T 21 Works Wax Trax 12-Aug-89 12" LP
T G T Revo/The Eon Mix Wax Trax 27-Nov-89 12" Single
T JKIRK (Self Titled) Warner Brothers 08-Aug-95 CD
T J KIRK If Four Was One Warner Brothers 22-Sep-96 12" LP
T K A You Are The One Warner Brothers 18-May-89 12" Single
T LA ROCK Lyrical King SleepingBag 28-Apr-87 12" LP
T M A What's For Dinner? Jimboco 15-Jan-86 12" LP
T REX A Beginning A&M 01-Jan-68 12" LP
T REX A Beard Of Stars BlueThumb 01-Jan-72 12" LP
T REX Celebrate Summer/Ride My Wheels EMI UK 01-Jan-77 12" LP
T REX Zinc Alloy & The Hidden Riders Of Tommorow EMI UK 01-Jan-74 12" LP
T REX Electric Warrior Reprise 01-Jan-71 12" LP
T REX Futuristic Dragon EMI UK 01-Jan-76 12" LP
T REX Light Of Love Casablanca 01-Jan-74 12" LP
T REX Tanx Reprise 01-Jan-73 12" LP
T REX The Slider Relativity 01-Jan-72 CD
T REX The Unobtainable T Rex EMI UK 01-Jan-80 12" LP
T REX Unicorn BlueThumb 01-Jan-72 12" LP
T REX†† Flyback 2, The Best Of T Rex Fly UK 01-Jan-70 12" LP
T REX†††† (Self Titled) Reprise 01-Jan-71 12" LP
T S O L Hit & Run Enigma 07-Jul-87 12" LP
T S O L Revenge Enigma 09-Jul-86 12" LP
T S O L Thoughts Of Yesterday Chameleon/PoshBoy 28-Apr-87 12" LP
T.D.F. Retail Therapy Reprise/Warner Brothers 03-Mar-97 CD
TAB TWO Flagman Ahead Virgin 25-Sep-95 CD
TABLE Spindrift/Vacuum Homestead 24-Aug-93 7" Single
TABLET Pinned Mercury 07-Jul-96 CD
TACKHEAD Ticking Time Bomb Virgin 07-Apr-89 12" EP
TACKHEAD SOUND SYSYEM Tackhead Tape Time Nettwerk 17-Feb-88 12" LP
TACUMA, JAMAALADEEN The Best Of... Grammavision/Rykodisc 10-Nov-94 CD
TAD Infrared Riding Hood Mechanic/Elektra 29-Mar-95 CD
TAD Live Alien Broadcasts Futurist 05-Dec-94 Cass
TAD Live Alien Broadcasts Futurist 13-Jan-95 CD
TAD Inhaler Giant/Mechanic 13-Nov-93 CD
TAD Leafy Incline Giant/Mechanic 09-Mar-94 CD
TADPOLE Slip Into A Coma Flying Bug 25-Jan-01 CD
TAG YR IT Predator Score After Hours 23-Jun-86 12" LP
TAILGATORS It's A Hog Groove Upstart/Rounder 03-Jan-96 CD
TAINT, THE Through The Light FirstStreet 28-Mar-87 Cass
TAINT, THE Blame It On You FirstStreet 10-Jun-85 7" Single
TAKEMURA, NOBUKAZU Songbook Bubble Core 13-May-03 CD
TALIB KWEI & HI-TEK Are Reflection Eternal; Train Of Thought Rawkus 07-Nov-00 CD
TALIB KWELI Quality Universal 11-Feb-03 CD
TALKING HEADS Making Flippy Floppy/Slippery People Sire 01-Jan-83 12" Single
TALKING HEADS Naked Sire 01-Jan-88 12" LP
TALKING HEADS True Stories Sire 01-Jan-86 12" LP
TALKING HEADS Workshop Image/Live @ CBGB'S Lunar Toones 01-Jan-77 12" LP
TALKING HEADS†† 77 Sire 01-Jan-77 12" LP
TALKING HEADS†† Fear Of Music Sire 01-Jan-79 12" LP
TALKING HEADS†† Remain In Light Sire 01-Jan-80 12" LP
TALKING HEADS†† Speaking In Tongues Sire 01-Jan-83 12" LP
TALKING HEADS††† Stop Making Sense Sire 01-Jan-84 12" LP
TALKING TO ANIMALS Manhole Velvel/BMG 09-Apr-98 CD
TALL DWARVES Stumpy Flying Nun 01-Feb-97 CD
TALL PAUL††† Blue Army/Silver Horses TallPaul 27-May-87 7" Single
TANGERINE DREAM Sampler Virgin 07-Nov-94 CD
TANNER Ill Gotten Gains Caroline 15-Aug-95 CD
TANNER, PATRIK & THE FARAWAY MEN Done Broke Down Dark One 05-Aug-97 CD
TAPANI VARIS Jews Harp North Side 03-Jul-98 CD
TAPES, THE†† Too Many Stars/Just Like In The Movies Panic 20-Dec-84 7" Single
TAPEWORM SFX By Phil Milstein 50,000Watts 01-Oct-90 12" LP
TAR BABIES†† No Contest SST 30-Apr-88 12" LP
TAR BABIES††† Fried Milk SST 08-Sep-87 12" LP
TARABRIDGE Gypsys Ajent 08-Apr-95 CD
TARANTINO, QUENTIN Truth & Fiction, Pulp Fiction Interview MCA 27-Oct-94 CD
TARNATION Gentle Creatures 4AD/Warner Brothers 27-Aug-95 CD
TARNATION Mirador Reprise 30-Mar-97 CD
TARNATION The Hand 4AD 02-Sep-95 CD
TASCHE, HARPER†† Open To The North Tasche 30-Nov-93 CD
TASMIN ARCHER††† Shipbuilding SBK/ERG 23-Mar-94 CD
TATE, DANNY Nobody's Perfect Charisma 13-Feb-95 CD
TAVENER, JOHN Akathist of Thanksgiving Arc ofLight/SonyClassical 16-Mar-95 CD
TAXBEAGY Not So Fast PMT 23-Oct-96 CD
TAY, EBONY (Self Titled) Murphy Dog 15-Sep-97 CD
TAYBACKS, THE The Universe Winks AAJ/Monkiphonic 25-Nov-00 CD
TAYLOR, ALARIA††† (Self Titled) BlessedCalm 17-Apr-94 CD
TAYLOR, JEFFERY & NED RIFLE Flirt Soundtrack Minty Fresh 20-Jul-96 CD
TAYLOR, RICHARD & THE RAVERS†† (Self Titled) LGM 19-Feb-86 12" EP
TEA PARTY, THE Transmission Atlantic 15-Aug-97 CD
TEAM DRESCH Hand Grenade/Endtime Relay/Molasses In January Kill Rock Stars 09-Jun-94 7" EP
TEAM DRESCH Personal Best Chinsaw/Revolver 21-Jan-95 CD
TEAM USA Listen To The Night Startime 27-Feb-02 CD
TEAR GARDEN, THE Tired Eyes Slowly Burning Nettwerk 18-Dec-87 12" EP
TEAR GARDEN, THE To Be An Angel Blind, The Crippled Soul Divide Nettwerk 17-Sep-96 CD
TEAR GARDEN, THE†† (Self Titled) Nettwerk 27-Oct-86 12" EP
TEARAWAYS, THE The Ground's The Limit Pinch Hit 10-Apr-97 CD
TEARDROP EXPLODES†† Kilamanjaro Mercury 01-Jan-80 12" LP
TEARDROP EXPLODES††† Wilder Mercury 01-Jan-81 12" LP
TECHNICAL JED, THE Southern States SpinArt 16-Nov-94 CD
TECHNICAL JED, THE The Oswald Cup Spin Art 20-Aug-96 CD
TECHNICIAN Electronic Conversations With The Dead Tranquility Base 11-Feb-00 CD
TECHNICIAN Opposition Tranquility Base 21-Feb-02 CD
