WAGON CHRIST Lovely EP Personal UK/Virgin 21-Aug-98 CD
WAGON CHRIST Musipal Ninja Tune 07-Mar-01 CD
WAGON CHRIST The Power Of Love EP Personal UK 29-Jun-98 CD
WAINWRIGHT III, LOUDON Grown man Charisma 08-Jan-96 CD
WAINWRIGHT III, LOUDON Little Ship Virgin 27-Jan-98 CD
WAINWRIGHT, RUFUS EPK Dreamworks/Geffen 01-Jul-98 Video
WAINWRIGHT, RUFUS Want One advance Dreamworks 15-Sep-03 CD
WAITING FOR GOD Quater Inch Thick Reconstriction/Cargo 07-Feb-97 CD
WAITRESSES    Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful? Polygram 01-Jan-82 12" LP
WAITRESSES     Bruiseology Polydor 01-Jan-83 12" LP
WAITS, TOM The Black Rider Island/PLG 15-Nov-93 CD
WAKE UK, THE Tidal Wave Of Hype WidelyDistributed 01-Jun-94 CD
WAKELAND Magnetck Giant/Warner Brothers 27-Aug-95 CD
WALK ON WATER Hi Fi Rust Belt 05-Jan-97 CD
WALK ON WATER Solvent-Based Melodies WOW 29-Jun-98 CD
WALKABOUTS, THE See Beautiful Rattlesnake Gardens Popllama 14-Mar-88 12" LP
WALKABOUTS, THE    Linda Evans/Cyclone Popllama 03-Jan-88 7" Single
WALKER Actually Being Lonely Harmless 13-Oct-97 CD
WALKER, JERRY JEFF Christmas Gonzo Style Rykodisc 22-Nov-94 CD
WALKER, LONIE Change Is Good Underground Wonder Music 11-Dec-01 CD
WALKIE TALKIE School Yard Rhymes Laundry Room 01-Dec-96 CD
WALKING WOUNDED    The New West Chameleon 19-Oct-87 12" LP
WALKINGSEEDS, THE Upwind Disaster,Downwind Atonement Communion 01-Sep-89 12" LP
WALKINGSEEDS, THE Bad Orb Whirling Ball Shimmy Disc 24-Aug-90 12" LP
WALKMEN, THE Everone Who Pretended To Like Me Is Gone Startime 27-Feb-02 CD
WALKMEN, THE/CALLA (Self Titled) Troubleman Unlimited 31-Aug-02 CD
WALL OF VOODOO    Call Of The West IRS 01-Jan-82 12" LP
WALLETS, THE    Body Talk Twin Tone 21-Dec-88 12" LP
WALLETS, THE    Take It! Twin Tone 15-Nov-86 12" LP
WALLFLOWERS, THE Bringing Down The House Interscope 13-May-96 CD
WALLFLOWERS, THE Heros (Single) Epic/Sony 27-Apr-98 CD
WALLMEN Electronic Home Entertainment System Wild Pitch 19-Feb-98 CD
WALLY PLEASANT Houses of The Holy Moly Miranda 21-Jan-95 CD
WALLY PLEASANT Wally World Miranda 27-Jan-97 CD
WALSER, DON, AND THE PURE TEXAS BAND The Archive Series Vol. 1 Watermelon 20-Jul-95 CD
WALSER, DON, AND THE PURE TEXAS BAND The Archive Series Vol. 2 Watermelon 20-Jul-95 CD
WALT MINK Bareback Ride Caroline 28-May-93 CD
WALT MINK Colossus Deep Elm 11-Jun-97 CD
WANDERING LUCY Leap Year K 27-Jul-96 CD
WANDERLEY, WALTER Samba Swing! Scamp/Caroline 15-Jul-96 CD
WANG CHUNG   Mosaic Geffen 01-Jan-86 12" LP
WANK Get A Grip On Yourself Maverick/Warner Brothers 11-Mar-98 CD
WANK Get A Grip On Yourself Maverick 29-Mar-98 CD
