Volunteer Application Form for WFAQ-LP FM

Help us here at the Nation's Music Source!

We're on the lookout for good folks to help at this great little Non-Profit, Non-Commercial Community Low-Power FM Broadcast radio station.


Development/Membership - Assisting the Development staff in increasing supporting funding through fund drives, social media campaigns, correspondence with donors, incentivised solicitation to Underwriters, etc.

Promotions/Events - Helping to promote WFAQ's mission and future by working with the Promotions staff at station-sponsored record spins and live Remote broadcasts (like Maxwell St. Days), and WFAQ fundraising events. Delivering and hanging posters, distributing stickers and promotional materials for WFAQ events , marching in the Mukwonago Father's Day Parade with the WFAQ Float/unit, etc.

Music Department - Assisting the Music department staff with previewing and screening new music, music library maintenance and projects, filing and alphabetizing of music, developing and writing a music blog, contact and correspondence with music labels and Musicians/Artists.

Office Assistant - General help at the station - filing, organizing, data entry, station cleanup.

DJ/DJ Assistant - WFAQ Volunteer DJs program free-form, 3 to 4-hour blocks of music after a rigorous training period. These shows could perhaps be submitted as podcast links. Assistant DJs provide support to the on-air host, the first step to becoming a volunteer DJ.

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