TECHNIQUE NIQUEE Substitutes For Learning ZeroFaute 16-Jul-86 12" LP
TECHNO SQUID EATS PARLAMENT (Self Titled) Ardent 06-Mar-95 CD
TECHNOGOD†† Hemo Glow Ball Contempo/Cargo 19-Aug-93 CD
TED LEO & THE PHARMACISTS Hearts Of Oak Lookout 17-Jan-03 CD
TEDIO BOYS Bad Trip Elevator Music 23-Jul-98 CD
TEDIO BOYS Fuck The Beatles Elevator Music 13-Jul-98 7" EP
TEEEN IDOLS (Self Titled) Honest Don's 17-Jan-98 CD
TEE-M & THE NOIZEMAKERS Phone Sex/Thinkin'.. James Brown Coolvinyl 20-Mar-93 7" Single
TEEN ANGELS Daddy Sub Pop 13-Jan-96 CD
TEENAGE CAVEMAN†† Spirit Of The Wildwood HomoHabilis 05-Feb-94 7" EP
TEENAGE FANCLUB Four Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty Six Seconds; A Short Cut To Teenage Fanclub Jetset 03-Oct-03 CD
TEENAGE FANCLUB Grand Prix DGC 23-Jun-95 Cass
TEENAGE FANCLUB Sparky's Dream DGC 15-Jul-95 CD
TEENAGE FANCLUB & DE LA SOUL Fallin' EpicSoundtrax/Sony 29-Jan-94 CD
TEETH New Dime Box/Displaced Allied 20-Feb-96 7" Single
TEFFT, JENNIFER BAND B-Sides to Nothing Gypsy Spin 17-Sep-98 CD
TEI, TOWA Future Listening Elektra 22-Apr-95 CD
TEISCO DEL REY Plays Music For Lovers Upstart/Rounder 03-Jan-96 CD
TEL AVIV The Shape Of Fiction Teen Beat 14-Feb-97 CD
TEL BASTA Lickerish CircularReasoning 13-Mar-96 CD
TELESCOPES, THE††† (Self Titled) Creation/Tri-Star 16-Mar-94 CD
TELEVISION†† Adventure Elektra 01-Jan-78 12" LP
TELEVISION PERSONALITIES Yes Darling But Is It Art? Seed 04-Feb-95 CD
TELLING, THE††† (Self Titled) InPraesenti 04-Mar-87 12" EP
TELSTAR PONIES Mars Factum Musica Instant Mayhem 17-Sep-96 CD
TELSTAR PONIES Voices From The New Music Velvel/Fire 25-Mar-97 CD
TEN BENSON Benson Burner Jetset 11-Aug-03 CD
TEN BENSON City Hoppers/Transport Overseas Sweet 07-Sep-97 7" Single
TEN CC††† Sheet Music London 01-Jan-74 12" LP
TEN CENTS Everybody Wins Angel Dust 01-Feb-97 CD
TEN FOOT POLE Rev Epitaph 04-Oct-94 CD
TEN GRAND This Is The Way To Rule Southern 29-Apr-03 CD
TEN MINUTE WARNING Mezz single Sub Pop 01-Jul-98 CD
TEN SECONDS (Self Titled) Discipline Global Mobile 23-Apr-96 CD
TEN SPEED (Self Titled) A&M/Polygram 09-May-98 CD
TEN TALL MEN†† Find Your Saint VacantLot 23-Apr-88 12" LP
TEN TALL MEN††† Nickelbrain TTMProductions 17-Feb-87 12" LP
TEN THOUSAND MANIACS Love Among The Ruins Geffen 13-Jun-97 CD
TEN THOUSAND MANIACS†† Blind Man's Zoo Elektra 01-Jan-90 12" LP
TENDER TRAP Film Molecules K 13-Jul-02 CD
TENDERLOIN Bullseye Qwest/Warner Brothers 14-Sep-95 CD
TENDERLOIN††† Let It Leak Qwest/Warner Brothers 09-Jun-94 CD
TENNESSEE TWIN, THE Free To Do What? Mint 21-Mar-02 CD
TENNESSEE TWIN, THE These Thoughts Are Occupied/Oh Darkness Mint 25-Jun-01 7" EP
TENORES DI BITTI Ammentos Qbadisc 15-Oct-96 CD
TENPOLE TUDOR††† Throwin' My Baby../Conga Tribe Stiff 01-Jan-81 7" Single
TENSION War Cry Grilled Cheese/Cargo 25-Feb-00 CD
TENSION††† Breaking Point Combat 20-Nov-86 12" LP
TEPPER, MORIS Big Enought To Dissapear CandleBone 03-Jun-95 CD
TERRELL Angry Southern Gentleman Pointblank/Virgin 01-Apr-95 CD
TERRELL Beautiful Side Of Madness Virgin 05-Aug-96 CD
TERROR FABULOUS Yagga Yagga East West 04-Jun-94 CD
TERROR FABULOUS Action East West 04-Jun-94 CD
TERROR T.R.A.X. Track of the Vampire; Audio CD Interactive Game TSR 04-Nov-95 CD
TERRY McCUIRE BAND, THE Lucky 13 Beau-TieRecords 02-Sep-95 CD
TEST DEPARTMENT†† A Good Night Out Relativity 18-Feb-88 12" LP
TEST DEPARTMENT††† Terra Firma Wax Trax 08-Jul-88 12" LP
TESTORS, THE Complete Recordings 1976-79 Swami 13-May-03 CD
TEX Diary Of A Genius Zero to Hero/Sperm Boy 21-May-98 CD
TEX & THE HORSEHEADS†† Life Is So Cool Enigma 15-Nov-85 12" LP
TEXAS INSTRUMENTS, THE Speed Of Sound DoctorDream 22-Sep-94 CD
TEXAS INSTRUMENTS, THE†† (Self Titled) Rabid Cat 24-Jun-87 12" LP
TEXAS INSTRUMENTS, THE††† Sun Tunnels Rabid Cat 24-Jun-88 12" LP
TEXAS IS THE REASON (Self Titled) Reprise 09-Nov-95 CD
TEXAS IS THE REASON Do You Know Who You Are? Revelation 04-May-96 CD
TEXAS MIDGETS/HELEN KELLER PLAID (Self Titled) MadRover 09-Apr-90 12" LP
TEXAS TORNADOS 4 Aces Reprise 07-Jul-96 CD
TEXT (Self Titled) Buddy Head 07-Jul-01 CD
TH' FAITH HEALERS L' TooPure/American 12-Jul-95 CD
TH' INBRED††† Kissin Cousins ToxicShock 24-Sep-88 12" LP
THAEMLITZ, TERRE Couture Cosmetique Caipirinha 11-Oct-97 CD
THANGS, THE Let Me Be/Lord Comes Knockin' DayOne 25-Jun-86 7" Single
THANTOS Blisters Projekt 21-Oct-97 CD
THAT DOG He's Kissing Christian Geffen 02-Sep-95 CD
THAT DOG Never Say Never DGC 15-Mar-97 CD
THAT DOG Retreat From The Sun DGC 30-Mar-97 CD
THAT DOG Totally Crushed Out DGC 12-Jul-95 Cass
THAT DOG Totally Crushed Out DGC 15-Jul-95 CD
THAT DOG††† Angel +5 EP Magnatone 17-Mar-93 7" EP
THAT PETROL EMOTION End Of The Millenium Psychosis Blues Virgin 16-Jan-88 12" LP
THAT PETROL EMOTION Fireproof Rykodisc 28-Feb-94 CD
THAT PETROL EMOTION Genius Move/Party Games Virgin 02-Feb-88 12" Single
THAU Swish Crunchy Frog 29-Sep-98 CD
THE AND DAY (Self Titled) J-Bird 25-Apr-98 CD
THE THE Hanky Panky 550/Sony 16-Feb-95 CD
THE THE I Saw The Light 550/Sony 30-Dec-94 CD