WANKIN' TEENS, THE Johnny Keep Walkin' The Line/Salt Lake City Airport Goatbilly 12-Nov-94 7" Single
WANNADIES, THE (Self Titled) RCA/BMG 05-Jul-97 CD
WARD, BILL    Ward One: Along The Way Chameleon 17-Feb-90 12" LP
WARE, DAVID C. Finally Becoming A Ware D.C.Ware 06-Mar-95 CD
WARE, DAVID S Go See The World Columbia/Sony 11-Oct-98 CD
WARFIELD, JUSTIN, SUPERNAUT, THE (Self Titled) Qwest/Reprise 28-May-95 CD
WARFIELD, JUSTIN, SUPERNAUT, THE Everglide Reprise 20-Apr-95 CD
WARLOCK PINCHERS   Deadly Kung Fu Action Boner 14-Dec-89 12" LP
WARM DARK POCKET   (Self Titled) Faction 11-Nov-86 12" EP
WARM JETS Future Signs Island 03-Aug-98 CD
WARM WIRES Severe Comfort Sugar Fix 09-Oct-96 CD
WARREN COMMISSION, THE Rendezvous With You Espo 01-Mar-00 CD
WARREN COMMISSION, THE Tricked By Cleverness Espo 11-Mar-02 CD
WARRIOR SOUL The Space Ace Playboys Futurist 12-Jul-95 CD
WAS NOT WAS    Born To Laugh At Tornadoes Geffen 01-Jan-83 12" LP
WASIS DIOP No Sant Worldly/Triloka 26-Aug-96 CD
WASTED TIME When It Was Fun Grass 23-Mar-96 CD
WATCHERS To The Rooftops Gern Blandsten 29-Apr-03 CD
WATER Nipple MCA 10-Mar-95 CD
WATER Spin MCA 13-Mar-95 CD
WATERBOYS, THE   A Pagan Place Island 01-Jan-84 12" LP
WATERDOG (Self Titled) Atlantic 21-Nov-95 CD
WATERLILLIES Tempted Sire/Reprise 10-Sep-94 CD
WATERLILLIES Tempted EP Sire/Reprise 10-Sep-94 CD
WATERSHED Twister Epic/Sony 02-Feb-95 CD
WATERSON, NORMA (Self Titled) Hannibal/Rykodisc 28-Jun-96 CD
WATERWALK, THE   Waterwalk Nettwerk 16-Jul-87 12" LP
WATT, MIKE Ball-Hog or Tug Boat? Columbia/Sony 16-Feb-95 12" EP
WATT, MIKE E-Ticket Ride/The Big Bang Theory/Dominance of Submission Columbia/Sony 20-Oct-95 7" EP
WATTRE, NATALIE, BAND Break Swirlie Girl 07-Mar-01 CD
WATTS PROPHETS When The 90's Came Payday/Ffrr/Island 12-Mar-97 CD
WATTS, CHARLIE Long Ago & Far Away Virgin 08-Jun-96 CD
WATTS, CHARLIE & JIM KELTNER PROJECT (Self Titled) Cyberoctave 01-Jun-00 CD
WAX 13 Unlucky Numbers Cargo 26-Nov-94 CD
WAXWING Nobody Can Take What Everybody Owns Second Nature 15-Oct-02 CD
WAXWING One For The Ride Second Nature 15-Sep-00 CD
WAY MOVES, THE   (Self Titled) Chameleon 01-May-89 12" LP
WAY OFF THE HORSE Das Disappointment Crustacean 19-Sep-03 CD
WAYNE Music On Plastic TVT 25-Apr-02 CD
WAYNE    Love Vein/Break The Law BTC 16-Aug-93 7" Single
WAYNE G Twisted EP Ffrr/London/Polygram 21-Feb-98 CD
WAYNE JAYNE COUNTRY Rock n' Roll Cleopatra Royalty 15-Aug-95 CD
WAZMO   Yahoo Eee BigTime 18-Dec-86 12" Single
WE As Is Asphodel 25-Apr-97 CD
WE ALL FALL DOWN Fairy Tales Flydaddy 06-Mar-95 CD
WE ARE ONE (Self Titled) MicMac/Adrenalin 29-Oct-93 CD
