakening Epic/Sony 02-Apr-96 CD
PRONG Rude Awakening (Remixes) Epic/Sony 04-Jun-96 CD
PRONG  Cleansing Epic/Sony 03-Mar-94 CD
PRONG   Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck Epic/Sony 29-Jan-94 CD
PRONG    Primitive Origins Mr.Bear 24-Jun-87 CD
PROPAGANDA Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes Fat Wreck Chords 05-Feb-01 CD
PROPELLORHEADS (Self Titled) Dreamworks/Universal 29-Nov-97 CD
PROPELLORHEADS Deck and Drums and Rock and Roll Dreamworks 13-Mar-98 CD
PROPELLORHEADS History Repeating MCA 05-Mar-98 CD
PROPHET, CHUCK    Balinese Dancer DutchEast 02-Jun-93 CD
PROSTITUTES, THE Twenty Two Royalty 07-May-98 7" EP
PROTIEN Ever Since I was A Kid Work/Sony 20-Feb-97 CD
PROTOTYPE 909 Joined At The Head Caipirinha 11-Oct-97 CD
PROTOTYPE 909 Transistor Rythym Instinct 28-Apr-95 CD
PROZACK TURNER Restaurant Quality Lemonade EP Dreamworks 26-Apr-03 CD
PRUDENCE DREDGE Detroit Rock/That Letter/I Will Dare Popllama 03-Jan-88 CD
PRUNELLA SCALES Dressing Up The Idiot Mutiny 01-Jun-97 CD
PRYOR, RICHARD/REDD FOXX Loose Canon Comedy Classics Sampler Island 01-Nov-94 CD
PS I LOVE YOU Heart Of Stone Rocket Girl 21-May-01 CD
PSYCH 101 Aural 15-Apr-01 CD
PSYCHDELICASI Downsized Hellbound 27-Jul-97 CD
PSYCHE   Unveiling The Secrets C'estLaMort 17-Mar-88 12" LP
PSYCHE/BFC Elements 1989-1990 Planet E 15-Jul-96 CD
PSYCHEDELIC FURS Talk Talk Talk CBS 01-Jan-81 12" LP
PSYCHEDELIC FURS   Pretty In Pink CBSUK 01-Jan-86 CD
PSYCHEDELIC FURS    Mirror Moves CBS 01-Jan-84 12" LP
PSYCHIC HEARTS, THE Post Meridian/Frenching Psychic Hearts 07-May-98 7" Single
PSYCHICK TV    Allegory & Self Fundamental 02-Nov-88 CD
PSYCHO Shrunken EP Ax/ction 21-Feb-95 CD
PSYCHO DAISIES    Pushin' Up Daisies Sunlapse 01-Jan-85 12" LP
PSYCHO JOHNNY    Vice Verses Trumpeter 16-Jul-93 CD
PSYCHO SONIC CINDY (Self Titled) Permanent 23-Sep-94 CD
PSYCHOTIC PETUNIAS, THE  Louie Louie/Surfin' Bird GetHip 13-Apr-88 CD
PSYCHOTICA (Self Titled) American 20-Jul-96 CD
PSYCHOTICA (Self Titled) sampler American 28-Jun-96 CD
PSYCHOTICA Espina Zero Hour 15-Jun-98 CD
PSYCHOTICA Ice Planet Hell American 26-Aug-96 CD
PSYCHOTICS Mass Insanity Destroying Civilization Olive Tree 05-Feb-86 CD
PSYCLONE RANGERS, THE The Devil May Care WorldDomination 01-Apr-95 CD
PSYCLONE RANGERS, THE  Feel Nice WorldDomination/Capitol 18-Oct-93 CD
PSYKOSONIK Unlearn Wax Trax/TVT 02-Nov-95 CD
PSYKOSONIK    (Self Titled) Wax Trax/TVT 15-Oct-93 CD
PSYKOSONIK    Welcome To My Mind Wax Trax/TVT 31-Oct-93 CD
PUBLIC ENEMY He Got Game DefJam 27-Apr-98 CD