THE THE Naked Self Interscope 25-Feb-00 CD
THE THE Soul Mining Epic 01-Jan-84 12" LP
THE THE Infected CBS 01-Jan-86 12" LP
THEE HEADCOATS††† Louis Riel Nardwuar 26-Feb-93 7" EP
THEE HYDROGEN TERRORS The Erotic Adventures of Thee Hydrogen Terrors Load 20-Jul-95 CD
THEE HYPNOTCS††† The Very Crystal Speed Machine American 21-Apr-94 CD
THEE HYPNOTICS††† Heavy Liquid American/Reprise 08-Apr-94 CD
THERAPY? Infernal Love A&M 08-Jan-96 CD
THERAPY? Misery A&M 20-Oct-95 CD
THERAPY?†† Die Laughing A&M 09-May-94 CD
THERAPY?†† Nowhere A&M UK 05-Apr-94 CD
THERAPY?†† Troublegum A&M 28-Feb-94 CD
THERMADORE Monkey On Rico Atlantic 09-Mar-96 CD
THESE ANIMAL MEN (Self Titled) Vernon Yard 01-Sep-94 Cass
THESE ANIMAL MEN Come On Join The High Society Vernon yard 11-May-95 CD
THESE IMMORTAL SOULS†† Get Lost (Don't Die) SST 10-Nov-87 12" LP
THESSOLONIANS††† Soulcraft Silent 27-Sep-93 CD
THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS AKA Driver Elektra 04-Nov-94 CD
THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS Back To Skull Elektra 08-Aug-94 CD
THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS John Henry Elektra 08-Sep-94 CD
THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS Severe Tire Damage Restless 01-Aug-98 CD
THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS Snail Shell Elektra 08-Aug-94 CD
THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS†† (Self Titled) BarNone 23-Apr-87 12" LP
THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS††† Don't Let's Start BarNone 10-Nov-87 12" EP
THIEVERY CORPORATION Sounds From The Thievery Hi Fi ESL 22-Apr-97 CD
THIEVING DREAMERS It's All Dreams IralDisks 08-Mar-88 Cass
THIN LIZARD DAWN (Self Titled) RCA 28-Oct-96 CD
THIN WHITE ROPE Ants Are Cavemen/Little Doll Sub Pop 10-Mar-91 7" Single
THIN WHITE ROPE Sack Full Of Silver Frontier 01-Feb-90 12" LP
THIN WHITE ROPE Spoor Frontier 14-Feb-95 CD
THIN WHITE ROPE†† Ruby Red Sea Frontier 01-Jan-91 CD
THIN WHITE ROPE††† Bottom Feeders Frontier 23-Nov-87 12" EP
THIN WHITE ROPE††† Exploring The Axis Frontier 01-Nov-85 12" LP
THIN WHITE ROPE††† In The Spanish Cave Frontier 14-Mar-88 12" LP
THIN WHITE ROPE††† Moonhead Frontier 24-Jan-87 12" LP
THIN WHITE ROPE††† Wire Animals/Wet Heart Frontier 09-Feb-87 7" Flexi
THINGY Songs About Angels Evil And Running Around On Fire Headhunter/Cargo 01-May-97 CD
THINGY Staring Contest Headhunter/Cargo 03-Feb-97 CD
THINKING DAY RALLY Into The Blue Room Brave Noise 27-Jul-01 CD
THINKING FELLERS UNION LOCAL 282 Admonishing The Bishops Matador 17-Nov-93 CD
THINKING FELLERS UNION LOCAL 282 The Funeral Pudding Ajax 05-Apr-94 CD
THINKJET††† Honor HollywoodPossum 15-Nov-86 12" EP
THIRD CIRCLE†† Cash Crop Fundamental/Rouska 23-Jul-88 12" Single
THIRD EYE BLIND Advance Promotional Copy Elektra 20-Feb-97 CD
THIRD HARMONIC DISTORTION (Self Titled) Morphius 19-Feb-98 CD
THIRD RAIL South Delta Space Age Antilles/Verve/Polygram 01-May-97 CD
THIRD STONE††† The Stuff Hammerhead 20-Nov-93 CD
THIRD WORLD††† Arise In Harmony Island 01-Jan-80 12" LP
THIRST Through The Wire Iguana 03-Mar-96 CD
THIRTEEN ENGINES Conquistador Nettwerk 23-Mar-96 CD
THIRTEEN ENGINES†† Before Our Time Nocturnal 18-Sep-87 12" LP
THIRTEEN ENGINES††† Byram Lake Blues Nocturnal 31-Jan-89 12" LP
THIRTEEN ENGINES††† Perpetual Motion Machine Atlantic 05-Feb-94 CD
THIRTEEN MILLIGRAMS Trust and Obey Slipdisc/RagingBull 06-Nov-95 CD
THIRTEEN NIGHTMARES††† Shitride Pravda 14-Dec-89 12" LP
THIRTY FOUR SATTELITE Stars Hideaway 03-Oct-98 CD
THIRTY ONE KNOTS It Was High Time To Escape Fifty Four Forty Or Fight 15-Sep-03 CD
THIRTY OUGHT SIX Hag Seed Mute 02-Nov-95 CD
THIRTY OUGHT SIX Talon/Mareau Mute 11-May-95 7" Single
THIRTY SEVEN TARGETZ Ring Of Fire New WorldMusic 16-Jul-85 7" Flexi
THIRTY SEVEN TARGETZ And It Burns SkippyTheHealingPig 28-Oct-85 12" LP
THIS KIND OF PUNISHMENT In The Same Room/Five By Four Ajax 01-Feb-94 7" Single
THIS KIND OF PUNISHMENT A Beard Of Bees Ajax/Expressway 06-Jul-93 CD
THIS LIVING HAND Consolation Prize E.PluribusUnum 20-Oct-95 CD
THIS PERFECT DAY C-60 550/Sony 01-Apr-98 CD
THIS PERFECT DAY Could Have Been Friends Soap 01-Mar-98 CD
THIS PICTURE Acoustic Versions Dedicated/Arista 24-Aug-94 CD
THIS PICTURE††† City Of Sin Dedicated/Arista 17-Jul-94 CD
THIS YEARS MODEL A Very Special Demo Fadeaway 15-Mar-00 CD
THISTA'S, KEVIN, RED TERROR Judo Parasol 01-Jun-02 CD
THOMAS Chapter One CSN 15-Feb-01 CD
THOMAS††† Nothing Is Real NouveauPoore 06-Aug-94 CD
THOMAS JEFFERSON SLAVE APARTMENTS Bait and Switch Onion/American 12-Jul-95 CD
THOMAS, DAVID Monster Walks The Winter Lake Twin Tone 01-Apr-86 12" LP
THOMAS, DAVID & THE PEDESTRIANS More Places Forever Twin Tone 18-Jun-85 12" LP
THOMAS, DAVID & THE TWO PALE BOYS Erewhon Tim/Kerr 10-Jan-97 CD
THOMAS, PETER SOUND ORCHESTRA Futuremuzuik Scamp/Caroline 13-Apr-98 CD
THOMAS, SCOTT Wonderful EP Pure 20-Sep-96 CD
THOMAS, SCOTT, BAND The High-Fiber EP Elektra 11-Apr-98 CD
THOMPSON TWINS†† Hold Me Now/Let Loving Start Arista 01-Jan-84 7" Single
THOMPSON TWINS††† In The Name Of Love Arista 01-Jan-81 12" LP