WE ROGAZZI The Ache Self Starter Foundation 13-Nov-02 CD
WE SAW THE WOLF On The Shore Undying Fire 31-Jul-98 CD
WE TALKED ABOUT MURDER Expecting The Explosion Has Anyone Ever Told You? 07-Mar-03 CD
WEAKLINGS, THE Remarkably Good Crane Mountain 20-Sep-96 CD
WEAPON OF CHOICE Count Mackulur/I Like Your Body/Nutty Netmeg Phantasy Loosegoove/Sony 20-Oct-95 12" EP
WEAPON OF CHOICE Count Mackuluv Loosegoove/Sony 13-Oct-95 CD
WEAPON OF CHOICE Highperspice Loosegroove/Sony 07-Mar-96 CD
WEAPON OF CHOICE Highperspice Sampler Loosegroove/Sony 07-Mar-96 CD
WEATHERMEN, THE The Black Album According To.. Wax Trax 08-Jul-88 12" LP
WEATHERMEN, THE    Bang Wax Trax 12-Aug-89 12" Single
WEATHERMEN, THE    Bang Bang Wax Trax 16-Nov-89 12" Single
WEAVER, JANE We Are Modern EP Manchester 15-Feb-98 CD
WEB (Self Titled) Subharmonic 20-Oct-95 CD
WEDDING PRESENT, THE Saturnalia Cooking Vinyl 10-Sep-96 CD
WEDDING PRESENT, THE Tommy, 1985-1987 PearlsFromThePast 20-Apr-95 CD
WEDDING PRESENT, THE Versions: B-Sides + Out takes from Watusi Island 13-Jan-95 10" Single
WEDDING PRESENT, THE Watusi Island 28-Sep-94 CD
WEDDING PRESENT, THE Its A Gas Island 22-Dec-94 12" EP
WEDDING PRESENT, THE Its A Gas EP Island 22-Dec-94 CD
WEDDING PRESENT, THE Its A Gas/Bubbles Island 22-Dec-94 7" Single
WEDDING PRESENT, THE John Peel Sessions, 1987-90 NightTracks/DutchEast 05-Mar-94 CD
WEDDING PRESENT, THE Watusi Island 22-Dec-94 12" LP
WEDGE (Self Titled) Slipdisc 23-Mar-96 CD
WEDGE (Self Titled) Sliptdisc 16-Apr-96 CD
WEDNESDAY WEEK   What We Had Enigma 01-Mar-87 12" LP
WEEN Chocolate & Cheese Elektra 27-Sep-94 CD
WEEN The Mollusk Elektra 01-Jun-97 CD
WEEN Voodoo Lady Elektra 04-Oct-94 CD
WEEN White Pepper advance Elektra 01-Apr-00 CD
WEEN White Pepper advance Elektra 24-Apr-00 CD
WEEN I Can't Put My Finger On It Elektra 08-Sep-94 CD
WEEN  God, Ween, Satan Twin Tone 10-Nov-90 12" LP
WEEN    The Pod Shimmy Disc 13-Jan-92 12" LP
WEEPING IN FITS AND STARTS You Do Everything But Heal Me EP Rhubarb 13-Apr-98 CD
WEEPING TILE Cold Snap Seed/Atlantic 20-Feb-96 CD
WEEZER (Self Titled) Geffen 28-Jun-94 CD
WEEZER Buddy Holly Geffen 13-Oct-94 CD
WEEZER El Scorcho DGC 07-Sep-96 CD
WEEZER Pink Triangle DGC 03-Jun-97 CD
WEEZER Say It Ain't So DGC 11-May-95 CD
WEEZER The Good Life Geffen 19-Dec-96 CD
WEILAND, SCOTT 12 Bar Blues Atlantic 29-Mar-98 CD
WEISS, CHUCK E. Old Souls & Wolf Tickets Rykodisc 17-Jan-02 CD
WEISS, PETE The Astounding World of Tomorrow's Modern HiFi Audio NoisyRevolution 28-Mar-96 CD
WEISS, PETE & THE ROCK BAND (Self Titled) Reverse Curve 03-Feb-98 CD
