X Beyond & Back; The X Anthology Elektra 21-Oct-97 CD
X Selections From Beyond & Back; The X Anthology Elektra 17-Oct-97 CD
X Live @ The Whisky A Go Go On The Fabulous Sunset Strip Elektra 01-Jan-87 Cass
X  True Love Elecktra 01-Jan-83 12" Single
X  Wild Gift Slash 01-Jan-81 12" LP
X CLEAVERS Cult Statis Permanent 19-Feb-88 12" LP
X CLEAVERS  Those X Cleavers Mainstream 01-Jan-82 12" LP
X DREAMS Space Shuttle Stowaway/Murder @ The Met VARInt'l 11-Feb-85 7" Single
X ECUTIONERS X Pressions Asphodel 15-Sep-97 CD
X MEMBERS Down With The Average Joe Priority 10-Jul-96 CD
X MEN, THE (Self Titled) Buy Our Records 26-Jan-89 12" LP
X T C Dear God/Mermaid Smiled Geffen 01-Jan-86 7" Single
X T C Drums & Wires Virgin 01-Jan-79 12" LP
X T C English Settlement Virgin 01-Jan-82 12" LP
X T C 3D EP Virgin 01-Jan-77 12" EP
X T C Go 2 Virgin 01-Jan-78 12" LP
X T C   Mummer Virgin 01-Jan-83 12" LP
X25 Tidy Paradigm 29-Mar-97 CD
XANAX 25 80's Kid/Strongest Child Futurist 03-Jan-95 CD
XANAX 25 Alpine/Painting Paintone/HardHead 06-Mar-95 7" Single
XANAX 25 Denial Fest Futurist 05-Dec-94 Cass
XANAX 25 Denial Fest Futurist 17-Jan-95 CD
XAVIER Dead From Sex EP Interscope 01-Mar-96 CD
XAVIER, FRANCIS & THE HOLY EMPIRE I'm Bored w/Your Face/I'm A Rocker WM 05-Oct-88 7" Single
XC-NN Lifted Sony 11-Nov-95 12" Single
XC-NN Lifted 550/Sony 02-Apr-96 CD
XC-NN Looking Forward/Gambit/Esthers Letter Transglobal/Triage 12-Mar-94 CD
XC-NN Copyright Transglobal/Triage 11-Jul-94 CD
XC-NN Young Stupid & White Transglobal/Triage 01-Jun-94 CD
XENAKIS, IANNIS Kroanerg Asphodel/Sombient 07-Jul-97 CD
X-IMPOSSIBLES, THE White Knuckle Ride Headhunter/Cargo 05-Jan-01 CD
XYSMA Lotto Relapse 23-Feb-97 CD