Kettle-Moraine Community Radio Mission Statement

Last Updated on January 20th, 2007

Kettle-Moraine Community Radio (KMCR) will inform, enlighten and educate. It will make a positive difference in the lives of people along the Kettle-Moraine State Forest. As a listener- supported community radio station, KMCR will base programming decisions on the area's listening needs and encourages listener participation in all activities.

To meet diverse needs, wants, and hopes, the station's Board of Directors and staff are committed to providing high quality local programming through:

EDUCATION: Current events and public affairs will be covered in greater depth than is possible in commercial media, encouraging dialogue among differing points of view. Not shying away from conflict or confrontation, KMCR will feature listener-participation programming. In addition, Education means training opportunities in radio production, radio engineering, interpersonal skills, multiculturalism, non-profit management, business computer technology, internet technology, and other areas.

LOCALISM: Emphasis is on topics significant to the SW Waukesha County community; e.g. Wisconsin's pluralistic culture, the uniqueness of the Kettle-Moraine environment, and the creative artistic expression of its people. In addition, emphasis topics will include the pressures to balance environmental quality of life and rural development.

ACCESSIBILITY: KMCR is especially committed to populations traditionally denied media access. Racial minorities, women, and persons interested in broadcasting but lacking professional skills are encouraged to participate.

DIVERSITY: A wide variety of musical and cultural information programs will be pursued, with emphasis on live broadcasts with their unpredictable yet spontaneous appeal. Diversity means drawing new audiences into a wide array of programs and exposing people to alternative lifestyles and points of view.

BRIDGING: KMCR will cover events and public issues in a way that "bridges" SW Waukesha County's predominant culture with ideas and expressions not given air time elsewhere. Voicing positive community concerns, KMCR hopes to bring people together.

PROGRAMMING QUALITY: While serving as an alternative to the commercial media and utilizing untrained newcomers, KMCR will strive to achieve program quality that attracts listeners.

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