WELCH, GILLIAN Hell Among The Yearlings Almo/Universal 17-Jul-98 CD
WELCH, GILLIAN Revival Almo/Geffen 02-Apr-96 Cass
WELCH, GILLIAN Revival Almo/Uni 02-Apr-96 CD
WELCOME Low Cost Solution, Glue, Stone RX Remedy 22-Sep-96 CD
WELD Heavens To Mergatroid Shimmy-Boot 23-Mar-95 CD
WELLER, PAUL Wild Wood London/PLG 23-Apr-94 CD
WELLS, KEVIN    Never Too Late BeverlyGlen 01-Jan-85 7" Single
WELLWATER CONSPIRACY, THE Declaration Of Conformity Third Gear 01-Jul-97 CD
WELT Broke Down Doctor Dream 21-Aug-98 CD
WEPPLO SNOW PUP California Make Nice 05-Feb-97 CD
WES Welenga; Universal Conciousness Epic/Sony 11-Jun-98 CD
WEST, LESLIE    Leslie, Jack & Joe Theme Passport 23-Apr-88 12" LP
WEST, LIZZIE Dusty Turnaround (Single) Warner Brothers 23-Mar-03 CD
WEST, LIZZIE Holy Road Warner Brothers 09-Apr-03 CD
WESTERBERG, PAUL Ain't Got Me Reprise 02-Sep-96 CD
WESTERBERG, PAUL Eventually Reprise 29-Apr-96 CD
WESTERBERG, PAUL Love Untold Reprise 06-Apr-96 CD
WESTERBERG, PAUL Stereo Vagrant 21-Apr-02 CD
WESTERN KEYS Damage Self Starter Foundation 31-Aug-02 CD
WESTFIELD, STEVE Brainwreck Bib 20-Oct-96 CD
WESTFIELD, STEVE AND THE SLOW BAND Reject Me. . . First Bib 01-Mar-96 CD
WESTON Matinee Soundtrack Go Kart 27-Oct-97 CD
WESTON The Massed Albert Sounds Mojo/Universal 15-Sep-00 CD
WHALE Four Big Speakers single Hut/Virgin 29-Aug-98 CD
WHALE Hobo Humpin Sloblo Babe East West 30-Mar-94 CD
WHALE Pay For Me Hut UK/Virgin 23-Jun-95 CD
WHALE We Care Hut/Virgin 29-Jul-95 CD
WHALES, THE   Fishbelly White VinylSiding 16-May-88 12" LP
WHAT IF THINKING   I Want That Boy/Run Run Run Rude 03-Jul-85 7" Single
WHAT NOW    Small Record With 4 Songs Incas 06-Dec-85 7" EP
WHEAT (Self Titled) Sugar Free 31-Oct-97 CD
WHEELER, SARA Moonlight Dancers Mach Speed 21-Sep-98 CD
WHEN IN ROME    (Self Titled) Virgin 24-Sep-88 12" LP
WHEN PEOPLE WERE SHORTER AND LIVED NEAR THE WATER (Self Titled) TraceElements 09-Nov-87 7" Single
WHEN PEOPLE WERE SHORTER AND LIVED NEAR THE WATER Bill Kennedy's Showtime Shimmy Disc 26-Aug-93 12" LP
WHEN PEOPLE WERE SHORTER AND LIVED NEAR THE WATER This Guys In Love/Girl Named Sandoz Shimmy Disc 05-Apr-86 7" Single
WHEN THUNDER COMES    Eyes Of The Wolf Frantic 12-Feb-87 12" LP
WHENDAE Unusual way Bondo 01-Dec-97 CD
WHIGFIELD Saturday Nite Curb/AG 30-Jan-95 12" EP
WHIPLASH (Self Titled) Relax 03-Mar-96 CD
WHIPPERSNAPPER America's Favorite Pastime Lobster 09-May-98 CD
WHIPPING BOY Heartworm Columbia/Sony 10-Feb-96 CD
WHIRL Somepeople Aren't Nice BlackHorse 02-Sep-95 CD
WHIRLING DERVISHES, THE    Affordable World WM 12-May-86 12" EP
