YANNAY, YEHUDA Music Now And From Almost Yesterday Innova 11-Jun-97 CD
YARDSALE (Self Titled) WesternFront 14-Feb-94 CD
YARDSALE Resurrection Mary WesternFront 25-Sep-95 CD
YATSURA Pulpo Primary/Che/Elektra 13-Jun-97 CD
YAZ Nobody's Diary/State Farm Sire 01-Jan-83 12" Single
YEAH YEAH YEAH Uncommon Man/Get What You Want Direct Hit 02-Feb-93 7" Single
YEAH YEAH YEAHS Machine Touch And Go 13-Nov-02 CD
YEAR OF THE RABBIT (Self Titled) Elektra 14-Jul-03 CD
YEAR OF THE RABBIT 3 Song Sampler EP Elektra 26-Apr-03 CD
YEARWOOD, KATHLEEN Book Of Hate Subterranean 15-Jul-94 CD
YELL LEADERS, THE Up For Steam Don't 26-Sep-96 CD
YELLO Stella Elecktra 01-Jan-85 12" LP
YELLO Zebra 4th &B'Way/Island 12-Nov-94 CD
YELLO  Solid Pleasure Ralph 01-Jan-80 12" LP
YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA X Multiples A&M 01-Jan-80 12" LP
YELLOWBELLY Richard's Birthday/Sirens Vagrant 28-Sep-93 7" Single
YES Yesshows Atlantic 01-Jan-80 12" LP
YESTERDAY'S KIDS Can't Hear Nothin' Lookout 28-Jun-02 CD
YO Once In A Blue Moon Restless 21-May-86 12" LP
YO  Charm World Deadbeat 05-Nov-85 12" LP
YO ADRIAN More Beer Conch Republic 26-Sep-00 CD
YO LA TENGO And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out Matador 25-Feb-00 CD
YO LA TENGO Autumn Sweater Matador 05-Apr-97 CD
YO LA TENGO From A Motel Six Matador 08-Feb-94 CD
YO LA TENGO Genius + Love = Yo La Tengo Matador 30-Sep-96 CD
YO LA TENGO I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One Matador 27-Apr-97 CD
YO LA TENGO Little Honda Matador 21-Mar-98 CD
YO LA TENGO May I Sing With Me? Alias 15-Feb-92 CD
YO LA TENGO New Wave Hot Dogs Twin Tone/Coyote 16-Nov-87 12" LP
YO LA TENGO Painful Matador/Atlantic 15-Oct-93 CD
YO LA TENGO President Yo La Tengo Twin Tone/Coyote 24-Feb-89 12" LP
YO LA TENGO Sampler 1993-1997 Matador 07-Nov-00 CD
YO LA TENGO Selections From Ride The Tiger, President,etc. Matador 28-Jun-96 CD
YO LA TENGO Ride The Tiger Twin Tone/Coyote 28-Apr-86 12" LP
YO LA TENGO Shaker EP Matador 25-Aug-93 CD
YO LA TENGO The River Of Water Egon 12-Mar-86 7" Single
YO LA TENGO Upside Down EP Alias 01-Jan-92 CD
YO LA TENGO Walking Away From You/Cast A Shadow BarNone 15-Apr-91 7" Single
YO YO MA Soul Of The Tango; The Music of Astor Piazzola Sony Classical 07-Nov-97 CD
YO YO'S, THE Uppers And Downers Sub Pop 21-Jun-00 CD
YOAKAM, DWIGHT Under The Covers Reprise 05-Jul-97 CD
YOAKUM, DWIGHT Acoustic.Net Reprise 21-Jun-00 CD
YOCKAMO ALL STARS, THE Dew Drop Out Hannibal/Rykodisc 01-May-98 CD
YOKOTA, SUSUMU The Boy And The Tree Leaf UK 01-Dec-02 CD
YORKSTON, JAMES & THE ATHLETES Moving Up Country Domino 31-Aug-02 CD
YORN, PETE Day I Forgot Columbia 26-Apr-03 CD
YOSHIMI AND YUKA Flowers With No Color Ipecac 29-Apr-03 CD
YOU AM I Berlin Chair Restless/Warner Brothers 11-Jun-95 CD
YOU AM I Hi Fi Way Warner Brothers 22-Apr-96 CD
YOU AM I Hourly Daily Sire 29-Oct-97 CD
YOU AM I Soil X Samples 12-Jul-95 7" Single
YOU AM I Sound As Ever Ra/Restless 14-Feb-95 CD
YOU AM I Berlin Chair Ra 08-Aug-94 CD
YOU AM I Can't Get Started Ra/Atlantic 04-Dec-93 CD
YOU AM I Sound As Ever Warner Brothers 28-Jun-95 CD
YOU AM I  Coprolalia Ra/Atlantic 04-Dec-93 CD
YOUGBLOOD HART, ALVIN Start WithThe Soul Hannibal/Rykodisc 11-May-00 CD
YOUNG AND SEXY Stand Up For Your Mother Mint 17-Apr-02 CD
YOUNG DUBLINERS Red Higher Octave 01-Jun-00 CD
YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS Beer Money/Cruster's Theme Popllama 20-Jan-87 7" Single
YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS Divorce #9/Halloween 247 Popllama 19-Jun-91 7" Single
YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS Don't Blame It On Yoko/Big Book Frontier 14-Jun-91 7" Single
YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS Electric Bird Digest Frontier/BMG 12-Jun-91 CD
YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS I Hate Everything/Fetid..Not Bitter YFF 03-Sep-91 7" Single
YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS It's Low Beat Time Frontier 17-Oct-92 CD
YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS Maiden Canada EP LanceRock 04-Jan-91 7" EP
YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS Motorbroke/Equator Blues Popllama 19-Jun-91 7" Single
YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS My Boyfriend's In Killdozer Cruddy 12-Jan-89 7" Single
YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS New YFF Theme/Mathisization Popllama 13-Aug-92 7" Single
YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS Refreshments Frontier 02-Nov-87 12" EP
YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS Sounds Of The Pacific NW Popllama 03-Apr-85 12" LP
YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS Temptation On Saturday Popllama 09-Mar-94 CD
YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS The Men Who Loved Music Frontier 05-May-87 12" LP
YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS This One's For The Ladies Frontier 01-Jan-89 CD
YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS Topsy Turvy Popllama 25-Jan-86 12" LP
YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS Totally Lost Frontier 07-May-88 12" LP
YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS YFF Theme Update Popllama 16-Jul-85 7" Single
YOUNG GODS, THE (Self Titled) Wax Trax 26-Jun-86 12" Single
YOUNG GODS, THE L' Amourir Wax Trax 21-Dec-88 12" LP
YOUNG GODS, THE L'Eau Rouge (The Red Water) Wax Trax 27-Nov-89 12" LP
YOUNG GODS, THE Only Heaven Interscope 15-Jul-95 CD
YOUNG GODS, THE Second Nature Ipecac 17-Jan-03 CD
YOUNG MARIE Hierarchy Of Time/Cookie Jar Extra Small 11-Dec-01 7" Single
YOUNG MC FEATURING RUBBERNECK Mr. Right Now (Single) Overall 13-Sep-97 CD
YOUNG PEOPLE War Prayers Dim Mak 15-Oct-03 CD
YOUNG PIONEERS On Trial Lookout 21-Jun-97 7" EP
YOUNG, GARY Hospital BigCat 01-Nov-94 CD
YOUNG, KENNY & THE EGGPLANTS Even One Is Is Quite A Few Coney Island 11-Oct-96 CD
YOUNG, KENNY & THE EGGPLANTS Toxic Swamp & Other Love Songs Coney Island 05-Jul-98 CD
YOUNG, KENNY & THE EGGPLANTS Eddie's Apartment/Randolph Got A Haircut Quixotic 04-Apr-94 7" Single
YOUNG, MARGARET Guava Jelly/Fairy Tales Magic Moment 05-May-98 7" Single
YOUNG, NEIL Dead Man Soundtrack Vapor 22-Feb-96 CD
YOUNG, NEIL Downtown Reprise 11-Jun-95 CD
YOUNG, NEIL Fool For Your Love/All Along The Watchtower pro single Reprise 25-Nov-00 CD
YOUNG, NEIL Mirror Ball Reprise 28-Jun-95 CD
YOUNG, NEIL Peace and Love Reprise 27-Aug-95 CD
YOUNG, NEIL Silver & Gold Reprise 05-May-00 CD
YOUNG, NEIL Throw Your Hatred Down Reprise 26-Oct-95 CD
YOUNG, NEIL After The Goldrush Reprise 01-Jan-70 12" LP
YOUNG, NEIL Harvest Reprise 01-Jan-72 12" LP
YOUNG, NEIL Landing On Water Geffen 01-Jan-86 CD
YOUNG, NEIL & CRAZY HORSE Broken Arrow Reprise 03-Jul-96 CD
YOUNG, NEIL & CRAZY HORSE Sleeps With Angels Reprise 12-Aug-94 CD
YOUNG, NEIL & CRAZY HORSE The Complex Sessions Reprise 22-Dec-94 CD
YOUNG, NEIL & CRAZY HORSE Change Your Mind Reprise 29-Jul-94 CD
YOUNGER, RICHARD Blue Horses Rebel Toy 12-Apr-89 12" LP
YOUNGMAN, REVEREND JEROME T. I Want More Elysian 26-Jul-85 7" Single
YOUSSOU N'DOUR Immigres Virgin 21-Dec-88 12" LP
YOUTH BRIGADE To Sell The Truth BYO 15-Apr-96 CD
YOUTH GONE MAD Day Job MovingTarget/Celluloid 22-Aug-94 CD
YSATIS, SAVNAS & DUPREE, TAYLOR Tower Of Winds Caipirinha 25-Jan-98 CD
YUJI ONIKI Orange Future Farmer 21-Jun-00 CD
YUM YUM Dan Loves Patti TAG/Atlantic 13-May-96 CD
YUMA HOUSE (Self Titled) BCR 01-Mar-98 CD
YUME BITSU The Golden Vessyl Of Sound K 11-May-02 CD
YUNG WU Shore Leave Twin Tone 27-Oct-87 12" LP