THOMPSON TWINS††† Into The Gap Arista 01-Jan-84 12" LP
THOMPSON, LINDA Dreams Fly Away; A History Of Linda Thompson Hannibal/Rykodisc 28-Jun-96 CD
THOMPSON, RICHARD I Feel So Good Capitol 01-Jan-91 CD
THOMPSON, RICHARD It Capitol 02-Apr-96 CD
THOMPSON, RICHARD††† Mirror Blue Capitol 01-Feb-94 CD
THOMPSON, ROBERT SCOTT Deeper In The Dreamtime Aucourant 06-Dec-91 CD
THOMPSON, TEDDY (Self Titled) Virgin 01-Aug-00 CD
THORN Bitter Potion Roadrunner 05-Apr-95 CD
THORN Pacing Roadrunner 04-Feb-95 CD
THORNTON, PHIL Dreamscapes New World 03-May-02 CD
THORNTON, PHIL & HOSSAM RAMZY Immortal Egypt New World 17-Oct-98 CD
THORPE Demo Thorpe/Vis-A:Vis 08-Mar-95 Cass
THOSE BASTARD SOULS Twentieth Century Chemical Darla 26-Mar-96 CD
THOSE PEABODYS Unite Tonite Tiger Style 13-May-03 CD
THRALL Chemical Wedding Alternative Tentacles 24-Oct-96 CD
THREADGILL, HENRY Carry The Day Columbia/Sony 08-Feb-95 CD
THREADGILL, HENRY Makin' A Move Columbia/Sony 24-Aug-95 CD
THREE ANGRY POLES Motorcycle Maniac/Its Over/5 AM Wax Trax 22-Dec-86 12" Single
THREE BALL Six Dollar Superstar 3 Ball 05-Oct-98 CD
THREE BLUE TEARDROPS Poised In Hate TeenRebel 08-Feb-96 CD
THREE CAR GARAGE††† Slow/Love Kills Kokopop 11-Jul-94 7" Single
THREE COLORS RED Pure Creation/Sony 11-Jun-97 CD
THREE COLOURS RED Pure Creation/Epic/Sony 19-Jun-97 CD
THREE D INVISIBLES Graveyard Rockin'/Nosferatu NeuroticBop 14-Dec-89 7" Single
THREE D INVISIBLES They Won't Stay Dead NeuroticBop 09-Apr-90 12" LP
THREE D INVISIBLES††† 3D Monster Rock NeuroticBop 30-Jan-87 12" LP
THREE D JEESUS††† Baseball Bat/Last Straw AllBall 25-Oct-89 7" Single
THREE DAY WHEELY Rocket Science CheOrrore!/IRS 16-Feb-96 CD
THREE D'S, THE Strange News From The Angels Flying Nun 01-Feb-97 CD
THREE EIGHTY THREE STROKER (Self Titled) Space Ape 19-Jun-96 CD
THREE ELEVEN (Self Titled) Capricorn 12-Jul-95 CD
THREE ELEVEN 8:16 a.m./Omaha StyLee Capricorn 19-Apr-95 CD
THREE ELEVEN Jackolantern's Weather/Guns Are For Pussies Capricorn 02-Nov-95 7" Single
THREE ELEVEN Lucky Capricorn 12-Oct-94 CD
THREE ELEVEN Self Titled (Fcc Approved Version) Capricorn 28-Aug-95 CD
THREE ELEVEN†† Homebrew Capricorn 28-Jun-94 CD
THREE ELEVEN††† Grassroots Capricorn 08-Jul-94 CD
THREE FINGER COWBOY Kissed Daemon 15-Oct-98 CD
THREE FISH Laced Epic/Sony 12-Jun-96 CD
THREE MILE PILOT Another Desert, Another Sea Headhunter/Cargo 11-Nov-97 CD
THREE MILE PILOT The Chief Assassin To The Sinister DGC 23-Dec-94 Cass
THREE MILE PILOT The Chief Assassin To The Sinister DAC/Cargo 17-Jan-95 CD
THREE MILE PILOT††† Na Vucca Do Lupu Headhunter/Cargo 17-Nov-92 CD
THREE MUSTAPHAS THREE Play Musty For Me Omnium 21-Aug-01 CD
THREE O FIVE AM I Don't Hear Jimmy Page Straight Ahead 25-Sep-98 CD
THREE ON A HILL Biting On Tin Foil DeepEllum 05-May-87 12" EP
THREE POUND THRILL Vulture 550/Sony 20-Oct-95 CD
THREE SIXTIES Strawberry Stone Link/RCA/BMG 02-Sep-94 CD
THREE SIXTIES When I'm High RCA/BMG 12-Aug-94 CD
THREE YEARS DOWN Kill The Cool Wingnut 09-May-97 CD
THRILL CAT Green Thumb Justice 01-Nov-94 CD
THRONEBERRY Squinting Before The Dazzle Alias 11-Jun-98 CD
THROWING MUSES Bright Yellow Gun Sine/Reprise 09-Dec-94 CD
THROWING MUSES Live To Tape Rykodisc 01-Dec-96 CD
THROWING MUSES Live, MSN On Air Paradigm/Triage 12-Mar-97 CD
THROWING MUSES University Sire/Reprise 13-Jan-95 CD
THRUM††† So Glad/Give A Little Delmore 12-May-94 7" Single
THRUSH HERMIT Sweet Homewrecker Elektra 05-Feb-97 CD
THRUSH HERMIT Take Another Drag/Came And Went Bong Load 30-May-95 7" Single
THUD††† Inevitable EP FifthColumn 27-Sep-93 7" EP
THUMB Exposure Victory 11-Jun-98 CD
THUMBNAIL (Self Titled) Headhunter/Cargo 18-Jun-96 Cass
THUMBNAIL (Self Titled) Headhunter/Cargo 05-Aug-96 CD
THUMBNAIL Red! Dead! Headhunter/Cargo 06-Mar-97 CD
THUMBNAIL Station No. Last/Soundproof Headhunter/Cargo 03-Feb-97 7" Single
THUMPER (Self Titled) DotDotDash 20-Jul-95 CD
THUMPER Hellfire & Damnation Elevator 11-Feb-98 CD
THUMPER††† Enough Already/Padded House Shiver/Triage 18-Apr-94 7" Single
THUNDERBATS†† Garfield Avenue Gark 26-Jan-89 12" LP
THUNDERCHILDREN, THE Come On Thunderchild PC Music 01-Sep-98 CD
THUNDERCRACK Own Shit Home Estrus 05-Oct-98 CD
THUNDERCRACK The Crack Estrus 07-Jan-03 CD
THUNDERS, JOHNNY/PATTI PALLADIN Crawfish/Tie Me Up Jungle UK 01-Jan-85 12" LP
TIBBETS, STEVE & CHOYING DROLMA Cho Hannibal/Rykodisc 20-Jan-97 CD
TIBBETTS, STEVE A Man About A Horse ECM/Universal 13-Nov-02 CD
TICKMAYER FORMATIO†† Wilhelm Dances MCMXCII ReR/Cuneiform 06-Feb-93 12" LP
TIDEWATER GRAIN Here On The Outside Warner Brothers 01-Sep-00 CD
TIE THAT BINDS, THE Slowly Sinking Under One Foot 21-Jun-97 CD
TIGER Shining In The Wood Bar None 10-Apr-97 CD
TIKARAM, TANITA Lovers In The City Reprise 25-Mar-95 12" LP
TIKI TONES Wilt Disner Presents The Enchanted Tiki Tones Dionysus 01-Mar-96 12" LP
TILT Colect 'Em All Fat Wreck Chords 31-Mar-98 CD
TILT Horse Ing Two = Hit Teen Beat 13-May-03 CD
TIM German Engineering Vital Cog 25-Jan-98 CD
TIM AND PAUL Hear My Heart; Native American Flute Music C +S 29-Jun-95 12" LP