WHIRLING DERVISHES, THE    History Kicks You WM 06-Dec-85 12" EP
WHIRLPOOL (Self Titled) Revelation 05-Sep-95 CD
WHIRLPOOL Liquid Glass Revelation 05-Jan-97 CD
WHIRLYBIRD Black Eye RobSum 10-Aug-01 CD
WHISKEYTOWN Angels EP Moodfood 29-Apr-95 7" EP
WHISKEYTOWN Rural Free Delivery Mood Food 17-Jun-97 CD
WHISKEYTOWN Strangers Almanac Outpost/Universal 31-Jul-97 CD
WHITE FRONTS, THE Roast Belief Bogden 22-Jul-86 12" LP
WHITE GLOVE TEST   Look Fundamental 17-Feb-88 12" LP
WHITE HASSLE National Chain Matador 07-Aug-97 CD
WHITE LIES (Self Titled) Slimbeat 29-May-98 CD
WHITE OCTAVE, THE Menergy Initial 01-Aug-01 CD
WHITE PIGS   (Self Titled) Combat 20-Nov-86 12" EP
WHITE TOWN Women In Technology Chrysalis/EMI 20-Feb-97 CD
WHITE ZOMBIE Electric Head, Part 2 (The Ecstacy) Geffen 08-Aug-95 CD
WHITE ZOMBIE Zombie Clasics; 7 Hits From Hell DGC 05-Jul-98 CD
WHITE ZOMBIE   Soul Crusher SilentExplosion 29-Nov-87 12" LP
WHITE, JIM Wrong Eyed Jesus Luaka Bop/Warner Brothers 15-Apr-97 CD
WHITE, KARYN    Secret Rendevous Warner Brothers 18-May-89 12" Single
WHITEBOY How Safe Are You?/Poker Chips DoodleySquat 15-Jan-85 7" Single
WHITEHEAD, PETER Now This Out Of Round 05-Sep-02 CD
WHITEHEAD, PETER Three Bags Full Out Of Round 05-Sep-02 CD
WHITEHURST, LOGAN & THE JUNIOR SCIENCE CLUB Goodbye, My 4-Track Pandacide 14-Jul-03 CD
WHITFIELD, BARRENCE & THE SAVAGES Ow! Ow! Ow! Rounder 29-Feb-88 12" LP
WHITFIELD, BARRENCE & THE SAVAGES   Live Emulsified Rounder 14-Sep-89 12" LP
WHITLEY, CHRIS Din Of Ecstacy Work/Sony 25-Mar-95 CD
WHITLEY, CHRIS Liberation or Death Chaos/Sony 16-Feb-95 CD
WHITLEY, CHRIS Terra Incognita Work/Sony 03-Feb-97 CD
WHITMORE, WILLIAM ELLIOT Hymns for the Hopeless Southern 03-Oct-03 CD
WHIZ KID/Y S L    Let's Get It On! Nastymix 01-Jun-90 12" Single
WHOLE WORLD, THE Just Like You Trippy 13-Apr-94 CD
WHOOPING CRANES    That's What I Need Zip 15-Oct-87 12" LP
WHORGASM Numb Propulsion/Royalty 02-Nov-95 CD
WHY STORE, THE (Self Titled) MCA 29-Apr-96 CD
WHY STORE, THE Two Beasts Way Cool/MCA 23-Jul-98 CD
WHY? The Early Whitney EP Anticon 15-Sep-03 CD
WHY? THINGS BURN   Pure Sin EP T.O.N. 31-Oct-93 7" EP
WICKED FARLEYS, THE Ken Theory Big Top 21-Jun-97 7" EP
WICKED FARLEYS, THE Sentinel & Enterprise Big Top 21-Feb-98 CD
WIDESPREAD PANIC Ain't Life Grand Capricorn 29-Aug-94 CD
WIDESPREAD PANIC Airplane Capricorn 30-Jul-94 CD
WIDESPREAD PANIC Light Fuse Get Away Capricorn 27-Apr-98 CD
WIDESPREAD PANIC Short Fuse Capricorn 11-Mar-98 CD
WIG Deliverance Island 05-Oct-94 CD
WIG   Lying Next To You Nocturnal 12-Nov-90 12" LP
WIG HAT This Came Out Of Me Futurist 20-Nov-93 CD