PUBLIC IMAGE LTD. 9 Virgin 18-May-89 CD
PUBLIC IMAGE LTD. Album Elektra 01-Jan-85 12" LP
PUBLIC IMAGE LTD. Dissapointed Virgin 11-May-89 CD
PUBLIC IMAGE LTD. Happy Virgin 15-Sep-87 CD
PUBLIC IMAGE LTD. Happy Virgin 09-Oct-87 CD
PUBLIC IMAGE LTD. Seattle/Body Virgin 16-Nov-87 CD
PUBLIC IMAGE LTD. This Is What You Want Elektra 01-Jan-84 12" LP
PUGS Bite The Red Knee Tone Casualties 15-Jan-97 CD
PULLBY The Soundfreeze EP Dead Digital 23-Mar-03 CD
PULLER Sugarless Tooth & Nail 17-Jan-97 CD
PULLEY Esteem Driven Engine Epitaph 05-Oct-96 CD
PULP We Love Life Rough Trade 11-Aug-02 CD
PULP His & Hers Island/PLG 03-Jun-94 CD
PULSARS (Self Titled) Almo 15-Mar-97 CD
PULSARS Submission To The Master EP Almo/Geffen 10-Oct-96 CD
PULSARS Tunnel Song Almo 15-Mar-97 CD
PULSARS Tunnel Song/Dear/Worker Robot Droid Almo 06-Mar-97 12" EP
PUMPERNICKEL The Albany Purchase Spare Me 19-May-98 CD
PUNCHBUGGY All Nite Christian Rollerskate ShakeTheRecordLabel 27-Sep-95 CD
PUNCHDRUNK From Dad Zeus 04-Feb-95 CD
PUNCHLINE The Rewind EP Fueled By Ramen 07-Mar-03 CD
PUNGENT STENCH Dirty Rhymes & Psychotronic Beats Nuclear Blast/Relapse 02-Aug-93 CD
PUNGENT STENCH  For God Your Soul, For Me Your Flesh Nuclear Blast/Relapse 06-Nov-93 CD
PURE Feverish Mammoth 09-Apr-98 CD
PURE Generation Six Pack Mammoth/Atlantic 24-Sep-96 CD
PURIM, FLORA   Midnight Sun Virgin 28-Sep-88 12" LP
PURPLE BOSCO Deeper IRS 26-Jan-96 CD
PURPLE IVY SHADOWS Feeble/Sustance Zero Hour 13-May-96 CD
PURPLE IVY SHADOWS No Less The Trees Than The Stars Slow River 23-Oct-97 CD
PURPLE IVY SHADOWS Under & OK Rykodisc 13-Apr-98 CD
PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS, THE The Wonderful World Of Iron 29-Jul-97 CD
PUSH KINGS, THE Blowin' Up Sealed Fate 07-May-98 7" Single
PUSH ON JUNIOR (Self Titled) BUTT 10-Dec-94 CD
PUSH ON JUNIOR Want Earmark 02-Dec-95 CD
PUSHERMAN (Self Titled) Ignition 05-Aug-96 CD
PUSHERMAN Floored Epic/Sony 15-Aug-96 CD
PUSHKINGS (Self Titled) Sealed Fate 28-Jan-97 CD
PUSHMONKEY    Maize Sector 2 17-Jul-94 CD
PUSSY CRUSH Tormenting The Emotionall Frail LaDiDa 15-Apr-95 CD
PUSSY GALORE Sampler Matador 03-Apr-98 CD
PUSSY GALORE    Right Now Caroline 07-Oct-87 CD
PUT OUTS, THE Starlett(Annie)/The Sky Is Falling darian 17-Jun-97 7" Single
PUTOIS The Thinking Fireplace Inner Flight 27-May-03 CD
PUTTERS, THE   Fear Of Women Empty 02-Mar-94 CD
PUYA CD Five MCA/Universal 17-Oct-98 CD
PUZZLEFISH Bouncenplod 4:20 03-May-97 CD
PYLON    Gyrate dB 05-May-87 12" LP
PYOGENESIS Waves of Enotasia Nuclear Blast/Relapse 29-Nov-94 CD