TIMCO Gentleman Jim Basura/Priority 03-Mar-96 12" LP
TIME BOYS Lucky Man/Still Missing You CBSGermany 24-Jan-87 12" LP
TIME SHARD Hunabku Planet Dog/Mammoth 20-Jul-96 12" LP
TIME ZONE†† World Destruction (Remix) Celluloid 03-Jul-86 12" LP
TIMEBOMB77 The American way Black Hole 07-May-98 7" EP
TIMELORDS, THE Doctorin' The Tardis/Gary In the Tardis TVT 01-Jan-88 12" LP
TIME'S UP Last Of The Juanitas Wantage USA 11-May-02 CD
TIMONY, MARY Mountains Matador 20-Mar-00 CD
TIN EAR Ballad Of A Tin Band Shimmy Disc 16-Apr-96 12" LP
TIN MACHINE†††† (Self Titled) EMI 01-Jan-89 12" LP
TIN TIN††† Hold It WEA UK 01-Jan-83 12" LP
TINDERSTICKS Curtains Quicksilver/Polygram 19-Jun-97 CD
TINDERSTICKS Nenette et Boni Soundtrack Bar None 01-Nov-97 CD
TINDERSTICKS Waiting For The Moon Beggars Banquet 27-May-03 CD
TINEAR Gospel of Tinear Shimmy Disc 14-Feb-95 12" LP
TINFED Hypersonic/Hyperphonic Reconstriction/Cargo 07-Feb-97 CD
TINKLERS, THE Crash Shimmy Disc 26-Aug-93 12" LP
TINKLERS, THE Saplings Shimmy Disc 24-Jun-91 12" LP
TINKLERS, THE††† Casserole Shimmy Disc 25-Oct-89 12" LP
TINY BUDDY Ginormous Fish of Death 05-Jun-95 12" LP
TINY CROOKS Small Dimensha 31-Jul-97 CD
TINY LIGHTS I Think I Just Want To Go Away/Pull It Together Kokopop 13-Dec-93 12" LP
TINY TIM Christmas Album Rounder 10-Nov-96 12" LP
TINY TIM I Love Me Ponk 07-Mar-96 12" LP
TIP JAR Give 'Til It Hurts Trocar 21-Mar-02 CD
TIPSY Grossenhosen/Mr. Excitement Asphodel 07-Jul-97 12" Single
TIPSY Hard Petting Asphodel 05-Jan-01 CD
TIPSY Trip Tease Asphodel 23-Feb-97 CD
TIPSY Uh-Oh Asphodel 07-Mar-01 CD
TIR NA NOG Obliterated/Like Elvis, Like Christ Skoda 28-May-95 12" LP
TISCHLER, STEFAN Excess Of Free Speech Extreme 17-Mar-93 12" LP
TITAN Corazon EP Virgin 21-Jun-00 12" EP
TITAN Elevator Virgin 01-Sep-00 CD ROM
TIZZY Igloo/Wives Should be Kissed and Not Heard Pop Narcotic 11-Nov-95 12" LP
TJ Give It All Aura 07-Mar-95 12" LP
TMPR Live Tantrums Oar Fin 10-Feb-97 CD
TO DAMASCUS†† Come To Your Senses Restless 29-Jul-87 12" LP
TO LIVE AND SHAVE IN LA 30 Minute Mannercreme LoveIsSharingPharmecuticals 15-Aug-94 12" LP
TO THE MOON ALICE Three Feet To Infinity DV8/A&M/Polygram 15-Oct-97 CD
TO THE MOON ALICE Three Feet To Infinity DV8 11-Mar-98 CD
TOAD THE WET SPROCKET In Light Syrup Columbia/Sony 26-Oct-95 12" LP
TOADIES Rubberneck Interscope/Atlantic 06-Sep-94 12" LP
TOADIES†† (Self Titled) Interscope/Atlantic 29-Jul-94 12" LP
TOADIES†† Pleather Grass/DutchEast 12-Apr-93 12" LP
TOADMORTONS Beware Mortons Murder Mile Future Farmer 01-Nov-97 CD
TOADSTOOL†† Jelly Belly/Nothing But Teeth Twin Tone 17-Feb-90 12" LP
TOADSTOOL††† The Sun Highway Twin Tone 01-Jun-90 12" LP
TOASTERS, THE Don't Let The Bastards Grind You Down Moon Ska 29-Oct-97 CD
TOASTERS, THE Dub 56 Moon SKA 02-Apr-96 12" LP
TOASTERS, THE Hard Band For Dead Moon SKA 01-Jun-96 12" LP
TOASTERS, THE Hard Band for Dead Moon Ska 07-Oct-96 12" LP
TOASTERS, THE Thrill Me Up Moon SKA 02-Apr-96 12" LP
TOBACK, JEREMY Perfect Flux Thing RCA/BMG 03-May-97 CD
TOBIN SPROUT Carnival Boy Matador 21-Sep-96 12" LP
TODAY IS THE DAY Willpower AmphetamineReptile 26-Nov-94 12" LP
TODAY IS THE DAY I Bent Scared/Come.. Get Saved AmphetamineReptile 05-May-93 7" Single
TODAY IS THE DAY††† Supernova AmphetamineReptile 18-Aug-93 12" LP
TODD, MIA DOI The Ewe And The Eye X-Arc 09-May-97 CD
TODDLER Hey, We're The International Sweethears Of Rhythm 100%Breakfast 23-Feb-95 12" LP
TODOS TUS MUERTOS Dale Aborigen Grita 29-Mar-97 CD
TODOS TUS MUERTOS En Vivi Argentina Te Asesina Grita 15-Feb-98 CD
TOENUT Danger! Humans Approach../Dream A Little Dream Of Me Mute 21-Sep-96 12" LP
TOENUT Information Mute 20-Jul-95 12" LP
TOENUT Mouthfull Of Pennies/Feeder Mute 06-Mar-95 12" LP
TOENUT Test Anxiety Mute 21-Jun-97 CD
TOENUT Two In The Pinata Mute 31-Jul-97 CD
TOENUT††† Heyward/Information Half Baked 12-Apr-93 7" Single
TOKIDOKI Margies Candies EP Tiny Shoes 14-Sep-96 12" LP
TOKYO SEX DESTRUCTION Le Red Soul Communite Dim Mak 29-Apr-03 CD
TOLEDO Fishnets & Cigarettes Moonshine 03-Aug-97 CD
TOLMAN, RUSS††† Goodbye Joe Skyclad 10-Aug-90 12" LP
TOM DICK AND HARRY The Blue Album Tripek 13-Feb-98 CD
TOM RACER The Secret's Out Slog/Risk 13-Jul-98 CD
TOM TOM CLUB Suboceana Warner Brothers 03-May-89 12" LP
TOM TOM CLUB Boom Boom Chi Boom Boom Warner Brothers 30-Mar-89 12" LP
TOM TOM CLUB††† (Self Titled) Sire 01-Jan-81 12" LP
TOM TOM CLUB††† Close To The Bone Sire 01-Jan-83 12" LP
TOMAHAWK (Self Titled) Ipecac 11-Nov-01 CD
TOMAHAWK Mit Gras Ipecac 29-Apr-03 CD
TOMATO MONKEY ChowCall Ace Of Hearts 11-May-95 12" LP
TOMBSTONES, THE Preachin' Prayin' Guitar Playin' Fundamental 10-Jun-88 12" LP
TOMKIW, LYDIA Incorporated WidelyDistributed 11-Jun-95 12" LP
TOMOMOVSKY Let's Do It On The Phone EP De-I 11-Feb-00 CD
TOMORROWPEOPLE, THE Present The Golden Energy CD In Stereo Last Beat 13-Oct-97 CD
TONE ROAD RAMBLERS Intersections + Detours Einstein 30-Jan-95 12" LP
TONE ROAD RAMBLERS (Self-Titled) TRR 22-Dec-94 12" LP
TONIO K Life In The Foodchain CBS 01-Jan-78 12" LP