WILCO A.M. Sire 25-Mar-95 CD
WILCO Being There Reprise 21-Oct-96 CD
WILCO Box Full of Letters Sire/Reprise 16-Mar-95 CD
WILCO I Must Be High Reprise 03-Oct-95 CD
WILCO Live, MSN On Air Paradigm/Triage 01-Jun-97 CD
WILCO Outa Site (Outa Mind) Reprise 05-Oct-96 CD
WILD CARDS    Cool Never Cold Chameleon 15-Mar-89 12" LP
WILD CARNATION Dodger Blue/The Lights Are On Delmore 12-May-94 7" Single
WILD COLONIALS Charm Geffen 05-Aug-96 CD
WILD COLONIALS Fruit Of Life Geffen 28-Jun-94 CD
WILD COLONIALS This Can't Be Life Geffen 05-Aug-96 CD
WILD SEEDS  Mud, Lies & Shame PVC/Passport 02-Feb-88 12" LP
WILD SEEDS    Brave Clean & Reverent Jungle 18-Nov-86 12" LP
WILD STARES, THE    Skorch Turth Birth 18-Dec-87 12" LP
WILD STARES, THE    Tricking The Future Birth 06-Sep-86 12" EP
WILD STRAWBERRIES Quiver Nettwerk UK 01-Feb-98 CD
WILDFLOWERS, THE   Dust BigTime 31-Aug-87 12" LP
WILDFLOWERS, THE    A Kind Of Kingdom BigTime 31-Aug-87 12" Single
WILDHEARTS, THE Suckerpunch East West 13-Jan-94 CD
WILDHEARTS, THE  Earth Vs. The Wildhearts East West/Atlantic 22-Feb-94 CD
WILL Word Flesh Stone Roadrunner 16-Jan-93 CD
WILLARD GRANT CONSPIRACY, THE 3 AM Sunday At Fortune Ottos Dahlia 09-Oct-96 CD
WILLARD GRANT CONSPIRACY, THE Everything's Fine Rykodisc 05-Feb-01 CD
WILLARD GRANT CONSPIRACY, THE Flying Low Slow River 23-Jul-98 CD
WILLETT, JASON, JAD FAIR & GILLES RIEDER (Self Titled) Megaphone 29-Jun-94 CD
WILLIAMS, DAR End Of Summer Razor & Tie 13-Aug-97 CD
WILLIAMS, DAR The Christians and the Pagans Razor and Tie 20-Nov-95 CD
WILLIAMS, DAR The Honesty Room Razor and Tie 22-Apr-95 CD
WILLIAMS, HANK, III Lovesick, Broke & Driftin' Curb 21-Feb-02 CD
WILLIAMS, LUCINDA Car Wheels On A Grand Road Mercury 11-Jul-98 CD
WILLIAMS, ROBERT Date With The Devil's Daughter Casual Tonalities 13-Jul-98 CD
WILLIAMS, TONY Wilderness Ark 21 21-Oct-96 CD
WILLIAMS, VICTORIA Loose Mammoth/Atlantic 15-Oct-94 CD
WILLIAMS, VICTORIA Musings Of A Creek Dipper Atlantic 01-Dec-97 CD
WILLIAMS, VICTORIA Selections From Loose Mammoth/Atlantic 06-Sep-94 CD
WILLIAMS, VICTORIA AND THE LOOSE BAND This Moment in Toronto Mammoth/Atlantic 04-Nov-95 CD
WILLIS, KELLY Easy Rykodisc 11-Aug-02 CD
WILLIS, KELLY Fading Fast A&M 23-Apr-96 CD
WILLIS, WESLEY Fabian Road Warrior American 05-Aug-96 CD
WILLIS, WESLEY Feel The Power American 07-Oct-96 CD
WILLIS, WESLEY Greatest Hits AlternativeTentacles 23-Jun-95 CD
WILLIS, WESLEY FIASCO/SUBLIME Bus Pass/All You Need Skunk 28-Jun-96 7" Single
WILLIS, WESLEY, FIASCO, THE Spookydisharmoniousconflicthellride Urban Legends/Unity 04-May-96 CD
WILSON, BRAIN AND VAN DYKE PARKS Orange Crate Art Warner Brothers 09-Nov-95 CD
WILSON, BRIAN Imagination Giant/Warner Brothers 29-Jun-98 CD
WILSON, JEREMY Celtic Treasures Dargason 05-Apr-95 CD
WILSON, MATT Burnt White and Blue Planetmaker 11-Jul-98 CD
WILSON, ROBERT (Self Titled) Irrational 22-Oct-94 CD
WIMME (Self Titled) North Side 09-Oct-97 CD
WIMME Barru North Side 09-Apr-03 CD
WIMME Cugu North Side 01-Aug-00 CD
WIMME Gierran North Side 07-Feb-99 CD
WINDBREAKERS, THE   Meet The Windbreakers BigMonkey 01-Jan-82 7" EP
WINDBREAKERS, THE    A Different Sort dB 13-Jul-87 12" LP
WINDBREAKERS, THE    I'll Be Back dB 06-Nov-86 12" EP
WINDMILL SAXOPHONE QUARTET    Very Scary Pathfinder 16-Oct-88 12" LP
WINE FIELD (Self Titled) Watchtower 21-Feb-98 CD
WINE IS MINE, THE A Love Leaflet Legalize Windowpeeping 29-Sep-98 CD
WINFRED E. EYE The Dirt Tier Luckyhorse Industries 03-Oct-03 CD
WINIFRED E EYE A Bottle, A Dog, Some Milk, A Bottle Luckyhorse Industries 21-Jul-02 CD
WINTER STELLAR (Self Titled) Date Rape 28-Jun-96 CD
WIRE Read and Burn Pink Flag UK 31-Aug-02 CD
WIRE Send Pink Flag UK 13-May-03 CD
WIRE   Kidney Bingos Enigma 30-Mar-88 12" EP
WIRE    A Bell Is A Cup Until It's Struck Enigma 26-May-88 12" LP
WIRE    Silk Skin Paws Enigma 07-Aug-88 12" EP
WIRE    The Ideal Copy Enigma 07-Jul-87 12" LP
WIRE TRAIN    She Comes On 415 25-Aug-87 12" LP
WIRE TRAIN    Ten Women 415 25-Aug-87 12" LP
WISEBLOOD  Motorslug Wax Trax 02-Aug-85 12" Single
WISEBLOOD   Someone Drowned In My Pool/Stumbo Relativity 01-Mar-87 12" Single
WISELY, WILLIE She October/TRG 28-Sep-96 CD
WISH RADIO Open Out Of Round 05-Sep-02 CD
WISHPLANTS Coma China UK/OFFBeat 15-Apr-95 CD
WITCHMAN Heavy Mental EP Deviant UK 09-Aug-97 CD
WITCHMAN Heavy Traffic Deviant UK 21-Jun-98 CD
WITNESS Before The Calm MCA 21-May-00 CD
WITZEMAN, JEFF & THE JEALOUS HOUSEWIVES In The Middle Of The Riddle Sinker Swim 15-Nov-00 CD
WIVES Ask Me How GoKart 01-Mar-96 CD
WOGGLES, THE Get Tough Telstar 10-Apr-97 CD
WOGGLES, THE Ragged But Right Telstar 21-Jun-03 CD
WOGGLES, THE Teen Dance Party Estrus 25-Oct-93 CD
WOGGLES, THE   The Zontar Sessions Estrus 18-Jun-94 CD
WOKE UP SMILING (Self Titled) Bedazzled 03-Oct-95 CD
WOLF COLONEL Something/Everything! K 21-Sep-02 CD
WOLFGANG PRESS, THE Christianity 4AD/Warner Brothers 25-Mar-95 CD
WOLFGANG PRESS, THE Funky Little Deamons 4AD/Warner Brothers 21-Jan-95 CD
WOLFGANG PRESS, THE Going South 4AD/Warner Brothers 13-Jan-95 CD
WOLVERTON BROTHERS, THE Glad Atavistic 24-Nov-95 CD
WOMBATS, THE   Mud Puddles Homestead 15-Nov-86 12" LP