TONIO K††† La Bomba Capitol 01-Jan-82 12" LP
TONY ROCKS A Girl Has Got To Know/Do It For Love TSMB 23-Apr-87 12" LP
TOO MUCH JOY Green Eggs & Crack Sugar Fix 03-Aug-97 CD
TOO MUCH TV Forget About That Carpe Diem 01-Dec-97 CD
TOO MUCH TV Too Much Is Not Enough Carpe Diem 15-Oct-97 CD
TOOL Aenima Zoo/BMG 23-Oct-96 12" LP
TOOL Forty Six + 2 Freeworld/BMG 01-Oct-97 CD
TOOL††† Opiate Zoo/BMG 31-Oct-93 12" LP
TOOL††† Undertow Zoo/BMG 20-Oct-93 12" LP
TOOLBOX Even Now Macro Cosmic/MCM 03-May-97 CD
TOOMEY, JENNY Antidote Misra 15-Sep-01 CD
TOOTH & NAIL Headhunter's Banquet WordOfMouth 24-Feb-89 12" LP
TOOTH & NAIL††† In Hystoria WordOfMouth 25-Feb-91 12" LP
TOPAZ Listen Velour 15-Dec-00 CD
TORCH SONG††† Wish Thing IRS 01-Jan-84 12" LP
TORCH, MARYLYN Watch Me Crawl/Dance Mix TorchMichael 24-Jan-87 12" LP
TORCHER Losing You Tim/Kerr 10-Jan-97 CD
TORIES, THE Wonderful Life N2K Encoded Music 19-Sep-97 CD
TORIES, THE Wonderful Life N2K Encoded Music 13-Mar-98 CD
TORRINI, EMILILIANA Love In The Time Of Science Virgin 15-Nov-00 CD
TORTURE CHORUS In The Land Of Lullabye Nux/Charnel House 07-Sep-94 12" LP
TOSH, PETER The Toughest Heartbeat/Rounder 20-May-96 12" LP
TOSH, PETER†† Legalize It CBS 01-Jan-76 12" LP
TOTAL Can't You See TommyBoy 07-Mar-95 12" LP
TOTAL SOUND GROUP DIRECT ACTION COMMITTEE The Party Platform; The Schedule Is Change Estrus 01-Feb-02 CD
TOTHE INTERNATIONAL Steak Crunchy Frog 07-Aug-98 CD
TOURE KUNDA††† Live, Paris Ziguinchor Celluloid 01-Jan-84 12" LP
TOURIST IN THE BASEMENT Love Songs and Movie Themes Whistling Lion 01-Apr-98 CD
TOWA TEI Last Century Modern Elektra 11-May-00 CD
TOWA TEI Sound Museum Elektra 21-Feb-98 CD
TOWERING INFERNO Kaddish Island Independent 11-Jun-96 12" LP
TOWN CRYERS, THE What's Goin' On/Girl With The Blue Sweater Skyclad 09-Jul-89 12" LP
TOWNSHEND, EMMA Winterland East West/Elektra 03-Mar-98 CD
TOXIC REASONS††† Bullets For You Treason 05-Mar-87 12" LP
TOXIC REASONS††† Within These Walls Treason 17-Jan-86 12" LP
TOXIK††† World Circus Roadracer 10-Jun-88 12" LP
TOY DOLLS, THE One More Megabyte Rotten 13-Nov-97 CD
TRABANT Moment Of Truth TMT 11-May-02 CD
TRACK ONE A.B. (Self Titled) Royalty 30-May-96 12" LP
TRACK STAR Lion Destroyed The Whole World Better Looking 11-May-02 CD
TRACK STAR Some, What's The Difference? SilverGirl 13-Nov-95 12" LP
TRACKSTAR Communication Breaks Die Young Stay Pretty/Sub Pop 15-Oct-97 CD
TRAE Fear No Less Than You CabanaBoy 20-Oct-95 12" LP
TRAE Led Me In EP Cabana Boy/W.A.P. 22-Apr-96 12" LP
TRAE Unimaginative CabanaBoy 20-Oct-95 12" LP
TRAGICALLY HIP, THE (Self Titled) Atlantic 07-Mar-95 12" LP
TRAGICALLY HIP, THE Phantom Power Sire 11-Jul-98 CD
TRAILER HITCH The Long Tall Tales and Highway Adventures Of... Urban Legends 05-Aug-96 12" LP
TRAIN IN VAIN Good Enough For You Fuzzgun 27-Jan-95 12" LP
TRAINED ATTACK DOGS††† Pizza EP Race 11-Jan-88 12" LP
TRAINS AND BOATS AND PLANES Minimal Star Shimmy Disc/Triage 01-Jun-94 12" LP
TRALUMA Seven Days Awake Caufield 27-Jan-98 CD
TRAM A Kind Of Closure Jetset 21-Mar-02 CD
TRAMPOLINE Dormer SpinArt 01-Nov-94 12" LP
TRAMPOLINE I Want One Of Everybody Spin Art 11-Jun-96 12" LP
TRANCE Angury CharnelHouse 13-Mar-96 12" LP
TRANCE Flesh And Lust EP Real George 22-Apr-96 12" LP
TRANQUES, THE††† Heavy Whispers Susstones 27-May-87 12" LP
TRANQUILITY BASS Beep Astralwerks 03-May-98 CD
TRANQUILITY BASS Let The Freak Flag Fly Astralwerks 18-Apr-97 CD
TRANS ATLANTIC AIRWAVES The Energy Of Sound Virgin 13-Jul-98 CD
TRANS HYPNOTIC Playground Politics TGH 13-Apr-02 CD
TRANSFORMER LOOTBAG (Self Titled) Science Of Sound 09-Apr-03 CD
TRANSGLOBAL UNDERGROUND International Times Epic/Sony 16-Mar-95 12" LP
TRANSGLOBAL UNDERGROUND Rejoice Rejoice MCA/Universal 03-Jul-98 CD
TRANSISTER Sound & Lighting Company EP Vic/BMG 30-Nov-97 CD
TRANSISTOR TRANSISTOR Light The Fuse and Run Level Plane 27-May-03 CD
TRANSITION Spine SST 08-Aug-94 12" LP
TRANSITION††† Spine SST 07-Apr-94 12" LP
TRANSMISSION Glow Bright Dark/Shooting Arrows IdolWorship 06-Nov-93 12" LP
TRANSPORTATION (Self Titled) Flat Earth 24-Oct-96 12" LP
TRASH CAN SINATRAS, THE I've Seen Everything London/PLG 08-Jul-93 12" LP
TRASH VEGAS Grooveyard GetHip/Skyclad 15-Mar-94 12" LP
TRASHWOMEN, THE Spend The Night With The Trashwomen Estrus 01-Feb-94 12" LP
TRASHWOMEN, THE Spend The Night With The Trashwomen Estrus 23-Jan-96 12" LP
TRAVELLING SKY (Self Titled) Slingshot 21-Nov-96 12" LP
TRAVIS All I Want To Do Is Rock & UK B-Sides Epic/Sony 05-Aug-97 CD
TRAVIS Good Feeling Epic/Sony 25-Sep-97 CD
TRAVIS The Man Who Epic/Sony 09-Apr-00 CD
TRAVIS U16 Girls Epic/Sony 13-Jan-98 CD
TRAVIS Why Does It Always Rain On Me? Single Epic/Sony 01-Mar-00 CD
TRAVOLTA, JOHN + SAMUEL L. JACKSON Royale With Cheese; Taken From Pulp Fiction MCA 21-Feb-95 12" LP
TRAYLE, MARK Etudes And Bagatelles Artifact 15-Sep-94 12" LP
TREADMILL TRACKSTAR Only This Atlantic 17-Mar-98 CD
TREBLE CHARGER (Self Titled) Ear Candy 10-Jan-97 CD
TREE Downsizing The American Dream Cherry Disc 25-Sep-96 12" LP
TREE A Lot To Fear Cherrydisc 24-Jun-93 12" LP
TREEHOUSE Nobody's Monkey Breaking/Atlantic 01-Apr-97 CD
TREEPEOPLE Actual Re-Enactment C/Z 16-Nov-94 12" LP
TREIOPS TREYFID Reach The Explosion Deep Reverb 23-Sep-98 CD
TRENCHMOUTH V.S. The Light of The Sun East West/Elektra 21-Jan-95 12" LP
TRENCHMOUTH Vs. The Light Of The Sun Skene!/East West 22-Nov-94 12" LP
TRENCHMOUTH Inside The Future Skene!/TCI 15-Sep-93 12" LP
TREPONEM PAL††† Excess & Overdrive Roadrunner 25-Aug-93 12" LP
TRES DELINQUENTES Delinquent Habits RCA 13-May-96 12" LP
TRIAKEL (Self Titled) North Side 17-Sep-98 CD
TRIAKEL Wintersongs North Side 21-Aug-01 CD
TRIAL OF THE BOW Ornamentation Release 12-Jul-95 12" LP
TRIBAL VOICE††† Salvation Machine Merkin 31-Mar-93 12" LP
TRIBE 8 Snarkisim AlternativeTentacles 06-Apr-96 12" LP
TRIBE AFTER TRIBE††† Ice Below EP Megaforce 14-Jul-93 12" LP
TRIBE EIGHT Roadkill Cafe AlternativeTentacles 25-Nov-95 12" LP
TRIBE EIGHT Role Models For Amerika Alternative Tentacles 27-Jan-98 CD
TRIBES WITH KNIVES††† You May Safely Graze Red Decibel 03-Feb-94 12" LP
TRICK BABYS A Fool And His Money Go Kart 21-Nov-96 12" LP
TRICKY Maxinquay Island 19-Apr-95 12" LP
TRICKY Mission Accomplished Anti/Epitaph 11-Feb-01 CD
TRICKY Presents Grassroots Ffrr/London 01-Aug-96 12" LP
TRICKY WOO Les Sables Magiues Tee Pee/Sonic Unyon 15-Sep-01 CD
TRICKY WOO The Enemy Is Real Sonic Unyun 03-Jul-98 CD
TRIGGERMAN††† Dead Like Me Workshed/Cargo 26-Mar-93 12" LP
TRIO††† Trio & Error Mercury 01-Jan-83 12" LP
TRIP 66 (Self Titled) Columbia/Sony 12-Jun-96 12" LP
TRIP SHAKESPEAR Across The Universe A&M 01-Jan-90 12" LP
TRIP SHAKESPEAR The Crane/Toolmaster A&M 01-Jan-90 12" LP
TRIP SHAKESPEAR†† Applehead Man Gark 21-Oct-86 12" LP
TRIP SHAKESPEAR††† Are You Shakespearienced? Clean 01-Jan-88 12" LP
TRIP SIXTY SIX Limited Edition 5 Song EP RuffHouse/Sony 23-Mar-96 12" LP
TRIPL3FASTACTION Broadcaster Capitol 07-Mar-96 12" LP
TRIPL3FASTACTION Broadcaster Capitol 12-Mar-96 12" LP
TRIPL3FASTACTION Cattlemen Don't Deep Elm 23-Oct-97 CD
TRIPL3FASTACTION Revved Up/Sally Tree LimitedPotential 16-Nov-94 12" LP
TRIPMASTER MONKEY Albert's Twisted Memory Bank/Fizzle Like A Flood Ginger 18-Sep-95 12" LP
TRIPMASTER MONKEY Practice Changes Sire/EEG 20-Feb-96 12" LP
TRIPMASTER MONKEY†† Shutterís Closed Sire/Reprise 08-Jul-94 12" LP
TRIPMASTER MONKEY††† Goodbye Race Sire/Reprise 13-Jul-94 12" LP
TRIPOD JIMMIE Unclaimed Freight LennieLine 11-May-95 12" LP
TRIPPING DAISY I Am An Elastic Firecracker Island 29-Apr-95 12" LP
TRIPPING DAISY I Am An Elastic Firecracker Island 17-May-95 12" LP
TRIPPING DAISY I Got A Girl Island 03-Jun-95 12" LP
TRIPPING DAISY†† Live Get It On Island/PLG 23-May-94 12" LP
TRISOME 21†† Million Lights Wax Trax 13-Jan-88 12" LP
TRISTAN PSIONIC TPA Flight 028 Sonic Unyun 10-Jan-97 CD
TRISTEZA Dream Signals In Full Circles Tiger Style 15-Sep-00 CD
TROKA (Self Titled) North Side 21-Jan-98 CD
TRONA It Went Away/Employee Of The Month Time Bomb 28-Jun-96 12" LP
TROTSKY ICEPICK†† Baby SST 13-Nov-88 12" LP
TROTSKY ICEPICK††† Carpetbomb The Riff SST 02-Oct-93 12" LP
TROTSKY ICEPICK††† The Ultraviolet Catastrophe SST 03-Sep-91 12" LP
TROTT, JEFF Dig Up The Astroturf Black Apple 01-Jun-02 CD
TROUBADOR SQUAT STRING TRIO (Self Titled) Pleather 22-Sep-96 12" LP
TROUBLED GARDENS††† Eden Revisited Homestead 27-Aug-86 12" LP
TROUSER Drag/Slug Shimmy Disc 29-Jul-95 12" LP
TROUSER Ketchups Shimmy Disc 13-Nov-95 12" LP
TROUT, WALTER A Dedication To All Americans Ruf 15-Oct-01 CD
TROWER, ROBIN††† 20th Century Blues V-12/Relax 02-May-94 12" LP
TRUCK STOP LOVE Fuentez The Killer Scotti Brothers 03-Oct-95 12" LP
TRUCK STOP LOVE How I Spent My Summer Vacation Scotti Brothers 12-Apr-95 12" LP
TRUCK STOP LOVE††† (Self Titled) Scotti Bros./BMG 02-Nov-93 12" LP
TRUCK STOP LOVE/ACTION MAN Nothing Left To Start/Pool Or Pond? Spot 31-Aug-96 12" LP
TRUDELL, JOHN††† AKA Grafitti Man Rykodisc 16-Feb-94 12" LP
TRUDELL, JOHN††† Johnny Damas & Me Rykodisc 01-Mar-94 12" LP
TRUE BELIEVERS†† Hard Road Rykodisc 12-Mar-94 12" LP
TRUE CONFESSIONS Don't Stop The Romance/2nd To None S&M 01-Jan-85 12" LP
TRUE LOVE ALWAYS Clouds Teen Beat 21-Nov-02 CD
TRUE LOVE ALWAYS When Will You Be Mine Teenbeat 07-Apr-97 CD
TRUE WEST†† The Hand Of Fate CD Presents 04-Jun-87 12" LP
TRULY Blue Flame Ford Revolution/Capitol 08-May-95 12" LP
TRULY Fast Stories..From Kid Coma Capitol 05-Jun-95 12" LP
TRULY Feeling You Up Thick 27-Jan-98 CD
TRUMANíS WATER Our Scars Like Bandages EP Homestead 28-Dec-92 7" EP
TRUMAN'S WATER God Speed The Punchline Homestead/DutchEast 09-Mar-94 12" LP
TRUMAN'S WATER Spasm Smash XXXOXOX Ox And Ass Homestead 06-Apr-93 12" LP
TRUNK FEDERATION The Curse OfMiss Kitty Alias 03-Mar-98 CD
TRUNK FEDERATION The Infamous Hamburger Transfer Alias 01-Feb-97 CD
TRUNK FEDERATION Young Cherry Tree/Turtle/Pinhead/Turtle 2 Alias 21-Sep-96 12" LP
TRYFLES, THE††† (Self Titled) Midnight 15-Dec-86 12" LP
TRYNIN, JEN Gun Shy Trigger Happy Warner Brothers 05-Aug-97 CD
TRYNIN, JENNIFER All This Coulbd Be Yours Squint/Warner Brothers 18-Sep-95 12" LP