WOMEN OF SODOM Boots Castle Von Buhler 02-Apr-96 CD
WONDERBAND (Self Titled) Seenster 13-Oct-97 CD
WONDERFUL JOHNSON (Self Titled) WJ 17-Jan-03 CD
WONDERFUL WORLD OF JOEY What Sweet Child O Mine Is This? Asphodel 18-Dec-96 CD
WONDERSTUFF, THE On The Ropes Polydor/PLG 07-Oct-93 CD
WONDERSTUFF, THE  Construction For The Modern Idiot Polydor/PLG 07-Oct-93 CD
WOO It's Cozy Inside Chameleon 14-Dec-89 12" LP
WOOD, JEN No More Wading Tree 15-Sep-98 CD
WOOD, JEN The Uncontrollable Light Tree 05-May-00 CD
WOODBURY, BRIAN I'm Just The Kind Of Guy I Like Some Philharmonic 07-Oct-87 7" Flexi
WOODBURY, BRIAN  All White People Look Alike Woodbury 10-Nov-87 12" LP
WOODEN CIRCUS Lemon Drop Little Dog/Mercury 07-Oct-98 CD
WOODENTOPS, THE Live Hypno Beat Upside 10-Nov-87 12" LP
WOODENTOPS, THE  Giant CBS 01-Jan-86 12" LP
WOODENTOPS, THE   Move Me RoughTrade 01-Jan-85 12" Single
WOODS, THE It`s Like This Twin Tone 27-Oct-87 12" LP
WOODS, THE   Miracles Tonight Justine 03-Dec-85 7" Single
WOODS, WILLIAM KANTER A Doctor's Dilemma Fat Note 03-Aug-98 CD
WOOFING COOKIES Horse Gum Tortilla Shoes Midnight 15-Dec-86 12" LP
WOOFING COOKIES Such A Mistake/Girl From Japan ChealseaRoof 15-Feb-85 7" Single
WOOL Box Set Bong Load 15-Aug-94 12" LP
WOOL Box Set Ffrr/London 14-Sep-94 CD
WOOL Kill The Crow London 04-Nov-94 CD
WOOL So Many Ways/Sister Song/Dear Dorothy Bong Load 15-Aug-94 7" Single
WOOL Kill The Crow/The Witch Bong Load 05-Feb-94 7" Single
WOOLDRIDGE BROTHERS Star Of Desire Don't 26-Sep-96 CD
WOOSTER, LISA  Second Look Catacombs 26-Feb-93 CD
WORKMAN, HAWKSLEY For Him And The Girls Ba Da Bing 21-Nov-00 CD
WORLD AFFAIRS   (Self Titled) Allegiance 01-Jan-84 12" EP
WORLD INFERNO FRIENDSHIP SOCIETY,THE Just The Best Party Gern Blandsten 17-Apr-02 CD
WORLD PARTY Vanity Fair Chrysalis 17-Mar-97 CD
WORLD PARTY  Private Revolution Chrysalis 01-Jan-86 CD
WORLD STANDARD Country Gazette Asphodel 13-Jul-98 CD
WORLD TRIBE Element Pinch Hit 17-Oct-98 CD
WORMHOLE Chopper Roadtrip/Roadrunner 23-Jun-95 10" EP
WORMHOLE STAR Chicks Dig Scars Roadrunner 23-Jan-96 CD
WRECK (Self Titled) Wax Trax 20-Jan-90 12" EP
WRENS, THE Abbott 1135 Ten 23 09-Jan-98 CD
WRENS, THE Secaucus Grass/BMG 29-Jan-96 CD
WRENS, THE Silver Grass/DutchEast 15-Mar-94 CD
WU ALL STARS Soul In The Hole Loud/RCA 13-Oct-97 CD
WUTLEY BRASS, THE Plays The Greatest Hits Of Shimmy Disc Shimmy Disc 11-May-95 CD
WYNN, STEVE Melting In The Dark Zero Hour 07-Jul-96 CD
WYNN, STEVE Melting In The Dark Zero Hour 05-Aug-96 12" LP
WYNN, STEVE Sweetness And Light Zero Hour 05-Aug-97 CD
WYNN, STEVE  Kerosene Man Rhino 30-Mar-80 CD