TRYNIN, JENNIFER Better Than Nothing Squint/Warner Brothers 28-May-95 12" LP
TRYNIN, JENNIFER Everything's Different Now/Snow Squint 28-Sep-94 12" LP
TSAR (Self Titled) Hollywood 01-May-00 CD
TSOL Disappear Nitro 21-May-01 CD
TTC Cesi N'est Pas Un Disque Big Dada 25-May-02 CD
TUATARA Breaking The Ethers Epic/Sony 17-Mar-97 CD
TUATARA Trading With The Enemy Epic/Sony 29-Jun-98 CD
TUBES, THE Outside Looking In Capitol 01-Jan-83 12" LP
TUBES, THE Remote Control A&M 01-Jan-79 12" LP
TUBES, THE Young & Rich A&M 01-Jan-76 12" LP
TUBES, THE††† Completion Backwards Principle Capitol 01-Jan-81 12" LP
TUBES, THE†††† Now A&M 01-Jan-77 12" LP
TUBETOP Three Minute Hercules Laundry Room 05-Jun-97 CD
TUCKER, KEN & JAMES SWAFFORD Computer Blues KT 21-Nov-02 CD
TUCKER, MAUREEN Life In Exile After Abdication 50,000Watts 11-May-89 12" LP
TUCKER, MAUREEN & THE COUNT I'm Sticking W/You VAR Int'l. 11-Mar-85 12" LP
TUESDAY Free Wheelin' Asian Man 03-Oct-97 CD
TUGBOAT ANNIE Separation Songs Big Top 09-Apr-98 CD
TUGBOAT ANNIE Superfriends SonicBubblegum/Cargo 15-Apr-95 12" LP
TUGBOAT ANNIE Wake Up And Dissapear Kimchee/Big Top 07-Apr-97 CD
TULIPS Night Of The Hunter SonicBubblegum/Cargo 15-Apr-95 12" LP
TULIPS†† Buxom EP DutchEast/Earthling 15-Mar-93 CD
TULKU Season Of Souls Worldly/Triloka 05-Mar-98 CD
TULKU Transcendence Worldly/Tiloka 07-Oct-95 12" LP
TUMBLEWEED††† Sundial Seed 28-Oct-93 12" LP
TURBO A.C.'S, THE Damnation Overdrive Blackout UK 01-Mar-97 CD
TURBO A.C'S, THE Automatic Gearhead 27-May-03 CD
TURBO A.C'S, THE Eat My Dust/Righteous Ruler Blackout 10-Feb-96 12" LP
TURIN BRAKES Ether Song Astralwerks 07-Mar-03 CD
TURIN BRAKES The Optimist LP Astralwerks 21-Apr-01 CD ROM
TURKISH DELIGHT Howcha Magowcha Archenemy 19-Mar-98 CD
TURKISH DELIGHT Tommy Bell CastleVonBuhler 02-Apr-96 12" LP
TURN OF THE GRINDSTONE†† (Self Titled) Gelatinous 22-Apr-89 12" LP
TURN ON (Self Titled) Drag City 03-Sep-97 CD
TURNEDOWN When Things Go Right Sessions 11-Apr-00 CD
TURNER, IKE,& THE KINGS OF RYTHYM Here And Now Ikon 21-May-01 CD
TURNER, PIERCE†† The Sky And The Ground RCA 01-Jan-89 12" LP
TURNER, PIERCE††† It's Only A Long Way Across RCA 02-Feb-88 12" LP
TURNER, TINA Goldeneye Virgin 26-Oct-95 12" LP
TURNER, TINA Wildest Dreams Virgin 31-Aug-96 12" LP
TURTLETOES Jackersville Heffy 02-Nov-95 12" LP
TUSCADERO My Way Or The Highway Teen Beat/Elektra 03-Mar-98 CD
TUSCADERO The Pink Album Elektra 15-Jul-96 12" LP
TUXEDOMOON††† A 1000 Lives By Picture Ralph 01-Jan-83 12" LP
TV ON THE RADIO Young Liars Touch And Go 01-Jul-03 CD
TWEED Fat Dogs With Larger Friends Cloey 15-Aug-98 CD
TWEED, KAREN & TIMO ALAKOTILA May Monday North Side 01-Jun-01 CD
TWEEDY, JEFF Chelsea Walls soundtrack Rykodisc 25-Apr-02 CD
TWELVE OH ONE Magically Delicious Shimmy Disc 14-Feb-95 12" LP
TWELVE RODS Separation Anxieties V2/BMG 21-May-00 CD
TWELVE RODS Split Personalities V2/BMG 15-Oct-98 CD
TWELVE ROUNDS My Big Hero Nothing/Interscope 03-Jul-98 CD
TWELVE TREES Boy On A Cloud Mercury/Polygram 01-Aug-98 CD
TWENTY EIGHTH DAY††† (Self Titled) Enigma 11-Oct-85 12" LP
TWENTY NINE DIED Sworn Prospect 03-Mar-96 12" LP
TWENTY SEVEN VARIOUS, THE†† Hi Susstones 23-Nov-87 12" LP
TWENTY TWO BRIDES Beaker ZeroHour 26-Oct-95 12" LP
TWENTY TWO BRIDES††† (Self Titled) ZeroHour 10-Jun-94 12" LP
TWENTY TWO JACKS Uncle Bob USA Side One Dummy 10-Sep-96 12" LP
TWICE SHY All The Right Noises MadRover 19-Oct-87 12" LP
TWIN ATLAS, THE Bring Along The Weather Tappersize 07-Mar-03 CD
TWINEMEN (Self Titled) Hi And Dry 28-Jun-02 CD
TWINEMEN Chicago, Il 02.02.03 Kufala 01-Jul-03 CD
TWINNING, CHRIS (Self Titled) Splunge 16-Mar-96 12" LP
TWIST OFFS, THE Looking For Bugs HerbJackson 21-Dec-88 12" LP
TWISTED ROOTS (Self Titled) CD Presents 23-May-88 12" LP
TWISTED SISTER Heros Are Hard To Find TVT 17-Sep-98 CD
TWISTIN' EGYPTIANS Perils Of Young Models T.Egyptians 09-Oct-86 12" LP
TWITCH Beaten Senseless & Giddy With Love Grass/DutchEast 15-Dec-93 12" LP
TWO Voyeurs Nothing/Interscope 19-Feb-98 CD
TWO DOLLAR GUITAR Burned And Buried SmellsLike 20-Feb-96 12" LP
TWO DOLLAR GUITAR Let Me Bring You Down SmellsLike 05-Jul-94 12" LP
TWO DOLLAR GUITAR Woman Killing Man/Music Don't Matter Smells Like 12-Mar-97 7" Single
TWO FOOT FLAME (Self Titled) Matador 26-Oct-95 12" LP
TWO FOOT FLAME Ultra Drowning Matador 05-Apr-97 CD
TWO LIVE CREW You Go Girl Luke 30-Apr-94 12" LP
TWO MAN BOBSLED Glare/Message To Susan Festa/The Owl SheScandalizedMyName 15-Jul-94 12" LP
TWO MINUTES HATE Worm Ardent 09-Feb-95 12" LP
TWO SKINNY J'S Music For The People Capricorn/Mercury 21-Feb-98 CD
TWO SKINNY J'S Super Mercado Capricorn/Mercury 13-Apr-98 CD
TWO TON SHOE Figures L-Shaped 23-Oct-98 CD
TYPE O NEGATIVE Bloody Kisses Roadrunner 07-Aug-93 CD
TYPE O NEGATIVE My Girlfriend's Girlfriend Roadrunner 27-Jul-96 12" LP
TYPE O NEGATIVE October Rust Roadrunner 05-Aug-96 12" LP
TYPE O NEGATIVE†† Black #1 EP Roadrunner 07-Aug-93 CD
TYRADE (Self Titled) Broken Rekids 19-Sep-03 CD
TYRELL, SEAN Cry Of A Dreamer Rykodisc 16-Jan-96 12" LP